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Concerning Non-ZOG Wolves & ZOG Herd Animals


I’ll admit that like most of both the Resistance and regimeist elite that I thought that the sniper terrorizing the District of Corruption was, because of his cleverness and cunning, a White man. I was expecting another Hannibal Lector, another Jack-the-Ripper, another Marquis De Sade. And while none of us should believe ZOG (Zionist Occupational Government) piglice, as such never tell the truth when a lie will do, scientific thought with its dedication to proof -- the engine of White Western progress in the technological fields which has lifted up Western Man to his position of political and economic superiority -- dictates that all of us Resistance leaders should ditch our presuppositions when such prove inadequate. So let’s set aside, for now, our favorite conspiracy theories, resolving to peddle them anew for whigger, mud & crud imperial herd-animal consumption any time such proves convenient. After all, I never miss a chance to tell faggots & niggers that what they suspect is indeed true -- the CIA brewed up GAIDS at the Army’s Biological Warfare Center at Ft. Detrick in order to kill off all of the homos & niggers -- and that the jews are in on it, although YHWH alone knows what the truth is concerning a disease in which pureblooded Aryan Whites have somewhat of an immunity towards.

What comfort, other than the fact that only niggers, whiggers, muds & cruds were gunned down in the District of Congoids and that the capital of Imperial ZOG was under siege and for the past month living under the fear of being picked off, can us White Nationalists living in fly-over country take in the past month? Well, for starters, it shows how utterly incompetent the piglice and ZOG’s mercenary army of internal occupation can be. And how, for the better part of a month, one lone nigger sniper, firing a high-powered rifle at a cost of less than $2,000, with no other aid and comfort other than an minor illegal nigger immigrunt from Jamaica, kept thousands of imperial and local piglice busy and looking incompetent. The FBI -- formerly known as the Federal Butchers Incorporated, the Feral Bureau of Intimidation (and Imperialism), as the baby-burners of Waco and the wife-killers at Ruby Ridge, and other fine appellations -- is now known as standing for Fumbling Bumbling Idiots.

An affirmative-action nigger called Moose was yapping for the benefit of the jewsmedia his notions concerning the sniper. There was some gloating about how the nippers in their skrules were safe, and then a niglet was shot at skrule. Then much tears and flapdoodle. Whining about how the lone sniper was a coward in not facing several hundred piglice armed with automatic weaponry and body armor. Begging the sniper to call home and turn himself in. And racially profiling White men in white vans.

Now I thought that the sniper might simply be walking into a neighborhood north of the District of Corruption that he knew full well, since it claimed most of the victims, and going into one of the 1990s series of foreign or domestic cars, all of them which look the same, while an unarmed accomplice drove around in a white minivan designed to throw off suspicion. After all, this is an age of the cell-phone in which so many conversations are taking place that neither ZOG nor its piglice can keep track of what is being said or plotted, be it real crime or thought-crime. And since this is an age when both ZOG’s and the state and local criminal regimes’ piglice can ‘prove’ anything it wants, and all but the whigger (white nigger) soccer-moms knows it, EVERYONE is under suspicion, which means that everyone except known Resistance and Islamic politicals under Imperial ZOG Piglice scrutiny around the clock can strike under essentially unlimited cover and concealment. Avoid scrutiny and anyone can commit all of the criminal and terroristic acts they want and have the energy to commit. Get something to get scrutinized, and you shall be screwed. Everyone knows that. Since after all it is a war of each against all, ZOG has a pool of over 200 million domestic suspects with motivation to give ZOG a good dicking. Plus thanks to 9/11, now ZOG has added 1.2 million ragheads, plus all of the ‘Axis of Evil’ of Russkis, Chinks, and North Koreans as well, all wanting to give ZOG a good swift kick in the imperial nuts, even while the sneaky little Turd-Whirrrld mamzers (misceginated bastards) smile as long as ZOG pays their ‘leaders’ off.

The nigger sniper, Williams/Muhammad, essentially went out of his way to get caught. Else he wouldn’t have called the piglice, giving clues, or talked to a baal-priest, directing that priest tell the piglice to check out a sniping in Montgomery Alabama in which a whigger was wounded and a nigger was killed and in which a fingerprint by the Jamaican niglet was left on a gun magazine, which led directly to both being caught. And, firing a rifle into a tree stump in a inner-city suburban neighborhood, is no way to avoid detection. (It is symptomatic of the decay of ZOG’s cities in which niggers are allowed to fire semi- automatic weaponry into tree stumps with nary a ZOG piglice expeditionary force being mounted unless it looks like the niggers are about to run riot and set fire to the whiggervilles. ‘Gun control’ is a ZOG pretence aimed at disarming whiggers when in fact what is really needed is nigger and latrino control, just as ‘election financing’ legistreason is a planned failure designed to negate imposing the really necessary solution of corporation, media and jew control. There are probably tens of thousands of niggers just like Williams/Muhammad out there, just waiting to drag out their brand-name assault rifles and go on a rampage. Which sort of makes me happy just as long as they only kill pigs, whiggers, jews and other niggers.)

If Williams/Muhammed hadn’t self-destructed, it is likely that another five or maybe even ten more of ZOG’s herd animals would have been killed or seriously wounded. I have no doubt that even the FiBbIes and the state and local piglice would have gotten ‘lucky’ eventually as the sniper and his accomplice(s) got more and more brazen and daring. That the body count got so high is proof positive that ZOG herd animals are simply unable to defend themselves against determined predators, any more than that ZOG itself is able to resist jew parasites. In fact, the ‘defenses’ of these District of Corruption sheep consisted solely of bunching up in herds and hoping that the sniper/coyote would kill someone else. This is, in fact, the very same ‘defense’ mechanism used by all herd animals, from sheep to wildebeest to flocks of chickens -- flock in herds and play the biological lottery that the hungry predator, be they coyotes to lions to foxes to psychopaths, can and will only kill one or two of the herd animals to eat, and that it shall be "somebody else" which dies. Which makes sense for a cowardly and degenerate flock of herd animals since the odds of being individually killed were not much higher than that of being struck by lightening (YHWH’s drive-by shootings) and much lower than that of being killed by another degenerate self- serving mattoid idiot with a loaded vehicle.

But what happens when the predator isn’t interested in just killing one or two of the herd for his own personal prey, but rather interested in exterminating the entire herd? In which case, a policy of individualistic "every- herd-animal-for-itself" becomes a sure-fire recipe for extinction of the entire species if, like whiggers, they lack even the elementary urge to procreate enough to replace themselves. Such a collective death-wish shall surely be fulfilled once such domestic and foreign predators fully understand the dygenic herd’s programmed behavior which such a dying herd is incapable of unlearning.

The lesson which can and should be learned by all of the enemies of the Evil Empire who wish to send ZOG along to its ash-heap of history to join Nineveh, Tyre, and Rome, is that ZOG’s herd animals have neither the will nor the capability to defend theys-selfs, neither individually nor collectively. All of which is to be expected, because a genuine human being refusing to be a herd animal and able to defend his interests is going to defend them against a criminal regime first. Hence ZOG has bred and indoctrinated whiggers to not want to defend themselves against any enemy, especially ZOG. Having bred and indoctrinated the will to defend themselves and even the very will to live, how can a whigger act in any other way other than being a herd animal, bred to be exploited? A predator like the nigger Williams/Muhammad could shoot for a year’s worth of a month of weekdays until it run out of ammo and still not put much of a dent in the District of Corruption’s supply of niggers, whiggers, jew muds & cruds. Not that ZOG’s herd animals would put up much of a fight even if it wanted to, which it doesn’t. ZOG’s capital target has the least natural protection in the form of survivors wanting and able to survive. So what shall happen when Saddam Hussein’s raghead avengers, probably assisted by domestic aliens and sympathizers, inevitably decide to let off their epidemics of pathogens specifically designed to wipe out entire herds of ZOG’s chattel? Especially given that such weapons are not deployed in anything other than a spirit of dry-eyed revenge by Level-A mentality ‘terrorists’ against F-level moronic piglice with a nigger-moose as their idea of a competent spokespig?

Furthermore, in surveying not only Resistance listservers, WWW pages, fellow Revolutionaries, etc., but in reading ZOG jewspapers and talking to typical ZOG herd animals, I am struck not only by the superficial self- serving obliviousness to the disaster awaiting ZOG and its herd animals but by their ‘practical’ callousness. Granted, on the surface there is the standard superficial "Jewnited Weez Stank" and "Dog Bless ZOG" and all of the TalmudVision- induced inanities/insanities, but upon careful interrogation I see absolutely no willingness to sacrifice to their Mammon war-god anything other than somebody else’s job, money, retirement or children. Especially not the Jewdeo- Churchianity Rapture-Crapture Khazar-insantity ‘Christian’ Zionist whigger ass-clowns. They are all sure that the Khazar spawn-of-Satan kikes are their "Dog’s Chosen Holey Master Race of Pee-pul" and that in any case none of them shall be "Left Behind" because their Dog is going to teleport them to Heaven where they can lick their chops in the balcony seating onanistically watching the Holo-co$t movie of Armegeddon below. Having no will to live outside the herd, isn't it inevitable that such herd animals view all their peers, not just theys-selves, as suitable for slaughter at the will of their dog gods?

So there is nothing to jewnite any of us together other than fear of ZOG. And when, as has happened this past month, ZOG proves to the immense satisfaction of an entire world of its enemies that ZOG simply cannot defend itself, nor its herd animals against one measly nigger or two in a $250 Chevrolet firing an $800 rifle, then the fear of ZOG dissipates quickly. There is a lot of far more deadly stuff out there than a psychotic nigger with an assault rifle. All the ZOG piglice proved is that they are unable to protect anybody, most certainly not any of their deranged, inefficient, unproductive herd animals in the very heart of the darkness in ZOG’s own capitol inner-shitty.

Since 9/11, I and other Resistance authors have curtailed our production of articles. Some of them, especially myself, have been censored by means of ZOG agents provocateur, aided by jews and whiggers thinking that we are "bad for business" as usual. However, part of the decrease in output has been because we have figured out, first instinctively, then intellectually, that there is no solution other than revolution, that is, to let Nature take its course. Regardless of whether or not we rant and rave, that this mighty Evil Empire has trodden on the road to decay and decline, and that no matter how much ZOG wriggles and struggles and avoids one trap or another, that this Evil Empire, this Zionist Occupational Government is doomed as surely as Tyrannosaurus Rex trapped in a tar pit. Such is ZOG’s Destiny, to pursue its path of evil and destruction, to be destroyed, so much so that unless Jesus Christ so wills to save some of us, none of us shall survive. ZOG has proven that dem[on]ocracy and letting Satan’s spawn of jews run wild is the very worst, not the most noble, of man’s forms of government.

But enough of the Dual-Seedline message. What should you, the reader, do?

Survive. This criminal regime not only can not be saved, but should not be saved. It shall not survive a world of enemies, both foreign and domestic. Regardless of what happens, ZOG shall destroy itself and be destroyed by others. The herd animals shall be slaughtered as well, since such are unable and unwilling to be fend for themselves, that basic instinct for survival and reproduction of their own kind in the natural state having long since been bred and programmed out of such.

It is far better that 250 million or six billion whiggers, muds & cruds be destroyed due to the stupidity and degeneration of themselves and their Chosen regimes and that less than 25 million Americans and a few hundred million Europeans survive if and only if those that survive be White, be they White Nationalists and/or White Christians. It has been proven that the non-whites cannot survive in anything other than famine and squalor in their own homelands and as parasites in our homelands. When both the ability and will to support them disintegrates in the face of a world-wide cataclysm, then the problem of having to support them dissolves as well. Likewise with the whiggers, or ‘white niggers.’ Welfare, like quarter or peace, shall be neither asked for nor granted. So under such a reality, seek first the salvation of yourself and your family, and then your extended family to the exclusion of all others. Let the devil take his own, and most especially his criminal regime run by his spawn.

Now that we have gotten first things first, we can go back to yapping about how this nigger sniper or two was actually a Zionist plot using MK-Ultra and a microchip labeled with the Mark of the Beast, a regular Zyklon-B Mark 666 behavior-modification chip inserted into our left buttocks, like that of the Manchurian Oswald Timothy McVeigh. Or whatever other conspiracy theory is proper grist for our respective mills. Anything. Just as long as it means confusion and babble-on for ZOG.

Martin Lindstedt



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