Pedophile Priests


I recently asked two Catholic (or ex-Catholic?) friends for their opinion about the Catholic Priests who had admitted to molesting their own member's children, both boys and girls.

The response was nothing like I had expected, because my own children are not in danger of ever being with homosexual priests, so my interest was purely academic and my own opinion was based only on media sound bytes, which at times had the appearance of protecting the criminals. 

They went on for more than an hour and said things that would be better served in an encyclopedia rather than a short, simple web page like this.  So I will try to condense their comments into a few words.  We all know that Scripture calls for all sodomites to simply be stoned to death, but this is not a point which was raised by any of us during their tirade.  They both agreed that if it was up to them, they would have:

  1. Hung them upside down from trees.
  2. Rammed long rods up their anus.
  3. Castrated them.
  4. Set their foliage on fire.
  5. Exiled them.
  6. Defrocked them.
  7. Publicly humiliated them.
  8. Thrown them in prison and throw the key away.

All of this made me realize just how much more humane Scripture is when it requires the following simple Commandment:

And a man who lieth with a male as one lieth with a woman; abomination both of them have done; they are certainly put to death; their blood is on them. Leviticus 20:13

In the abstract, this seems like a radical measure.  But when compared to what Catholics would REALLY like to do to pedophile priests, it's easy to see how they would have been outraged by the following utterance from their priest of priests, the pope:

" it could prove extremely useful that the general congregation reaffirm especially the pastoral care of homosexual persons"