Nobel the jew


IF that snowball should actually happen to arrive in hell, Trump should treat the Nobel Prize with the same disdain he's rightly shown towards the WH Corespondents dinner by taking a pass on the prize and festivities..

Why should Trump accept a "Peace Prize" from the corrupted institution that previously awarded their "Prize" to Obama, Yasser Arafat, Le Duc Tho (Ho Chi Minh's successor), Kofi Annan, and especially the unrepentant Communist Mikhail Gorbachev, (while the Nobel Committee simultaneously snubbed Ronald Reagan), to name just a few of Nobel's past notorious winners?.. Oh, and let's not forget the resident New York Times' "genius" Paul Krugman, who's wrong about virtually everything, AND who proclaimed in 2016 that a Trump win would result in a Stock Market crash and a World wide economic collapse, AND who had previously been awarded the Nobel Prize for economics!.. Sorry, but a big thanks but no thanks should be in order in the highly unlikely event that Trump should win the damn thing....




This is obviously far from the case. Jews are at the center of every creative, scientific, cultural, political, ideological movement and endeavor. Jews are over-represented as Nobel Prize recipients, winning at least 20% (that's 1/5) of all awards given to date. Jews founded Hollywood, and are today the dominant cultural influence in television, radio, cinema, journalism and theater in America and elsewhere. Jews are over-represented in all forms of medicine, in all the professions, in every sport, in modeling and fashion, in law-enforcement and the military, in political sex scandals, in new-age religion... In almost everything that represents the free world and all of its trappings, Jews are there.

The Nobel Committee is run by jews.


Why else would jews be 20% of Nobel Prize recipients, 99% of the reason every land they occupy from Israel to Miami-Dade is Intellectual Ground Zero, and only .3% of the world population?


Why else would they award Einstein the Nobel Prize even though they KNEW that Einstein had plagiarized all of "his papers" from White Europeans who'd published them 10-20 years earlier?


Why else would our own immigration service have believed just 80 years ago, from testing jews, that they were "feeble minded ... morons"?


Why else would morons who scored 466 on TIMSS, even lower than the US, be recipients of one fifth of the world's Nobel Prizes?


Why else would the Nobel Committee nominate the greatest war mongers in human history, Bush & Blair, for the Nobel "Peace" Prize?



Women Nobel Prize winners.