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From: "Sunbear" <>
Sent: Sunday, May 07, 2006 1:50 AM
Subject: In case your email is disappearing (w/out a

If you are corresponding with any groups, this
will pertain to you - IF
and your groups are political. :~/
E-mail disappearing w/o a trace - New form of
internet censorship
By Pamela
May 4, '06
Recently I've been experiencing great difficulty
in getting info. to you
again. For the 3rd time this week I've written
entire articles, sent them
through my internet providers (AOL & Comcast) got
a confirmation that the
e-mail was sent, & then the entire e-mail vanished
with no trace in my
outbox or inbox.
I've lost e-mail before while "in the process of
writing it". We all have.
Usually this happens when the entire connection
was lost & the service
needed to be re-contacted. But never before have I
lost e-mail after it
confirmed sent, with no trace of it in my sent
box. I've sent mail before
that was returned to me for various errors in
e-mail addresses I sent mail
to. But the e-mail was still sent to other
recipients of that e-mail. I've
also been blocked from sending e-mail & got error
messages for various
e-mail address reasons. But never before has
anything like this happened
where there was a confirmation of mail being sent,
then it's not sent, &
record at all shows in my out box that the e-mail
ever existed.
This is becoming a greater concern to me, esp.
with the internet war
staging right now in order to silence many
activist sites & drive out
start up companies that threaten big business
Internet monopolies. It's
obvious to me that certain links used in info.
that's shared via e-mail is
being flagged for confiscation so that it's
neither received, nor is a
record left in our boxes. We either have to
re-write the whole thing or
forget writing it again if we have no back up
record of that work.
Luckily I saved the recent info. on microwave
ovens I wrote today in a
file so I wouldn't have to pains-takingly re-write
it again like I had to
with the article on Babies being targeted with the
FluMist vaccines.
once again, I wrote the entire piece, inserted my
group e-mail addresses,
pressed send, got the confirmation window the
e-mail was sent, then poof,
article in my outbox or inbox.
I do believe our e-mail's being censored & has
been for a quite a while
Thus the reason why they earnestly wanted to
(after the fact) pass laws
allow them to do it legally (spy on Americans, on
American soil, via
warrantless & groundless tracking of our e-mail,
snail mail, phones, etc.)
so we'd have no recourse for this gross violation
of our rights to privacy
our rights to freedom of speech.
Am I sharing classified info. that's a nat'l.
threat? Hardly, All of the
info. in my work is a matter of PUBLIC records.
But when we see the info.
being sent, it's a matter of public records that
they do NOT want the
IN LARGER NUMBERS TO SEE. It looks like they'll go
to any extremes, &
they'll pull a stunt like this by just
confiscating the whole thing while
leaving no record behind.
How do we prove it? We can't, if there's NO proof
the e-mail ever existed
our records, we have nothing for proof. What about
people who
don't save their sent e-mail or send their e-mails
to themselves, too?
How do they know what's really being sent?
Did I learn from these recent experiences?
No...Stupid me. This just
happened again on my other acc't. with Comcast. I
was talking on the
phone with my Mother sharing with her an e-mail I
had just written.
Stupid me - I didn't save it in Word. Didn't think
I needed to as this
has NEVER happened on my Comcast acc't. Right
after I sent that e-mail -
vanished from all my e-mail records. No error
message, nothing - it was
gone. I didn't get it in my AOL acc't. e-mail box
either. I sent it to
myself. If I wouldn't have read it to someone
else, no one but me would
ever known it existed. I don't know "who" is
getting what I send when
articles just dissappear. But I'm angry beyond
belief to continue to see
efforts ramped up by these internet provider
giants to silence people who
are trying to help others learn many of these
While I'm not naive enough to not know they'll
target people like me who
dare to tell the truth about mainstream medicine,
what our OWN laws allow
them to do to us, & what our own gov't. is really
It's still unnerving to see them in action & know
that they do have the
right to arrest anyone just based upon
"suspicion." They do have the right
to trash our homes, & confiscate anything they
like w/o a warrant & w/o
evidence, & they can DETAIN us as long as they
like while not having filed
CHARGE against us. This used to be called false
imprisonment. But in la-la
gov't. terror war land, they call it detainment.
This disallows us the right to hire an att'y. who
can start to help us
a defense against the charges. How can we hire any
lawyer if no charges
filed against us yet? What does that lawyer have
to go from to mount any
defense when no charges are yet made? Indeed, how
can anyone fight against
what they're not told they're being accused of?
Ask hundreds of detainees
Iraq who've been detained for several YEARS now,
with no charges filed
against them, what they think of this rogue system
of law?
What's sad to me is how the American people
continue to look away as the
truth-tellers are being silenced, lives destroyed,
& locked up. We've
about these people who are facing forced mental
evaluations because they
dared to put up a poster that said, Bush Step
We need to see that if American's will look away
as so-called detainees
rotting away in a war prison with not 1 charge
filed against them yet, &
with no evidence to justify locking them up, then
why would we be naive
enough to not think they'd look away as we're
locked up 1 by 1?
You all may remember quite some time ago when I
had difficulty sending
another e-mail. Each time I tried to send that
important article, I got
error message after error message. Finally I had
to transfer the whole
article in a word file & disable all the links to
get it through. Many of
you told me you couldn't get those links to work
after pasting them into
your web browsers. Well, that worked rather well
for them to prevent you
from seeing evidence in those links didn't it?
That hasn't happened again
since then. I ousted them when I finally got that
e-mail sent & told you
what happened.
But this is different. It's not the same as losing
your internet
while writing an e-mail, nor is it the same as
knowing the e-mail
be sent through getting non-stop error messages in
return. This is direct
sabotage after they tell us they sent the
e-mail,(thus the confirmation
button) & give no error messages, & then
confiscate the e-mail
no record behind. It's a direct violation of my
rights to free speech, but
with no proof other then my word files now, what
leg do I have to stand
If you've experienced this, too, please let me
know. If not, let others
know what's happening so they can safeguard their
work & not lose all
efforts in the process.
Take care, be well, & stay informed
God Bless
PS: I'm still trying to send you info. on the
dangers of microwave ovens.
Wish me luck. >sigh< Ironically a lot of the links
in that article are
compiled mainly of revisited info. & links I had
already sent many of you
several years ago. What has changed in this time
frame to make this NOT
info. such a threat? You tell me.
Yahoogroups is disappearing messages to the
yahoogroups again. Messages
which have a content that isn't politically
correct are going missing.
This isn't the 1st time that such practices, as
well as other things, have
been used against these groups. In fact, I suspect
that the problem is
probably quite widespread, & has been ongoing in 1
form or another, for
quite some time now.
Please be aware of the situation & alert others
all groups.
Sometimes, I've had to post the same message to
the group as many as 5 or
times to finally get 1 copy to slip through.
Others simply disappear.
All would have been considered not politically
correct. It seems that
Yahoogroups is, once again, politically censoring
messages in violation of
free speech.
Other times the message will get posted to the
group's message section,
but then it seems that it doesn't go out as group
e-mail to the members.
It appears that there's some type of screening
program that
for certain keywords in messages being posted to
Yahoogroups & screened
again all messages leaving Yahoogroups. Those
messages being screened out
then seem to disappear.
Please pass this info. on.



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