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WWW Pages Reviewed by Martin Lindstedt .


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General Information
White Nationalists
Other, Non-White Racial Nationalists
Christian Identity
Survivalist & Y2K
Patriotic E-mail Listservers
Talk Radio
Conspiracy Theories
Friends of Martin


Common Law



Criminal Regimeist

Links of Links




bulletThe Independence Web Page, The internet home of the Carolina Free Press, the North Carolina Citizen Militia, The Spirit of '76 BBS, and links to other militia related webpages.
bulletThe Missouri 51st Militia WWW page. This is the largest, best-organized open, public FBI/BATF-approved militia in Missouri based in the Kansas City area.
bulletThe Missouri Sharpshooters -- the 42d, 58th and 59th Brigades. This page reflects the views of the Franklin, St.Charles, and Lincoln County militias. A younger, more militant, rural militia than the Missouri 51st.
bullet7th Missouri Militia Political agitation, propaganda and legal-combat militia unit based in Southwestern Missouri. A militia think tank consisting of 'cells' of implacable revolutionaries and pro-active survivalists. Resistance organization setting policy of this particular WWW page. For a look at the modern Resistance movement, go to The Resistance Political Front.
bulletThe Michigan Militia of Wayne County is the WWW page of the Michigan Militia which has broken away from the The Michigan Militia Corp of Kent County because of that faction's willingness to act as a FBI/ADL militia. This popularly elected successor to the Van Huizen/Wayne regime is NOT composed of CI/White Nationalist elements, as it has a policy of wishing to appear Politically Correct, however, it has distanced itself from becoming a criminal regimeist-controlled militia.
bullet The Missouri 103d Division Militia is a new militia concerned with why the Missouri 51st Militia is allegedly giving the names of its membership to the BATF boyz. The WWW page is not very well developed. Write to their Lt. Colonel In Charge if you have any questions.
bulletGary Hunt's Outpost of Freedom An ex-wannbe militia general, Gary Hunt has annoyed most of the Patriot Movement with his solipsistic foolish desire to be the #1 militia general when nobody has much heard of him, and those who have consider him to be a probable plant. However, when Hunt does write, much of what he does write makes sense. Thus while Hunt himself is irrelevant to the Movement, some of his writings still make sense.
bulletAware House A Christian/Libertarian/pro-militia WWW page reflecting the views of five of its founders who found common cause with each other as concerned citizens of Lubbock, Texas. The content is thoughtful and measured, and one can see them trying to find common ground with all waves of the political and religious spectrum.
bulletU.S. Theatre Command WWW Page Fairly well designed new militia-oriented WWW page. Steer clear of subscribing to their e-mailing list unless you have a large hard drive and an interest in reading 15-30 militia-related e-mail postings per day. While I strongly disagree with forming open public militia groups in this day and age, the U.S. Theatre Command is an umbrella militia command which failed, and now is currently more of communications network as opposed to an effective militia. For a more comprehensive militia page, check out Mark Smith's WWW page.
bulletThe Southeastern States Alliance Militia A spare page with a list of Southeastern State Militia Commanders. The SE States Alliance is a splinter group from Dave Rydel's u.S. Theatre Command.
bullet Southern Sons of Liberty is a WWW page for both the political and militia arms of the Patriot Movement. It has links to a wide assortment of Patriot material and is a successor to the movement to create an umbrella of Patriot organizations.
bullet Patriot News has a number of militia links, but the current effort is to revive the Third Continental Congress by forming yet another Continental Congress. I am sure this attempt will fail because of the limited political experience of militia generals in running political organizations, however, on the off-chance that mischief can be arranged, I am the senior delegate from Missouri.



General Information

bulletThomas Chittum's Civil War II is a WWW page designed around the premises of Chittum's book Civil War II. Chittim takes breaking news to show that the evil empire is fragmenting on racial and ethnic lines in this WWW page. Just as Chittim's Civil War II should be mandatory reading for Resistance activists, the content provided every couple of days should be monitored as well.
bulletIssue Action News This WWW site takes the past few day's listings on the e-mail lists and some WWW pages and places them in an archived format for the reader to browse. This sort of gazette takes a lot of time and effort, but can bring the reader up to snuff fairly quickly.
bulletWaco Internet Museum This huge WWW page containing over 20 megs of text and graphics is run by Curator Carol Valentine. With its vast collection of primary and secondary information, it is recommended as an appropriate place to start in finding the truth of what really happened at Waco.
bulletUtopian Anarchist Party has got the first part of its platform correct in calling for the overthrow of the criminal regime. Of course, it just stands to reason that new homogenious nationalities will want to form their own new governments, but that is beyond the scope of this WWW page. It is especially useful for its Terrorist's Handbook On-Line which covers all manner of useful Revolutionary skills. However, I am of the opinion that explosives and drug cooking simply do not mix well together.
bulletThe Patriot has an extensive resource center consisting of links to various Patriotic organizations. This eclectic mix should be checked out as part of your cruising experience, as it is a focal point of activity.
bulletMedia Bypass is one of the more exhaustive print magazines for the overall Patriot Movement. It loves the CONstitution altogether too much, is filled with CONstitutional-idolators, Libber'Toons, and fedrule agents, does not provide nearly enough content on its WWW page, and has a number of faults including publishing every rumor from the Internet rumor mill. However in its typical 64-page magazine one can timely see the general heading of the Patriot Movement, even if that movement is seldom out of a stationary rut. Also to be considered is that Media Bypass has dealt sympathetically with the militant White Nationalist and Identity Christianity elements of the Resistance. It also does not censor its links page.
bulletRon McKinney's Land of Liberty is one of the most funny, apt WWW pages I have seen in a long time. It's satire is aimed mostly against false Christians and criminal regimeists, but other liars and frauds get their come-uppance as well. It's style is eclectic to where one cannot precisely say that it is a Christian, or common-law, or libertarian WWW page, but it does incorporate the best of all these goodly qualities. Mr. McKinney is a real crackerbarrel philosopher. The archives section is especially interesting, spanning from 1995-1999. There is material presented on this WWW page which will annoy the sensibilities of every reader visiting this WWW page, but it never boring or trite.


White Nationalists

bulletStormfront is the most famous and oldest White Nationalist/White Pride WWW page on the Internet, having been up since March, 1995, although it has been shut down by the authorities a few times. It has a number of "mirror sites", including a Russian one. Quite a large archive section and a links section. It supports the candidacy of David Duke for Congress in Louisiana. Particularly valuable is Arthur Kemp's definitive Europa: History of the White Race, a shareware White History it is well worth downloading and paying for.
bulletLouis Beam's WWW Page While Louis Beam, ("Mr. Leaderless Resistance") has a reputation of sorts, a look at his WWW page will show that Mr. Beam has a talent for expression. Mr. Beam is not just another barbarian sheet-head Klukker. The graphics are tastefully done and interact well with the content. Mr. Beam has no apologies for his views.
bulletSouthern Independence This page concerns Southern nationalism and makes very effectively the case that the South had a right to secceed. The bloodthirsty savagery of the NWO of 1860-65 is made apparent in these pages. For a glimpse at the reasoning of the civil-war South, this WWW page is without peer.
bulletG.O.A.L. God's Order Affirmed in Love, This is predominantly a Christian Identity site. It has on-line a number of books, including Madison Grant's The Passing of the Great Race and Lothrup Stoddard's A Rising Tide of Color Against White World Supremacy.
bulletAmerican Nationalist Union "The ANU is the largest political organization in America promoting nationalism. The ANU is a group of Americans who seek to influence the political process by making nationalist solutions to America's problems better known and accepted. The ANU is not affiliated with any political party; rather we will support individual candidates along with independent and third parties which share the same basic outlook."
bulletYggdrasil's Library has the collected essays on politics, economics and other social topics by a leading White Nationalist intellectual. Yggdrasil's University contains electronically-accessible books that form the core literature of Western Civilization, and thus goes back to the founding premises of Western Universities itself. The On-Line Books Page is by itself valuable for its listing of e-texts in the public domain. The Yggdrasil's Links to other White Nationalists lead to other vistas as well.
bulletGrugyn Silverbristle has an intellectual page equivalent to Yggdrasil's Library. Grugyn is no friend of the CONstitution, defining it as a Masonic plot by the Founding Regime Criminals. The pages are well written, some of them are disturbing. Much of the work is still in progress, like Beyond Conspiracy, and In Search of My Homeland, but much of this new WWW page is timely. This is definitely a content-filled page of intellectual vigor, but it does have a large Links/Library Page.
bulletThe Nationalist Observer is the WWW page of a very gifted 23 year-old White Nationalist, Alex Curtis. Alex has a very well run listserver concerning White Nationalist issues which can be subscribed to by sending him an email. Also a large collection of White Nationalist links is available.
bulletSpartacus Press is definitely socialistic in outlook, however it places great value in White Nationalism, having links to other White Nationalist WWW pages such as The Nationalist Observer and White Aryan Resistance. as well as other Nationalist Socialist sites as Voice of Revolution Online Journal, Beyond Left & Right, the American Front, and the National Revolutionary Faction.
bulletWhite Aryan Resistance is Tom Metzger's page devoted to White Nationalism and nothing else. Its highlight is the racist cartoon of the month, which is usually pretty funny or thought provoking. Reading the editorial and features of W.A.R. is also recommended because Mr. Metzger always keeps a steady eye on the racial bottom line.
bulletFourteen Words Press is the site devoted to the 14 Words spoken by David Lane at his kangaroo regime kort trial: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children." This defiance earned David Lane a 190-year sentence on his third trial for the same offense before a fedrule regime kort. While in prison, Resistance POW Lane writes and his wife Katya Lane posts to this White Nationalist WWW page.
bulletCouncil of Conservative Citizens is a political organization associated recently with certain Republican congresskritters like Bob Barr and Trent Lott who have recently been running for the tall grass as a result of being assailed for CofCC's White Nationalist/ Neo-Confederate stance. Looking at the CofCC's Views Section and the fact that H. Millard also writes for the American Nationalist Union as well, one must conclude that the CofCC is a Southern White Nationalist political entity. One of its most fiery state chairmen is Dennis Wheeler of Georgia, who left the League of the South.
bulletLeague of the South is a Southern/Confederate Nationalist organization with a political agenda of separating the South from the Yankee Evil Empire. While this site purports to be non-racial, common sense dictates that the ruling race will of course be white. With the recent betrayals by the Republican Party, and its spurning of the CofCC Southerners, the idea of a Southern Party is being explored. The State Chapters are often even more militant than the parent organization.
bulletThe World Church of the Creator is a religious/political organization devoted to the advancement of the White Race. Since it is not devoted to Christianity, but claims to be a church, but has advancing the cause of the White race as its ultimate cause, it is in my opinion a White Nationalist organization.
bulletJerry's Aryan Battle Page contains quite a few useful links and quotes and work by Dead European White Males to show why the so-called 'jews' cannot be trusted. Mein Kampf, Martin Luther's The Jews & Their Lies, Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, Henry Ford's study The International Jew, and numerous other works of interest can be downloaded from this useful WWW page.
bulletCrosstar --The Nationalist Movement Home Page is a content-rich site best taken in its entirety by going to the site map. This WWW page actively recruits skinheads and other White activists, although discipline and self-control are expected of any members affiliated with it. The First Officer, Richard Barrett is a docorated war hero of the Vietnam War, and has since used his talents as a lawyer to file suit to remove gliberal "hate" sites from having taxpayer-supported college funding. Barrett has also ran for political office several times, and has placed a non-fiction work, The Commission on this WWW page.
bulletNational Alliance and National Vanguard are the WWW pages of Dr. William Pierce, the gifted author of The Turner Diaries, which is recognized as the most influential work of Revolutionary Resistance fiction, and which is believed to have inspired the Order and Timothy McVeigh, among others. There is the latest versions of its American Dissident Voices in RealAudio or archived in text as well. Some of what I consider the better of these broadcasts have been reprinted, with permission, on my WWW page. National Alliance has recently bought Resistance Records as well.
bulletPropatria is a Scandinavian White Nationalist page which borrows quite a bit from Dr. William Pierce and The National Alliance, including a pirate copy of The Turner Diaries in its English-language version. There is also a new collection of White Nationalist mp3 files called Odin's Lounge.
bulletJew Watch is dedicated to keeping both eyes wide open to the hook-nosed Ashkenaz-Gogsspawn quasi-ruling racial parasites that helps give the NWO/ZOG its satanic zing. The links provided cover from abortionists to Zionists of this predatory tribe of Anti-Christian civilization destroyers, a virtual encyclopedia concerning Khazar predation and parasitism upon the White race, the true s[h]emites.
bulletThe Works of Revilio P. Oliver has much of the works of an extraordinary White Nationalist writer of the old school. Oliver was of the generation after Lothrup Stoddard and Madison Grant and wrote exhaustively concerning the racial struggle against Euro-Americans by both the Khazars and the Congoids. There is yet another collection of Revilio Oliver on the Stormfront server as well which has different material.
bulletI Love White Folks is an excellent collection of essays showing that if present trends continue that the White Race will be essentially extinct by the year 2100. The essayist author of this WWW page offers practical advice on how to reverse this self-inflicted genocide.
bulletWestern Imperative Network is a cyberspace association of concerned White men and women who are dedicated to educating our people on racial issues and fighting anti-White attitudes, ideas, and propaganda on the Internet. There is quite a library of books involving anti-White racial enemies present, such as The Iron Curtain Over America by Colonel John Beaty, and the informative, and much quoted, tract "Facts Are Facts" by the Jewish convert to Catholicism Benjamin Freedman concerning the Talmud, Nol Kidre (All Vows) and Khazar origins of the so-called 'Jews."
bulletFirst Amendment Exercise Machine is primarily a collection of columns and sayings from a collection of living and dead White Nationalist intellectuals and writers. As such, the collection is rather uneven, but almost always quite quotable.
bulletKevin Alfred Strom's WWW page. This is an ecletic WWW page having quite a few hyperlinks to other White Nationalist WWW pages, including the one to Revilio Olivier, whose works Strom put into hypertext. This is a rather intellectual WWW page, with links to other intellectuals.
bulletThe Official Harold Covington WWW Page. Has a number of White Nationalist articles of the National Socialist variety from Covington's Invictus print magazine. Covington also has written a number of Politically Incorrect and patriotic novels concerning the Redmond family, the latest Slow Coming Dark, concerns the thuggery and sexual peccadillos of the First Rapist and her husband, and is shortly due to be published in book form. Covington is a controversial figure who is perpetually in a state of factional warfare with William Pierce and Tom Metzger and their followers.
bullet is a skinhead page with much White-Power music and some articles based in Springfield, Missouri. Often a mp3 file is included for download and there are links to other HammerSkin WWW pages.
bullet New Nation News is a collection of news clippings, articles and essays with a Nationalist slant. Usually highlighted are news stories about minority crime, unchecked immigration, and Khazar misconduct in their schemes to destroy White Western Civilization. One of the columns is written by Nationalist columnist H. Millard.


Non-White Racial Nationalists

bulletBlacks&Jews is dedicated to the dissemination of accurate information about the historical relationship between Blacks and Jews. The 'historical relationship' is increasingly looked upon as a parasitic and predatory one by the Khazars upon the Black race. So much so that this WWW page is exclusively Black Nationalist in outlook. The Khazars' role as slave owners and slavers is documented and their fostering of Uncle Toms to sell out Black interests today is noted as well. And while it specifically disclaims any affiliation with the Nation of Islam, it is as thoroughly Black Nationalist as Louis Farrakhan.
bulletThe Nation of Islam is the black equivalent to the White's Christian Identity religion. It is a racially patriotic religion for the American Black, with its teachings that the White Race were genetically created by evil men from what was the original black race. NOI identifies the Khazarian Jew as a predator and exploiter. Thus there have been 'understandings' of the common NWO/ZOG enemy on the part of both White and Black Racial Nationalists, and their respective Resistance groups have come to arrangements against the common NWO/ZOG enemy. The NOI official newspaper, The Final Call is a relatively mainline publication.
bulletRadio Islam is an Islamic Pro-Palestinian WWW page with a number of interesting links to such as Louis Farrakhan, William Pierce, Henry Ford, and many others concerning the 'Jews.' The author of this WWW page, has even put up definitive editions of works by 'Jews' concerning the 'Jews,' of most importance being Arthur Koestler's The Thirteenth Tribe (for which Mr. Koestler and his wife were killed by their fellow Ashkenazi-Gogsspawn for revealing this uncomfortable truth.) and Professor Israel Shahak's perceptive Jewish History, Jewish Religion with a foreward by Gore Vidal.


Identity Christian

bulletScriptures for America, Worldwide is an international outreach ministry of the LaPorte Church of Christ and is directed by Pastor Peter J. Peters. This ministry is dedicated to proclaiming the true Gospel of Christ Jesus throughout the earth, and to revealing to Americans and the Western Nations their true Biblical Identity. In any case, with its shortwave audience, it is the most successful CI church in terms of listeners.
bulletKingdom Identity Ministries of P.O. Box 1021, Harrison, Arkansas 72602 is the Dual-Seedline Christian Identity ministry which is known for its American Institute of Theology correspondence course drawn up in 1965 by some of the founding fathers of Christian Identity. This particular CI church is best known for the quality of its printed work over the years as opposed to radio ministry. However, it does have an e-mail Identity Christian Newsletter to which one can easily subscribe.
bulletThe Jubilee Newspaper is a newspaper which explains matters from a White Nationalist Christian Identity (Covenant) point of view. As a newspaper which is in the business of selling subscriptions, it has a relatively moderate point of view. It is famous because of some of its writers, such as Louis Beam and other CI White Nationalists.
bulletChristian Research is the name of a New Christian Identity site devoted to presenting new content and acting as a sort of local CI think tank. Since it is from Eureka Springs, Ark., close to Harrison Arkansas, it is located in the heart of the CI "Bible Belt." The directors are well acquainted with a mutual friend, Nazarite Robert Joos, as well.
bulletChristian Bible Study has perhaps the most extensive Internet collection of CI sermons, lectures, rebroadcasts, and assorted material by a number of prominent CI pastors, including the deceased Dr. Bertrand L. Comparet and the learned Willie Martin. The links page is very extensive and thorough.
bulletPosse Comitatus is one of the numerous political arms of the Resistance. Pastors August B. Kries III and James T. Wickstrom are experienced Resistance activists who have certainly "walked-the-walk after talking-the-talk" in the current racial, religious, and class revolutionary civil war against the NWO/ZOG.
bulletJAH's Home Page has an extensive amount of content purporting to cover standard Identity topics. The fact of the matter is that this rascal has appropriated the LORD's name for himself, claims to be Jesus Christ, and is an apologist for a multi-racial NWO/ZOG.
bullet Thatcher Thunders! is the WWW page of a CI Pastor/Politician I first met in July 1996 along with other CI ministers from the Ft. Smith area. I was impressed enought to make Pastor Thatcher a minor character in an unfinished novel called "The Manchurian Oswald's Right Buttock." The message concerning the two Babylons is sophisticated in its presentation but the political action suggested needs work in that every political activist must start at the grass-roots up, and not coalition-making from the top down when there are no White Nationalist coalitions to be allied just yet. Still, this is one of the most sophisticated Christian Israelite Religious/Political WWW pages around, with over-lavish graphics tastefully done.
bullet 11th Hour Remnant Messenger is the WWW page run by Vincent Bertollini and Carl Story, who are aiding Pastor Richard Butler of the Aryan Nations now that the Evil Empire has sent Morris Dees to destroy "Free Speech" as ostensibly 'guaranteed' by the 1st Amendment of the Bill of Goods. The index page needs work and the WWW page as a whole needs better organization. However, these men are men of action first.


bulletThe Kurt Saxon Home Page by Cary Jennings. A content-filled WWW page by the Dean of Survivalists. Reviewed by Martin Lindstedt.
bulletFrugal Squirrel's Home Page For Survivalists Patriots, and Gun Owners has quite a bit of content and links to useful survivalist information, and can be a library for such matters in and of itself.


Patriot E-Mail Lists

To receive e-mail from these listings, place the cursor on the link, click the mouse, and when the mailer pops up, type subscribe in the subject line.

bulletResistance Political Front is my listserver dedicated to being the political/propaganda arm of the Resistance. It is an open listserver in which members can post.
bulletChristian_Nationalist is another listserver devoted primarily to the Christian Israelite Nationalist and CI concerns. I moderate this listserver since I found out that the so-called Holy_War listserver purporting to be a CI listserver was set up by a probable regimeist agent provacateur in August 1999 when the FBI was scared of CI involvement in Y2K. When Y2K fizzled out, this regimeist listserver was handed over to a complete moral degenerate who immediately banned myself and other White men at the instigation of femnisheviks. I formed this listserver for the benefit of genuine Christian Israelites.
bulletChristian Identity -- A listserver group dedicated to the exploration and explanation of the fundamentals of Christian Identity, and its interpretation of the world around us. This listserver and its membership tend to the actual scholarly analysis of the Christian Identity religion, with both the Covenant and Dual-Seedline doxologies discussed by its membership.
bulletWhitespeak serves as a forum for White Aryan racial nationalists, patriots, revisionists, and others who wish to make their views heard within the Movement. It is an invitation-only listserver moderated by Harold Covington.


Patriot (oriented) Radio Shows

A new category for the edification of those with shortwave radios or an Internet connection. Most show business people are shallow because they simply cannot afford to say or do something unpopular with their audience. They will usually choose the easy way out of choosing their controversies carefully in order to advance their personal popularity.

The reason I have decided to add the talk-radio shows as links to my WWW page is a political calculation. Having access to a shortwave or Internet radio audience means that perhaps, given time, the more radical of the Resistance element can be openly brought onto a talk-radio show as invited guests and allowed to speak the Resistance line without censorship before a national audience. This would benefit of both the hosting talk-show radio network and the Resistance element. The controversial speaker advocating the Revolutionary Resistance line would drive up audience share by speaking frankly. Meanwhile, the radio host could shield himself from criticism by wrapping himself in the First Amendment of the Bill of Goods while the guest speaker could be candid about Resistance Revolutionary objectives. Thus both parties benefit from this arrangement which takes the initiative of bringing forward a Resistance message while raising the level of debate above the standard 'patriotic' fare of black helicopter conspiracy theory and gibble-gabble about the Fedrule Reserve System.

bulletHeritage Broadcasting System -- on the other hand contains a number of Christian Israelite and White Nationalist broadcasters on shortwave radio. A number of CI pastors are now saving their programs in "RealAudio" format. Pastor James Wickstrom is on the first three or four nights each week with Pastor Dan Johns on a Friday night. Myself and Richard Masker, another Reform Party Candidate, were on Pastor Dan's "By Yahweh's Design" of Aug. 4, 2000. This WWW page also got Boss Verney of the Reform Party whining on C-SPAN for about a minute about racists like myself, Dr. Keller, and Richard Masker running as Reform Party candidates. These Internet radio archives can be seen at Freedom of Speech-#1, FOS-#2, FOS-#3, FOS-#4 and FOS-#5.
bullet By Yahweh's Design has Pastor Dan Johns with his own five-day per week shortwave and Internet radio show at 6:00 p.m. CST over the Heritage Broadcasting System. There are a number of archived Real Audio files of the White Nationalist and Christian Israelite political activists that Pastor Dan has interviewed over the past few years.


Conspiracy Theories

bulletThe John Birch Society The "Official" page of the John Birch Society. Check The New American, the on-line version of their print magazine. If a conspiracy theory is going to make a beachhead into the consciousness of societal Amerikkka, then it will probably appear in The New American first, in this ultra-conservative conspiracy magazine.
bulletThe Home Page of J. Orlin Grabbe The King of Conspiracy Pages, as interviewed by 60 Minutes on March 3, 1997 and as reviewed by the Jan. 97 issue of Wired magazine. His writing is excellent. In person, J. Orlin didn't show up very good on the tube, though.
bulletNew World Order Intelligence Update WWW Page. They are agin it.
bulletSightings concerns doing just exactly that with UFOs. A sample headline concerned a black helicopter chasing a UFO. However, this is not a kook page. The political and biological warfare pages are very well done, with more pertinent information than can be found in in the "news media."

Friends of Martin

bulletVeritas by Joe Nix. A WWW page devoted to Conservative thinking by a repatriated Harvard graduate and Friend of Martin's.
bulletThe Kort Jester is Richard Doyle's WWW page in which he makes fun of the criminal regime korts by pointing out their inherent corruption.
bulletThe Missouri 20 is a WWW page dedicated to the common-law activists unjustly tried and imprisoned by the Missouri Police State. They are now free because of the idiotic state judge Fred Rush refused to recuse himself. Now the corrupt Missouri Lawyer-General Jay Nixon is trying to railroad them into prison again.
bulletMichael Williams lives in Swiss exile after his involvement with the Gary Hart presidential campaign caused a nervious George Bush to sic the FBI on him and have him imprisoned in the high security Marion Federal Prison. Michael Williams also has a music page.
bulletStephanie Birmingham is no longer on talk radio in Chattanooga, Tennessee, but her militia-oriented personal WWW pageis still up.
bullet Cyberdomicile of Slade Farney is Slade Farley's Waco and Holohoax Revisionism WWW page wherein Slade tells the truth as Slade sees it. Slade describes his WWW page as "A Collection of Ideas, important, but forbidden or illegal to think, and dangerous to discuss in our enlightened age." An especially cunning set of Farley's texts on the usenet, They Made a Lampshade Out of My Grandfather discusses the amoral willingness of Khazars to admit to being a race of cowardly parasites in order to justify their Holohoax Myth.



Law Links

bulletThe Patrick Henry Skrule of Law. is a listing of cases and filings designed to show the reader a glimpse on how to proceed with a federal lawsuit.
bulletThe Citizen's Rulebook The on-line version of the common-law pamphlet by the Whitten Press that every Patriot, Constitutionalist, FIJA activist, and Common-Law jurist has in their pocket. The pamphlet that made the Patriot movement of the '90s roar! Also, the index page, The Wizardkiller's Home in Cyberspace is the Home of the Courageous Lion, and has many Christian Patriotic texts plus Frederic Bastiat's The Law and Lysander Spooner's essays.
bulletPeople Before Lawyers is one of the most hilarious anti-lawyer WWW pages ever put up by a gentleman who has suffered at the hands of the legal misprofession. Also included is a directory of the Revised Statutes of Missouri and interesting legal links.
bulletThe Jefferson Party Common Law/Patriot site with a digitized copy of Bouvier's law dictionary as well as many historical documents and common law pleadings.
bulletThe Philatelic Chautauqua is one of the best collections of legal and patriotic philosophy. On this site one learns that "philately" is a coined word meaning a love of things not subject to [further] taxation, much like a postage stamp. The Chautauqua means that a debate and several positions are presented. Hence the name of this aptly named and cogent WWW page. Basics of Legal Research is an especially cogent article explaining how to do your basic legal research, showing how to use a legal library, and with numerous, timely links to other WWW legal law sites and resources. This site is recommended for a visit for anyone wanting to learn how to use the current corrupt legal system against itself.
bulletU.S. Supreme Court Plus This place has the latest Supreme Court Decisions from the past year on the WWW in ASCII text, Word4Windows, and WordPerfect Formats. The reason for this is to sell for $145 a CD-Rom containing over 6,000 U.S. Supreme Court Decisions dating from the late 60's with some classic cases returned as well from before that time. A very good value except that the latest cites are merely slip opinions because they cannot use the West law cite system and the U.S. Supreme Court seems to have stopped having their decisions printed up in the U.S. Reports, leaving the matter up to West publishing. (From which 7 out of 9 of them got junkets and money.)
bullet The Fed-rule Jewdickiary now has a comprehensive list of all the Federal District and Appellate Circuit Korts within the federal regime. This page can be accessed for kort opinions, rules, and other items of interest, fear and loathing.
bulletThe 8th Circuit Court of Appeals is where I file all my Appellate briefs after I get slimed by the federal judges of the Western District of Missouri. This Court has FTP copies of its Local Rules, some of the Federal Rules, and a listing of the dockets for some cases. People in the 8th Judicial Circuit (Dakotas, Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri and Arkansas) might want to check this Court WWW site out.
bulletRevised Statutes of Missouri is the official WWW page in order to look at all 700+ chapters of the Statutes the Missouri Legis-traitors have put out as rules for ordinary private citizens to obey.
bulletThe Missouri Rules of Criminal Procedure has the Missouri Rules of Court concerning criminal procedures determining trial and motion procedures in the state kort system from the local police cash-register municipal korts to the county circuit korts to the three Missery Korts of Appeals to the Missery Supreme Kort. Rest assurred that the Missery korts won't obey their own rules, but it is a procedure book by which one must proceed to play the game in the Missery state kort system
bulletFind Law This WWW page currently is the best place to go to download U.S. Supreme Court Decisions up until the past few years. These Supreme Court decisions can be found by U.S Reports case cite or by the name of the parties involved. Even better, the cases re numbered internally according to the U.S. Reports citation. Also listed is other links to the U.S. District and Appellate Courts and their case law.
bulletThe Legal Information Institute from Cornell University is one of the more important pages because it has the U.S. Code, and an updated copy of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure which is necessary for you to know if you are going to file a federal civil lawsuit.

Common Law

I generally try to avoid going the common-law route in my pleadings because the criminal regime korts cannot obey their own rules, so they certainly will not obey the rules of or listen to the pleadings of the common-law people. However, if one wants to still try this route, the below links might be useful:

bulletDan Meador's Research WWW Page has probably the best and most closely argued common-law positions in the entire common-law movement. There are numerous treatises at this WWW page, some of them quite new.
bulletFoundation For Biblical Studies had a number of resources common to the common-law movement, like the The Bouvier Law Dictionary and a number of common-law pleadings. This site got away from common-law and became a Southern Nationalist site with its recent history of Abraham Lincoln and the War of Southern Independence.
bulletThe Christian National Common-Law Court is a prefect example of the joke about how "Common-law is the practice of law by people without a clue." While it does mean well, most of the "law" practiced herein is absolute gibberish. The History of Anglo-Saxon Common Law is pure mythology concerning how the Anglo-Saxons before the Norman Invasion of 1066 were the most highly policed state in Europe, and how the Normans, (who established the system of common law) messed things up. However, subscription to the e-mail listservers in subjects other than common-law can be useful, because of the CI and White Nationalist element on these listservers.
bulletAnti-Shyster is one of the oldest common-law oriented magazines within the Patriot Movement, having been around for close to a decade. It has some downloadable issues in Adobe PDF format.




bulletMissouri Libertarian Home Page, -- The "Missouri" "Libertarian" "Party "Official" Ego-Organ

Missouri Libertarian Party Listserver is the e-mail discussion group wherein the Missouri LibberToons post public archives showing what self-centered moral degenerates they are.

bulletThe Greater Ozarks Bastinado is a SMAF-'Toonian public outhouse on the MisInformation Stupor-Highway barely maintained by anarchy-fascist nitwits likw Judas Knapp.
bulletThe 32d Missouri Senatorial District Libertarian Party Putting out the truth about "Libertarian" dishonesty and hypocrisy on the State and National levels in the hopes of reforming the Party. For more details, see Patrick Henry On-Line.
bulletThe Zychik Chronicles Well written, leftist Libertarian WWW page written by Joe Zychik.
bulletFree World Order -- Terra Libra is Frederick Mann's WWW page. The Terra Librans are usually on the edge of Libertarian thought as they recognize that the first step to achieving freedom is thinking clearly, free of the lies and foolishness of gubbnmint indoctrination centers (also known as publik skules.) However much of this page is devoted to LibberToon nitter-natter or having fools send money to Post Office Box numbers. In short, a rip-off for fools.



Criminal Regimeist Hate-Pages:

bulletThe Southern Poverty Law Center a.k.a. Scalawag's Professional Liar's Center's "Klan & Militia Watch." This is the vehicle by which Moreass-the-Sleezester cadges loose change from gliberal shitheads by promising to somehow take care of the 'Right-Wing Extremist' threat. While racial awakening by the White Majority is indeed a threat to the ZOG/NWO, the wolf-crying and profit-taking by the SPLC merely brings into focus the irreconcilable differences between White Nationalist America and the evil multi-racial empire.
bulletThe Constitution Society -- Capt'n CONstitution Jon Roland and others explore the CONstitutional roots of the ZOGsters and other globalonyist NWO crowd infesting the militia movement. This World Federalist has pretty much infested the militia movement to where they are worthless as Resistance forces in defense of the basis for true Nationalism, i.e., racial fellowship. A number of the sub-pages contain items of CONstitutional-idolatry suitable only for the politically gullible.
bulletThe Militia Watchdog A Fascist Web page with sour sanctimonious beliefs that Patriots should be spied upon for the good of "progressive" elements of society. However, this Communistic zeal is useful: many WWW pages dealing with Patriots, Militias, Tax-Resisters, Constitutionalists, etc. are mentioned, although dumped together with known racists, kooks, and Nazi offal. This serves a useful function, as some of these pages would otherwise be unknown and can now be found and accessed through Dokturd Markkk's voyeristic provision of what he considers social pornography. In fact, Docturd Shitcabbage is such a feeb that fresh linkages to the WWW pages of his anti-regimeist enemies is about all that this fascist swine is now capable of, and he has an intern do that for him most of the time. Provided is a Quasi-Mirror Linkage from 1996 as a historical view that Docturd Mengele Mark Shitcabbage hasn't changed any.
bulletThe Vigo-Examiner, also known as the Greater Khazaristan Times&Tattler is the Politically Correct militia analogue to The Militia Watchdog and the SPLC. Like most CONstitutional-idolator pages, it seeks to worship the facade upholding the criminal regime -- namely the CONstitution, whenever these wretched authors of confusion have a minute left over from worshipping themselves. Not to be approached by Resistance elements while with a full stomach. Watch out for state-god baal-priests.
bulletThe John Doe #2 Times is the criminal regime's attempt to contain information concerning its OKC Reichstag Fire by having Tri-States Militia Colonel Red Mike Vanderboegh gloss away a federal conspiracy using White Nationalists as Manchurian Oswalds. The Information Corner covers other elements of the 1ACR. Red Mike should be read in all seriousness when he plagarizes the news media. However, Red Mike is an operative for the Alabama Bureau of Investigation and this reviewer knows Red Mike is a gubbnmint agent provacateur as well as a liar, coward, and feeble-minded militia general.
bulletSierra Times a.k.a. Uncle Tom's Cabin -- is the criminal regime's latest attempt to have one of its agents provacateur, i.e. JJJohnson Enterprizes, get in the business of telling fool paytriots that we are all one big multi-cultural, multi-racial family out to re-impose Evil Empire Lite. A totally witless and idiotically sociopathic collection of whiggers, congoids and latrino ex-immigrunts yapping about how they all love each other for lunch at a paytriot bongo party. However, this is really one of the better-run regimeist fronts, as it has some of the smartest, long-time agents provacateur and most promiscuous whiggers slobbering over the smartest Uncle Tom the militia-general [bowel] movement ever produced. Some of 'em, though, don't even want to be bongoid any more, and, having a chance to "pass for White" would dump on the whiggers in a second.
bullet A White Man Speaks Out by Glenn Miller is the book about someone rightfully exiled from the White Nationalist Revolutionary Resistance because he turned traitor and testified against members of the Old Resistance as part of his deal to get into the Federal Witness Protection Program. At one time, Miller had several hundred White Southern men marching in rallies in North Carolina. This book of Miller's is presented as a warning of how the Evil Empire will use weak people unwilling to pay the full price of being a member of a Revolutiony Resistance organization.



Patriot Coalition's Links of Links

The WWW is made up of links, about every single page has them. In fact, most WWW pages are made up of nothing but graphics and links, with precious little content. The Patriot Coalition strives to be different, providing content necessary to be a place serious people go to, then stay for a while, before re-engaging in the never-ending journey via hyperlink to someplace else.

The links below are places where Patrick Henry On-Line is familiar or has judged to be of contextual importance for some reason; a fellow patriot, a loyalty, a strong like, a strong dislike or hatred, or judged to be relevant or of suitable importance.

The content and reviews of the originating authors of these hyperlinks are left intact, as both Patrick Henry On-Line and the listed authors usually do not, will not or can not agree.

bulletMedia Bypass Magazine's Uncensored Links
bulletThe Militia Watchdog linkages
bulletChristian Bible Study Links
bulletStormfront -- Links

Links upgraded April 10, 2001.



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