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By Joe Cortina


If you have EVER had ANY doubt of the godless hatred, war-mongering attitude of Fox news in their slavish support of the interests of Israel FAR AND ABOVE those of Christian America – or that FOX is owned, lock, stock and barrel, by America-hating, Christian-hating Zionist Jews...people who tirelessly push for more and more endless serial wars against countries that ARE NOT and never HAVE BEEN ANY threat to me or you or our families...but in reality ARE enemies of the secular, racist, Communist haven for criminals  - the Zionist regime in Israel –THEN read the above add.


It’s SOLE intent is in the promotion of endless serial wars in the name of Israel! – GIVE WAR A CHANCE’     A “CHANCE”? - for what? – to send home thousands more American sons in body bags – to die for Israel?  To finally get the rest of the world so angry that we are the most feared and hated people on earth.?  To make America into AmeriKa  - a nation of imperialist, war-mongering civilian murderers and war criminals?


AND in case you hadn’t noticed – the Jew now has equated war-mongering and war crime support as being the code of American ‘CONSERVATIVES’   A really stupid person can easily be identified as one who is too much of a moron to realize when he has been insulted.  I AM a REAL ‘conservative’ and a Christian and I do NOT appreciate Zionist Jews insinuating that I am a baby killer and approve of war crimes. So take your Zionist insults to decent Americans elsewhere.


Oh - BTW – this outrageous garbage was advertised right next to a racist "hate Islamic faith" article ( more below) by the Zionist Jew hate monger Dennis Prager.  In case you are not familiar with Prager’s hate columns, he is the Jew who despises Christian film maker Mel Gibson.  Prager openly showed his loathing for Gibson’s film of the Passion of Christ and even went so far as to mock our Lord by stating that he (the Jew Prager) personally felt like the suffering of our Lord on the cross was overrated as compared to the suffering of Jews in German prison camps. I kid you NOT!  In other words – as so commonly voiced by Jews – The suffering of just one Jew is more terrible and the suffering of all goyim (we non-Jew cattle)!  READ HIS REVIEW of BLASPHEMOUS JEW ARROGANCE FOR YOURSELF!


The Prager "hate the Islamic people" article actually compares Nazism and Communism to the Islamic religion!  Can you just imagine the howls from the Jew community if a prominent Christian writer were to compare Judaism to the NAZI agenda or the murderous mega crimes of Communism?  Actually of historic fact, of course, is the history of the Jewish origin of the ideology that proceeded to murder over two hundred million  INNOCENT CIVILIAN people world wide.  This treasonous AIPAC supporter, Prager, continues his hate diatribe with lies such as “Islamics love death more than life”.  Perhaps Prager should inform the loving parents of murdered Islamic children that his beloved Jews murder by the thousands in their Jew controlled concentration camps.  Prager is saying that Palestinians should NOT be showing such grief and emotion over their slaughtered children: a real life drama that unfolds every day in the occupied territories stolen by the Jews.


Oh  - and as a final parting last commentary of his racist hate diatribe – he makes this profound statement:  


The evils committed by Nazism and Communism were, of course, greater than those committed by radical Islam. There has been no Muslim Gulag and no Muslim Auschwitz.”


Quite correct Mr. Prager – but the IMPORTANT FACTS that you so cunningly deleted are that:




I have been inside the Israeli Gulags and witnessed the INCONCIEVEABLE sadistic brutality of the Jews against innocent helpless civilians – ESPECIALLY children.  I and other credible sources are available for interview on radio or TV or Congressional hearings regarding these Jew instigated atrocities and war crimes.


Just how many more examples of the corrosive effect that Jews have on our Christian traditions do we need?  What will it take to restore our freedoms and American goodness the way we used to be?  Public Prayer is now a crime. Public displays of Christmas are now a crime. Public display of the Laws of God are now a crime.  How many more examples -- assaults on America's culture -- do you need?    Ten  - a hundred – a THOUSAND?   WAKE UP AMERICA – before they control EVERYTHING.


Remember this: Next time you see one of those predictable Jew-sponsored "hate Islamic/Arab people" diatribes, IT WASN”T THE ARABS WHO DESTROYED THOSE ABOVE-MENTIONED FREEDOMS – AND COUNTLESS MORE -  IT WAS THE JEWS - PERIOD!


Joe Cortina