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"Andy" wrote:

Amen, this is the land where the God that both Paul and previously Socrates proclaimed to the Athenians, rules in our hearts and lives. Those who accept these many other gods and not the true God exclusively are due for more punishment and instruction the hard way, because they will learn in no other manner. These are the same people who shun and shudder to ask the question of why this occurred, for if they asked it, they might be forced to confront their deep grained indoctrination and think, a novel experience for many. Vaya Con Dios, Andy

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From: Tim []
Sent: Friday, September 14, 2001 20:52
Subject: Re: Holy War: National Cathedral of Baal

After watching the broadcast for a little the first thing I thought of was
the apostle Paul and his visit to the city of Athens. Remember he noted how
the Athenians worshiped many gods including the unknown god. It seemed to me
that was what was happening today. That service was an appeal to all the
gods of the land.

I have been told that we live in a pluralistic society by a family member.
They thought that was good. Our God does not allow such however. I think
that until we Israelites appeal only to the God of our fathers that nothing
will improve.


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Sent: Friday, September 14, 2001 3:14 PM
Subject: Holy War: National Cathedral of Baal

> The only thing I found more apalling than seeing the kindred victims
> of the recent attacks was the American response to these attacks on
> the twin towers of babel. As far as I see America has become more
> integrated, more zionist, more totalitarian than ever. Truly a
> satanic empire hellbent on mongrelizing our folk. Has anyone
> witnessed the blasphemy that went on in the national cathedral? It
> looked like a new age world religion conference in complete
> contradiction to the divine Christian law, opposing literal and
> spiritual amalgamation of the race of heaven with the satanic world
> order. Today was a time a prayer, a prayer that our race will see the
> truth, that God punishes us for our iniquity and that His mercy will
> give way to His wrath when we defy Him. When White men take the
> dominion commanded in the Word, accepting the Christian Government
> handed to us by our Creator and King then and only then will our folk
> ever see freedom. If any good can come of this, it is that we can
> show the world the evils of immigration, the abomination that is
> usury, and the consequences of being Zionist twice dead children of
> hell. Peace while defying God is impossible. You cannot serve two
> masters



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