Parents versus Teachers



Issue Parents Public School Teachers
Bush's school voucher program Only 35% opposed
Gun control 11% want more "gun control" We have to get rid of guns
School discipline 84% are concerned about school discipline
Fear for safety of children at school 45% are worried
Prayers at graduation ceremonies 80% favor NO
Presence of religion in public schools 63% think there is too little "It's a violation of separation of church and state".
Quality of public school system Only 37% think it's acceptable "Why else would so many people come to the US?"
Prefer children go to private/parochial school 55% prefer private/parochial
Use race as factor in admissions to college 87% opposed Universities ignore taxpayers and use race anyway
Prayer in public schools 69% want a proposition Opposed, so prayer is against the law
School vouchers 56% want them Opposed
National standardized test 75% want them Opposed
Believe public education is worse 54% believe schools are now worse Don't have a clue
Want smaller class sizes 4% want smaller class sizes Making them as small as possible
Character education 90% want it taught in class Don't teach it
Teaching homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle 61% OPPOSED Teach it anyway
Teach creation 81% want creation taught in class Illegal
Adverse peer pressure 64% believe it is serious problem Perceive no problem