The death toll from the recent collision between a Metrolink train and a freight train will be about 35, plus hundreds of serious injuries, plus thousands of ruined lives.The driver who caused the accident is another affirmative action employee, a hero of the left wing:


The engineer supposedly sent a third and final text message to Williams with a time stamp of 4:22 p.m. The accident happened just one minute later, at 4:23 p.m.

It remains unclear whether the message was sent right at 4:22 p.m. as the time stamp indicates, or if it was sent some time before then.

Though the coroner has not identified the engineer, Williams says he is 46-year-old Robert Sanchez.


Having driven around Mexicans in California, as well as all over Mexico, has provided the opportunity to witness many extremely stupid and completely avoidable accidents caused by Mexicans.This might not be the most objective observation, since the side of my car was just repaired from the damage caused by the latest stupid Mexican who backed into the side as I SAT in traffic, honking as loud as I could to warn him.But thousands of observations about how oncoming Mexican drivers, particularly Mexican truck drivers, veer towards you just before they pass, just the opposite of most drivers in this country, raises the question why, and HOW MUCH we are willing to pay to sustain affirmative action.

Is their recklessness due to lack of training or education, machismo, a flagrant lack of concern for other drivers, hatred of Whites [which is now flagrant in Mexico], or just plain stupidity?


The above article, coupled with the subject of this topic, suggests the latter.The Hultgreen Effect:protect the underdog at all costs, since itís the taxpayer who pays that cost anyway, and after all, affirmative action has been effective (the incompetent have taken jobs away from the competent and survived, right)?Well, not all of them.Not Sanchez, Hultgreen, Jivanjee, nor countless THOUSANDS of others.