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H3063, yehu^da^h, Total KJV Occurrences: 810

judah, 806

Gen_29:35, Gen_35:23, Gen_37:26, Gen_38:1-2 (2), Gen_38:6, Gen_38:8, Gen_38:11-12 (2), Gen_38:15, Gen_38:20, Gen_38:22-24 (4), Gen_38:26, Gen_43:3, Gen_43:8, Gen_44:14, Gen_44:16, Gen_44:18, Gen_46:12, Gen_46:28, Gen_49:8-10 (3), Exo_31:2 (2), Exo_35:30, Exo_38:22, Num_1:7, Num_1:26-27 (2), Num_2:3 (2), Num_2:9, Num_7:12, Num_10:14, Num_13:6, Num_26:19-20 (2), Num_26:22, Num_34:19, Deu_27:12, Deu_33:7 (2), Deu_34:2, Jos_7:1, Jos_7:16-18 (3), Jos_11:21, Jos_14:6, Jos_15:1, Jos_15:12-13 (2), Jos_15:20-21 (2), Jos_15:63 (2), Jos_18:5, Jos_18:11, Jos_18:14, Jos_19:1, Jos_19:9 (2), Jos_19:34, Jos_20:7, Jos_21:4, Jos_21:9, Jos_21:11, Jdg_1:2-4 (3), Jdg_1:8-10 (3), Jdg_1:16-19 (5), Jdg_15:9-11 (4), Jdg_17:7, Jdg_18:12, Jdg_20:18, Rth_1:7, Rth_4:12, 1Sa_11:8, 1Sa_15:4, 1Sa_17:1, 1Sa_17:52, 1Sa_18:16, 1Sa_22:5, 1Sa_23:3, 1Sa_23:23, 1Sa_27:6, 1Sa_27:10, 1Sa_30:14, 1Sa_30:16, 1Sa_30:26, 2Sa_1:18, 2Sa_2:1, 2Sa_2:4 (2), 2Sa_2:7, 2Sa_2:10-11 (2), 2Sa_3:8, 2Sa_3:10, 2Sa_5:5 (2), 2Sa_6:2, 2Sa_11:11, 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judah’s, 4


Gen_38:7, Gen_38:12, Jer_32:2, Jer_38:22

judah, 1




horizontal rule

H3064, yehu^di^y, Total KJV Occurrences: 80

jews, 65


2Ki_16:6, 2Ki_25:25, Neh_1:2, Neh_2:16, Neh_4:1-2 (2), Neh_4:12, Neh_5:1, Neh_5:8, Neh_5:17, Neh_6:6, Neh_13:23, Est_3:6, Est_3:13, Est_4:3, Est_4:7, Est_4:13-14 (2), Est_4:16, Est_6:13, Est_8:3, Est_8:5, Est_8:7-9 (4), Est_8:11, Est_8:13, Est_8:16-17 (3), Est_9:1-3 (4), Est_9:5-6 (2), Est_9:10, Est_9:12-13 (2), Est_9:15-16 (2), Est_9:18-20 (3), Est_9:22-25 (5), Est_9:27-28 (2), Est_9:30, Est_10:3, Jer_32:12, Jer_38:19, Jer_40:11-12 (2), Jer_40:15, Jer_41:3, Jer_44:1, Jer_52:28, Jer_52:30, Dan_3:8, Dan_3:12

jew, 10


Est_2:5, Est_3:4, Est_5:13, Est_6:10, Est_8:7, Est_9:29, Est_9:31, Est_10:3, Jer_34:9, Zec_8:23

jews’, 4


Est_3:10, Est_8:1, Isa_36:11, Isa_36:13






Ezr 6:14 And the elders7868 of the Jews3062 built,1124 and they prospered6744 through the prophesying5017 of Haggai2292 the prophet5029 and Zechariah2148 the son1247 of Iddo.5714 And they built,1124 and finished3635 it, according4481 to the commandment2941 of the God426 of Israel,3479 and according to4481 the commandment2942 of Cyrus,3567 and Darius,1868 and Artaxerxes783 king4430 of Persia.6540


Jer 40:11 Likewise when all the Jews that were in Moab, and among the Ammonites, and in Edom, and that were in all the countries, heard that the king of Babylon had left a remnant of Judah, and that he had set over them Gedaliah the son of Ahikam the son of Shaphan;






Probably of foreign origin; Cush (or Ethiopia), the name of a son of Ham, and of his territory; also of an Israelite: - Chush, Cush, Ethiopia.





Patronymic from H3568; a Cushite, or descendant of Cush: - Cushi, Cushite, Ethiopian (-s).



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