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FOR ALL>>Here again, are some Americans who do not want the Truth to emerge!


This Kennewick man issue is exposing the government's cloaking of much of America's archeological finds that refute the standard view that Columbus discovered America and that no other races or peoples ever set foot on North America..


The Smithsonian has hidden and stored away any unusual finds and discoveries that could confirm that a white peoples, may have been in North America long before the native Indians...Why  the Smithsonian does this, may be tied to the Churches who have insisted on the standard historical approach to the discovery of America and any other possiblity, such as ancient Hebrews of the lost tribes of Israel and possible European sources from the north, like the Irish and the Scandinavians...


Many ancient finds are taken into the Smithsonian and are never heard from or presented again...a seeming conspiracy, one as equally blatant as the Oil Companies who buy up and or destroy any possible improvement to engines that would reduce gasoline sales....yet, the power in one cup of gasoline,if treated properly and run through the right systems,  could power an auto for days.


So, here we have the government hiding the facts about this ancient skeleton which is obviously not related to any native American, but, yet they do not want the facts related to this white man exposed to the public...What does the government have to hide in this particular  issue?


Recall, that when the site of this skeleton was found, within weeks, the US Army's Corp of Engineers was directed by the Federal Government to bury the site in stones and cover it over so no one could dig there to find other possible archeological finds...Such an order had to come from the Fed.s, high up, like Clinton for instance...But such a blatant act beggars the question of why?'


Are there Jews in the Administration who do not want any of these relics brought to the light of day, are they siding with the natives for reasons of their own, like political associations related to the gambling permited the Indians?  Do they fear that the truth about the discoveries might just lead to the facts about the lost sheep of the house of Israel, and thus prove that they, who claim to be representative of ALL of the tribes of Israel, would suddenly loose status as the Christians would awaken to realize that they have been duped by some clever wolves who seek to destroy Christianity as a mission...which it is, for it is the goal of their Talmud to destroy Christianity and thus, put themselves as the world leaders...a long sought goal of Babylonian Talmudic Judaism.


So, behind this one event lies a number of issues which, if the facts related to this skeleton were brought into the open, it would cause some massive changes to our social lives and to the convoluted  history as currently taught in schools....


So, it behoves us all to insure that this federal government keeps its twisted fingers out of this issue, and courts martial those who buried the original site where this skeleton was found...if I was in charge, I would certainly press charges against those responsbile...JRN>

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Sent: Wednesday, August 04, 2004 9:07 AM

Subject: New Wrangle Over Kennewick Bones


New Wrangle Over
Kennewick Bones
By Paul Rincon
Science Staff
BBC News Online

The legal battle over the ancient bones of Kennewick Man has been won by the scientists, but they now face a new wrangle
over access to the remains.
The 9,300-year-old skeleton is among the most complete specimens of its period known from the Americas.
Four Native American tribes that sought to re-bury the bones
have announced they will not be taking their fight to the US Supreme Court.
But they still regard the skeleton as an ancestor and call it
"ancient one".
The Nez Perce, Umatilla, Yakama and Colville tribes filed a
claim to the skeleton shortly after it was unearthed on 31 July, 1996, on a wide bank of the Columbia river at Kennewick in Washington State.
However, they were quickly challenged by scientists who said
the skeleton could provide valuable information about the early settling of the Americas.
In February, the coalition of tribes lost their legal fight in the federal courts to scientists who want to study the remains.
The San Francisco-based Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that it was impossible to establish a relationship between the Indian tribes and "Kennewick Man".
An attempt to have the decision reviewed by a panel of judges
was also rejected.
The defendants had the option to continue the fight in the US Supreme Court. But neither the tribes nor the US Justice Department filed an appeal to America's highest court by the Monday deadline.
However, legal representatives for the scientists are still locked
in discussions with the US Justice Department over what the researchers are allowed to do with the bones.
'Condition concern'
Attorney for the scientists Alan L Schneider told BBC News Online: "We feel that they are improperly interjecting themselves into the purpose for which we can study the skeleton and the types of studies that would be appropriate to achieve the objectives."
The government has said that it would not permit any chemical
or invasive testing on the bones. This would scupper any further attempts to obtain DNA samples from Kennewick Man.
The discussions are also likely to cover the question of how access to the remains is controlled.
"They're saying you have to restrict your studies and only a couple of people can go in and look at it and that sort of thing," Professor Robson Bonnichsen, one of the lead scientists, told BBC News Online.
The plaintiffs are also concerned by suggestions the bones may have deteriorated in the eight years since they was pulled from
the sediment.
"The government has now come up with all kinds of concerns - that the skeleton is in such poor condition. The condition's changed under their watch because everyone said it was in great condition when it came in," explained Professor Bonnichsen.
"We know that the number of pieces of skeleton have grown since they've been there lying in the cabinet," he added.
Three tribes decided not to appeal the case before the weekend. The Umatilla held out to the deadline, but said in a statement on Monday that it would not proceed with the case any further.
"The decision was based on the availability of financial resources, the uncertainty of whether the Supreme Court would even hear the case, and the risk that an unfavourable Court decision could become law," the statement read.
It added that the Umatilla's board of trustees would begin working with other Native American tribes on a strategy to amend the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (Nagpra), the law enacted in 1990 to protect tribal burials.
"Nagpra needs to be strengthened so that it fulfils Congress' original intent, which was to protect tribal burials and return sacred items to the tribes," said Armand Minthorn, Umatilla board of trustees member.
The bones of Kennewick Man are currently held at the Burke Museum in Seattle.


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