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In 3 decades of Criminal Justice System growth:

1) NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES QUADRUPLED -- Per the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the number of Criminal Justice Systems employees increased from 320,000 to 1,650,000, more than a quadrupling in the RATE of CJS employees per 100,000 population, while the  population increased from 189 million to 267 million.

2) MURDER RATE DOUBLED -- Per the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the number of murders increased from 8,000 to 22,000, more than double the RATE of murders after adjustments for population growth.

3) SOLUTION RATE FOR MURDERS DECLINED FROM 92% TO 62% -- Per the FBI Uniform Crime Report, the "solution rate" or the percentage of murders solved declined from 92% to 62%.

4) INCARCERATION RATE QUADRUPLED -- Per a recent Time article the US incarceration rate quadrupled to 4 times higher than both China and Hungary and 10 times higher than most other industrialized nations.

5) DNA EVIDENCE PROVED ONE THIRD NOT GUILTY -- Per Newsweek (Jan. 11, 1993, p. 64, Kevin Krajik) the FBI tested the DNA evidence of men ALREADY convicted of rape (based mostly on verbal testimony from victims) and found that in ONE THIRD OF THE CASES the DNA evidence from the crime scene did not match the person convicted.

6) MASS MURDERER HEADS UP JUSTICE SYSTEM -- Attorney General Janet Reno took "full responsibility" for the implausible and unnecessary slaughter of 84 innocent men, women, and children at Waco, effectively qualifying her as a "mass murderer". This leaves the US with the dubious distinction of being the first nation to promote a mass murderer to head the very organization which is charged with protecting citizens from murder.

7) New York Supreme Court Justice Phyllis Gangel-Jacob ("60 Minutes" -- Sunday, October 29, 1995) imprisoned a vicious criminal? No. She found one of those perhaps 88,000 murderers who went undetected in the last decade? No. She found one of those perhaps 300,000 rapists in the last decade in whose place we imprisoned the wrong guy? No. She imprisoned one of those perhaps 8 million deadbeat moms who go unpunished for their failure to honor simple child custody orders? No. What she DID do is reenact "debtors' prisons" by imprisoning a man who the justice system failed to support as a father -- by claiming that he owes a "debt". This "debt" consists of $500,000 in "child support", making it clear that "child support" is not to support children, but to impoverish and bankrupt men and fathers and their businesses and jobs, while enriching the legal community. Murderers and rapists are free in ever increasing record numbers, falsely convicted men remain imprisoned, and the full force and effect of the justice system is employed to imprison a men for a debt he can't pay, destroying legitimate, productive, taxpaying businesses in the process. What service has Gangel-Jacob performed for society other than to increase our tax base and destroy the ability of the producers in the economy to earn a living in the first place, reducing tax revenue?

Does the following sum it up?:

"In just 3 decades, 4 times as many employees, headed up by a mass murderer; with enormous computers and labs filled with the finest equipment your hard-earned tax dollars can buy; can't IDENTIFY ten times as many murderers now as they could with a quarter as many employees 3 decades ago; put away the wrong guy a third of the time; employ vast resources to unconstitutionally imprison producers and to destroy legitimate and productive businesses and the ability of producers to work; while creating the fatherless households which breed ever more criminals through its support of divorce and illegitimacy and other anti-fatherhood programs."