Accuracy of Internet Polls

Recent internet polls tend to be more accurate than news media polls


Take five minutes to complete the Poll on Exiling Blacks


The news continually broadcast that Proposition 209 in California to ban affirmative action was doomed from the start.  It won a landslide victory with 17% more voters supporting it than opposing it.

The Gallup Organization predicted disaster for the initiatives to ban gay marriages based on their poll which showed that only 36% supported such laws:

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State after state passed such laws with up to 70% of the voters supporting them.

The news media presents Gallup Polls in such a way that it appears that Americans favor abortion.  Internet polls show 57% believe abortion is murder and 73% oppose open ended abortion.

The news media reports that voters support even more government spending.   Internet polls report that four out of five believe the size of government should be reduced.

The news media uses Gallup Polls to support the idea that most people support the existing 23,000 gun control laws and want even more.  Internet polls report that less than 8% believe such laws are effective.

Relying solely on news reports you'd believe that prayer in school is something Americans don't care about.  Internet polls report that 80% of Americans want their children to be able to say a spoken Christian prayer to God in their public school classrooms.

Based on a biased worldwide news reporting system, the world believes that most Americans wanted to attack a small, insignificant sovereign foreign power like Iraq.   Internet polls show that two thirds to three quarters opposed it from the start.

With more than 45,000 murders in the US since Scott Peterson allegedly murdered his wife, more than a million web pages and a thousand news articles have been dedicated to his trial, compared to less than half as many web pages and less than 1% as many news articles to ALL of these 45,000 murderers combined.  The news studiously ignores the link between blacks, jews, and murder--while internet polls reveal that at three quarters of Americans want to exile jews and 89% want to exile blacks.

It's that last paragraph which the jews who now control our institutions want to make illegal.  If they have their way, this internet page will never be allowed.  The jews have succeeded in shutting down this web site more than 40 times, and they will continue to try to do so.  They just succeeded in shutting down both us and Jew Watch and continue to severely harass, persecute, and prosecute the author of Jew Watch as this article is being written.

Why are they so out of touch with the majority of Americans on so many key moral issues?

Because they're an alien enemy foreign power who has no right to be on our shores, who must be removed forthwith, and who owe us more reparations than they could ever hope to pay.

cares what religion they are