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Jews versus Christians


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Sent: Saturday, May 05, 2001 11:46 PM
Subject: [Rush-Room] REPOST - REWRITTEN FOR CLARITY - RE Cancer in America

  Christians Worldwide Praying for destruction of Israel
  on the National Day of Prayer

  (CCNS)May 4, 2001

  Today is the is the National Day of Prayer in America.
  American Christians and Christians all over the world
  are praying for the destruction of the satanic
  socialist atheist anti-Christian police state known as
  the "Nation of Israel."

  Christians are waking up and realizing that Atheist
  Jews are behind most of the evil in todays world.
  Whether your concern is Jewish Hollywood's non-stop
  assualt on our moral sensibilities via the
  pornographic filth they pump into the minds and hearts
  of our children or the anti-Christian messages in most
  of the products turned out by the Jewish owned organs
  of popular culture, there can be no question that
  these Atheist Jews are turning out to be a real
  problem for America and the world.

  These Atheist Jews hate Christian America and at this
  point in history they exercise near total control over
  America via the politicians whom they control. These
  Atheist Jews hate the "Real America" which is a
  "Christian America" and they are recreating America
  after their socialist, atheist, humanist, elitist
  evolutionary utopian imaginations and inclinations.
  This New America that the Atheist Jews are creating
  will be a Bloody American Nightmare if it is not

  These Atheist Jews hate America. They hate the "Real
  America" which was originally a "Christian Nation."
  American Christians who are knowledgeable in these
  matters have learned that Atheist Jews are the driving
  force behind our nations current immigration policy.
  The very culture (root word "cult" = "religion") of
  our nation is intentionally being challenged and
  changed by our national immigration policy.

  These Atheist Jews are trying to destroy Christian
  America and they are using every avenue that they can
  find. For instance, they have re-written our nations
  once proud Christian history and changed it into
  something unrecognizable that makes the children in
  our public schools feel ashamed of sins that neither
  they nor their ancestors committed.

  These Atheist Jews are using every weapon at their
  command to destroy our once proud Christian nation of
  America, including immigration policy. These Atheist
  Jews want to replace "Homogeneous Christian America"
  with a multi-cultural, multi-religious, multi-lingual
  and a non-homogeneous, mixed up mess. Why? Because a
  polyglot mishmash and a culturally mixed up, messed up
  people who have no shared religious values and no
  commonly shared heritage will be incapable of unifying
  themselves against the evil designs of these Atheist
  Jews and the liberal socialist elite's who are their
  fellow travelers.

  Furthermore, Christians in America are learning that
  it is primarily Atheist Jews who have financially
  supported and lead the organizations that support
  abortion and pornography and homosexual rights.

  Atheist Jews run Hollywood. Atheist Jews run the ACLU.
  Atheist Jews run NARAL. Atheist Jews run the groups
  agitating for homosexual rights. Atheist Jews and
  atheist Jewish politicians finance and run every
  anti-Gun group in our nation. Atheist Jews finance and
  run and or started nearly every left wing group that
  is working to destroy Christian America.

  Atheist Jews like Marx and Lenin and Jacob Schiff
  provided both the monetary capital and the
  intellectual capital to finance the atheist communist
  takeover of Russia. Atheist Jews then helped to
  advance communism around the world. In America,
  thousands of Jews like Gus Hall headed and joined the
  American Communist Party. Then in the 1940's American
  Atheist Jews gave communists in Russia all of
  America's most highly classified secrets about how to
  build an atomic bomb.

  Atheist Jews are the CANCER of America.

  Let me restate that because I want to make sure that
  you got it!

  Atheist Jews are the CANCER of America.

  That is the main message of this missive.

  {Side Bar: Note to any Christian who disagree's with
  this message - Concentrate on the facts. Just the
  FACTS. Show me anything that I have written in this
  letter that is "FACTUALLY WRONG." Otherwise do not
  bother writing to me, I will just junk your emails.}

  Remember Christians, It was these hard hearted evil
  Atheist Jews who were responsible for the death of
  Jesus and these are the same type of Jews who
  today are ruining America. We must stop these evil
  Jews before they kill America like they have killed

  I urge you all to pray for the destruction of Israel
  and pray for the destruction of Airhead Christians who
  believe that dispensational pre-millenialism is
  Biblical - IT'S NOT!!!

  Hal Lindsey and Jack van Impe are both monstrous
  imposters spreading a lie so big that John Calvin and
  Martin Luther and all of the great leaders of the
  reformation would vomit if they could see how
  Christianity has been weakened and feminized by the
  UN-Biblical "LEFT BEHIND" nonsense.

  666 & the Mark of the Beast movies are total nonsense.
  Jerry Falwell said (last year) that if Jesus does not
  return to earth within 10 years then Dispensational
  Premillenialism is wrong.

  Well I have news for Jerry Falwell and for you, Jesus
  is not coming back for a long, long time... perhaps
  hundreds of years. Why do I make this assertion? Look
  at the great commission in Matthew 28. Jesus commanded
  us to make disciples of the nations. Jesus is not
  coming back until the body of Christ is ruling the

  If you will read just one book about Dispensational
  Premillenialism you will realize how unBiblical it is.

  I truly and truthfully do not care very much what
  version of end time events you choose to believe, IF,
  IF, you fully understand all four positions and the
  history of the four positions and the very
  questionable origins of the doctrine of Dispensational
  Premillenialism so that you can make an educated
  choice. The problem is that the vast majority of
  Christians are totally ignorant on this topic. Most
  Christians are so ignorant that when I start talking
  about Postmillenialism, they think I am talking about
  the timing of the RAPTURE???

  But I will remind you that there are four major
  positions re: end time events:

  1 - Historic Premillenialism
  2 - Amillenialism
  3 - Postmillenialism
  4 - Dispensational Premillenialism

  Now of these four positions three of them are pretty
  much Biblically based and one of them is totally
  unBiblical, totally invented and made up by wicked

  #1 is Biblically based.
  #2 is Biblically based.
  #3 is Biblically based and is the one that I feel is
  the MOST Biblical, but
  #4 is nutty. Trust me. No, do not trust me, instead
  read David Chilton's book PARADISE RESTORED or Gary
  Demar's book LAST DAY'S MADNESS.

  Dispensational Premillenialism is a total JOKE.
  PLEASE.... PLEASE, read just one book, PARADISE
  RESTORED by David Chilton or else I recommend that you
  read Gary Demar's book "Last Days Madness", and you
  will be totally shocked that you ever fell for the
  unBiblical nonsense that Hal Lindsey and Jack Van Impe

  You may write me for more information on
  Postmillenialism or go to
  and read the article titled "The Premillennial
  Deception: Chiliasm Examined in the Light of

  I have some questions for Premillenialists

  Do you really believe that Russia is the same as Gog
  and Magog mentioned in Ezekiel chapter 38? Do you
  really believe that Russia is going to invade Israel?

  Do you really believe that the modern secular atheist
  socialist state of Israel is the apple of God's eye?
  Israel became a nation again in 1948. Do you really
  believe that this is a sign that we are near the end?

  Do you really believe that the European Common market
  is the revived Roman Empire that will be run by the

  Do you really believe that the 70 weeks of prophecies
  given by Daniel in Chapter 9 included a 2000+ year gap
  between the 69th & 70th week (Show me where it says
  that in the book of Daniel or anywhere else in the
  Bible! It's not in the Bible!). All of these
  non-sensical assertions above are commonly made by the
  apostles of Premillenialism such as Jack van Impe and
  Hal Lindsey.

  Biblically speaking, the above assertions are total
  nonsense. I am telling you right now that Christ is
  not coming back in the next Ten Years. He is probably
  not coming back for hundreds of years. We, the church,
  have too much work to do. Pre-millenialism is nonsense
  and it is going to be thoroughly discredited when none
  of the predictions come to pass. Russia (and China)
  is/are not going to attack Israel.

  I sincerely meant every word in this email,



  PS - There are a growing number of very conservative
  Jews who love God (as they understand Him via the OT)
  and are not enemies of the Christian Right. I wish
  that you all would try to remember that in this war
  between the Christian Right and the Jewish Left for
  the soul of America, there are Jews who are bona fide
  members of the "Religious Right." There are Jews who
  are genuine friends and allies of the Christian Right.

  For instance, I highly recommend that you purchase and
  read Rabbi Daniel Lapin's book "America's Real War."
  Please, Please, I strongly urge you to read this book.
  Rabbi Lapin's book is fantastic. Rabbi Lapin is
  certified (by me) to be 100% conservative. He is 100%
  Pro-Life, 100% Pro-gun, 100% anti-gay, 100%
  anti-socialist, 100% anti-One World Government, 100%
  anti-NWO, 100% anti-United Nations, 100% anti-Fiat
  Money and 100% anti-Federal Reserve System. In a word
  Rabbi Lapin is 100% "Religious Right".

  Thus we must always check ourselves to make sure that
  we are not falling into the trap of hating "All Jews."
  Why? Because not all Jews are evil enemies of all that
  is Christian, good and moral.

  Not all Jews are anti-Christian bigots. Not all Jews
  hate God and reject the laws of Moses. Even if the
  number of Jews who support the Christian Right is as
  small as 3-5% (which seems about right), we must take
  care to guard our hearts against bigotry.


  Balance is the key.

  We must be balanced as was Our Lord Jesus Christ.
  Jesus knew both when to harshly rebuke the enemies of
  God with vitriolic rhetoric unparalleled, but also
  when to show mercy to those who were repentant, broken
  and sorrowful for their sins.

  Balance is the key. Today in America, most Christians
  are out of balance. A common malady among Christians
  is having the LOVE-LOVE disease. In other words, all
  they want to do is LOVE, LOVE, LOVE without proper
  respect and regard for the commandments of God. All
  the LOVE-LOVE Christians are capable of doing is
  showing mushy meaningless mercy. Most of the time you
  will find that the Christian who is a LOVE-LOVE type
  of Christian, is a spineless, worthless, salt-free
  anti-nominian Christian and they are usually attending
  a worthless LIBERAL church too!

  Now mercy is good and mercy triumphs over judgment as
  we all know. But undeserved mercy given to a man who
  is unrepentant and is still in open rebellion against
  God and God's Commandments, is a travesty of Justice
  and makes a mockery of the Christian faith and a
  mockery of God's Laws and God's commandments.

  Thus we must have balance. We must be filled with the
  Holy Spirit so that we can be instant in season and
  out with a rebuke or a word of encouragement as the
  situation requires.

  Now, Holy Spirit led wrath is good too. However, too
  often you will find that many of the  Christians who
  are not the spineless, mushy, worthless, salt-free
  anti-nominian LOVE-LOVE type of Christian are instead
  an opposite type of Christian whom I label the
  ANGRY-ANGRY Christians.

  These ANGRY-ANGRY Christians are not very good at
  showing Love and Mercy. These ANGRY-ANGRY Christians
  are often very judgmental, harsh, heartless and
  sometimes even hypocritical due to being blind to the
  horror of their own sinfulness. These ANGRY-ANGRY
  Christians love a good fight, they love a good debate,
  they love a good argument and they think they are
  doing God's will when they crush someone in a debate.
  They often make the claim that they are a type of
  God's Old Testament Prophets, angrily railing out
  against all that is wrong in the world, but they are
  wrong. They are not Prophets and they are not being
  led by the Holy Spirit. Sometimes these ANGRY-ANGRY
  Christians are successful at deceiving themselves into
  thinking that they are doing God's will, but most of
  the time their conscience is telling them that
  something is wrong. If they are not sociopaths (which
  they often are), they will be constantly going before
  the Lord in prayer confessing their sins of hostility.
  These ANGRY-ANGRY Christians are often doing more
  damage than good with the hostile persona they exude
  because it pushes people away from Christ. How many of
  these ANGRY-ANGRY Christians are soul winners???

  Thus Christians, I hope you can now clearly see that
  we need BALANCE.


  What kind of Christian are you?

  Let us fight the Atheist Liberal Hollywood ACLU Jews
  without hating ALL JEWS or becoming consumed with

  May God help us to become Holy Spirit filled everyday
  and thus... BALANCED!!!



jewn McCain

ASSASSIN of JFK, Patton, many other Whites

killed 264 MILLION Christians in WWII

killed 64 million Christians in Russia

holocaust denier extraordinaire--denying the Armenian holocaust

millions dead in the Middle East

tens of millions of dead Christians

LOST $1.2 TRILLION in Pentagon
spearheaded torture & sodomy of all non-jews
millions dead in Iraq

42 dead, mass murderer Goldman LOVED by jews

serial killer of 13 Christians

the REAL terrorists--not a single one is an Arab

serial killers are all jews

framed Christians for anti-semitism, got caught
left 350 firemen behind to die in WTC

legally insane debarred lawyer CENSORED free speech

mother of all fnazis, certified mentally ill

10,000 Whites DEAD from one jew LIE

moser HATED by jews: he followed the law Jesus--from a "news" person!!

1000 fold the child of perdition


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