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Karl Rove Arrested, is the President Next?

by Kamal El-Din

Karl Rove arrestedUnconfirmed sources report that the infamous Karl Rove, President Bush's right hand man, has been arrested. Rove was taken into custody today by federal agents. Rove's arrest means big trouble for the White House and could mean an a future indictment of the President on conspiracy charges related to the leaking of CIA agent Valerie Plame's identity.
All of Washington is abuzz this today as news of Karl Rove's arrest spread inside the beltway. Republican strategists have convened an emergency meeting to find a way forward for the President and the country. Of particular interest to the group is who will become the new Vice President if Cheney is elevated after President Bush is indicted.

"Rove's absence from the White House poses a serious credibility problem for the Bush administration." Says web pundit Andrew Sullivan. "With Rove out of the picture many people are going to wonder who is running the show at the White House. If the President can't find someone to run the country, and soon, I predict that this administration will crumble under the weight of own incompetence. I don't even want to think about what would happen if Bush is indicted."

"Rove may be a soulless bastard, but at least you knew he was smart enough to run the country." Commented Harry Reid, Senate Minority leader. "With the President up there making decisions by himself I figure we are in for some real trouble."

Rove long know as 'Bush's Brain' or 'turd blossom' by his friends is being held in a maximum security federal cell. When asked why Rove was being given such protection special agent Mr. Smith indicated it was to protect him from 'those who wouldn't like him to spill his guts'. The FBI is worried that forces inside the administration would rather see Rove dead then to allow his to tell what he knows about the happenings inside the Bush administration.

"I wouldn't want to be Rove right now." Says a Washington insider. "He has got half the country hating him and the other half worried that he is going to spill the beans. I think keeping him under lock and key is the only way he will survive until his and possibly the President's trials are over."



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