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The Neolithic Age

Teeth of a comb pattern toe spiracle life example pulse it is stinking the Dead Sea culture bc6200~bc4000

1. Example pulse it is stinking place of origin Dead Sea culture 2. of the            East Asia initial village ruins Ji flourishing and culture


The ancestor of our nation was the example pulse nation, from now 8000 week and Siberia and the Korean Peninsula, from barbarian culture it will receive the jade flag culture which is the essence of teeth of a comb pattern toe culture and stonework art from the Shantung insurgent places in only the former Neolithic Age and and.
The letter which is a example knew twenty embassador flags and there was meaning which is a nation which makes farming, the pulse tied the tiger or ticket offense tail in the head and it came and went and it got and the place example person who is a position name reapected the tiger.
Is not the bear.

The nation which is pushed out to exchange Oong from Tangun king sword myth is rightly example Jog, the toe of the outdoors Korean Peninsula theym as well the tiger, is the mountain army.

With [ after cold and heat book ] [ up Ji Wi ] < former times Jun > from the journalist ship construction the place where Sun is referred, last after king building ships until Sun standard as many as it is few in the nation which conveys 40 surplus. The culmination line it does not refer Sun though not to be, at most the Chinese total journalist ship construction which is a culmination good intention edges it recorded Sun, also this culmination line or the center nation of the journalist ship construction rightly is example pulse Jog.

In [ after cold and heat ], currently Aplok River Nog Gang came to make palace for neck Goong the pleasure Rang grade palace which is a bow which is powerful due to a Thursday Goong from the example country, early rising Ban U was exported in China. From [ question Moon ] example Oh! two countries? From yellow corvenia? It said that it exports U.

The early rising emanates and bears it is a fish which revolves the egg in the coast and. Reasoning it is caused by, the pleasure Rang army east example country location the Korean Peninsula east coast knows, is historical investigated at the shaking insurgent east coast.


From one side [ after cold and heat ] against the grant country also an example characteristic, a Great Seal which is In the origin ardent ground as Ya recorded, there was the example king acquaintance Wang there was. From [ from position book ] rice plant anger example own house of Byun it appeared, with hundred my walls which rule over a bay week is presumed as a proposal region official post the example Tae possibility Tae official seal officialdom In shaking insurgent shoes today was discovered from Kim. The shoes today hundred my mothers of the State U whom the smallness from scull builds does is Na territories and rear day large room hundred proposal territories.

From [ from above Wi book - two just lwu formers Jun ] the transmission river north two just lwu grounds did about nine northern parts as the ground of the after hand and the origin example of Boo.

[ After cold and heat - to be stinking before Jun, ] stinkingly the pulse palace one person pulse which uses Goong Jog, decimal pulse Jog Wednesday the place where it is a, to be stinking basis bottom influence and as well is example pulse and. To be stinking the does to be stinking it is a. The pulse the barley, lye the the place hulled millet which means the hulled millet was first cultivated. From [ from new political party Dang book - to emanate, before Jun ] the peony river east longitude characteristic region falls the example straw of barley. From [ three national history flags ] the shoes at the time of the southern sea king north life (= Kangwon-Do Kangnung) the person the example king picked up Wang coating with paint and it gave. Only above when invading example army south lye Nam twenty ten thousand units of the backs immigrated with the southwest and Chinese Tienchin hour they moved they went to the ocean army on south and.


When all puts together, the example pulse humanity and justice territory is included Liaoning region, Chilin region, Heilungchiang region and the Korean Peninsula on the Great Wall of China east multi and becomes also the native of the Japanese archipelago and with the teeth of a comb pattern toe cultural area it is same.



From now before 8000, in the Neolithic Age the example pulse person the Yellow Sea coast consequently bay week and Siberia and the Korean Peninsula, the Shantung insurgent, got up the teeth of a comb pattern toe cultural area from the Chinese southeast coast. The north area the anger north region the cultivation due to the badge rice to advance comes to be warmer now than the rice plant farming, like the Africa tropical forest of the today when Yangtzechiang remains it was an undeveloped land.

Only that time it gave to be warm, the hair elephant which remains last and the nose horn smallness it hunted. The example pulse person put on the pig or dog leather cloth, the nose horn smallness leather was the battle armor of nobility, it decorated the head with the tiger or ticket offense tail.

This time the sovereign power setup which the insufficient society unites originated, but the features of this example pulse culture Inner Mongolia seal hour chill flag flag flourishing and culture Moon Hwa and Liaoning characteristic the poem which it blows the Dead Sea culture the line Hong prose anger which is visible from Moon Hwa is Moon Hwa.

The fact that it is gorgeous from in two ruins Ji is because is a center of the place sovereign power which is hour Dead Sea culture which it blows.

It was a symbol of sovereign power from the Dead Sea culture and the toe theym this the place where it appears, this region in ancient times to be stinking (=)as . [ It conveyed from, ] from China to establish the present army and reach and to be stinking as the westnorth, when doing but the present army was on hour north which it blows, the Dead Sea culture ruins price of land of the southeast ancient times to be stinking as to be stinking it was a center of the rightly. From [ fraud ] as the bronze weapon advances to China rainy day king to be stinking as the king of the . Nine it means stinkingly to the window lye, the jade lye, to keep at work a insufficiency, the back belonged as many as.

As example disadvantageous fortune place overview

The poem which it blows buy direction the Dead Sea village? village rainwater nine from the now the room ruins Ji Bang to be excavated Wednesday from the 8000 it is a former remains.

The pottery of the Dead Sea culture bit Hwang brown and should have fallen? Was many and it reapected the snake and the toad with, it means a cultivation culture together. From the pottery also the dragon pattern to be discovered to 2003 it carved in the rock and the formation formation of a cabinet of position 20 meter length was excavated. The nation which makes farming to sprinkle the rain, the dragon and drought (= shoes of drought) it devoured it reapects the tiger of legend. It means the appearance of sovereign power Wang Gwon from among the rest in this time. Jade rain Og the jade flag of 20 circumstances to be excavated from together, jade vice- Og Boo and jade minute Og? Jade tube Og, it is jade week Og Joo and so on.




Formation of a cabinet teeth of a comb pattern toe

19.7m The suspicion formation of a cabinet which it accomplishes

Jade department and jade exchange

Teeth of a comb pattern toe and life tool

The teeth of a comb pattern toe it was started before the bc6000 year which crawls. This toe the Shantung insurgent large complaint culture which crawls with Moon Hwa (bc5000 -3000 years) the Korean Peninsula, the Aplok River household and the unit of shaking lyen insurgent hard liquor prose anger So Joo shoes Rag culture of Moon Hwa Shenyang Moon Hwa (bc5500 year) from the Chilin hour Gil grade prose anger Su Moon Hwa and Changchun hour left addition culture Moon Hwa, and under stands Su Ha high level and Inner Mongolia seal hour Hong prose anger until Moon Hwa (bc5500 year) it is bigotedly discovered. To when it besieges Yellow Sea where the ocean is smaller now than far the culture of example pulse spreads out and it is a trace which goes out.

With but 11600 years former after it was caused by hot weather and inland became the drought, the North Pole glacier melted and it emanated and the ocean rose 50m the above car, the ocean circumference the car about lower came to be colder former times than with the water which rises. 200 years endurance coolers which happen before 8200 it is an event.

Hour Dead Sea culture which among the rest the bc6000 year when the center becomes it blows Moon Hwa and chill flag flourishing and culture Moon Hwa shoes Rag culture of Shenyang above 1000 is quicker Moon Hwa, than Hong prose anger of the enemy seal 2000 degree Moon Hwa than it reaches line Hong prose anger as Moon Hwa it does.


Jade axe Og Boo the divine right symbolizes Gwon opened a new jade bottle Og guerrilla time in three bottle Sug guerrilla time. This jade axe emanates the light more with with the fact that it has the effect which expels the demons which get up the reverse bottle which is more horrible the what kind of weapon when than came to think.

In [ from month paragraph book ] shoes Nong, from Hyug to time it wrote three bottle Sug guerrillas, to Hwang presentation unit (bc2700 year) it wrote low right Ha Oo (bc2100 year) to time it wrote it wrote the jade bottle Og guerrilla, the military mobilization guerrilla,, the season bottle guerrilla after that, it does. The appearance of the jade bottle is the bc6000 year which is quicker the middle unit than from example pulse civilization. 

The jade flag culture of the middle unit flourishing and culture, from the Dead Sea culture passes by a large complaint culture and the sheep of the Taihu Tae anger Yang who gets dark it is place bc3000 year after which the flower blooms most from Moon Hwa.


2 paragraph village ruins Ji flourishing and culture

The most old village as Inner Mongolia chill flag flourishing and the area from now 8200 intention to fight villages and 150 anti- stanching bleeding system rooms in the quadrilateral and grave chapter 10 things, the shaft which burns are 12 things from East Asia, the defensive good is coming to make in village surroundings. It is features of the settlement nation of shoes stonework time. Consequently it is a before arriving of the nomadic horse riding nation. With this it piled up a characteristic together and living in a cave the fortification cave dwelling in to do, the place where [ from above Wi book - before waterway Gil Jun ] it is introduced, time Changchun hour northeast room transmission riverside flowing water hour the waterway debt to country origin Soog shoes which is near the as after example of Sin it did. E one Ma Han it will be clear and, the waterway Gil and Soog shoes Sin and the aftershock woman the finally all is same root.


Small-sized jade badge 3 earring back (in jade flag photograph of lower part Dead Sea culture with right jade wave earring almost rain sus) this it is excavated from flourishing and ruins Ji the Chinese initial jade it conceals. It made with the others granite and 67cm, 40cm at 2 the pebble formation of a cabinet woman it holds but it was excavated.

The clayware gray was many, geometry the place where all things toe it bites appear the bedspread present it bit mainly and (it rotated and and U inside green onion stripes which it carves) it was a wave pattern B and Dos place pattern tes it carves it did more basically,.


It was these example pulse where becomes our Korean Peninsula humanity and justice direct ancestor and it was a maternal social cultivation nation, already route less it lived the livestock of the dog and the pig back with the soil together and it died. The wind velocity of the Korean Peninsula which serves the mountain army tiger is example pulse and it is to be specific. Oong Jog, the equator which is pushed out to namely grant Jog it is but it amalgamates finally with arrival of exchange Oong.This example pulse civilization came to open in all shoes stonework culture Ji of Yellow Sea circumference, until Yangtzechiang lower part Kuangtung characteristic it spreaded out and it went out.  

When being old, our language which points at old - the day to be originated rightly from the day of the Neolithic Age our country example. The end which is a old old ring namely ardent day, when to be stinking day the back being old, is the end which points at.

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The Neolithic Age

Barbarian Tienshan culture

hung Inside lyeng the shoes stonework time civilization was discovered from the chi tableland lake circumference which is right which is a volcano zone on mountain range westnorth.
When about 100 where them leave at people forming a cabinet of piece it analyzes the field, still the knee blooms to be straight anatomy and support it is a beat north Jog which it cannot.

2 personal jars middle-school the jade ancestors at the woman who is a head the place where it becomes evidence with the back, the jar existence points at shoes stonework time, to the other side the jar to the head and the knee nine breaking only with the anatomy with the sacred place type of needle pan Ji and so on more it will not be able to interpret near mankind from the attitude which keeps a weight

The remains which are excavated from Hong mountain ruins which comes to seem in these after example or ruins Ji three Gwag under quantity right like these people the knee blooms and support it cannot and is becoming the extension and contraction market automatically .

These rough copy large civilization ruins price of land the chi which is name of area right which is discovered () is the barbarian which is specific U of our nation. To after five exchange scholar Jog or month huy the name which is Jog remained at Hoos day clan life.


Mong specific flag which is used in Chung country unit according to Mong Oh with with the treachery flag present (? ? The flag) present  Chun San Jin () westnorth 140 li there were five changes. It is Su Han San (Su Han San) of now. Marking it did in the map which will reach.

Oh with with treachery flag Tienshan position Kitan Jog bedspread country Hwang I the exchange Oong time traditional broad way shoes plant a possibility only and i put and sacrificial rite it is a place which it gives.

Five changes origin by the place fault scull which is slack phay one same taste Jog part escape hit with five changes and the now as as many as five exchange scholars to do does the letter mountain, bird slackness(Su Han San= = white) as this.
hung Inside lyeng from the mountain range letter mountain black possibility (the bedspread country race Gyung it was to the best type of the place where black Wednesday = unit nothing to sleep leyn) it originates.

< Early death > from this region was the storehouse my good which in race (Gyung, currently eminent smallness beak car smallness neck Boo) belongs. Large Yum Rag khay from it sold the salt which even as this it does but at outside.

From the barbarian lake bias from the current eminent eastern five attention mind wise man place examples which it illustrates it will cry and li Oh as also the star (uli-astai) does and death from hunger boil down, to seem it comes.
The eastern five attention minds it is talking from present it was this same taste area of them.

Also grant king dissection lwu it went over in the expansion gold and the king whom the political power boils, but the gold and the king it will dance probably, and even at the year when it boils () it is interpreted.

From [ one grade meat ] the exchange person sells shallow sea east type but it lived in the foot of a mountain, the place where it does, the from Japanese reads at one and type it corresponds to the yearly sound of sky, it is a namely sky mountain. On the shallow sea east the sky mountain, it is to have Tienshan with Chinese character with our language. 
The shallow sea most part the place right which it sees at all in the knife lake is a chi tableland lake one water service. At all east of the knife lake is right east of the chi tableland lake is finally exchange humanity and justice Tienshan the bird of now becomes slack ().

The stonework time remains  and jade formation of a cabinet difference it is collected recently specially together from the barbarian tableland . The jade flag culture which these people leaves Hong prose reconciliation jade flag culture and type and theme song from almost same place Hong prose anger the natural color broad jade which it does not color and,   these people leaving colored a black above the jade surface. The materials of black cannot know by the present time when it is a season back mineral characteristic but the black seven should have been become accomplished with what kind of method.


Photograph data compared to it sees


It makes like this jade flag culture and the culture which is prosperous from the barbarian tableland currently cooking for oneself feeling only the grassy plain of the nomads to dance is remaining.

When it is this barbarian shoes stonework and it tracks the civilization regiment in writer depending on, bc6200 year (from now before 8200) it is a previously.
It is shoes stonework which made these black jade flag civilization rightly the B which is an ancestor of the country which is an exchange of legend anti- with Oh only it meets and with the civilization which it accomplishes it is considered.
 < Exchange grade meat - Samsung flag > "it is an ancestor of Jog who is an exchange B anti- Na" with "Oh the bay" with it met from child company other and became the ancestor of Jog who is an exchange. It is a formation transfer of the country which is an exchange.
"B the anti-" "B" B lu, has meaning of the namely sun and it is remaining in Kurd language. The sun of Egypt it wears and "" it is. From our language "day. The daytime "is that derivative U. Also tu as empty U trouble it is anti- badge rice. The badge rice which is suitable in the color whose U unit of yellow color the solar Nile thing and the sun is yellow and dry climate the badge rice as solar light grain name as troublesome moving color because yellow.
One side "Oh the bay" as Mong archaic word "one" is meaning which is. Becomes also the intention which is the first . Namely B anti- with Oh only meets the O group tu Mong archaic word of empty U and the C group only to ascend from the innumerable difficulties thing and the Korean Peninsula attention farming Jog from in hunting Jog of Siberia weyn with height Jog to meet it is to change them with farming Jog.
To these people weyn the presumption regarding the gene of heightJog it is before.


Ice hour which picks from the land which draws the change ticket of time climate lyo as it sees the ticket which it analyzes and with lower part it is same.


The North Pole glacier melted with the reason which is not the possibility before (bc10700 year) 12700 years of knowing Hog chill of millennium searched and it came. This time the ruin of the animal and the plant resources of the continent brought about the decrease which the mankind is sudden. The mankind movement not yet lyep it will depend in life and there is not a possibility which it will survive at winter with after, farming it comes and it reaps and and only the race who knows the life which it stores it survives and and and.

In Hog chill end of one side millennium it extended only during 10 years and as many as there was temperature rise which above 10 degrees is sudden.

The millennium period coast which passes it lives nearly and as the mankind who is adapted to Hog grudge it was a calamity neither the temperature rise could be adapted. 

This time hot weather the damage mankind to evacuate toward the tableland and  live. Is former (bc9600 year) of these 11600 years of it. 

200 years Hog grudge searched after that again at around bc6200 year and it came. Is hot and the mankind toward the tableland compared to is not the possibility of making above farming only the possibility of descending from Kowon again is not to be. The time of this barbarian tableland civilization nature is restricted consequently environment before bc9600~bc6200 year.

The sky mountain line Hong prose anger bc4800~bc3898 which is an exchange

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"History the possibility maul lu from it was started (History Begins at Sumer)" it is famous with the writer "the company myu El khu ley me" professor The education system which begins an initial creation narrative, the justice system back mankind initial 39 events were started all possibility maul lu from, it did. (phen Week: Soo Me Reu (Mesopotamia) civilization - civilization (the present Republic of Turkey area), Egypt civilization and Hellenism) The possibility maul lu is and the area where it lives means the Republic of Iraq area of now. From the elementary school textbook 4 cradle middle oneth person maul parcel publicity life of the mankind civilization which it learns end like that "is the intention which is between both river (Gang - 2 rivers) with meso-potamia". ' Both river ' Iran The Tigris and Yoo phu the reel su the river letting, it is an end which it does. It came out to Sengse and "" it is burnt it soaked at personal property and ' til also the personal property which bites ' rightly was the area where it is between the river of this cranium, even this personal property became the ruins with this time bombing and it rolled up, it does. Now the North Korea scholars did and "Taedong river civilization" [ wild grape ruins Ji whom it rakes up ] discovery after Mesopotamia civilization compared to compared to long the civilization which becomes was in Taedong river basin, it does. Around 3500 before era the human beings of grudge excessiveness are pushed into to the Mesopotamia area and they start. And it becomes fixed to that place, it starts. Human being this grudge excessiveness "the possibility maul lu is (Sumerian)" as this, The intention "Sa Ram Deul of the hair which it rakes up" (Black Headed People) is the intention which is. But the problem when these people comes to both river area, letter and school system and laws already has a back high-class culture and it came it is a point. If it is like that and these people is from where in the world and it immigrates it comes and and toward the Mesopotamia area and. Two mauls which it is coming to leave with the problem which is not solved even until now lu is and origin problem the second lieutenant "possibility maul lu problem distance Sumer Problem" it is percentage degree. Also the Egypt civilization of the Nile river basin the possibility maul lu is 1000 after as many as it sees, Also the The Indus River basin civilization of India with him is similar postscript civilization. The possibility maul lu is and has and all civilization with the high-class civilization which surpasses imagining That time now pu li (State of Israel) is and end "meaning of that end" the wanderer has "" the meaning back of the bandit like that or "with Habiru". The possibility maul lu is and when [ wedged letter ] using the fact that it is, pu li to be and it will peel the cloth Iran animal skin not be also letter and it will put on and it was a degree which will come and go. But the possibility maul lu will be and the cloth it will discover the cloth it will wind already and and to be salty it made it dyed and and and (to dye) it put on and and and and it came and went the cloth and and and the technique which it makes and. Also the construction alcoholic beverage will advance and 2 layer it will pick up and it was a degree which it will make. It is discovered now and robbery the toe which it encounters it sells the charter which almost as the economic transactions documents afterwords one leaves a transactions it admits and and. (that time possibility maul lu it is, with this time warfare and already economically it transacted business.) Professor river shoes Taeg of Korea receives a doctorate from the example region crane, human nature it receives a world-wide authority in research of this field. At 1830's first the possibility maul lu the letter was discovered from Republic of Iraq and most the place which receives a shock was Christianity. Because getting from the area where the head of a family initial event is eight ley star it came to think, to it came and it believed and the personal property which is burnt that area U til the thing it came to sprout, Book of Genesis creation narratives and flood narrative back two mauls lu the toe it is because the circle is like that recorded in the inside which sells. The fruit of personal property and there is a man and a woman to the personal property which is burnt, it picks it does not eat and to dry taboo and but the shoe maul lu from the man where the woman is not picks first and it eats and Doong who wears out And flood place ' Ji where the people die all Oh the shoe tu ' was to be a person and it made the boat and the people relieve Doong recording which are similar at startling degree came out pouring. The high-class culture possibility maul lu against pu li (State of Israel) it classifies culture with a low culture. The Western civilization rational opposite sex of the grease and pu li becomes accomplished with two water courses which are sensitivity shoes Ang. These two water courses the ancient times possibility maul lu meet from civilization. (phen Week: Namely Hellenism and pu li (State of Israel) shoes Ang to split and the possibility maul lu from it is to go out.) Around 2000 before era the shoe maul lu the civilization splits with two forks and it rolls up it is a thing. The grease it raises and phwu su shoes intention to fight circular two mauls lu ' til as it this of the personal property which bites ' doing is not a margin of suspicion, pu li Is and the spirit miscarriage like that the possibility maul lu to follow in steps the thing. - Possibility maul lu with Korea - It was like that and the possibility maul lu it was and from where it came as expected? This two mauls lu it is a subject of problem. There is a beginning which is the possibility of knowing their origins. It is the letter which them leave. The channel whose which two languages are same the ramyon The feature of language does first same, The grammatical structure does same, The language which is similar specially the investigation (word which counts possibility) does same. What it says that we language of India and Europe are same, English and German language, France U, India syan su khu li thu is because U is same from all this three branch point. Of course possibility maul lu is not the exception even from comparison of U and. At thought height it is perfect almost from this three branch point and isn't the same language our Korean languages. First the possibility maul lu the place where U is agglutination language Our language which is an agglutination language it gives and or the neck it means the language which,, "the back sticks few afterwords". ' It is an actual condition which Ural egg tie language ' is common. But China and India U once is not the agglutination language. It is like that and the possibility maul lu U and is to the feature and. In afterwords there is to a grammatical structure and the possibility maul lu U gives and "+ necks to be few + freezing to death" it is. English with Chinese it is different or and with our language it is a same structure. There is to investigation () last and to the place where it does same the investigation of ancient times our language is remaining. The writer the possibility maul lu is it compares the investigation and our ancient times investigation, Recent times pu li from the college the possibility maul lu it receives a doctorate with U and it goes round and Professor all trillion evacuations researches deepening more and there is it announces. From here try to listen to one branch example. The possibility maul lu U initially the place 1 "Oh su as the as" () agrees with it of the Korean language. "To know a laundry initially and as laundry" to do and it is "as death from hunger" to do morning It does and the Asis which means the morning when it floats is originated from here. - phen Week: "Oh", from [ child ] it is visible it means this start [ morning ]. The possibility maul lu the fact that it provides the beginning of origin "endurance thu" is other than language. ' Endurance thu ' it is an artificial tower which it piles up with the brick. Of course bloom to be an origin of Mis, the changeover of Old Testament tower of Babel is different and the endurance which is not thu is. (Endurance thu = pyramid) ... Luckily the archeologists now Republic of Turkey and Mong, until the area the possibility maul lu with search the same ruins and it is the actual condition which they are putting out. (Mong from the maul which can be discovered lu with civilization the same remains the fact only is the possibility maul lu and the person whom it goes across from week admits and also it is one evidence. Ancient times Korea are become accomplished in 12 countries only in that "it is at week water tight li" the people to go toward the Mesopotamia (Republic of Iraq) area and, "the possibility maul lu the civilization" happens, The part of ancient times Koreans moves even with Mong high rank and it goes and it is to teach a civilization in that place people. "Water tight li" is "the smallness head" it moves the end which is with Chinese writing and with the fact that it writes it is visible. The smallness head river namely ' now there is Oo Soo Ha (under rainwater) ' at bay week. "It connects after culmination good intention grant" 5 things one middle-school the big household "right (Oo)" namely "the smallness household" was the thing comes out even to the textbook.) Before era around 3500 the area where a as expected that it has brilliant high-class civilization as expected U tin? That only possibility maul lu with Korea is to a point back which makes a grave chapter system, a pure market system, 60 position law and a highest map volition symbol with the Chinese phoenix, In the future the beginning of history characteristic of the ancient times Korean civilization and is coming to leave many times in the object of research. The Kim as a matter of one journalist (while holding office) - it will come with one shoes large philosophy and professor this news 2003/04/14 afternoon 2:44 2003 OhmyNews ............................................................ ............................................................ ....... The reference photograph - "there is to a bay week part of the delivery civilization pyramid" field It is to the bay week back "the delivery civilization pyramid" with the fact that it has been above the usual 5 millenniums which it listens to and 6 millenniums to reveal, the burden - by the Chinese archeology laboratory. - The contents where the Chinese mythical communication only part reveals a dignity fact excessively - http: // - phen - Civilization electric wave of ancient times Korea - possibility maul lu The British scholar "khu Rae me" by the excavation of the back "the head was black and (Black Headed People) it was East Asia and" it had this civilization and it came in and built the thing to reveal, the position possibility maul lu civilization... Even as oneth person "Mesopotamia civilization" this of world-wide 4 civilizations it does frequently. The possibility maul lu is and "it is at week water tight li" the people move in only ancient times and with the civilization which it builds they are visible... (Water tight li - ancient times one middle-school Korea 12 country.) Mesopotamia (the Republic of Iraq Baghdad area of now) has a civilization with the evidence and the possibility maul which comes in lu the people It is East Asia where the hair is black with it appears, (ruins excavation - the skull back) The end is the Korean language and the beginning of history, (The now similar thing is many. It is like that and the language scholars "with Ural U" of western Arab combine "," the winter bud hour self-will "egg tire Ural - even as the egg tire" the box. It is similar too much. Republic of Turkey and the Syria back area namely [ the Ural area ] only week, the Korean Peninsula back [ with the egg tie area ] the unit is distant only. huy It limits but and the end is similar. The possibility maul lu U knows Chinese with the Korean language is similar.) Is visible from the next picture this initial possibility maul lu the letter with ancient times Chinese writing is similar. (The people who made an original Chinese writing are Dong Yi In (the Korean race). The place which the delivery civilization starts only is A temper letters which are older the Huanghe basin than from week (primitive Chinese character) field this it is discovered.) Is like this the civilization is similar with each other Aren't the people whom it does not know well the possibility maul lu the thing where the civilization comes in toward East Asia U wife act is not are also people misunderstand. The possibility maul lu excavated a civilization already long before "sya nothing El khu Rae me" the back "It sees with the skull back and it is East Asia and the what kind of people whom it admits equip a civilization and appear suddenly and civilization two mauls which they build lu it is a civilization." It did in spite of... Yet... to be being also the people whom it does it appears the misunderstand. (Original the people who are not appeared suddenly in the surroundings and they lived, it does and khu Rae me "island" this of the human race it writes the expression which it does.) The possibility maul lu civilization (Mesopotamia civilization)"by the spirit of Hong Ig human being" from degree civilization anger it entrusts the world with the oneth person thing in one wild middle which it makes. To the lower part writing the possibility maul lu is and the features which reapects the rose of Sharon flower charge. - phen - Possibility maul lu -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The housing complexes the green onion it entered and it saw and the archeologists all of a sudden surprised and. When it sees now in the world history book and the reed Oh right lu the possibility maul of the area lu it comes out with initial civilization of mankind civilization that it is a civilization. Is initial civilization in spite of building one many to begin the building which is hundreds rooms, It accomplished the magnificent residential area and lived the fact was proven. More startling thing Already the sewerage facility at is perfect was perfected is fact that time. To be like this it made the waterworks and the sewerage. phu Is not the stick or the metal pipe, the bedspread, It roasts the ceramic ware and upper sewerage facility it is one thing. The still the monkey are not similar existence and to have the civilization which advances at altitude and to live they are. The possibility maul lu confronts to a civilization and me under the discovery public opinion which is startling most the possibility maul lu it is a discovery of letter. With it sees the bedspread where the together like this numerous clay petal is discovered, The word order (Soon - order end) is not this West or Middle East person end, The Korean language and first is similar the fact came to reveal. The sentence gives, + necks few + freezing to death pure and the bedspread, "" --, "" -- attaches toe hour of the backs and it composes an end, "" "Field, pat" as this "" "route as route" this, The father "Oh" it does from the house, when talking to south, "the father" it does, It will raise a high minute and when calling, "" after name, cut and paste. "Oh it will evacuate" "a sky and" as this it will do and "" a sky and and the end which raises a sky namely "Oh it will evacuate", "Oh as troublesome" this it does or. Quite plentifully there is a such end. Also the startling thing the flower where the people who live in this region reapect valuably "Rose of Sharon" Namely, "Sharon's rose" is. Also the nickname of Jesus is "Sharon's rose". It comes out to less than hymn 89 chapter? Scientific name of this flower the rain su khwu su Syria khwu su (Hybiscus syriacus) Deyo which is, It rightly is identical with the scientific name of the rose of Sharon flower. ............................................................ ............................................................ Ancient times the possibility maul which is one middle-school the Korea branch office lu proverb one. - phen - The possibility maul lu was and "the ground which had become civilization anger (civilized land)" as this it called the country of the themselves.



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