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As we near June 8, the Anniversary of the murder of our USA men on the
USS Liberty, keep in mind this Lavon Affair. 

The next time there is another "terrorist" attack remember this - the
Twin Towers was a jew job - and the only person who profitted from same,
was Larry Silverstein who will receive 7 billion dollars.

Then ask yourself again, why the Mayor of New York, Rudy the Brown Noses
Reindeer, refused to remove the 6,000 fuel tank at the side of Building
7 where the 15 million dollar new control center had been located - and
ask why a control center would be placed on the 24th floor.   And oh
yes, Larry Silverstein just received $125 million for this building in
insurance monies.   Guiliani, Bloomberg, and Silverstein all made homage
to Israel shortly after the fall of Towers....and then ask CUI BONO CUIO




Now forgotten by most of the few people who ever knew about it, was the
Lavon Affair that once rocked Israel to the very core. 

After the Egyptian revolution of 1952, relations between the U.S. and
the new Gamal Abdel Nasser government steadily improved. Cultural and
economic agreements between Egypt and other Arab states and the U.S.
were being discussed, and it was sincerely hoped that the U.S. would aid
the projected Aswan Dam development program. By 1954 American Ambassador
Henry Byroade's personal friendship with Nasser seemed likely to produce
results. A U.S. aid program of $50 million had been started. 

The situation was viewed in high Israeli quarters as a grave threat to
the continued flow of American dollars into Israel from public, if not
private, sources.

A direct severance of relations between Egypt and the U.S. was deemed
desirable. An Israeli espionage ring was sent to Egypt to bomb official
U.S. offices and, if necessary, attack American personnel working there
so as to destroy Egyptian-U.S. relations and eventually Arab-U.S. ties.
The creation of simulated anti-British incidents was calculated to
induce the British to maintain their Suez garrison. Several bomb
incidents involving U.S. installations in Egypt followed. 
Small bombs shaped like books and secreted in book covers were brought
into the USA libraries in both Alexandria and Cairo.

 Fish skin bags filled with acid were placed on top of nitroglycerin
bombs; it took several hours for the acid to eat through the bag and
ignite the bomb. The book bombs were placed in the shelves of the
library just before closing hours.

Several hours later a blast would occur, shattering glass and shelves
and setting fire to books and furniture. Similar bombs were placed in
the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Theater and in other American owned business

In December two young Jewish Egyptian boys carrying identical bombs were
caught as they were about to enter U.S. installations. Upon their
confession, a sabotage gang of six other Jews was rounded up. Five more
were implicated in the plot. The conspirators, who received sentences
ranging from fifteen years to life, were the objects in the U.S. of
multifold sympathetic editorials and articles. Nothing appeared in print
at the time to refute the image that this had been but another Nasser
conspiracy to unite his country against Israel. The cry "anti-Semitism"
widely reverberated. 

In 1960 an investigation in Israel called attention to the forgery of an
important document in what had been announced as a "security mishap"
that had precipitated the resignation of Pinhas Lavon as Minister of
Defense in 1955. Shimon Peres, then Deputy Minister of Defense, and
Moshe Dayan had, with the forgery, attempted to place the legal
responsibility for the unsuccessful 1954 sabotage attempt at Lavon's
door. Ben-Gurion had fought the reopening of the case, but a subsequent
rehearing revealed that Lavon had been an innocent victim of the
machinations of Peres, Dayan, and Brigadier Abraham Givli. 

Even though the army, through censorship, attempted to cover up its own
blunders, the "Lavon Affair" led to a Cabinet crisis and the resignation
of the Ben-Gurion government in 1961. As late as December 29, 1960, the
Times was still referring to the scandal only as "a disastrous adventure
in 1954." As the already abnormal ties between Israel and the U.S. grew
stronger, scant attention was paid to the disclosure in Israel of this
blatant attempt to torpedo U.S.-Arab relations. 

The above is taken from "The Zionist Connection II, What Price Peace?"
by Alfred M. Lilienthal (J)



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