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Killing Christians Through Better Medicine

How jew" doctors" Kill Their Eternal Enemy: Christians

Iatrogenisis Takes 900,000 American Lives per Year


  1.  US Ranks NUMBER ONE in Health Care Expenditures

  2. White Men in US Rank 35th in Life Expectancy

  3. Our Health Care System Ranks THIRTY SEVENTH in Quality













The MORE We Spend, the WORSE our Health Gets!

Even though at 18% of GDP, we already spend THREE TIMES more for health care than most other industrialized nations, and at 50% we already have one of the highest rates of government involvement in health care, we STILL have:

1) A 15% OBESITY rate for children under age 5, up THREE FOLD in just two decades.

2) An AIDS death rate more than 7 times higher than most industrialized nations.

3) A crude birth rate lower than China.

4) A dangerously low fertility rate.

5) A central government debt almost as high as Italy and Greece.

6) A life expectancy 4-5 years shorter than most other industrialized nations.

7) An obesity rate TEN TIMES higher than countries like Japan and Korea who spend less than one third as much for health care as we do.

8) A maternal mortality rate ten times higher than countries like Greece and Sweden.

9) One of the highest neonatal fatality rates in the world.




BEFORE obamacare, we already spent more than $9,000 per capita JUST for health care. What do Switzerland and Hong Kong have in common? Their life expectancy is FOUR YEARS longer than ours. What ELSE do they have in common? The spend HALF as much as we do for health care.

What do Australia, Singapore, France, Spain and Sweden have in common? They have a life expectancy THREE YEARS longer than ours. What ELSE do they have in common? They too spend less than half as much as we do, and Spain spends ONE THIRD as much as we do.

What do Canada, the UK, New Zealand, Norway, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Greece, Luxumbourg, and China all have in common? They have a life expectancy TWO YEARS longer than ours. They too spend less than half as much as we do for health care, and Singapore and Greece spend less than ONE QUARTER as much as we do.

What do Finland, Cyprus, Belgium, Denmark all have in common. They had a life expectancy ONE YEAR longer than ours, AND they spend less than one half as much as we do for health care, with China spending ONE TWENTIETH as much.

























As The Federalist has reported previously, science is finally catching on that prayer works! A study at North Carolina's Duke University Medical Center found that patients with heart problems who received alternative therapy after angioplasty were 25 to 30 percent less likely to suffer complications, while those who were subjects of "intercessory prayer" on their behalf had the greatest successful recovery rate. The study of 150 patients, conducted between April 1997 and April 1998, involved random assignment of patients to study groups, and neither the patients nor the physician researchers were aware of the group assignments. Prayer had the greatest health benefits, surpassing such alternatives added to standard heart care as guided imagery, stress relaxation, and healing touch therapies. - The Federalists



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GULF W AR SYNDROME EVIDENCE: French forces who served in the Gulf War were
not given the vaccines and antibiological warfare measures administered to
British and United States veterans and are free from the illnesses that
beset their allies, the US Congress has been told The French were given
protective suits but not the cocktail of drugs that British and US
servicemen took. Only 140 of the 25,000 French Gulf veterans have reported
illnesses related to Gulf War service, compared with more than 5,000 of the
52,000 British troops deployed, and 137,862 of the 697,000 US service
personnel. US and British forces were in total exposed to 33 toxins,
including the first-ever issue of nerve agent pre-treatment tablets as an
antidote against chemical weapons, and the use of pesticides, including
organophosphates to prevent fly- borne diseases. (The Guardian, 2/13/02 by
way of Carotec's True Health, 3/02)



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Australian and Japanese life expectancies are four years longer than ours even though they spend less than half as much for health care.


jew doctors' proudest 'accomplishments':


Killed 120 million people with the Salk Vaccine.


Murder 783 THOUSAND Americans annually through iatrogenesis.


Killed us with SOAP.


Used fluoride to create a record high rate of dental caries.


Kill 300 THOUSAND annually with steroids.


Created mass hysteria with false claims of a "smallpox epidemic".


Used depleted uranium to start a worldwide lung cancer epidemic.


Caused a 76,040 percent increase in autism through dental mercury.


Emotionally disturbed six million American boys with the psychotropic drug Ritalin.


Increased suicide rates 65 fold through anti-depressants.


Reduced mental capacity of American students with fluoride.


Caused neurotoxic damage in up to 43% of Americans through MSG, or free glutamic acid.


Feminized American boys by permanently injecting estrogen into our water supply.


Turned MMR (Measels-Mumps-Rubella vaccine) into a weapon through the development of autism.


Turned salt and Tylenol into deadly weapons.


Poisoned millions of Americans with aspartame.


Killed 40 million potential fellow Americans and 10,000 women every year with botched abortions.


Made divorce a bigger health risk for American men than smoking.


Drove our children crazy through TMAP.


Forced incompetents into the medical profession through affirmative action, enabling one nurse, Vicky Jackson, to kill 23 patients in only two months.


Turned the NIH into an advocacy organization for jews.


Made doctors 9,000 times more dangerous to the public than gun owners.


Killed half a million Americans with botched cancer "research" and "operations".


Protected the blacks who killed 5 Whites every day.


Killed 16,700 Americans through the world's highest incarceration rate.


Killed 8,000 children per year with vaccines and blamed it on SIDS.


Banned school prayer.


Used margarine as a fatal weapon.


Killed 20,000 Americans per year on the highways.


The Vaccine Awareness Coalition estimates that vaccines kill up to 528,400 Americans each year.


Perpetrated the colloidal silver hoax.


KILLED Alan Yurko's child then blamed it on Alan.


Why would jewish doctors do this?  Because they really believe "Christians prefer sex with cows"?


Because of the Talmud?


Because jews HATE Christians?


Because jews are all mentally ill?


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Medical Murder: Architects of Madness (DVD)

by Bill Schnoebelen

Product Description

"If you are depressed, your God isn't big enough!" With these shocking words, Schnoebelen reveals how the global elite has usurped the role of the Christian Church in the healing of human souls and minds.

The third-highest cause of death in America is "iatrogenic" � induced in a patient by a physician! But that is not all the horror! A new study proves that aggressive radiation cancer treatments create a far more dangerous cancer cell than the one from which the patient is suffering: "The new study is yet another blow to the failed and favored mainstream treatment paradigm of trying to cut out, poison out or burn out cancer symptoms (tumors) instead of actually curing cancer."

But, there is more concern: the government is killing you as it subsidizes the top killers of our population.

"Health care" today is not "health care." It is "disease care." No effective treatment plan can begin until a disease is correctly diagnosed.

Few people realize that our modern medical establishment is rooted at its base with an occult spiritual goal; the pharmaceutical industry says it is trying to "heal your soul." The pharmaceutical industry has created a monopoly with the help of the occultic global elite and has attempted to replace the Church in the healing of souls. The word "psychiatry" in original Greek means the "healing of souls."

There has been a war for thousands of years between the elite approach to medicine and the natural approach to medicine. The newest battleground is the area of the mind and the soul, i.e., psychiatry.

The elite approach to healing mind and soul is through drugs, lobotomy and electroshock therapy. In the guise of healing a person, "Big Pharma" is actually producing death-dealing drugs! Americans today are completely hooked on the many drugs being pushed by the medical industry.

Today, there is no appreciable difference between the number of Christians who are depressed or mentally ill and those unsaved in the world. Christians are being encouraged to return to psychiatry rather than to God's biblical methods.

This DVD exposes how the official establishment has attempted to take control over the healing industry, enslaving and murdering millions with psychiatric methods. This DVD offers alternative treatments to the healing of the mind and of the soul according to biblical standards. The Church's approach is through prayer and dependence upon God.

You will see how the medical establishment is engaged in mass medical murder!





Shocking Confessions of a
Drug Company Insider

The plot of this story seems to be ripped from the headlines ... or maybe a movie about a big conspiracy or a cover-up of foul play ... just like the Oscar award-winning "The Insider."

But the story is 100% true.

Doctor's Confession In 2003, a top executive of the pharmaceutical giant Glaxo-SmithKline -- worldwide Vice President of genetics -- confessed that "The vast majority of drugs -- more than 90% -- only work in 30 to 50% of the people."

What that means is ... most prescription drugs DON'T work on most people who take them!

Dr. Allen Roses is the pharmaceutical industry insider who made this shocking confession. Although it's been an open secret within the pharmaceutical industry that most of the drugs it produces are ineffective in most patients, this is the first time that a high-ranking pharmaceutical executive has gone public.

Some industry analysts said that the confession of Dr. Roses is reminiscent of the famous words uttered by Gerald Ratner, a British retail magnate in 1991, who said that his high-street shops are successful because they sell "total crap."

But it's one thing for a company to sell worthless products ... and it's another thing altogether to sell worthless products that kill instead of heal.
FACT: In the U.S., the odds of being killed by conventional medicine are almost 20 times (2,000%) greater than being killed in an automobile accident and almost 30 times (3,000%) greater than being killed by a gun.
It's no wonder that the majority of doctors are frustrated. They entered the medical profession wanting to cure people --- but the only tools that medical school training provides them for treating patients are ... drugs and surgery.

Doctors have been thrust headlong into a marketing culture that relies on selling as many drugs as possible to the widest number of patients. It's a culture that has made Big Pharma the most profitable industry in the world -- even though most of its drugs are useless, at best -- and even possibly harmful or deadly for many patients.

Dr. Roses, an academic geneticist from Duke University in North Carolina, further states: "Drugs for Alzheimer's disease work in fewer than one in three patients, whereas those for cancer are only effective in a quarter of patients. Drugs for migraines, for osteoporosis, and arthritis work in about half the patients."

The growing sentiment among doctors is that they want to offer their patients more treatment choices for curing disease than the medical system offers. One member of that growing number of doctors is Dr. Paul Beals.
Dr. Paul Beals"I want to do more for my patients than what's offered by the pharmaceutical industry because I realized earlier on that modern medicine has become, unfortunately, more of a big business than a healing science." -- Paul Beals, M.D., C.C.N. Georgetown University School of Medicine (Course Instructor 1996-2004: Introduction to Complimentary and Alternative Medicine)
When Doctors Don't Know the Cure, This is What
They Turn To

Some time ago, Dr. Beals focused his medical practice on holistic nutrition and complementary medicine. He set up a holistic program for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, liver disease, and other diseases. His challenge, however, was finding the resources for treating diseases ... because conventional medicine offered only drugs and surgery.

He stumbled upon a book of
medical breakthroughs and "forbidden treatments" that contained all the cures he was looking for. Interestingly enough, the book was written for the layperson -- the general public -- not medical professionals. And yet he was impressed to discover that every alternative treatment and healing breakthrough presented in the book was thoroughly researched, meticulously fact-checked and verified for its effectiveness. And it also came with footnotes from peer-reviewed, published medical research and scientific studies. He now regards the book as "... the 'gold standard' ... the 'bible' for alternative medicine" and believes "It should be in everybody's home and in every doctor's office."

Dr. Beals is not alone in his high regard of the book. Countless enlightened doctors from around the world are avid fans of the book -- and use the treatments presented in the book when they themselves or their family members are stricken with diseases or health problems.

Dr. Russell Simmons Dr. Richard Simmons thinks that everyone needs this book of medical breakthroughs and "forbidden treatments" in order to take control of their own health. Dr. Simmons is a medical doctor who sits on the faculty at Ohio State University, where he's an Associate Professor of Ophthalmology. He's also the former Chairman of the Alternative Medicine Committee of the Columbus Medical Association

Dr. Simmons's wife developed cancer 6 years ago, and underwent surgery which put the cancer in remission temporarily. A year ago, her cancer came back -- and instead of turning to conventional cancer therapy, he and his wife turned to the discoveries presented in the book to help prevent further surgery and further progression of the disease.

A doctor friend of Dr. Simmons, whose practice is based in Hawaii, started developing cataracts. A chapter of the book revealed a discovery about some little-known eye drops ... and he began administering the eye drops on himself and noticed significant improvement in vision. He continues to take the drops to this day.
The book of medical breakthroughs and "forbidden treatments" contains dozens of cures for the most prevalent diseases that plague mankind, such as ...

==> A $200 "Cure" for AIDS / HIV - A patented low-voltage device that stops the AIDS virus dead in its tracks. This inexpensive "in-home" device costs only $200, and is safe for home use.

A Nobel Prize Nominee Cures Cancer With 2 Common Household Items - A simple protocol for cancer treatment and prevention based on the use of small amounts of 2 inexpensive food substances combined together in specific proportions. Numerous independent clinical studies prove that these 2 food items provide a powerful and effective means of treating even the most advanced cancers. This method was shown to have a 90% success rate in saving terminal cancer patients from certain death.

==> An Infra-Red Helmet That Has a 90% Success Rate in Halting the Progression of Alzheimer's Disease
- There's a space-age helmet that uses new "light beam" technology to reverse Alzheimer's in as little as 30 days when used 10 minutes a day!

==> An Extremely Potent Anti-Inflammatory Breakthrough Does Wonders for Arthritis Sufferers
-- Over 3 decades of painstaking research has led to the development of an anti-inflammation remedy that reduces swollen joints by 79%! The anti-arthritic marine lipids derived from a New Zealand mollusk have been tested extensively at the University of Queensland in Australia -- and the results are quite dramatic!

==> An Herb That Virtually Eradicates Heart Disease - There's an herb that has been used overseas to treat over 15,000 cardiac patients over a 20-year period -- and there has been no recurrence of their disease.
Dr. Roth AndersenDr. Ross Andersen, a doctor of naturopathic medicine (N.D.) and chiropractic physician (D.C.), was constantly looking for ways to identify the root cause(s) -- of his patients' problems. He devoted many years of study looking for answers to the diverse health problems of his patients. He found the answers he was looking for in the same book of medical breakthroughs and "forbidden treatments" that has been praised by laypeople and doctors alike.

"This book goes far beyond anything that I've ever used," said Dr. Andersen. It's absolutely one of a kind ... It's so complete, so precise, so easy to use." He particularly appreciates how simple it is for anyone to look up a disease in the index, then flip to the page(s) of the book that features the disease -- and find treatments, procedures, healing modalities, and supplements that are not only effective, but also inexpensive, non-invasive, and free of side effects.

"This book is something that every alternative physician ... and ultimately every regular physician, and every patient is going to want in their home or office so that they can get the most benefit and the answers that are necessary to get their health condition handled."

Books offering miracle cures for practically every disease are available everywhere. But oftentimes, they present content that is erroneous, inaccurate, poorly researched -- and unsubstantiated by science. It's no wonder that doctors and scientists ridicule such "cures" as nothing more than folklore or kitchen table wisdom. Click here for more information about
real cures for virtually every disease, and read the special report titled "How to Tell if a So-Called "Miracle Cure" is Scientifically Proven -- or Utter Falsehood."
Wishing You the Best of Health,
David Allen, President, Medical Research Associates
Medical Research Associates
If the links above are not working, just copy & paste the following
website address onto your Internet browser:
































































































































































































In ten industrialized nations, a 1% of GDP increase in health care costs parallels a one year reduction in life expectancy


healthcare.gif (43168 bytes)

See Section 30 of the 1999 US Statistical Abstract


Life Expectancy

1998 Health Expenditures as % GDP































To accept the theory that an increase in government spending will resolve economic, social, or health problems is to create a totalitarian state before you know what happened, at the same time that you either obscure the original problem, or make it even worse.  In the case of health care costs, the increase from 9.1% to 14% of US GDP in only 18 years, 1980 to 1998, solved nothing.  If the following ten industrialized nations are representative of the US, then each 1% increase in health care costs as a percent of GDP decreased life expectancy by one year.  This is a gross oversimplification, and it's not proof that cutting health care costs in half guarantees that US life expectancies would increase by 7 years--but it is proof that the solution in 1980 was not to increase spending.

With these increased costs used primarily to fund the education and hiring of the incompetents which affirmative action forced the medical industry to hire, and with the recent reports that up to 95,000 deaths in the US are due to medical mistakes, the correlation between increasing costs and decreasing life expectancies isn't too difficult to grasp.  When two major countries like Japan and Australia both spend half as much as us, but live an average of four years longer than us, we need to focus more on the health care systems of Japan and Australia and less on the failed theories of the medical practitioners in this country.

At best, this graph suggests that fatherlessness, not lack of health care spending, increases mortality rates and that no amount of health care spending can reverse the trend.  At worst, it suggests that increasing health care spending *causes* life expectancies to decrease.

Do you have any suggestions about other factors which might be involved?   Send a blank email to the following address to provide your input:



Life Expectancy

Doctors/1k pop













Czech Republic

































Korea, South












New Zealand
























United Kingdom






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Health Care: Our Largest Welfare Program

It was the presence of jews in US medicine which caused us to spend twice as much for "health care" as we spent 30 years ago, and twice as much as almost every other nation today.healthcareoecd.gif (18874 bytes)








Has this spending been a success? No. Countries like Japan and Australia, which spend half as much for "health care", live four years longer than Americans, so IF there's a relationship, then the more we spend for "health care", the less healthy we are.
wpe1.jpg (15688 bytes)










Our Record High Infant Mortality Rate

Did jews do this on purpose? Yes, absolutely. Can it be proven? Yes, it certainly can. The result is that, according to federal figures, 143,000 EXTRA Americans die every year because of jews' involvement in Christians' health care, not even including the fact that we have a higher infant mortality rate and obesity rate than almost every Eruopean nation, particularly those with no jewish doctors.


infantmortality.gif (28217 bytes)


















Obesity: an American Obsession


Over the next 4 decades, this is more than another 6 million dead Christians who can be chalked up to jewish expertise at killing Christians in the most novel ways.obesity.gif (18753 bytes)



jewn McCain

ASSASSIN of JFK, Patton, many other Whites

killed 264 MILLION Christians in WWII

killed 64 million Christians in Russia

holocaust denier extraordinaire--denying the Armenian holocaust

millions dead in the Middle East

tens of millions of dead Christians

LOST $1.2 TRILLION in Pentagon
spearheaded torture & sodomy of all non-jews
millions dead in Iraq

42 dead, mass murderer Goldman LOVED by jews

serial killer of 13 Christians

the REAL terrorists--not a single one is an Arab

serial killers are all jews

framed Christians for anti-semitism, got caught
left 350 firemen behind to die in WTC

legally insane debarred lawyer CENSORED free speech

mother of all fnazis, certified mentally ill

10,000 Whites DEAD from one jew LIE

moser HATED by jews: he followed the law Jesus--from a "news" person!!

1000 fold the child of perdition


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