Nigger gumbel wouldnt' even like the SUMMER Olympics if he knew how under-represented niggers are there, too.


When we first made the observation that ALL of Africa, with 800 MILLION niggers, received only 12 Gold Medals in the SUMMER Olympics in Athens, in 2004,we assumed that ALL of these medals were won by niggers.


This compares to "only" five medals for Norway [with a population of 4 million].


BUT--six of these 12 Gold Medals to Africans were for SWIMMING!  Huh? Niggers who can swim? Not quite. ALL of the winners of these swimming Gold Medals in Africa were WHITES:

In Athens, a SUMMER Olympics, the following is the Gold Medal count:

ALL of Europe = 291
Norway = 5
Germany = 41
France = 21
Great Britain = 17
Sweden = 5
Russia = 47

Per capita? Norway with 4 million people won 5 medals or 1.25 per million.
ALL of Africa, with a population of 800 million niggers, won a mere 12
medals, or .015 medals per million niggers. This means that in the SUMMER
OLYMPICS, WHITES in nigger-free Norway win 83 TIMES as many Gold Medals per

Niggers are not just STUPID. Niggers are not just LOUSY sportsmen. Niggers
are TOO stupid to realize how LOUSY they are as sportsmen [or ANY human
endeaver they ever undertake].

OF COURSE you're going to find SOME way to blame it on honkies. We can hear
it already! "It was old White men who counted da metals", or "If old White
men didn't prevent us niggers from having free basketballs, we'd of wun more
metals", or "African niggers don't have as many Nike sneakers as old White
men"--or the best of all, Africa, with Kilamanjaro looming on the horizon,
"has no winter sports"--har, de, har, de, har.

John Knight

ps--oops, "swimming"? AFRICANS WON AT SWIMMING? Did you know that 5 of
those 12 Gold Medals Africans got were in SWIMMING?

Ho de do! These Africans weren't even niggers:

Athens 2004 Swimming 4x100m freestyle relay Men SCHOEMAN, Roland

Athens 2004 Swimming 200m backstroke Women COVENTRY, Kirsty
wswim_aub_kirsty_coventry_164w.jpg (51397 bytes)
Athens 2004 Swimming 4x100m freestyle relay Men TOWNSEND, Darian


Athens 2004 Swimming 4x100m freestyle relay Men NEETHLING, Ryk
sw.neethling.ryk.wc04.2.JPG (27227 bytes)
SCHOEMAN, Roland Mark

Gerhard Zandberg 003 A.jpg (22534 bytes)


FERNS, Lyndon

Athens 2004 Swimming 4x100m freestyle relay Men FERNS, Lyndon
ariz-lferns-102104.jpg (10067 bytes)


Even I'm embarassed for you niggers. It looks like NONE of the Africans who
won Gold Medals were niggers!

Man,oh, man. All those nice things I've said about niggers? I take it all



So what about the wrestling Gold Medal?  Well, that was an EGYPTIAN, and of course Egypt is IN Africa, but niggers are NOT in Egypt, and Karam IBRAHIM is an EGYPTIAN, not a nigger.




OK, so now we're down to ALL 800 million niggers in Africa receiving FIVE Gold Medals, compared to FIVE for little Norway?


Not so fast.


EL GUERROUJ, Hicham is from Morocco, and is an ARAB, not a nigger:





Nope.  Hicham got TWO of these remaining five medals, so niggers got THREE?






Well, well, well, ONE nigger from ALL 800 million niggers in ALL of Africa, won a GOLD MEDAL--for what?  RUNNING.


KEMBOI, Ezekiel









DEFAR, Meseret



In ALL of Africa, out of ALL 800 MILLION niggers, only THREE won a Gold Medal, for only ONE "sport"--running.


Not basketball!


Not baseball!!


Not soccer!!!


Not wrestling, not boxing, not swimming, not badminton, not shooting, not archery, not equestrian, not tennis, not bowling--JUST RUNNING!!