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From: "judith jennings" <>

Sent: Tuesday, August 17, 2004 10:50 AM

Subject: Re: IUFO: Re-Re: Re:Esau's Wives?

> Hi, JKKKK don't be so denigrating. It's rather coarse,
> and unbecoming to someone who thinks he is a
> professer. You do know what He said, don't you? He
> promised to say to alot of proessers, get the H-- away
> form me. I never knew you. If He gets in a bad mood He
> just might get His winnowing hooks out and cut down
> that stupid dried up old vine, and throw it in the
> fire. At least it's good for something. After He does
> that He just might take the wild vine, which is vital
> and do some grafting, much to some loozers shagrin.
> I'll stand by to help if He would let me.             




----- Original Message -----

From: "judith jennings" <>

Sent: Wednesday, August 18, 2004 11:46 AM

Subject: Re: IUFO: Re: Re:Esau's Wives?

> Learn about the grafting process, JKKK. It might
> surprise you that the old saying, I think the Lady
> doth protest too much may apply to you, as you
> pontificate. Who is the only one qualified to stand in
> judgement? The one that would stand in judgement would
> not be the accuser though. Do we understand
> anything?J.J.                                     






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From: "judith jennings" <>

Sent: Friday, August 20, 2004 1:35 PM

Subject: Re: [THE-DIALECTIC-OF-THE-DIALECTIC] pig head white mare

> Oh golly gosh gee darn it too. I thought you thought
> I should go to the universe-city or sum thing like
> that. I did my stint, and all I got was flack there. I
> got not one word of encouragement, and I didn't get
> one straight answer either. J.J. I suppose I have a
> meaty fat head with a bird brain thrown in to the mix.
> I just don't want to be too pig headed like JKKK that
> spends to much time pondering things that cannot be
> delineated in the pig headed way anyway. Thats why I
> should not darken the door of my old so called
> university again.---



----- Original Message -----

From: "judith jennings" <>

Sent: Wednesday, August 18, 2004 12:02 PM

Subject: Re: IUFO: More BLAH- Digest Number 657

> Hate mongering is not solving anything and I don't see
> one positive suggestion to adress the problems or the
> root of the problems. Try to do a more in depth
> assesment and make positive suggestions that may point
> to a solution. The blacks are there, and were very
> useful to the people as slaves at one time. Is that
> not true? The skin is an organ of the body, like other
> organs. It is not always a matter to get hung up on,
> is it? You can prove that they are all bad can you?
> Where are you headed? I'll go to the other place,
> whatever. The pontificating would be disputed by many.
> I don't have the time to pick it all appart, but if I
> did have it would be fun. Bye, J.J.                   




----- Original Message -----

From: "judith jennings" <>

Sent: Wednesday, August 18, 2004 10:45 AM

Subject: Re: [THE-DIALECTIC-OF-THE-DIALECTIC] Re: IUFO: BLAH--Digest Number 657

> J.J.- I do not agree with lawlessness and anarchy.
> Study Moslem law while you are at it. They did and do
> have alot of influence for some time now. I see a very
> bad scenerio happening, and I would not want to
> forment hatreds. Do you want genocidal maniacs on
> street corners with uzzi's? That is what is happening
> on a very large scale in the Sudan. Is that truely
> what they choose. Their leaders need to be brought
> forward, and see what they can do. Many youths are
> gang followers, and it is more than haphazardly
> organized. What did rule in Somalia, A bunch of young
> toughs with no morals, and lots of fire power. Where
> did they get the fire power? Try talking to black
> muslim leaders, in the U.S.. I am afraid to say alot
> of them are not from the U.S. and may not even be
> citizens. Are they teaching respect for the law? and
> the history of the people in the U.S.? Do the blacks
> in the U.S. know what happens to the black africans
> under muslim rule? Ignorance is not bliss, and never
> has been. Now that they are here in NA they better
> respect the laws we have, however the education
> process is being used to engender another class war,
> and the only people who benifit are the very wealthy,
> and the middle class is trashed. It happens every
> generation, and is just another way to rob the futures
> of the youth, and the possibility fot them to better
> themselves. Another war machine I guess is the most
> creative idea they can come up with for big business.
> Don't think I am blaze on such matters. They did do
> the studies, they exist to read, and there were
> positive initiatives too. Drugs and vice is pushed as
> the best choice for many I'm afraid, and there is alot
> of fallout from that, and tradgic stories too. The
> music business, and the entertainment business is
> trashy, and so is sports. American culture? (oxymoron)
> I'm sorry, but it makes money doesn't it. I guess that
> is all that matters from what can be observed. That's
> all I have time for. I could certainly fill you in on
> more specific details I have observed here, worrisome
> details, but I have work to do. J.J.   




----- Original Message -----

From: "judith jennings" <>

Sent: Friday, August 20, 2004 10:33 AM

Subject: Re: IUFO: Re: D-md STE< Oh???? sew

> Hi, J.J. here. The U.S never did win a war. HA! I'm a
> Canadian, so I could give you chapter and verse, 'butt
> they are a kind and generous people" is the AD: I
> guess. Why the hell would I be loyal to abunch of
> loooozers? being a Canadian an awl??? I like the
> Americans, they're grrr-ate, whatever. Am I a shizzoh,
> HEY, whatever works for EWE. I like to have fun with
> this stuff on the internet. Why are you down Jonis'
> gullet all the time, If she hates the L-rd and thinks
> the NT is all balderdash why should I care? Her name
> starts with J like mine does, and she also says that
> she is proud of her family. I am proud too of my
> family as well. I personally like the L-rd and I don't
> so much like the apost-tiles, and the whole NT is kind
> of interesting reading however I take everything with
> a grain of salt. Bye the bye Joni, don't bother too
> much with the OT either, as it gets kina woe-ly oft
> times as sum would warn. Don't do these personal
> denigrating insults ewe guyx on the ufo forum, as why
> would I expect Joni to care for the L-rd? I like to
> talk to  people where they are at. If Joni is a good
> and perfectly observant type of jew and proud of it so
> what of it. If I break a law, and eat a wrong
> substance at the wrong hour, (Perhaps it doesn't
> happen so often) maybe the cow told me to. HA! Never
> say HOLY COW then HEY? Hows that for a joke. So what
> if I am babling on, here, I just don't like people to
> hate other people just because they are different. I
> respect the law, and I don't expect the L-rd to
> forgive my sins if happens to feel bad. So what if H-
> doesn't. Do you think H- will forgive your H-tful
> blather? I don't know anything about it. Don't think
> H- won't exact the last payment when payment is du,
> anywayz, I count on that, so what of it. Blah and so
> on. Bye for now, Judith      PS Don't u jst luv my B_D
> speeeelingzzzz. Be nice now and just say I'm just a
> nice kinda person, when I'm in a good mooood, like I
> am rt nw - Hey?? BLAHH                 



----- Original Message -----

From: "judith jennings" <>

Sent: Tuesday, August 17, 2004 12:50 PM


> Adar Golem, are you a golem? Not to denigrate you, I
> just want to know what your real name is. Anyway golem
> is kinda cool EH? Well in this post Xian era what can
> be expected. They chose the arabs in Africa. Why
> should they expect anything fr Britain, or any other
> western conetree? as they chose to go their own way.
> They set up their own g-v(s) and decided to rule
> themselves, low and behold, all the old tribal hatreds
> come back upon them. This seems to be a phenomonom
> that is spreading like wildfire, and it fits right in
> to the n-w-o planning phase, to create fear and
> dependance, to such an extent that they can step right
> up to the plate. They have learned something about
> revolutionary strategies when it succeeded so well in
> the communist block. Just give everything over to
> them, and then you will see such an unholy mess, you
> wouldn't beleive. All their great planning and planned
> scenerios will not be sufficient to alleviate the
> deficiencies within them, that will subsequently
> become apparent to all. Is this not already happening?
> The race that I belong to does not want to feed upon
> the subjection of others, or profit from those that
> are unfortunate, and the race that I belong to would
> not want these massacres to continue. I don't identify
> with this strife. It is good to walk away when you are
> not wanted, and to live and let live is a good thing
> to do as well. J.J.         





----- Original Message -----

From: "judith jennings" <>

Sent: Wednesday, August 18, 2004 7:08 AM


> J.J. Why do I have to delete this more than once? Why
> do you want to forment hatred? I personally like to
> let people make up their own minds about what they
> want to beleive. Isn't it good to have variety? Do you
> like the KKK society and do you think you are a better
> bigot or something? Doggone, do you know what a Gone
> is? The Gones have high standards so perhaps you
> wouldn't make it with them. That rant doesn't cut it,
> and as there are many different approaches in Xian
> culture, of which you do not subscribe to, there are
> also many steams in Judaism as well. Don't be so
> simple, and paint people with one brush. When they cut
> down the vine and burn it, don't be part of the dead
> wood. Dead wood is good for something though, but
> illogic, and distructive rants don't make any sense at
> all. Study both communism and nazism. Both are based
> on theivery as far as I can see. Productive people
> should never need to resort to that, however there is
> a danger that the means of production is being removed
> from our midst, because of people like you, who do not
> want to build bridges, and construct proper solutions
> to eleviate the problems that are to come. Our very
> own inventions and factories we have bled for are
> taken off shore and used against us to squeese us for
> all were worth. We know class wars are only formented
> to wrest the power away from the people and enslave
> everyone, and have wholesale ethnic cleansing. Witches
> were always included in that category, & the most pain
> indeed was reserved for them (burning alive). Has
> there been an improvement since the middle ages? From
> some of the stuff I read, I have to wonder.J.J.      




----- Original Message -----

From: "judith jennings" <>

Sent: Tuesday, August 17, 2004 2:31 PM

Subject: Re: IUFO: Re: Re:Esau's Wives? BLAH

> Who do you think you are to talk like this. This is a
> forum for those with civility, who can discuss things
> in a logical and enlightened fashion, not some low
> brow, name calling gar be age. Perhaps the G-D of
> Abraham Issac and Jacob could find it in His heart to
> contend with the mamzers, more than He would contend
> with you. Is it written someplace, (me not being such
> a sculler) a humble and a contrite heart I will not
> dispise. J.J.                                         





----- Original Message -----

From: "judith jennings" <>

Sent: Tuesday, August 17, 2004 2:12 PM

Subject: Re: [THE-DIALECTIC-OF-THE-DIALECTIC] Israelite Geopolitics

> G-d may have hated Essau but Abraham loved him more
> than Jacob. While his brother went away to marry the
> correct family, Essau behaved like a leader of his
> people in those days, making alliances through
> marriage. He did not precieve the importance of his
> inheritance or the effect his actions would have for
> posterity. I do not think that his father understood
> either.                             



----- Original Message -----

From: "judith jennings" <>

Sent: Tuesday, August 17, 2004 7:30 AM

Subject: Re: IUFO: Re: More verses showing the acceptance of Yahshua

> HE said, my Kingdom is not of this world. Joni is more
> right than JKKKK. I am sorry Jk but I with my smigen
> of Abraham, know that the Jews were waiting for the
> earthly King, not the heavenly King. The heavenly King
> was on his own after a certain point, that we all know
> from the evidance. Only the women did not desert Him.
> The Apostiles ran away, and were quaking in fear,
> untill the time He appeared to them. Then they were;
> being earthly children, always somewhat dense when HE
> required of them. Just as today, this site is being
> used by those who hate, and those who do not
> understand. Do you ask for mercy, or do you ask for
> just retribution. There is a dividing line. Did I
> become unfaithful, and therefore do I now reqire mercy
> and goodness, or am I more than just good,and can I
> stand on my own before the Lord, and make an offering
> instead. Of the Father would I offer thus to Him, He
> that may not know me, as I know Him. Prove all things,
> to find of that which they are made. No strange thing
> is always the Law no matter which way you cut it, but
> the ad; is "but to save a
> Brother" ' Would He be His brothers keeper? I do think
> that He would be required by the Father to care for
> and go back again for His brother; as Jacob and Essau
> were bros, the elder would be as the younger and did
> not Abe prefer the later bro above Jacob. The father
> and Sarah both agreed that Jacob was the child of
> promise, however the Father would always concider
> Abrahams wishes too, and even defer to him on
> occasion, therefore, the Father said, I will put a new
> and living heart within you, where now you have a
> stoney dead thing. He would have heart, and tread were
> Angels would fear I do beleive. HE would go on, when
> the Father would remain, with the Angels, after all,
> did He come only to follow a book of laws, or did He
> come for a real reason? For I myself I would not
> presume to be so utterly obedient, therefore I would
> always concider the delineation of the Law.



----- Original Message -----

From: "judith jennings" <>

Sent: Sunday, August 15, 2004 7:45 PM

Subject: Re: [THE-DIALECTIC-OF-THE-DIALECTIC] Re: [ctrl] Re: [METAPHYSICS-100] Israelite Geopolitics

> I don't appreciate this rude and crude approach. It
> proves nothing. Prove all things. There is the right
> hand and there is the left hand. Don't forget it. G-D
> has both. Are you in either? Ask yourself a question
> now and again. J.J.                     



----- Original Message -----

From: "judith jennings" <>

Sent: Thursday, August 12, 2004 8:31 AM

Subject: Re: IUFO: The Future the Past.

> Hydrogen fuel leaves nothing but a little harmless
> moisture as a bi-product. In Ottawa my husband and I
> test drove a car run on this fuel. This was about 20
> years ago. There was a whole fleet of these cars here
> that was owned by Ottawa Hydro, I beleive. I think
> that I remember that correctly. There was a company
> here that made conversion technology that could be
> purchased and installed in any car. The reason that we
> did not buy the car was that since it had been in
> service for so long the body was rusted to severely,
> as happens here as the roads are salted in winter.
> What happened to that conversion company?, I wonder.
> There were other technologies here too, after the
> energy crisis that had sucess in new technologies.
> Were they all just bought out and closed up, so we
> would keep to the status quo, and be forever beholden
> to the old non- renewable resources, untill the powers
> that be can get a strangle hold on the new
> technologies too, and Keep us under their thumb? Bye
> for now -Judith.---



----- Original Message -----

From: "judith jennings" <>

Sent: Wednesday, August 11, 2004 6:46 AM

Subject: Re: [THE-DIALECTIC-OF-THE-DIALECTIC] Israelite City

> And G-d only made one helpmate for Adam, Eve. He
> liked her alot, and it was out of fear that he would
> loose her that he did eat of the forbidden fruit.---



----- Original Message -----

From: "judith jennings" <>

Sent: Wednesday, August 11, 2004 6:39 AM


> The Jubilee is the year when all debts are cancelled.
> The indebtured slaves (most of us) that work to pay
> bills so that our families get from day to day, get
> off scot free. How do you think the ecomomists and
> gov- would like that? The never ending spiral of debt
> out weighs real production in the GNP in the ecomomy
> by now doesn't it? The wealthy suck off the real needs
> of real families through usury. Is there not some
> eternal law against that sort of situation. Egypt had
> only 20% tax. My gosh golly geee they were doing a
> whole lot better, as when all taxes we pay are added
> up it comes to 50% or more, and then they say but your
> gross income is such and such, whats wrong with your
> managing skills? I'll tell you, you sucks are down too
> deep in our pockets. The L-rd will indeed confiscate
> all this ill gotten gain and apply it back for the
> families. He won't give citizenship rights to fat baby
> corporations, that endlessly and shamelessly suck from
> the fed teat. They will be guilty of possesion of
> blood money, and that is the worse sin of all. Judith,


----- Original Message -----

From: "judith jennings" <>

To: "Israelite Knight" <>

Sent: Sunday, July 11, 2004 1:21 PM

Subject: Re: [Israelite] Re: The Great Commission is Ideological,NOT Biological

> J.J. here, Re: Abraham,-- of all the people Abraham
> was the one that heard G-D, while the others did not
> here him. I do beleive that before Abraham heard G-D
> his father also heard as well, however He being old ,
> was not asked to leave with his son Abraham. He was
> not always perfectly obedient, and He also was not
> without fault, but his faith was counted to him as
> righteousness. Bye for



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