Never in the history of the United States has a private "US citizen" been idolized so much by the "news" media, than Daniel Pearl.

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Between the time Daniel Pearl was kidnapped on January 23, 2002 and later executed as a spy in Pakistan, and October 2003, more than 4,049,500 Americans died, and not a single one of them received a tenth as much news coverage as Daniel Pearl.  Of those, 54,080 committed suicide and 32,275 were murdered.  Where are their stories?  Of those who were murdered, 3,495 were "Whites" [read: Israelites, not jews] who were murdered by blacks and another 1,651 were Israelites [not jews] murdered by Mexicans, right here in the US.

Each one of those murders is about a hundred times more interesting, more important, and more significant to 209 million Israelites in the U.S., than a jew executed by Muslims as a spy in faraway foreign country like Pakistan.  And now his Negroid wife capitalizes on his death by getting PAID to write a book about this non-event, as if though this putative Christian nation should care about a story written by a Negroid about a jew.

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Why did the "news" media use this bad-hair-day photo of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, who allegedly slit Pearl's throat, while glorifying this heinous jew SPY with probably the only photo that didn't reveal his identity as a jew?  Just like Jonathon Pollard, spies like Pearl SHOULD be executed, and if Bad Hair Day Khalid did it, he should bepearl3.jpg (9400 bytes) praised for it, not beaten up in a Pakistani jail.  Pakistan is an ally and a functional society, not some dirt bag country we should even think about condemning for simply upholding their own laws against spying.  All we know is that Muslims executed a jew whose ancestors have never, ever in recorded human history creaed a functional society on their own, for doing something on Pakistani soil that they've been getting away with on US soil for a long time, and for which they must ultimately be punished--spying.