The smell of Ken Martin, pedophile is quite strong.
Kenneth Charles Martin
Image of Offender that will link to the actual photo uploaded.
Date of birth: 12/11/1939
Sex: M
Age: 70
Height: 6 ft 00 in
Race: W
Hair: Gry
Weight: 160 lb.
Eyes: Blu
Photograph Date: 05/20/2009
Registration Date: 06/17/2004
Re-Registration Date: 05/20/2009

Address Information
Permanent Residence: 4932 South Fork Rd, Las Cruces NM 88012
Work:  Not Releasable

Sex Offense Conviction
Sexual Assault 3rd Degree
Date of Conviction: 09/04/1997 Place of Conviction:  Adams, CO

None reported

Scars, Marks & Tattoos
Type Location Description
Mark Face, unspecific Wears Glasses
Scar Shoulder, right 12 Inch Surgical Scar

From: Keith
Sent: Friday, January 15, 2010 7:24 PM
To: kolaltai@russiamail.com
Subject: Re: The breath of a bigot - Ken the russianwannabe and pervert

Ken my advice to you is gargle with turpentine.  But even without your sewer breath, respectable folks will avoid you like you are the plague.

On Fri, Jan 15, 2010 at 10:06 PM, <kolaltai@russiamail.com> wrote:

Paraphrasing a famous old quote --
 The breath of a bigot is like the stink of a sewer; the mouth opens like a manhole cover and the stench overwhelms.

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From: Mark <carpbear@sbcglobal.net>
To: kxm@russiamail.com <kxm@russiamail.com>
Sent: Fri, Jan 15, 2010 5:49 pm
Subject: Re: one sick S.O.B. alert! one sick S.O.B. alert!


Russians are *Slavs*. Your messiah, Adolph Hitler, absolutely *hated* them. You don't mean to tell me that you know better than your leader and mentor, do you?

You never said anything about my German/Jewish boyfriend whose parents were Bavarian. Did I mention he was studying on BOTH a full performance  AND a full academic scholarship?  Bet you wish one of your Aryan beauties could have pulled that off, JK. 

Ma'azel tov!

Sent from my iPhone
{ o o }

On Jan 15, 2010, at 6:21 PM, kxm@russiamail.com wrote:

Actually, my one adopted as an adult Russian son is gay and from a Jewish family background, and his adopted-as-an-adult older brother is gay and from a Muslim family background.  I know hundreds of Russian gays and lesbians of many different ethnic and racial bacgrounds....  go to your library... buy a book... educate yourself ... see a psychiatrist... look at yourself... laugh like the rest of us when you do.
(You are one sick son of a bitch!!!!!  :-P)

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From: Jacob Israel <jk@israeliteidentity.com>
Sent: Fri, Jan 15, 2010 3:05 pm
Subject: MORE for Keith Baptistwannabe Caldwell - Russia readies Haiti disaster relief

<<<My two Russian sons ... my gay partner and I just gave the guys a hefty, big loan over the holidays to help keep our family businesses afloat>>>
Kike alert, kike alert!!
Russians are not faggots.  ONLY jews are faggots!
PLUS jews in Russia are NOT "Russian" by any stretch, and this jew KNOWS it.
You have no "Russian sons".  And being a FAGGOT, you have no sons, not even kike sons.
While living in Russia and hearing all kinds of stories about the US "promising" to send $BILLIONS in foreign aid to Russia, Inoted that NO PROMISE was EVER kept.  Obama banana nigger *promising* to send $100 million to niggers in Haiti:
  1. Is a LIE from the get-go.
  2. WOULD be a complete and total waste of money even IF the promise were kept.
  3. Could not possibly save a single life even IF this promise was kept.
  4. Would only enrich the completely and totally corrupt Haitian "government".
  5. Would ROB Americans of money THEY need more than any Haitian nigger needs it or could use it.
  6. Would give the FALSE impression what we owe Haitian niggers something we definitely do NOT owe them.
  7. Would give the even MORE false impression what we are "compassionate" as we continue to borrow money from China to blow up civilians in Iraq and threaten to blow up even more civilians in Iran.
  8. Benefit ONLY jews.

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To: Jacob Israel
Sent: Tuesday, September 08, 2009 10:54 AM
Subject: Re: obama eligibility

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Ken [the pervert russianwannabe says: Gay people in Russia have a funny saying,"иди в жопу mудак,   it means, "fuck off, asshole."  In the gay community, when I'm over there, I hear that one a lot.  L:-PL

Keith comments:  I am sure you hear people say that to you where ever you go, Ken!  And you think they are making a pass at you, don't you?  LOL 

On Fri, Jan 15, 2010 at 4:14 PM, <kolaltai@russiamail.com> wrote:

Gay people in Russia have a funny saying,"иди в жопу mудак,   it means, "fuck off, asshole."  In the gay community, when I'm over there, I hear that one a lot.  L:-PL!

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From: Jacob Israel <jk@israeliteidentity.com>
To: MARK CARPENTER <carpbear@sbcglobal.net>; kolaltai@russiamail.com;
Sent: Fri, Jan 15, 2010 11:18 am
Subject: MORE for Keith Baptistwannabe Caldwell - Russia readies Haiti disaster relief

Some faggot kike [though I repeat myself] MISQUOTING me, whiiiiined:
<<<{Bastard, John Knight, Randulf, Predator, Wolfram, McK, Jay Mills, etc.}:  "Haitians are niggers, and the sooner they all die the better off we Aryans will be.">>>
I lived in Iran.  Iranians are Aryans.  I am NOT an Aryan.  Iranians are Adamites.   I am not an Adamite, as I'm a descendant of "the LORD" when He impregnated both Sarah and Rebakah.
I've also been to Haiti, and cannot imagine an earthquake doing anything but IMPROVING that miserable country.
The death toll is a mere 50,000 niggers.
Compare that to the death toll of more than 600 THOUSAND, JUST by murder, JUST by niggers, JUST in the US, JUST in the last four decades.
For your little edomite sodomite kike brain, that means that for every ONE nigger killed by natural causes in Haiti, there were TWELVE "FELLOW" AMERICANS murdered willfully by niggers HERE.
When are you filthy kikes and feminazis going to start paying attention to the GENOCIDE taking place in your OWN BACKYARD, and quit whining about GOD taking out a bunch of worthless niggers in a spot I can GUARANDAM.TEE you you would not even like to VISIT, much less subsidize??!!




What next, Kennypoo?  Do you think they will endorses pedophilia???  Maybe bestiality???  Maybe incest????   What's next????

On Fri, Jan 22, 2010 at 7:05 AM, <kxm@russiamail.com> wrote:

Cindy McCain endorses same-sex marriage (sorry, John)

Cindy McCainCindy McCainBy Yael T. Abouhalkah, Kansas City Star Editorial Page columnist
The same-sex marriage controversy has divided families across America, but it's still a little shocking to see a former GOP presidential candidate dissed in print over this issue.
That's what Cindy McCain is doing as she supports same-sex marriage in a photo on a Web site.
A piece of duct tape has been placed over her mouth. "No H8" is written on her cheek, a reference to the referendum that California voters endorsed in 2089, prohibiting same-sex marriage in the state.
The reaction of John McCain, the Republican candidate in the 2008 presidential race:
"Senator McCain respects the views of members of his family. The senator chaired the effort to successfully pass Arizona Proposition 102, the Marriage Protection Amendment, and his opposition to gay marriage remains the same."
For good measure, the McCains' daughter, Meghan, also supports same-sex marriage and also appears on the Web site

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Subject: Re: obama eligibility
Date: Mon, 7 Sep 2009 20:12:09 -0700

<<<of the revenue will be raised when the Bush Tax breaks for the rich expire in 2010.
                                           Thrilling Jill Shady>>>
You BET!!
And I've got a bridge for sale you've just GOT to look at.
BEFORE morons like you began to "vote", we spent less than 3% for health care, and you're right, it most likely now exceeds 16%!
But guess what ELSE went out of control when IDIOTS like you started voting?  We spent less than 3% for education, but it's now more than 11%.  And we spent less than 2% for criminal justice, and it's now MORE THAN EIGHT PERCENT (at the SAME time the murder rate increased an order of magnitude!)
IF there's any more money to rob when the "Bush Tax breaks for the rich expire", you can TAKE IT TO THE BANK that the very LAST place it will go is "health care"!!!
If you want an efficient health care system:
  2. REDUCE health care spending back to it's 1960's level, which is LESS THAN THREE PERCENT.
  4. Ship obama banana nigger back to Kenya where he BELONGS (where hel'l be 83 TIMES more likely to be killed in an auto accident, 10 TIMES more likely to be murdered or die the slow painful death of AIDS, and have a life expectancy ONE THIRD of what he has here).
  5. BELIEVE in the free enterprise system.
John Knight
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Sent: Monday, September 07, 2009 5:20 PM
Subject: Re: obama eligibility

Trillions to be spent. Shady would enjoy healthcare in Burma or Russia.
<<<The FBI is already laughing at you pathetic ass holes and you want to give them more to laugh at? Even my Dog {Bushturd} is laughing at you little people.:}
Try and get this through that little Pea brain of yours. We have the power and will keep the power. By 2040 the white race in America will be just another minority. The slaughter of the Republican Neocon party will continue in 2010. Your end will be complete in 2012. The good part is there is not a damn thing you can do about it. If Health Care is changed for the benefit of all Americans, that will be the final nail in the Neocon Republican party. Have a nice day?
                                      Mrs. Thrilling Jill Shady>>>
And exactly WHO is going to pay for it?
 Right now Health Care {A rotten system at best} is 16% of GDP. If not changed in ten years will be 30% of GDP. America ranks 37th in the world in health care right below Costa Rica. We die earlier and have a higher infant mortality rate then the top 17 industrial countries. We are rated 17th out of the said 17.
President Obama will sign no bill that is not revenue neutral. You're another one who shows up with a small Knife to a Tank fight. Some of the revenue will be raised when the Bush Tax breaks for the rich expire in 2010.
                                           Thrilling Jill Shady

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