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OUR Founding Fathers [that is the ancestors of we sovereigns, but nobody else, including jews and niggers] fought and spilt blood and died to protect OUR right to free speech, in particular OUR right to free *political* speech.  Of course such free speech does not include the right to blaspheme Our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ, which is why "free exercise [of relgion]" is in the very same First Amendment.

Those today who seek to censor such political speech are spitting in the Face of God, demeaning the blood of our Forefathers, and insulting veterans who fought so recently to protect this nation, an act that removes from them all right to protection under OUR U.S. Constitution.  By corporatizing such censorship, the first right they lose is free speech, particularly on OUR internet, particularly the internet paid for by OUR tax dollars and the blood of OUR ancestors.  ANY corporation which does business in OUR country MUST respect, honor, revere, and protect OUR right to political speech, and those who don't must be immediately unincorporated and decommisioned.

The treatment of Ron Paul, who's supported by 30-85% of "we the people" who hear him speak and debate, by so called "political pundits" who fancy themselves as the only experts on this subject in this country, crossed that line.  Their notion that a "mainstream media" poll which reports less than 1% for Ron Paul, is more accurate or representative of mainstream thought in this republic than dozens of internet-based polls which ALL put Ron Paul ahead of all other candidates by three to ten times, is censorship of *precisely* the political speech protected by the U.S. Constitution.

When a "political pundit" can demand on the air, live, that Ron Paul "apologize" for quoting, *accurately*, a CIA report, and GET AWAY WITH IT, we know that the corporate culture which created that monster is too corrupt to have any hope of recovery, and must be dissolved.  Such a culture of censorship by precisely those tasked with *accurately* reporting the NEWS is repugnant to EVERYTHING our Forefathers for the last 5,000 years [all the way back to Jacob] stood for.






danny debarred dobson, who was DEBARRED by fellow LIARS for being an even bigger LIAR than they, made the following comment:

Bullshit. Nobody is 'broadcasting' anything for the purposes of
solicitation; no one is soliciting anything from any individuals to have
their spam deposited in to ones private e-mail account.

Stop lying.

You are in breach peoples privacy; acting contrary the laws of the
land, of netiquette, civility and civilized nations.

Only a subscription to this forum was solicited.

Nothing more.

Keep your insane blatherings to the forum(s).

There is no need for you to be depositing your tripe in anyone's private
e-mail account directly. None at all.

That's the purpose of these forums.

Keep your unsolicited Hate Speech, Nazi propaganda and other such trite,
fringe garbage and racialist nonsense's out of my private e-mail account.



alan bstard wrote:
> Razl. You're email is public...not private. If you wish to have an
> email reserved for certain people, then don't broadcast it over the
> net. Issue that email to people on a needs basis!
> B


It is true that the Constitution's protection of political speech would protect foul mouthed MORONS like you, EXCEPT that "free exercise of religion" is in the VERY same Amendment, meaning that you are violating our RIGHT TO RELIGION when you claim a Christian is an anti-Christ jew pig "nazi".


Hitler was a KIKE.  Most of his top nazis were KIKES.  Most nazis today are KIKES. 


Claiming a White Christian Israelite is a KIKE crosses that line where you no longer enjoy that Constiutional protection.




Furthermore, as an expert *lawyer*, you must already know that you kikes are Fourteenth amendment creations to whom the Bill of Rights does NOT apply, whereas most of the CHRISTIANS whose religious rights you are insulting are SOVEREIGNS to whom the Bill of Rights DOES apply.


In addition to that, you must not ignore Alan's ever so polite warning about your FOUL mouth.