When you complained about my "typo of the word 'public' where you seemed to miss the letter l in the middle of the word", you should have at least realized that I called our "schools" of education "pubic schools" for a reason. This was no typo.

When you bragged that "sure i coudl take the time and straighten everything out to make it more valid in your eyes", I was truly flattered that you considered that using proper grammar would make you more "valid in [my] eyes". But that's not the point, and there's really no way to make your pronouncements more "valid", in anybody's eyes. The point is that your writing is already barely intelligible, so the very least you could have done to prevent anyone on this forum from misunderstanding what you're saying is to correct the voluminous grammatical and spelling errors.

Failing to do that one simple thing would have discredited any possible validity of your critique, except that the statement "less than one percent [is] a negative percent, and a negative percent is an impossibilty in this instance" already made the case.

At the risk of blowing your fuse, what do you think "1/2%" is? Is it a negative number? Is it not "less than one percent" in your village? Is a 1/2% of something an unachievable figure in niggerland?