The Myth and Mythos of Osama Bin Ladin

Brought to you by the vagaries of "American" jews

  1. First of all, the president already proved he's willing to fake Osama Bin Ladin by releasing several years ago a "video tape" of someone who was proven NOT to have been him.
  2. Second of all, why should we now believe that Hollywood hasn't perfected his double and that the images we saw on national TV weren't that double?
  3. Third of all, we have now, and have had for 3-4 decades, the space based technology to monitor his every move, so if he REALLY exists, and if we REALLY wanted to kill or capture him, that would have happened years ago.
  4. Fourth, after the most massive criminal investigation in human history, even after abandoning any possible remaining constitutional rights based on the EXCUSE that we're "fighting terrorism", not a SINGLE Arab or Muslim in the entire world has ever been CONVICTED of the crimes we [read: our crypto-jew president] claim they committed.
  5. Fifth, even IF guilty as charged, even IF every single one of the 3,000 American lives lost in 911 can be tied directly to Osama [even though he DENIED responsibility, and even though he pointed us to the Israeli regime as the REAL criminals here], according to FBI statistics, the REAL terrorists are right here, at home, already within our borders, already committing GENOCIDE, against both blacks and Whites, at a RECORD pace:

In just 4 decades, American blacks MURDERED 600,000 Americans (180,000 of them Whites), and killed another 1.2 million of them in traffic accidents (360,000 of them Whites, for a total of 540,000 Whites).

American blacks killed 600 TIMES as many Americans as Osama bin Ladin, Saddam Hussein, the 19 Arab suicide bombers, and the rest of the 1.2 billion Muslims of the world, COMBINED [and even if we were to include the 2,000 soldiers who died in Iraq as a result of a presidential sized LIE (which we WON'T, American blacks are STILL 360 TIMES more dangerous to Americans than all 1.2 billion Muslims in the world].

If news coverage of this crime of genocide against the American people by blacks were to be equivalent to that for Osama, it would have to increase by a factor of 13,574 TIMES.  If media coverage were to increase to a level commensurate with the 600 TIMES greater likelihood of blacks than Muslims to kill Americans, it would have to increase by a factor of more than 8 MILLION.

12.2 million hits on Google for "Osama bin Ladin"

887 for "black homicide"

13,754 factor

x 600 = 8,252,400

When Google is searched by news network, it turns out that the network least likely to address black homicide is ABC, whose coverage of Osama exceeded that of black homicide by a factor of 11,589, compared to "only" 7,295 by CNN and 7,511 by NBC.

black homicide

CNN = 244

ABC = 151

NBC = 225

Osama bin Ladin

CNN= 1,780,000

ABC= 1,750,000

NBC = 1,690,000


CNN = 7,295X

ABC = 11,589

NBC = 7,511

Are people really this more likely to want to hear news about Osama than black genocide?  Is it really supply and demand which caused such a huge disconnect between media mythology and world reality?

No.  The news media clearly has an agenda, and that agenda includes dragging us, kicking and screaming, into world war three.  There's no rhyme nor reason for a real patriotic American to listen to a news source with a KNOWN 8 million times bias against ONE man, no matter who he is or was. This biased agenda is set by alien enemy foreigners who HATE us and want nothing less than our total destruction, which is the only possible outcome of taking on the 1.2 billion Muslims of the world.

It's not Muslims that the jews hate the most--it's US.  It's not the Arabs or Iranians who the jews want DEAD--it's US.  This has nothing to do with "jews" retuning to some "homeland" in "Israel", and everything to do with true Israelites being driven from their new homeland:  America.   This is a repeat performance of the stories told time and again in the Holy Bible.