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I still haven't stopped laughing.

First, these jew cowards who tried to frame Saddam as even more cowardly
than themselves by gingerly stepping out of a hole and handing himself over
to the jews who run the Bush Administration failed miserably in the attempt.

To really add fuel to the fire, they used a picture of a Hollywood actor,
probably the same guy they used to simulate Osama bin Laden, who doesn't
even look a bit like Saddam.

Then they threw in a pile of dollar bills which would be worthless in Iraq,
as if though it wouldn't be suspicious to show up in Iraq with a brand new
US hundred dollar bill and try to buy a banana with it.

Nothing in human history has ever received more video coverage than this
phony baloney "war" in Iraq [it's not a "war", it's the blatant overthrow
of a sovereign foreign power with no declaration of war by Congress], yet
we saw not a foot of coverage of this "capture" of Saddam?  Why?

Even before noticing the innocent little palm tree in the background, this
photo was obviously staged:  the overturned trash can to make us think
Saddam couldn't even throw away his garbage properly, a whimp whose own
sons went out in a blaze of glory yet is now begging for his life, probably
still wearing the same Fruit of the Loom underwear he bought in his actor's

And now the problem with the palm tree );

Why would the US government, with ALL the resources they have at their
disposal, STAGE such an event more than two months prior to announcing it
to the press?  With all the experts we pay trillions of dollars to to
defend us from innocent children in Iraq, HOW could they have overlooked
that this innocent little palm tree proves that the photo was taken before
October, two months ago?

This innocent little palm tree will go down in human history as the tree
that took the jew Bush down, and put this putative Christian nation on the
road to recovery.

At 06:18 PM 12/20/2003 +1030, Adelaide Institute wrote:
>By: Mohammed A. Hegazi
>The palm tree, known to botanists by the Latin name Phoenix dactylifera, is
>an ancient tree that has been grown in Iraq for thousands of years. There is
>about 450 varieties (cultivars) in Iraq. They vary in size, shape and
>The life cycle of dates begins with pollination. The waxy cream coloured
>pollen grains from a male tree are manually transferred to the small
>fragrant whitish flowers on female trees. These are borne on a branched
>spadix divided into 25 to 150 strands 30-75 cm long. In Iraq and the rest of
>the Northern Hemisphere, pollination takes place in spring. The ovaries of
>the female flowers then begin to swell and grow into that delicious fruit.
>The date fruit is initially green and astringent. It is not edible until it
>reaches full size and its colour becomes red or yellow, depending on which
>variety. The fruit is then fleshy and crunchy. Some varieties ripen earlier
>than others. We will assume for the purposes of this discussion that the
>yellow dates in the photo belong to the latest of varieties. We would then
>assume that the photo would have been taken in late September at most, when
>the fruit begins to change colour from yellow to brown.
>If the fruit is not harvested, it would fully ripen and fall off the tree in
>October. By the end of October, it would be a miracle if any of these yellow
>dates would still be staying on any palm tree in Iraq.
>However, the Pentagon spin machine is trying to dupe us all by telling us
>that this photo was taken in December. It shows two American soldiers
>lifting the lid off that elaborate "spider hole", where they claim they have
>found Saddam Hussein. Behind the two soldiers, a palm tree stands proud
>bearing its delicious yellow fruit. If that spin machine can lie against the
>testimony of that poor innocent palm tree, then that spin machine is capable
>of any fabrication.
>They also gave us an account of what happened on that day, and how the
>cowardly Saddam Hussein begged for his life. But they never told us why they
>failed to capture that historic moment on video. It would have been quite
>convincing if we could hear the man or see him with his hands up, like we
>have seen that proud palm tree showing its yellow dates. Instead, we could
>only hear the yelping of Jewish presenters on CNN and Fox News gloating over
>the successful operation. We also heard later of how Ariel Sharon spent the
>night in Baghdad celebrating with his American subordinates.
>If they lied about the time they captured Saddam Hussein, it would be sound
>to assume that the story they are telling us about his cowardice is sheer
>fabrication. The man would never surrender unless he was gassed before they
>grabbed him. He would have been aware of the level of American brutality as
>demonstrated in the rare photos slipping off Guantanamo Bay. He must have
>thought over again and again his reaction to that critical moment, while
>contemplating in his hideout. His reaction would surpass that of his brave
>sons, who commanded respect holding at bay several hundred cowardly US
>invaders, before their bodies were riddled with bullets, beyond recognition.
>Such would be the bravery of a man of the calibre of Saddam Hussein.
>Only one simple detail escaped the Pentagon spin machine: Palm trees never