53:10673 Tas, R. F. J. The demographic development of the Suriname and Netherlands Antillean population in the Netherlands, 1971-1986. [De demografische ontwikkeling van de Surinaamse en Antilliaanse bevolking in Nederland, 1971-1986.] Maandstatistiek van de Bevolking, Vol. 34, No. 10, Oct 1986. 25-39 pp. Voorburg, Netherlands. In Dut. with sum. in Eng.
The dynamics of the population resident in the Netherlands of Netherlands Antilles or Suriname origin are described for the period 1971-1986. This population represented about 1.6 percent of the total population of the Netherlands in 1986. Consideration is given to differences in fertility and mortality between this population and the Dutch population as a whole.
Location: Princeton University Library (SPR).