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The BIG Lie!


Any father who has been through a divorce in the US court system, or who has read the statistics which show that American men are 1,000 times more likely to be accused of "sexual assault" than Greek or Italian or Japanese men, or who has followed the travesties of justice represented by the McMartin Pre-school trial, the prosecution of the Amiraults, or the 44 innocent parents who are just now being freed from prisons after being convicted in the mass hysteria surrounding the Wenatchee, Washington witch hunt, or the 3,000 convicted men whose  innocence was proven AFTER they were imprisoned in the Los Angeles Rampart Scandal, can appreciate the mental insanity being infused into the minds of our children by feminists like the author of the following letter.

When Judge Friehl went to Wenatchee as a visiting judge, he found that the mass hysteria surrounding these trials was so pervasive that even the defense attorneys were caught up in it.  If defense attorneys can't recognize mass hysteria when they see it, then  how can we expect children or feminists to?

They can't. 

Children and feminists are part and parcel of mass hysteria which they are incapable of stepping back from and recognizing.  Giving credibility to such witnesses (children and women) is exactly why American men are a third of the men in the world behind bars while Americans are only 4.5% of the world's population, and why more than half of the men whose DNA was tested AFTER they were convicted and compared to DNA from the crime scene didn't even match.   It is why feminists can claim that 550,000 American women are raped or sexually assaulted each year--while in all of Japan--a country with almost half of our population--there were only 230 rapes last year.

Are American women 1,087 times more likely to be "raped", or are they 1,087 times more likely to LIE about rape? You be the judge.

First and foremost, before you read this letter, think about the consequences to children when their families are destroyed and they are left to the vagaries of being raised in fatherless, single-mother households.  Even IF each and every one of these charges were 100% true, punishing a father in this manner, destroying his ability to discipline his children, denying children the right to have a father, is far worse punishment to the children than it is to the father.

To many innocent children, the "solution" is far, far worse than the original "child abuse" could possibly have been even if 99.9% of the charges of "child abuse" against fathers in this country are true.


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From Micheal T. Manthie, Sr.:

Hope this person is happy. It is things like this being said that one has no defense to that is making father's kill themselves. They destroy families and mostly men (not women) with the lies and accusations. Read this carefully. This is what we are up against. How do you fight this? What recourse do any of us have?

They are so brave they can't even sign their name, yet claim to know it all and that it is the truth. So who is hiding and who is running? Use logic people when reading this. Question what is being said here in this letter I just received (see below my signature). This is what kills father's.

Micheal T. Manthie Sr.

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From: an anonymous source

To: Micheal T. Manthie, Sr.

Date: February 10, 2001

Subject: the LIE of the century: the feminists' silver bullet

So, you really think you can get some results by submitting your mixed up untruths on those pathetic "everybody hates men" sites? I know what you did to your kids and to your wife. I have been watching what you do. I have been tracking the sites you place you stupid comments on. Waiting for you to slip up. Do you really believe that anyone is going to listen to YOU? You are a lying BASTARD! Everyone knows what you did to your boys in Plummer when you would go into the shop. The neighbors saw it, the community knew it. Even your devoted loving wife had to have known. She claims she didn't, but I don't believe her. You are the one who killed that sweet little boy. I won't call him your son, because no father would ever do what you did to someone the claim to love. You only love yourself and it was YOUR pleasure that needed to be satisfied by those boys. You know what I am talking about.

Did you enjoy your letter from Heather? She really hates you. I had a friend from her school give her your email address. I wasn't sure if she would send you an email or not, but appearantly she did. I don't think you should expect to hear from her again. She knows you are a liar and she knows you will never get her or her brother back. She's happy now. A young, lovely lady that is on her way to giving head to every boy in school. You should be proud of her. You taught her how. She must have done a good enough job, you let her live.

Your ex-wife finally woke up and got some help for her little boy. It's probably too late for him. He's pretty messed up thanks to you. Mental hospitals really aren't the place for little boys to grow up, but it's better than being in the house with a sexual preditor for a father - don't you agree?

As far as you ex-wife is concerned, she's not my concern or yours. Right? You divorced her, so you don't want her anymore, so she's out of the picture. But what about your other wife and daughter. In you "whinning" for help from all of your good buddies in father looser land, you didn't mention them. I wonder why.

I also wonder why you don't mention that there is a warrant for your arrest in King County for, well you know what it's for, that's why you ran away. I guess I really can't say "ran" cuz your fat ass wouldn't get up off the couch for a couple of days, and then you just plopped it down into the seat of the car that you forged your ex-wife's name too and drove around. When you ended up in Spokane for Marvin the Martians funneral, you neglected to tell her she was part owner of that ugly car- why? I wonder who it was that you got to sign her name. Well it doesn't matter. The King County police know all about it, and you for that matter. Oh yeah, you know that already - the warrant.

I suppose I should get to the point of my email to you. Since you have spent the past two years of your worthless life on the Internet trying to solicit replacements for your sexual activities, it's a bummer when you have to go looking for it, isn't it? It was so much easier when you had four to choose from right at home. Opps, I almost forgot, there's only three of them now. Well, that was your choosing anyway.

Again, to get back to why I am emailing you: I thought you might want to go back to all of those "help me - I'm the victom" sites and read the true story of Michael Manthie Sr. Since you have put your story out there, I have the right - yes, you pathetic bastard, you gave me the right under the first amendment, to tell your true story. The best part is that I don't have to say anything bad, or put any dorogitory words to work for me. You make yourself look like the looser you are without my help. I bet you were pretty pissed off when that Christian guy told you to look to God for guidance. Wasn't it the Morman church you went to, to have some hokey memorial done? Kinda funny that God is there when you want him, eh? Maybe you should start looking for God again. Someone in heaven is waiting for you and he has a noose. You made another mistake Mikey, you sent Marvin up first. And seniority plays high with God. If for some unspeakable reason you get past the pearly gates, Marvin will be waiting with the noose you taught him how to tie, laden with all of the inexcusable sexual acts, beatings, and verbal assualts that you had forced on him. And, guess what? God will be standing beside him. Why? Since your are so into reading the Bill of Rights, Amendments and the Constitution, why don't you read the virtue of a child. Just a thought.

Signed: anonymous

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The person who wrote this letter will always be anonymous, because they know that they can't defend their position.  They might even suspect that they have a mental problem, or at least that they are social pathologists.  They certainly can't believe that they are normal, healthy citizens of American society, can they?



jewn McCain

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moser HATED by jews: he followed the law Jesus--from a "news" person!!

1000 fold the child of perdition


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