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Seven Mortal Sins




After millennia of Christians reading Scripture and noting that there are seven mortal sins, sins which require the death penalty (like sodomy, or "homosexuality", or "gay marriage"), what purpose could possibly be served by the Pope adding seven more which Scripture DOES confirm ARE sins, but the punishments for which are nowhere close to requiring the death penalty?

The first pass on this observation made me believe that all that could be accomplished is to water down or distract attention from the real mortal sins.  Now why would this church want to do that?  Could it be to take attention away from the upcoming (at that time) explosion of the knowledge that most priests are sodomites who have been buggering our little boys for centuries now, and getting away with it, scot-free? 

Furthermore, when I think of "envy, pride, gluttony, lust, hate, greed, sloth, and envy", these seven "new mortal sins", the first thing that comes to mind is the Pope himself.  What greater greed can there be than to protect the sodomites who buggered THOUSANDS of our sons for almost half a century now and were almost never, ever punished?  Sloth?  What greater sloth is there than to finally schedule a sodomite priest for a church trial, only to have it cancelled at the sole request of the priest himself (for "health" reasons--what about the HEALTH of his thousands of victims).






Seven 'Mortal' Sins Added By The Vatican

By Can Tran.
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There are now seven “mortal” sins added by the Vatican to be placed alongside the traditional seven deadly sins: envy, pride, gluttony, lust, hate, greed, sloth, and envy. These new sins are deemed to be more apparent in today’s world.
According to the Vatican, the typical groups of people that risk eternal damnation such as murderers, adulterers, thieves, over-indulgent people, and everybody else that fall under the seven deadly sins can now be joined by the following: drug dealers, the extremely wealthy, and scientists that deal with human gene manipulation.
The Catholic Church’s Catechism says that those who have sinned will be sent into the depths of Hell right after they die. Now, the seven mortal sins add onto the seven deadly sins. According to the Catholic Church, those who commit the seven mortal sins are just as condemned as those that commit the seven deadly sins.
To add onto: Envy, Pride, Gluttony, Greed, Lust, Hate, and Sloth, there is: Environmental Pollution, Genetic Manipulation, Excessive Wealth, Inflicting Poverty, Drug trafficking and Consumption, Morally Debatable Experiments, and the Violation of Human Rights.
In a sense, those modern sins look to be a mere extension of the seven deadly sins.
These new sins were placed as a means to energize more confessions. In short, this is to get more people to attend confessionals.
So far, 60% of Italians have stopped attending confession. Keep in mind that Italy is predominantly Catholic. On an unrelated note, the Italian court of appeals has ruled that married women in Italy can lie about extramarital affairs to police and/or in a court of law to protect their “honor.”
Humorously, those married women can lie to the police but confess to the Catholic priest.
If people do not confess regularly, they risk slowing their spiritual rhythm,” said Pope Benedict the XVI. He said that people are losing the notion of sin. Benedict himself says that he confesses sins on a regular basis once a week.
The Catholic Church says the new sins lay in the ethics of science and the ecology. Archbishop Girotti listed those two as new types of sins. He did add abortion and pedophilia as two other sins.
But, he was quick to dismiss the cases of sexual abuse by Catholic priests as minor happenings that have been exaggerated. He said that it was the mass media blowing things out of proportion to kill the Catholic Church’s credibility.
Father Gerald O’Collins, who used to teach moral theology at the Papal University in Rome, explained that one big point is that the priests that listen to confessions are not tuned enough to what are deemed the real evils. He added they need to know more about the social aspect of sin.
In a sense, it would look as if the Vatican is making a move to “fight” social injustice.
In a sense, the mortal sin of environmental pollution can be linked to the deadly sin of greed. Environmental pollution has been connected to greedy CEOs that just want extra money. There is the possible connection to lust as those same people lust for money.
Morally debatable experiments could be connected to the deadly sins of pride and lust. Too much pride as a scientist and a lust for knowledge could be used as a possible explanation for the link between these two vices and the newly added mortal sin.
Violation of human rights can be linked to the deadly sin of hate/wrath. One group violates the human rights of another group by unleashing wrath upon it.
These are mere examples of the links that can be made between the seven mortal sins and the traditional seven deadly sins.
On another note, in the United States, many that were born and raised Catholic or Protestant had dropped their faiths. They either dropped religion completely or converted to something else.
Asides the lack of people attending confession, the drop of membership is another problem the Catholic Church must deal with.
In short, those that fall under these mortal sins get to join those that fall under the seven deadly sins.

Protesters in London accuse Pope Benedict XVI of covering up child sex abuse by Catholic clergy and will demand his resignation on Sunday.
“In a 2001 edict to Catholic Bishops worldwide, the Pope ordered a cover-up of child sex abuse by Catholic clergy,” says the Australian-born British human-rights activist Peter Tatchell.
“He failed to ensure that priests who raped and sexually abused young people were reported to the police. This is why he is not welcome in the UK and why we object to his being honoured with a State Visit in September, especially a State Visit that is being funded by the taxpayer,” said Tatchell, who also represents the gay human-rights group OutRage!.
OutRage! is helping coordinate Sunday’s protest, which is being organised by the Protest the Pope Coalition.
“Pope Benedict has direct personal responsibility for allowing many paedophile priests to escape justice,” said Tatchell.
“If anyone else was involved in protecting paedophiles from prosecution, they’d probably be arrested as accomplices to sex crimes, not lauded with a State Visit. Why should the Pope be treated differently?
“According to a 2006 BBC Panorama programme, Sex Crimes and the Vatican, in 2001, while he was a Cardinal Ratzinger, Pope Benedict XVI issued a secret Vatican edict to all Catholic bishops. It recommended that instead of reporting child sex abusers to the police, bishops should report them to the Vatican and encourage the victims to take an oath to not talk about the abuse they suffered. To keep victims quiet, the Pope proposed that if they broke their oath and repeated the sex abuse allegations they should be excommunicated.
“Benedict XVI put the interests and image of the church before the welfare of children and young people. He is unfit to remain as Pope. He should resign.
“The Panorama programme revealed details of the Pope’s leading role in the cover-up of the sexual assault of youths by Catholic clergy. It reported that the Vatican knowingly harboured and protected paedophile clergymen. Priests accused of child sex abuse were mostly not sacked or reported to the police but simply moved to another parish, often to reoffend. The BBC gave examples of church hush funds being used to silence the victims,” said Tatchell.
Tatchell points to the world-renowned Swiss Catholic theologian, the Rev. Hans Kung, who has accused the Pope of “co-responsibility” for the cover-up of priestly child sex abuse and criticised the weakness and evasions of his recent apology. He quotes Kung as saying: “In the name of truth, Joseph Ratzinger, the man who for decades was mainly responsible for the concealment of these abuses at a world level, should have pronounced a mea culpa.”
The protest will take place at 12 noon Sunday outside Westminster Cathedral (the main Catholic church in Britain) in Victoria Street, London SW1.
The Pope recently apologized for priestly paedophilia in Ireland, but failed to silence protests against his planned visit to the UK in September, which began even before the visit was officially confirmed.
It is estimated that the visit could cost the British taxpayer around £20 million.
There were also protests against plans by the BBC to ask Pope Benedict to take part in the daily Thought for the Day slot, a two-and-a-half minute item that features in the news programme Today. Secularists have campaigned for years to have the slot open to nonreligious as well as religious contributors – but the BBC has so far stood firm and kept it open only to those with religious beliefs.



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