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THANK YOU Drew ..could you please re-send this to the entire list I put in the CC header ?..you will NOT believe the photo that I have of Janet Phelan's FBI/CIA TRAITOR SNITCH Daddy-the DESPICABLE James R Phelan--likely a KNIGHT of MALTA but most certainly a KNIGHT of COLUMBUS....standing right next to JFK assassination KNIGHT of MALTA CO-CONSPIRATOR CLAY SHAW in a SOCIAL SETTING and having cocktails and chit chat with this FAGGOT who was a CIA ASSET--they OBVIOUSLY knew each other well...James R Phelan had KNIGHT of MALTA Robert A Maheu(FBI/CIA) as his DIRECT handler....James R Phelan was a GOVERNMENT SNITCH...(he was working directly for KNIGHT of MALTA JFK assassination CO-CONSPIRATOR Henry R Luce..TIME/LIFE--media mogul)....James R Phelan was MOST responsible for DESTROYING the Grand Jury and Trial of Clay Shaw(CIA) of JIM GARRISON and I have extensive info on this as well---PHELAN testified FOR Clay Shaw at the Trial of Shaw in New Orleans and it was PHELAN who was instrumental in a "not guilty" verdict being rendered by the jury...Jim Garrison DESPISED James R Phelan and called him a WORM who caused him the GREATEST PROBLEMS...James R Phelan is also who CREATED the "MYTH of HOWARD HUGHES" by writing two books that then became "FACT" around the World about the years preceding and up to and after the death of Howard Hughes which is 90 % FALSE....BOB MAHEU(FBI/CIA) was assigned to takeover the HUGHES EMPIRE by orders of the CIA and while MAHEU was in the DIRECT employ of ARISTOTLE ONASSIS at the SAME time he was being PAID by HUGHES to "run" his Worldwide operations....I have much MORE on this,Drew,and and will you now HELP ME in exposing the AGENDA of Janet Phelan further ?..Janet Clare Phelan IS A DANGEROUS LIAR and SHE IS BAD NEWS...BTW..I'm a friend of Lisa Guliani (WINGTV)


Tim  White      SEMPER FI !


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YES, Tim, I agree with you 101%,

     I had interviewed her on my show(3) and upon listening for improvement and possible reinvite I found some major discrepancies with what she was  offering to the public.  I went on and corrected them and ignored them as harmless mistakes by Informing Janet, then found her not correcting them upon subsequent internview nor had she corrected herself during shows on other networks, I have since removed her from my guest list or providing links to her shows on my N&V. 

    Our informational movement has others out there and advertisers also all of which need to be ferreted out and exposed, much like winged tv once did so successfully.


    Thank you for networking, 

                      Semper Fi,

                      Drew Malone; Raines III

                      U.S.M.C. 1967-1977

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       In Janet Phelan..you are dealing with a VICIOUS PATHOLOGICAL LIAR(exactly as her father was) and I have EXTENSIVE information from not only myself as one of her targets of her LIES,LIBEL,and SLANDER..but from numerous other people who I know who have/had the SAME experience with this NUTCASE...I would strongly suggest,John,that you spend the necessary time to look into the background of Janet Phelan further before you get involved in ANY way with her and especially ON AIR on her "radio show" tomorrow on the WWW.MICROEFFECT.COM <http://www.microeffect.com/>   network...she will use you for the "credibility" that she herself does NOT HAVE....she has already been thrown off of other programs and networks for LYING and causing other troubles--just to let you know....I will be supported 100 % by others who are receiving this--some of whom have received this a number of times but the issue of EXPOSING Janet Phelan for what she IS is a continuing effort that I and others will NOT relent from doing...




Tim White,Viet Nam Vet(USAF)

Concerned Citizen,Researcher,Investigator,Whistleblower