Universities reject 97% of the most qualified applicants: WHITE MALES


Most of our testing organizations have become bastions of feminism, teaching "gender equality" AND  "racial equality" at the same time that their own tests prove that the gender and race gap are INCREASING, dramatically.

But not even their tests demonstrate the REAL sex differences as well as actual scores of actual applicants at our universities.  For example, at a time when 55% of college admissions were women, only 10 of 244 applicants to the University of Texas were women and 234 were men.  More significantly, there were 8 male applicants for every one female applicant at the 650 score level, 60 at the 700 level, 32 at the 750 level, and 26 at the 800 level.  And there were no female applicants above the 850 level compared to 61 male applicants.

If this scenario is typical, and we have zero evidence that it's not, then to achieve 55% female admissions, our universities must reject 226 of the most qualified applicants [most of the male applicants] in order to accept the very least 10 qualified applicants, the female applicants, and only 8 male applicants.

Is it at all possible that our universities are routinely rejecting 97% of the most qualified male applicants in order to achieve their "gender" goal of "equal admissions" for women, and other "minorities"?

Not only is it possible, but with race traitors like Richard C. Atkinson at the helm, it's INEVITABLE!

And exactly WHO are the 97% who're DENIED admission to the very universities that their fathers and Forefathers spilt blood to create and protect?  WHITE MEN.



Distribution of GRE Physics Scores for 244 Applicants to the University of Texas, Austin  

Jennifer Siders

GRE Score Men Women % of Applicants % Women
>1000 4 0 1% 0%
>900 29 0 7.4% 0%
>850 51 0 12.9% 0%
>800 77 1 19.5% 0.25%
>750 109 2 27.7% 0.5%
>700 169 3 42.9% 0.8%
>650 224 10 56.8% 2.5%
bullet100% of the top 10 percentile of GRE Physics test takers are males.
bullet99.75% of the top 20 percentile of GRE Physics test takers are males.
bullet99.5% of the top 30 percentile of GRE Physics test takers are males.
bullet99.2% of the top 40 percentile of GRE Physics test takers are males.
bullet98% of the top 50 percentile of GRE Physics test takers are males.

Note: more than 55% of graduate school admissions are females.