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In Defense of Lowell Jaks

The media, the feminazis, and the jews are going to attempt to use OUR "justice system" to crush this father, so we MUST act, now, to protect him and his children from the perversity of feminism

If you have any idea of how to do this, please click the link below:  


Dear People,

Lowell, is attempting to implement the Steve Fagan solution.

We wish the best for him.

Please understand--that Mr. Jaks, has come to the determination that most men do--that the current system is A NO WIN SCENARIO FOR FATHERS.

In short: the current family court system is a complete fraud. It is high treason. It is eminently illegal and against our way of life and our form of government. Unfortunately, we are not implementing the justice which is warranted for such high treason. Instead, many men, at the end of their ropes, have to resort to "pragmatic success," exactly as Mr. Lowell Jaks has, and as Mr. Steve Fagan did in the early seventies.

If you don't remember, Steve Fagan was a gentleman married to a woman in Massachusetts (a feminized inferior product) whom had many problems. They had two young daughters when the divorce and separation occurred. Mr. Fagan dealt with the problem in the courts and soon, came to a conclusion that it was a complete fraud and would only result in failure for him. Instead of sticking around and entering into this 'no win' scenario, where the outlook for both men and children is bleak, Mr. Fagan, instead kidnapped his children, got them completely out of the situation, and moved down to Florida.

He didn't "work" with the courts--he instead; took his life into his own hands, he stood up as a man and led his family out of feminist destruction and lived quietly down in Florida for over twenty years.

There he assumed a different name, and lived for twenty years, where instead of having his financial resources dragged down and living in mediocrity, he instead became a multi-millionaire. This is what most feminists hate: they do not want men to go free and reach their real potential. They instead, want to capture the man, civilly murder him, drain his wealth, and keep his children as hostage from him to extort his capabilities for their own private gain and use. [It's a slave based system they are using against us all. Completely illegal.]

In the mid-nineties, Ms. Fagan, who was left to her own devices in Massachusetts, after many years found Steve living in Florida, a highly successful man with two beautiful young daughters, who were not high school drop outs, nor pregnant with illegitimate children. Instead, these two young women, were highly accomplished: and, instead of holding PAS against their father, hating him, these two young girls devoutly loved their Father. Even after the courts "plead" with them to return to their mother--which they refused. A much different scenario than what would have occurred "if" Mr. Fagan had obsequiously stayed in Massachusetts and allowed the courts to run and ruin both he and his children's lives. fact, if he had stayed around in Massachusetts, he would have become one of the mindless drones of millions of men who "go along to get along" with family court, even when they know it is wrong. He would have had most of his earnings drained into the feminist empire by the feminist courts. He would have been held down and would not have gotten ahead. His children would have lived with the mother (whom allegedly had alcohol problems) and living there, most certainly would have grown up in a "normal" feminist valued home which demeaned and even alienated the father. They would have held him in completely slavery, extorting as much money from him as possible, until he either died, or was in jail, or was "in debt" to this fraud on the order of fifty to one-hundred thousand dollars.

His daughters would have grown up with no choices--and would have followed the condition of the mother. They would have most certainly had problems in school, and would have been in danger of following the normal path to destruction which these evil courts entreat, that of: high school drop-outs; teenage pregnancy; teenage suicide; gang use, drug use--the list is endless for children whom follow the feminist condition of the mother.

Instead, the two daughters turned out to be highly successful as their father. They loved him, even when the courts and media were hounding him for his "crime" of taking his children out of a "no win" feminist situation.

The feminists, along with the State of Massachusetts were outraged that he had done so well. And they immediately went after Mr. Fagan's money, but were now in the national spotlight--which clearly showed, that people admired Mr. Fagan and the choices he had made.

Mr. Fagan's case made national news. But it had the opposite effect both the media and government wished for. Instead of beating the tribal drums to gain feminist support to excoriate this man: a nation said and understood this man was right. After a year or so of bitter battle and now in the national spotlight--the State of Massachusetts had to lay down and could not imprison the man who had been so successful, whom so many people admired. Their final solution was to actually coerce this man to pay $100,000 into a Feminist Shelter (we should have demanded he pay that sum into a Father's Rights Organization) and the case quietly died out--to the great embarrassment of feminists, government officials and the State of Massachusetts. Steve and his two daughters remained down in Florida, while the mother and feminists fumed along with the State of Massachusetts.

Now, more and more men are finding the "Steve Fagan Solution" clearly palatable over the current tyranny of the Family Court system.

Legends Legal Aid Society agrees with these men, and stands behind those like Steve Fagan, and Lowell Jaks.

I met Lowell Jaks in the summer of 1998 when I was down in Los Angeles. I met him, Mr. Mom, as well as John Smith, his Vice President. You could not meet nicer men. These people, clearly--were not criminals of any type. Why are normal, good citizens driven to such desperation? Why are normal citizens driven to illegal acts?

It is because the current court system is illegal, and we must start to recognize this fact.

Because this current Family Court system is a brutal feminized system which is criminally out-of-control, 'normal' fathers cannot do what is best for either them, or their children. The courts are always there, imposing slavery over men and holding their children hostage over them for extortion.

We fathers, and Father's Rights advocates must start to come to the conclusion; that this system is so opprobrious, and so illegal that we must totally war with this system, and become insolent to it in every way. We can no longer support a system which openly disenfranchises men and Father's.

We as national organizations should read these courts the collective riot act--and tell them and government that NO FATHER WILL PAY FOR CHILD SUPPORT. That we refuse to support this war against men, and a national scam to transfer wealth from the producers to the non-producers. We will not obey a system which does not allow Father's to rule in their own way in their own home. It is time for the Male Kinship system to rule over the Female Kinship system. We should excoriate anyone within the current system--and we should take no prisoners. We should start to inflict massive damage into a system which is only a national apartheid against men and Father's.

Now, it is "estimated" that this system is driving anywhere from 40,000 to 70,000 men out of the country every year. This exodus is absolute proof that we are living under a tyrannical regime and system. We factuallyi have dead, dying, wounded and missing among our ranks each and every year--not because these men have done anything wrong, but rather--because you have a feminized unjust system which hates men now in place in the corridors of government committing intentional war against them. We have a family law could system which "think's" that a breeding tax against men enforced by apartheid, is concurrent with our form of government.

It is not.

This 40-70K national exodus figure, does not even count the number of men being forced into illegal and treasonous debtor's prisons.

Yet we still have men paying Child Support into this diseased system, so that they can "be safe" month to month and slowly destroy both themselves and their children. We have men who mindlessly shrug as they watch their neighbors inhaled by the current tyranny. And they do nothing. They pay. They "obey" these unjust courts--when in fact, we should be going after these courts.

I think Mr. Jak's is a hero. He has read the handwriting on the wall and has taken a leadership stand in his family. He is in fact, a Legend. We need more men like Mr. Jaks who flatly refuse to lay down their rights and blindly metre away their families and children's wealth, inheritance, and posterity--to a system which is in direct enmity to not only them, but our free-American form of government.

We must ALL support Lowell Jaks and men like him. We must not only support him, but we must go after the treasonous judges which placed him into this condition. We must foster a 'payback' mentality throughout the movement, as these people, like the Nazi regime of WWII, fully know and understand the evil that they are doing. Yet they are doing it regardless, simply due to the fact that there is so much money made off of destroying men.

They have made untold amounts of money off this system...and none of us should go along with this nor support it in any way, shape or form any longer.

Lowell, you are a good man. I wish you only the best for you and your son. I'll support you and your memory in any way I can.

Good luck.

Respectfully Submitted, Robert Lindsay; Cheney Jr. Founder -- Legends Legal Aid Society


At 05:42 AM 2/3/04, Wilbur Streett wrote:
>(02-02) 07:57 PST RIDGECREST, Calif. (AP) --
>A parents rights advocate is wanted by police, suspected of
abducting his
>own son, officers said.
>Lowell Anton Jaks, 52, has a $100,000 felony warrant out for his
>after Alec Norman Jaks disappeared last Tuesday morning on his
way to
>Pierce Elementary School.
>Elaine Jackson, Lowell Jaks' ex-wife and the child's mother, had
asked for
>a protective order on Jan. 21, when she first started suspecting
>husband intended to take her child away.
>Her suspicions began three weeks ago, when she drove with her son
past a
>passport photos store and the 10-year-old told her he'd applied
for a
>passport there with his dad.
>A week later, Jaks placed ads in the local paper seeking to sell
most of
>his belongings, and got rid of his dogs, Jackson said.
>She still allowed her son to ride to school on his bike, but when
he didn't
>come home at the end of the day, she called the school, and found
out he'd
>never arrived.
>"I immediately called the police," Jackson said.
>Police in Chino, 112 miles from Ridgecrest, on Saturday found a
>pickup that Lowell Jaks rented from the Ridgecrest Enterprise
>Jackson is afraid Jaks, who speaks some Spanish, took their son
out of the
>Jaks founded the nonprofit Alliance for Non-Custodial Parents
Rights in
>1994, soon after his marriage to Jackson, because he had been
>before and did not want to pay child support for his daughter. The
>organization's Web site gives tips on how to avoid paying child
>A 2002 Associated Press article about violence among divorced
>quotes Jaks, the president of the organization, as saying:
"None of these
>guys are poster children. But when you cause this much pain to so
many men,
>there are going to be repercussions. A certain percentage are
going to


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