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Systemic Anti-male Bias:   Men Still Earn More than One and a Half Women

After three decades of progressively worse anti-male bias in courts, schools, government, and industry,  BS degree holders who are women still earn only 64 cents of each dollar earned by those who are men. It took one and a half women to earn as much as one man before rampant anti-male bias, and it takes one and a half today.  Discriminating against men simply because men have the audacity to be the best employees, don't sue their own employers for "discrimination" and "harassment", don't take one fifth of the year off for maternity leave, excel in all standardized tests, have a higher work consistency, and don't create hostile work environments for their fellow employees, was not good for women.  All claims by feminists to the contrary are fraudulent.

Boys constitute two thirds of those who score in the range of SAT scores ordinarily required for admission to college, but now receive only two fifths of BS degrees.  Anti-male bias allowed it to happen--bigots who implemented systemic anti-male bias would allow it to continue.  They don't and never will understand what their bigotry did to society, that they are guilty of violating the Constitution & existing laws established by the Supreme Court's upholding of California's Proposition 209, that they robbed the economy of billions of dollars. 

The "annual earning power" of today's BS degree recipients is four billion dollars lower because of this anti-male bias and selective admission of women to college.   If all 1999 BS degree recipients had been men, their annual earning power would have been seventeen billion dollars higher.  If all BS degree recipients in the last two decades had been men, their annual earning power would have been almost three hundred billion dollars more this year, almost three trillion dollars over the last two decades--& they could have been better husbands and fathers.

This bears repeating:  If all BS degree recipients in the last two decades had been men, their cumulative added contribution to GDP would have been almost three trillion dollars--and they could have been better husbands and fathers.  

Failure to narrow the gender gap by systemic anti-male bias only robbed everyone of almost three trillion dollars.   The increased contribution to the economy from the increased income to a female degree holder over her career is less than her cost for a 4 year college degree (an ROI of .9).  The increased contribution to the economy from the increased income to a male degree holder over his career is 6 times his cost for a 4 year college degree (an ROI of 6).   Including the above loss to GDP, the ROI for educating women decreases to 0.29.   The total cost of education as a percent of GDP increased more than three percent  since gender equality became a national goal.   This added seven trillion dollars to education costs, coast to coast, state to state, city to city.  If the entire added cost is due to the conscious effort to give women more BS degrees than men, the ROI of female BS degrees drops to 0.10.

There is no rational justification for anti-male bias.   Every bit of statistical evidence proves it to be a total catastrophe. The increased gender warefare, crime, incarceration, illegitimacy, divorce, fatherlessness; reduced incomes, international test scores, Personal Savings; all point to the same pattern of social implosion. The monument to anti-male bias, though, is the TIMSS--where the American 12th grade boy scores 219 points lower than the Norwegian 12th grade boy, 117 points lower than the Russian boy, 115 points lower than the Cypriot boy, 78 lower than the Australian boy, 53 points lower than the Canadian boy, and 24 points lower than the French boy.  The real travesty of this monument is that the American 12th grade girl scores another 53 points lower than the American boy--and 196 points lower than a Norwegian boy!  To achieve such a LOW score seems almost to require a conscious effort to impart ignorance to the American girl.  It is bad enough that most of the girls in those TIMSS countries score higher than the American boy, that those countries whose 8th graders' scores were much higher didn't even participate in the 12th grade tests (Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan), but to continue massive anti-male bias in the face of the evidence of what this did to our GIRLS is beyond criminal--it is proof that this out-of-control bureaucracy has zero concern for children.

Is it at all possible to achieve even lower scores?   Can American girls be further de-educated?  Can their scores decline even more than 219 points below Norway's?  Is 393 higher than a girl would score if she just guessed?  Could someone who knows the subject intentionally score lower than 393?   Most nations improve academic skills dramatically from 8th to 12th grade, but our 12th grade boys score 56 points lower than our 8th grade boys, and our 12th grade girls score a whopping 104 points lower than our 8th grade girls.  No country's scores come even close to dropping so dramatically.  We have hit the bottom of the Peter Principle Curve--no matter what we do, the only direction other than zero is up.  The most absurd education plan could not hope to reduce education quality even further--it is already at rock bottom.


  1. Cut education expenditures in half: this might be just what it takes to begin our 12th graders' slow process of recovery, since Japan spends half as much of GDP for education and their girls score even higher than Norway's.
  2. Do nothing, remain where we are, education quality doesn't decrease further. 
  3. Hand the responsibility for public education over to the church, reduce education costs two thirds, dramatically increase education quality. 
  4. Eliminate public education, education quality doesn't decrease, and may even increase.  Simply shut down all public schools; turn the school buildings into public baths; sell off their assets and return the receipts to the property taxpayers; this would drastically reduce teen pregnancy, drug use, crime, delinquency, incarceration, divorce, and probably increase SAT scores 98 points.

The most irresponsible option would be to continue to allow public funds to be used to eradicate our children's innate academic skills--as this education system has abundantly proven it is so capable of doing.


bulletNational Center of Education Statistics (NCES 98-086), "Gender Differences in Earnings Among Young Adults Entering the Labor Market" shows that females with BS degrees earn 64 cents of each dollar earned by males with BS degrees.
bullet54% of the 918,000 BS degrees awarded in 1977 were to men, compared to only 40% of the 1.3 million BS degrees which will be awarded this year.
bulletThe annual earning power of today's 1.3 million graduates is $4 billion less than if degrees awarded to men had remained equal to its 1977 level.
bulletIf all of these 1.3 million BS degrees had been to men, the annual earning power of that class would have been $17 billion higher
bulletIf all BS degrees awarded between 1977 and 1999 had been awarded to men, total earning power would have been $280 billion higher.


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