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"Yonkers had the biggest group scoring in that range. One in four Yonkers
blacks scored between 55 and 64 while another one in four failed the test,
scoring below 55. One in five Hispanics scored between 55 and 64, while 29
percent scored below 55."


The only reason there may have been any Whites at all in this category is the intentional efforts of the schools to dumb down




Actually I think a failing grade should be 70.  The purpose of schools
is to train people to be able to understand the rules of society and how
to maintain the technology that allows society to work above the stone age
level so desired by the accursed liberals.

So why fill society with people who are total failures .... but refuse to
admit the truth because most of the failures are minorities.  A grade below
70 let alone below 65 implies a total lack of comprehension in the subject
so why not just fail all those with failing grades.....and work to make
a high school diploma worth something

As long as we continue the way we do now with a high school diploma meaning
nothing because it is given to everyone who attends ....even when they fail
then the kids who worked in high school and got useful grades have to spend
more tens of thousands to get a college degree so they can get a reasonable
job......and of course the same accursed obscene liberals who have destroyed
a high school diploma are working hard to destroy college diplomas by making
sure that those who are in the top ten percent of horrible high schools
the average grade is failure based in comparision with good high schools can
still gain college admittance


Raising passing grade to 65 will hit hardest on racial minorities
(Original publication: April 21, 2003)

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.Raising passing grade to 65 will hit hardest on racial minorities
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New York's ambitious drive to phase in some of the nation's toughest
high-school graduation requirements has come to a crossroads as state
educators decide whether to revise a policy that raises passing grades in
2004 from 55 to 65 for three of five Regents exams needed for a diploma.

The policy is crucial for the state's minorities, who comprise about
two-thirds of the students who scored between 55 and 64 on the state's 2002
English Regents exam.

State Education Commissioner Richard Mills believes the students can pass at
the higher grade, noting that achievement has been rising during the past
few years. Under present policy, by 2005, students will have to pass all
five subjects at 65.

"Schools have proved they can do it with strong leadership, well-prepared
teachers, and extra help for students who need it," he said.

But Regent Saul Cohen of New Rochelle said the Board of Regents, which sets
education policy for the state, is wary of mandating the 65 passing grade
because it could set up thousands of students for failure. The Regents are
awaiting more data for the 2003 tests before making a decision later this

"I am indeed concerned," said Cohen, who would also like the state to
consider averaging student scores on their five Regents, so that a student
who passes four tests at 70 and gets a 50 on the fifth test could still
graduate because he averaged 66 on the five tests.

"As far as I'm concerned, we should give the student the diploma," he said.

Under state policy, passing grades for the English, U.S. History and Global
Studies tests will rise to 65 in 2004, starting with the class of 2004, who
are juniors this year. In 2005, the passing grade will rise to 65 in Math
and science, too.

A look at 2002 results from the English Regents test, taken by 158,000
students who entered ninth grade in 1998, shows the challenge the state's
schools and students face if the passing grade is raised next year.

Statewide data show that about 10 percent of students scored between 55 and
64 on the English exam. Among racial and ethnic groups, 18 percent of
blacks, 17 percent of Hispanics, 10 percent of Asians and 6 percent of
whites, scored in that range.

The proportions were lower locally: Eight percent of all groups in
Westchester and 5 percent in Putnam scored between 55 and 64.

Yonkers had the biggest group scoring in that range. One in four Yonkers
blacks scored between 55 and 64 while another one in four failed the test,
scoring below 55. One in five Hispanics scored between 55 and 64, while 29
percent scored below 55.

At Woodlands High School in Greenburgh, 16 percent scored between 55 and 64,
while 12 percent, or 79 students, did so in New Rochelle.

Educators such as New Rochelle Superintendent Linda Kelly say the state
should keep the 55 passing grade for a few more years. She said colleges and
employers can take that into consideration when they look at a graduate's

She said that test scores also correlate with a student's socio-economic
background, with low-income students more likely to fail the tests. Seventy
percent of Yonkers students who scored between 55 and 64 were considered
economically disadvantaged, as were 38 percent of those in New Rochelle.

"It has to do with the economic resources available to these children," said
Kelly. "My view is that the 55 should be kept a bit longer until we know
that all students have the necessary resources to meet the 65. The 55 grade
has served them well. They are learning and doing well."

Others say it's time to move forward.

Just 10 of Mahopac's students - 3 percent of the test-takers - passed with a
55. Mahopac Superintendent Joseph Sabatella said it was time to move the
passing grade to 65.

"Knowing 55 percent of anything isn't a standard that I'd like to see kept,"
Sabatella said. "We need 65 to be the minimum."

In Yonkers, Superintendent Angelo Petrone said he believes Yonkers students
will make the 65 grade if they work harder, study longer, and prepare well
for the tests.

"We need to continue to raise the bar and make sure we are making a
statement," Petrone said. "What we are asking children to achieve should be
not difficult to reach."

Cohen said the Regents will study the issue this summer. For the past year,
he has asked the state to show whether the students who score between 55 and
64 mostly score in the lower range - in the mid-50s, or whether they are
close to 64. He said the Regents could compromise and make 60 the passing

"We could keep it at 55, look at it again in a few years, or make 60 the
cut-off," he said.



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