greenEyes5552: lol mag.. no respector of person lol

greenEyes5552: not have respect lol

jeremiahs: heh

Butch2rr: Dusty when are you going to let your hair grow out?

magilla_4: heheh green i got it now

dusty_154: butch its down to my butt now

greenEyes5552: gooood lol

Butch2rr: hhehhee

Edlijah: I get tongue tied...hehe...when I get on the mic...

Edlijah: LOL...

Edlijah: I'm more of a typer...

greenEyes5552: took long enough lol

Butch2rr: short back hey

jeremiahs: heh, edli

Edlijah: Hi!

Vancleve: stage fright Edijah!!

magilla_4: Exod 2:25 25 And God looked upon the children of Israel, and God had respect unto them. (KJV)

aaron berry 03: ok go edijah


Edlijah: I always thought TRUE Israel was Christ's people.... and the Kingdom to come, etc...

jeremiahs: edijah is cc's twin brother );

aaron berry 03: ur rite ed


greenEyes5552: yep he did ..........he has no respector of persons between the tribes of Israel. magilla......

aaron berry 03: go on


magilla_4: Deut 1:17 17 Ye shall not respect persons in judgment; but ye shall hear the small as well as the great; ye shall not be afraid of the face of man; for the judgment is God's: and the cause that is too hard for you, bring it unto me, and I will hear it. (KJV)

dusty_154: butch are you being offensive

Butch2rr: not me

greenEyes5552: magilla.. that was to the tribe of Israel

Edlijah: We are the true Israel, but yet we've let people come here and start to outlaw prayer and the Bible, and to destroy the family.....

David A Crowton: shalom

jeremiahs: hello, hubie, and David

jeremiahs: how are you

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Coheirs: shalom david

Butch2rr: I just want all Israelite women to have long hair and be in the commandment ...

greenEyes5552: shalom david

visable_5: aaron, who isthetruetribe of israel and where arethey now?

Edlijah: Most churches in my area are just 501c3s... brainwashed, worldly churches that aren't even real churches...LOL

greenEyes5552: Butch.. I have long RED hair. .okay lol

visable_5: aaron, who is the true tribe of israel and where are they now?

Coheirs: yeah thats terrible edlijah

Edlijah: I have short red hair, greenEyes... hehe

jeremiahs: you're from ok, eh, edij?

magilla_4: Deut 16:19 19 Thou shalt not wrest judgment; thou shalt not respect persons, neither take a gift: for a gift doth blind the eyes of the wise, and pervert the words of the righteous. (KJV)

magilla_4: no bribes

Edlijah: No, from southern Indiana....

magilla_4: ed im from indiana

Butch2rr: Paul taught that a woman should NOT cut her hair....

Edlijah: Oh? Great!

visable_5: thanks aaron

David A Crowton: i lived in Oklahoma

dusty_154: Butch who cares

David A Crowton: just moved to missouri

aaron berry 03: i do to crowton


Butch2rr: God

aaron berry 03: oh ok


greenEyes5552: magilla.. that is what the judges have done in the usa.. they have taken the bride and would not give the righteous judgement

greenEyes5552: I am in Missouri

David A Crowton: kool

Coheirs: thats good david

greenEyes5552: where in Missouri david.. I am in Monett

aaron berry 03: cant hide from the truth ed


David A Crowton: i live near springfeild

magilla_4: taken the bribes u mean hehehe

Butch2rr: its a commandment from a treu Apostle, given to him of God...

greenEyes5552: ohh magilla.. now you going to critique my typing lol

learner 2-1-1: I`ll be away a few minites .

greenEyes5552: l learner 2 -1-1

greenEyes5552: oops I meant ok

greenEyes5552: when did you move to missouri david

aaron berry 03: dont be gone long learner


Butch2rr: LOng hair on a woman is a product of holiness

aaron berry 03: ur an asset to this forum


greenEyes5552: were you here for the big tornado's

Edlijah: Are the Khazars Turkish people? Aren't they most of the folks in the "political" Israel in the Middle East?

David A Crowton: imoved there 2 months ago

David A Crowton: I am studying with a minister

David A Crowton: in missouri

greenEyes5552: ahh are you close to Marionville...

Edlijah: :o0

David A Crowton: maybe

David A Crowton: aint sure

greenEyes5552: lol okay

Coheirs: if u need to keep your place secret it ok

Edlijah: I'm learning... and un-learning too... lol

David A Crowton: I am near AVA

Coheirs: i understand how m uch u have suffered

Edlijah: LOL, Aaron... Good one!

David A Crowton: mansfeild

Coheirs: keep secret

greenEyes5552: ahh you are north of Monett

visable_5: interesting

greenEyes5552: I am 50 miles west of springfield

Coheirs: race is doing a fine job

aaron berry 03: zak join in here bro


David A Crowton: yes I was near the twisters

dusty_154: brb

aaron berry 03: where u at


aaron berry 03: hurry dusty


Edlijah: You get banned too quickly....

David A Crowton: we can study together green eyes

greenEyes5552: I am 7 miles from Pierce City

aaron berry 03: u'll miss something if u gone long


magilla_4: texas u there

magilla_4: can i pm u

greenEyes5552: your up a ways on 97

aaron berry 03: go


jeremiahs: go, visable

Edlijah: I get accused of being hateful, when really I wish everyone could be saved and follow Christ... It's more LOVE than hate...

aaron berry 03: howdy


aaron berry 03: visa


greenEyes5552: wow you have a low voice

David A Crowton: i am 45 from spring

jeremiahs: well, welcome to the House of Israel


greenEyes5552: yep but you are north of springfield and I am west of springfield

visable_5: thank you

David A Crowton: i will come see you

David A Crowton: no i am east of spring

greenEyes5552: lol david I would have to ask my husband...... I don't do anything without him knowing... I love my husband :)

David A Crowton: wel i would bring my wife

Edlijah: God gives a good description of the true Israel in the Bible, and it fits America more than it does the political Israel, I think...

aaron berry 03: where u from visa


aaron berry 03: england


greenEyes5552: wow now that sounds wonderful

jeremiahs: w/b twister!@

aaron berry 03: ok u found home visa


aaron berry 03: ok good


aaron berry 03: we have a lot of visiters


greenEyes5552: sorry for me being suspicious.... I am very cautious..

aaron berry 03: from th uk


jeremiahs: exactly, visable

David A Crowton: i want to have a weekend of a beleivers get together

Edlijah: Yes, they promote "DIVERSITY" when they live here, but ever notice how "diverse" the Israeli government is? LOL

jeremiahs: good to see you, visable

David A Crowton: i have 65 acres we can use

aaron berry 03: welcome aboared visa


mocha4421: b

Watchman9: Nope

greenEyes5552: wow that would be awesome

Watchman9: I go there

Watchman9: social issues

Edlijah: Yes, are right.

Coheirs: i go to social issues to

Watchman9: I was in the Boycott jewish products room

jeremiahs: that's what we're doing, visable, on the net

magilla_4: 1285 beriyth (ber-eeth'); from 1262 (in the sense of cutting [like 1254]); a compact (because made by passing between pieces of flesh): -confederacy, [con-] feder [-ate], covenant, league.

Edlijah: All the media, etc. And they are the ones practically shoving sex down the kids' throats--because sex makes $$$.

aaron berry 03: yes ed


Watchman9: ish

aaron berry 03: bingo



aaron berry 03: brb


greenEyes5552: David Yairdy is still sending me emails.... I like hearing from him

Coheirs: i'm thinkin g about joining his site

greenEyes5552: yep .... us Irish know this :)

visable_5: yes

Edlijah: This is sort of a heavy-duty thing I found. I hope it isn't too off topic. I'm not anti-Jewish, but I'm sort of anti-Zionist...

Watchman9: My Irish family knew

greenEyes5552: Watchman are you Irish toooo

Watchman9: Yes

greenEyes5552: I am Scot Irish... but hey.....still the same house lol

Edlijah: I have a lot of Scotch-Irish in me, green, with some English and a pinch of German, etc.

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Watchman9: ED LIE JAH

Watchman9: Like that

Edlijah: I guess I meant that if a Jew comes to Christ and gets saved, then that's great...etc.

greenEyes5552: don't know about the rest . just know I have Irish in me...... and I have Scot in me .. the rest .. could be there also.. but I know my grandmother was Irish

Edlijah: Then that's scary.. LOL

visable_5: but are all jews zionists?

David A Crowton: please go to www.davidschildren and read the website about my 3 small children who are in a fosterhome with a convicted child molester and if you are lead please contact the governor of michigan ..... as a brother i ask you to stand with me .... go to


Edlijah: Yes, I used to think they believed the Old but not New Testament, but I'm finding out that the Talmudist ones never even believed in the Old one...etc.

Edlijah: They get disowned completely by their families if they try to become Christians...

Watchman9: LOL

greenEyes5552: yep.. Ed lija

Watchman9: Mine is down all the way

Watchman9: I Big Boyy

greenEyes5552: watchman mine are up all the way and they still say they can't hear me lol

Edlijah: We only have about three churches in Indiana that aren't 501c3 corporations, and they are all on the government's watch-list for being "radical." LOL.. Isn't that sad?

mocha4421: lol

jeremiahs: oops, go watch

jeremiahs: hey

Edlijah: Their only crime is believing in the Word...

Coheirs: yes edl

jeremiahs: great

Edlijah: They can kill me if they want, because Christ said they'd hate me for his sake any way...

jeremiahs: heh

jeremiahs: (;

Edlijah: I'm still learning, jeremiah... :o)

greenEyes5552: lol watchman

Coheirs: yes and knowing that if they were 501c then the gov would make gag rules for their preachers

Edlijah: By the way, I had a couple direct ancestors named Jeremiah... hehe.. I always liked that name, and Elijah too.

magilla_4: Most Holy Father and Lord, we know and from the chronicles and books of the ancients we find that among other famous nations our own, the Scots, has been graced with widespread renown.

David A Crowton: please go to and read the website about my 3 small children who are in a fosterhome with a convicted child molester and if you are lead please contact the governor of michigan ..... as a brother i ask you to stand with me .... go to


Edlijah: Great... would be neat.

David A Crowton: i would

Edlijah: Yes... thanks.

magilla_4: They journeyed from Greater Scythia by way of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Pillars of Hercules, and dwelt for a long course of time in Spain among the most savage tribes, but nowhere could they be subdued by any race, however barbarous.

Coheirs: yes magilla, my family line goes back to Robert the Bruce

magilla_4: u all reading that

magilla_4: good co wow

magilla_4: They journeyed from Greater Scythia by way of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Pillars of Hercules, and dwelt for a long course of time in Spain among the most savage tribes, but nowhere could they be subdued by any race, however barbarous.

greenEyes5552: renown.. what does that mean magilla.. now remember I am simple minded

Watchman9: Jere butch could'nt hear ya ya to Low LOLOL

magilla_4: Thence they came, twelve hundred years after the people of Israel crossed the Red Sea, to their home in the west where they still live today.

aaron berry 03: BAK


dusty_154: ahahahahahahaha

Coheirs: yeah mag, i reading it, its fascinating

Edlijah: Is this room always here? I've never seen it before... I'm usually in one of the conspiracy forums... lol

Watchman9: OK shhh

jeremiahs: <>

dusty_154: wb aaron

aaron berry 03: ty dusty


jeremiahs: outstanding, DAvid

magilla_4: ed we in christian section tho look there ok

greenEyes5552: magilla. WHAT web site is that

Coheirs: thats great david

magilla_4: green i send it ok

jeremiahs: are you familiar with Pamela Gaston, and the Christine's?

Edlijah: OK, magilla. Thanks...

greenEyes5552: okay.. waiting. now don't make me wait long lol

Coheirs: no jeremiah

greenEyes5552: AMEN jeremiah

greenEyes5552: wow that was fast. thanks

magilla_4: come on green im fast ok

magilla_4: hehehee

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Watchman9: to loud

jeremiahs: heh

aaron berry 03: lol


dusty_154: shuuuuu

dusty_154: better

fluffy45_1: im back

fluffy45_1: hello everyone !!!

David A Crowton: lol

David A Crowton: lol

David A Crowton: lol

dusty_154: hahahaahhahahaa

aaron berry 03: lol watch


jeremiahs: heh

David A Crowton: i love him

learner 2-1-1: Be careful i`m back

aaron berry 03: LEARNER


aaron berry 03: WELCOME BAK


aaron berry 03: UR AMONG FRIENDS


David A Crowton: i am gonna lay down

David A Crowton: tired

fluffy45_1: watch , what are u on rofl

dusty_154: hahahhahahahahahaha

aaron berry 03: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


fluffy45_1: hahahaahaha

fluffy45_1: watch is mag

aaron berry 03: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


fluffy45_1: lol

David A Crowton: 11 hours of passing flyers

Coheirs: good nite david

Coheirs: Yah bless

David A Crowton: will be back

learner 2-1-1: Someone strip a gear in here ?

aaron berry 03: NITE DAVID


Coheirs: ok david

David A Crowton: just a nap

aaron berry 03: U'DE THINK SO LEARNER


dusty_154: david you leaving

fluffy45_1: hi david and bye

dusty_154: yep

fluffy45_1: blessings too

jeremiahs: got your address, David

fluffy45_1: stop it watch

Coheirs: yeah hes gotta nap

magilla_4: i was

fluffy45_1: lol

magilla_4: ok

jeremiahs: heh

fluffy45_1: man oh man



aaron berry 03: LOL


Coheirs: its good he isnt blowing our speakers now

jeremiahs: heh

fluffy45_1: u sound like a obscene phone caller

fluffy45_1: lol

fluffy45_1: oh yeah

Coheirs: thats good mag

fluffy45_1: mag

Watchman9: Yep

jeremiahs: sounds good mag

aaron berry 03: U GUYS ARE CRACKING ME UP


fluffy45_1: hehehe

jeremiahs: perfect

dusty_154: not much better

aaron berry 03: good mag


greenEyes5552: it is really good

learner 2-1-1: Is this a funny farm ?

Coheirs: i want it

Watchman9: Yes

fluffy45_1: lol watch

greenEyes5552: we are sharp people lol

aaron berry 03: i have the writting by capt


greenEyes5552: right watch lol

fluffy45_1: lol green

fluffy45_1: and watch

Coheirs: my family name is sharp

fluffy45_1: by golly

Edlijah: God also saved them from the Roman Church...and not long after they started coming over here...

greenEyes5552: hey fluffy when did you get back

fluffy45_1: hehe co , for real

dusty_154: hi fluffy

fluffy45_1: i just did green

fluffy45_1: hi dusty

dusty_154: can you hear me

magilla_4: co accept it

fluffy45_1: hi green

greenEyes5552: wb fluffy

fluffy45_1: nope i cant hear u dusty

magilla_4: take off firewall

magilla_4: if u hav4e to

fluffy45_1: thnks green

dusty_154: fluffy i'm not talking

fluffy45_1: :)

dusty_154: he he he

fluffy45_1: hehe i know

fluffy45_1: dusty

greenEyes5552: aaron you are breaking up

fluffy45_1: yeah u are arron

dusty_154: please hold still aaron

fluffy45_1: hey race !!!!!

jeremiahs: as dusty says "hold still clay"

fluffy45_1: how the heck are u

jeremiahs: oops, aaron

fluffy45_1: hehee jere

aaron berry 03: wha wha wha


aaron berry 03: lol


dusty_154: ty aaron for holding still toward the end

fluffy45_1: yes

fluffy45_1: he here

fluffy45_1: but not talking

magilla_4: he busy in other room

greenEyes5552: well I could not understand a word you said aaron.. not a good thing lol

fluffy45_1: lol\

fluffy45_1: hmmmmmmmmmmm

magilla_4: leave him alone

fluffy45_1: i wonder

greenEyes5552: I dont' like to interpret what you are saying lol

fluffy45_1: hahaha mag

RACEisImportant: WHAT??

greenEyes5552: Where did the radical go jeremiah lol

jeremiahs: a zacattack

RACEisImportant: Rom 9:3 For I could wish that myself were accursed from Christ for my brethren, my kinsmen according to the flesh:

jeremiahs: we need a zacattack

jeremiahs: heh

aaron berry 03: yes


fluffy45_1: ROFL

fluffy45_1: HAHAHAHA

fluffy45_1: STOP IT ZAK

jeremiahs: );

aaron berry 03: yes



jeremiahs: sheesh, it MUST be LATE );

dusty_154: Race don't forget to add at the people

aaron berry 03: yep


greenEyes5552: ZAk is that you

aaron berry 03: hear, hear race


greenEyes5552: lol

RACEisImportant: Rom 9:4 Who are Israelites; to whom pertaineth the adoption, and the glory, and the covenants, and the giving of the law, and the service of God, and the promises;

Edlijah: Jeremiah, these pictures are really neat... Did you say you went there?

jeremiahs: just did, edlijah

jeremiahs: a month ago

greenEyes5552: Here I was looking for the radical . and you know what .. there you are Zak lol

Edlijah: Neat...

jeremiahs: there are 30 stones with writings on them that we need to translate

jeremiahs: only two have been so far

aaron berry 03: bravo zaka


greenEyes5552: THE SEED...... :)

greenEyes5552: and the seed is linage

Edlijah: I think this "Faith-based Initiative" the government is doing now is just building the World Church of Anti-christ....

jeremiahs: exactly, edlijah, you have that right