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STAY AWAY from the Garden Grove Inn


While in Garden Grove minding my own business, a bus driver came up to me in distress and in a panic about his battery being dead and his inability to start his bus to meet his schedule.   Even though I was busy, his reference to me as "an angel" who might help him out of his predicament encouraged me to take the time to get my brand new portable generator out and help him start the bus which was stranded across the street in the entry way to The Garden Grove Inn.   Even with both the generator and the car battery connected to the bus, we were unable to turn the engine over.  He called headquarters who sent out another bus, but neither driver had any tools, so I loaned them the tools they needed to get it started. 

In the process of all this, the car battery was drained and needed to be recharged, which luckily was quickly recharged with the portable generator.  The bus was finally started, my tools were returned, and as I was just leaving the hotel, the owner "John", a little squatbutt Vietnamese with the worst English accent I'd ever heard, came running over, waving his arms and asking all kinds of unintelligible questions. "Gary" at the front desk confirmed that what he was asking was "do you have a room here" [not even "are you a guest here", the more personable question you'd expect from the owner of a hotel]. Thirteen months as a Captain in Vietnam was long enough to know that "John" had no intention of thanking me, or even hinting that he appreciated my helping his guest to get his bus started and thus get it out of the entry way.

Two years in Korea and France, nine years in Germany, a year in Japan and Russia, and 13 months in Vietnam gives a person a perspective of who loves us and who hates us.  It's ironic that it usually takes only about an hour in a new country to sense the mood of the people regarding their opinion of us ugly Americans.  My last visit to France [who had already kicked us out, burning my father's car and one of his friend's house in the process, both of whom were Army Officers who designed and built Bordeaux Merrignac Airport for the French], was met with even more hatred of us ugly Americans than ever before.  Almost nothing, other than our return to France, could have reduced the esteem the French have for ugly Americans than our attack on Iraq who they consider to be a sovereign nation.

But it's the Vietnamese who WE permitted into our country who are even bigger ingrates than the French and Vietnamese in their own countries.  So as soon as it was confirmed that the owner of this hotel--whose guest I had just taken several hours to help--was a Vietnamese immigrant, there was no question that his attitude, demeanor, and business practices would be nothing close to the American who built and successfully operated this hotel for decades.  It should be noted here that Indian immigrants who now run many of the hotels and gas stations which were built by Americans are even bigger ingrates than Vietnamese immigrants.

Had it been the original American who built this hotel who witnessed the situation, he may have rolled up his sleeves to help the bus driver.  He at least would have thanked me for doing so myself.  The last thing he'd have done is to threaten to call a tow truck or the police, wrench his face up into a little knot, and create all kinds of unnecessary animosity and distress for all involved.

The original idea of this web site was to organize a boycott of this previously quaint hotel and it's distasteful owner.  But the more I fume about this incident, the more I think back on how my friendly, quiet, and peaceful my country used to be before we permitted all these ingrates into it, the more I'm convinced that such ingrates will *never* assimilate into our European-oriented Christian nation [and the more I realize that I'm precisely the person who does not WANT them to even try to "assimilate"], the more it becomes obvious that this boycott must be against all Vietnamese immigrants rather than just against a hotel.

If these people are so bent on making my simple life so miserable in my own country, what are they doing to my millions of fellow countrymen?  Multiply this incident by perhaps ten times a day, times 365 days a year, times 273 million fellow Christians, and we have discord more egregious than anything Saddam could have inflicted on his fellow Iraqis.

DO NOT stay at this hotel.  But DO demand that these permanently ungrateful Vietnamese be removed at their earliest convenience back to Vietnam.  We cannot permit ourselves and our fellow countrymen to lose two wars against these ingrates twice in less than a century--once in Vietnam and again in our own country.

And it is a war--a war for our lives as we deserve to live them.






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