Harry Pregerson

kike extraordinaire



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Mayor [Tom] Bradley acting on Harry Pregerson's orders appointed to the
Police Commission their top accomplices in the Pregerson-Davidian
cocaine organization, Stanley Sheinbaum, Marianne Pfaelzer, Stephen
, etc., etc.


Millions of dollars of Pregerson's laundered cocaine money went to
Senator Joseph Biden, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee in
Wash., D.C.  Harry Pregerson was then elevated to the Ninth Circuit
Appeals Court, Stephen Reinhardt at the same time was also confirmed
to the Appeals Court and Marianna Pfaelzer was confirmed as a
District Court Judge.


The Federal Judiciary -- instead of operating as one of the three

branches of the Constitutional Government -- was subverted

into a giant business engaged in the national disgrace of

cocaine commerce, trade, banking and finances.


Engined by their tyrannical judiciary power --

the Ninth Circuit runs amok among the institutions of government,

the people and society with murderous frenzy.


Harry Pregerson is the CEO of this vicious Racketeer Influenced
corrupt organization.  He takes his orders from the Directors, George
Bush, William P. Clark and Robert Lagomarsino, who skulk behind

the scenes.


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Re: Harry Pregerson, Ninth Circuit:





Re:  Melvin Brunetti, Ninth Circuit:


Re:  Procter R. Hug, Jr., Ninth Circuit:


Re:  Richard C. Tallman, Ninth Circuit:


Re:  Sidney R. Thomas, Ninth Circuit:


Re:  Stephen S. Trott, Ninth Circuit:


Re:  Kim McLane Wardlaw, Ninth Circuit:


Sincerely yours,
/s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
Private Attorney General, Criminal Investigator and
Federal Witness:  18 U.S.C. 1510, 1512-13, 1964(a)


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> an Israeli mouthpiece.

Read down to the discussion of Mr. Biden ...

Sincerely yours,
/s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
Private Attorney General, Criminal Investigator and
Federal Witness: 18 U.S.C. 1510, 1512-13, 1964(a)
All Rights Reserved without Prejudice

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Subject: LAPD PATRIOTS' BOOK: N.W.O. Constitution written in 1950s
under George Bush Senior, Cheney, William Clark, Weinberger, Begin,
Berenson, Cohen, etc. drug trading, sex orgies, etc.
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This book is the true story of the L.A.P.D. in 1946 and how and why
it has become what it is ....

December 7, 1945, Gareth Wean, the author, a U.S. Navy Gunner's Mate
2/c was honorably discharged at San Pedro, California. He joined the
L.A.P.D. in February 1946 and graduated from the Academy.

Subsequently he was a Det. Sgt. with the Ventura City Police Dept.
and an Investigator for the Los Angeles District Attorney Bureau of
Investigation, the Criminal Intelligence Unit. September of 1966 he
became the Chief Investigator for the Ventura County Public Defender
until 1970.

Serial 4111

"George Bush, William P. Clark and Robert Lagomarsino deliberately
put William Clinton in as President to implement their New World
Order and make presidential orders and take the heat for his un-
Constitutional actions while they remained in the background.

Now that all these Presidential orders are in place and they can
blame someone else for them George Bush will put his own son in the
Presidency. They will control the World's oil, commerce, trade and

They will increase and build up the military and send our sons,
daughters and our grandchildren around the World to fight and die for
their New World Order and their oil."

My Report herein is of the greatest importance to each and every
L.A.P.D. officer. It involves their endangered pensions, their job
security and the welfare, health and happiness of their families.

In October 2000, six months ago I delivered a copy of this report to
the Los Angeles Police Protective League by Federal Express. A copy
was individually delivered to Ted Hunt, Pres.; Mitzi Grasso,
Director; and Enrique (Hank) Hernandez, League Attorney. (Signed
receipts are in my possession). I requested and demanded that the
three League Officers make all arrangements necessary and inform and
enlighten each and every Los Angeles Police Officer of all the
information contained within this file, including each and every
Exhibit. This is to prohibit any more innocent officers from being
railroaded as were Sgt. Koon and Officer Powell.

None of the League Officers responded. And though they secretly
revealed and discussed the facts in the Report with government
officials and setup strategies with certain politicians they
deviously withheld their clandestine acts from the L.A.P.D. Officers.
The Report follows:

Los Angeles Police Protective League, 1308 W. 8th Street, Suite 300,
Los Angeles, Ca. 90017

Ted Hunt, President Mitzi Grasso, Director Enrique (Hank)
Hernandez, League Attorney

In 1952 I was a Los Angeles Police Officer, Serial No. 4111, assigned
to Hollywood Division Patrol.

For various and specific reasons as related herein I was called into
the Watch Commander's Office by two Sgts. I was told that I had to
resign from the L.A.P.D. and that if I did not I would be fired and
would never be allowed employment anywhere again as a police officer.

I was told by the Sgts. that they had received orders to tell me I
had to resign. The orders came directly from Mayor Bowron and Chief
Parker and that Mickey Cohen and Harry Pregerson were behind it. The
Sgts. also told me that the Fire and Police Protective League would
not back me or help me in anyway.

I arranged to meet with the League Chairman and his assistant at L.A.
City Hall. They confirmed what the two Sgts. had told me and repeated
that they would not be allowed to help me, even though they would
like to.

I went to Personnel and talked with one of the head clerks. This was
Marge Garvin, a person I had known from school days. She became
highly upset when I told her a nonchalant story why I wanted to
resign. She couldn't understand why I would even think about giving
up my career with the L.A.P.D. and my pension. Close to tears she
went and got my file and looked through it. She said you have such a
good record and commendations, why are you doing this?

But I couldn't tell her, I knew that I had no choice if I ever wanted
to work as a policeman in another city. My pension money for over
fifty four years has remained in the fund and I was denied help and
backing by the Fire and Police Protective League to protect my job
and pension.

Since that time when I was forced to resign I have never once ceased
or given up my life efforts to regain my job with the L.A.P.D. and to
expose the reason why I was forced to resign. In 1992 Police Chief
Daryl Gates wrote a book he called `Chief, my life in the L.A.P.D.'
He wrote with great anger over the way he was being treated because
of the Rodney King affair. Gates was told by three members of the
Police Commission that, "The Commission is placing you on a sixty day
administrative leave of absence, pending a review of certain aspects
of the department and its management."

Gates wrote in his book, Quote, "I was crushed. I felt stripped of my
dignity and embarrassed beyond belief. You don't humiliate a person
without cause. You simply don't do that. I will never forget what
they did, never. I hope God forgives them, because I can't." Gates
further stated, Quote, "I prepared to file a lawsuit, I would sue the
city for violating my civil rights, my right to due process, and for
causing embarrassment, humiliation, etc.. I believe I could have won
a great deal of money, but that is not what I wanted: what I wanted
was my job back, and my dignity restored."

Aren't police officers entitled to `Due Process,' the same rights to
their job and pension as the Chief? Don't innocent, honest police
officers and their wives and family suffer humiliation and
embarrassment as the Chief does when threats and degradation are
dumped on them? It was Gates' friend and mentor, Chief William
Parker, who joined with Mayor Bowron and hoodlum gangsters and drug
peddlers Harry Pregerson and Mickey Cohen to force me to resign with

The Fire and Police Protective League refused to represent me, I
could not get a lawyer, my Pro Per lawsuits was dismissed. Compare my
position with Chief Gates, I didn't want to sue the city and take the
taxpayers money, all I wanted was my job back and my dignity.

Shortly afterward I took a job as Det. Sgt. with the Ventura City
Police Dept..I developed an intelligence connection with a Det. Sgt.
on the Santa Barbara City Police Dept. We met about every ten days
and exchanged information re: criminal and political activities of
organized crime. I was also coordinating this information with a
friend, a Det. Sgt. on the L.A.P.D. I learned that Chief Parker was
making secret trips to Santa Barbara and meeting certain people that
we considered professional con-men, they were conducting treasonous,
anti-American activities.

Ever since being forced to resign my job with L.A.P.D. I had suffered
tortured thoughts as to why Chief Parker had a hand along with the
likes of Harry Pregerson and Mickey Cohen in forcing me to resign.
And, what it had to do with crooks like Stanley Sheinbaum and two
more shyster lawyers, Norman Dorsen and Ira Glasser, who were
operating a Communist Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions
in Santa Barbara, which was a secret anti-Defamation League operation
with its headquarters in New York.

Sheinbaum, Dorsen and Glasser were powerful leaders of the ACLU. I
learned that what they were up to was writing a Constitution for the
New World Order. This was in the 1950's and George Bush and William
P. Clark were part of it in 1950. In 1990 Pres. Bush said,
quote, "Out of the Persian Gulf conflict there will emerge a New
World Order." Now he wants the American people to elect his son as
President to pound the New World Order into them.

Pres. George Bush's New World Order is the same New World Order that
Al Gore will smash America with. Their New World Order demands that
all civil police officers become federal agents.

It was arranged that on Parker's next trip to Santa Barbara he would
phone me and we would meet when he passed through Ventura. Shortly
before noon I got a call from Parker, he was in a restaurant a few
blocks from the Ventura Police Station. In front of the restaurant I
observed Parker's official car parked at the curb, I did not
recognize the driver who remained in the car.

Parker had been told that I had information on the people he had been
meeting in Santa Barbara that might be useful to him. This was the
only reason he condescended to meet me. We sat in a private booth and
I needled him -- I asked him what it was he was doing for these
crooks that made him so valuable to them -- was he giving them
confidential L.A.P.D. Intelligence information on important people
that could be used against them?

The accusation made Parker mad but he didn't walk out because he
still wanted what I knew about Sheinbaum, Dorsen and Glasser because
it might help him. When I told Parker that the people he had been
meeting with were treasonous, anti-American gangsters it didn't seem
to bother him, he said well, the three had promised him they would
use their powerful Washington, D.C. influence to make him the next
Director of the FBI. Parker wanted this above all else.

There were good L.A.P.D. officers that these gangsters feared and
hated because they could not be bought or forced to do their dirty
work. They were using Parker and slipping him false information and
lies that turned Parker against these officers.

At this time in the 1950's, George Bush, William P. Clark, Robert
Lagomarsino and Caspar Weinberger along with Oxnard's U.S.
Commissioner Ben Nordman, his law partner, Ventura County Presiding
Judge Jerome Berenson, Harry Pregerson, Menachem Begin and Mickey
Cohen etc. were all connected to and conspiring with Sheinbaum,
Dorsen and Glasser and their New World Order Constitution.

They were putting together what they called their Race, Riot and
Revolution conspiracy that they planned to use to create chaos in the
government. In 1959 they burglarized the Oxnard National Guard Armory
for weapons. William P. Clark kept one of the 50 cal. machine guns
and mounted it in his house to protect himself and his family when
the Race, Riot and Revolution conspiracy they were fomenting struck.

The Watts riots of 1965 were designed to spread throughout the entire
city of L.A. and the stolen Armory weapons would be brought into play
and distributed to professional provocateurs and assassins. This
would presage the destruction of the L.A.P.D. and Protective League
as a civil entity.

However, even as unprepared for such a massive riot, the excellent
performance and out front efforts of the L.A.P.D. brought the riots
under control and the Race, Riot and Revolution operation was
thwarted for the time being.

It was the above mentioned thugs who promoted and put Ronald Reagan
in as California Governor. Reagan made William P. Clark a State
Supreme Court Judge and Robert Lagomarsino a State Senator. With
their laundered cocaine and gambling money financially backing Reagan
he became President. William P. Clark became National Security
Director and then Secretary of Interior. George Bush became Vice
President and Robert Lagomarsino a U.S. Congressman. That enhanced
the Race, Riot and Revolution conspiracy into a powerful U.S. Federal
Government plot. The L.A.P.D. was a prime target because its loyalty
to the citizens of Los Angeles was a giant, painful thorn in their
side that they wanted removed.

During those years there were many criminal and treasonous events and
incidents committed by these thugs who had taken over the government
in Washington, D.C. But it would necessitate a thousand page letter
just to list them so I will at this time relate a few critical crimes.

V. Pres. George Bush and William P. Clark were negotiating a multi-
billion dollar operation with very high ranking Chinese officials. It
involved the smuggling of vast amount of Asian cocaine into America
for their Pregerson-Davidian drug organization. To facilitate the
negotiations and loosen up the hard dealing Chinese officials Bush
and Alfred Bloomingdale arranged a spectacular sex party and
participating entertainment for the Chinese negotiators along with

Bloomingdale and his wife were old time Hollywood bosom buddies of
the Reagan's, they spent most of their time as the Reagan's guest in
D.C.. Alfred made regular (business) trips to Hollywood. The
(business) was with his mistress, Vickie Morgan a beautiful Hollywood
prostitute. Bloomingdale told Vicki that he had made arrangements to
take care of her financially the rest of her life.

But, Vicki wasn't convinced, she decided to take out a little
insurance designed to hold Alfred to his word. Vicki and her
boyfriend secretly audio-video taped the sadomasochistic sex party
for approximately two hours of sordid sex carrying on.

The tapes were beginning to be talked about in Hollywood, Vicki was
brutally bludgeoned to death while asleep. Her boyfriend was framed
and convicted of her murder, but the real killer was the same one
used to kill lawyer Lyman Smith and his wife in Ventura who were
bludgeoned to death while asleep in bed. (This is related later on,

Vicki's murder was in L.A.P.D. jurisdiction, but, the FBI took over
and desperately confiscated all the audio-video tapes. That is all
but one, a full length tape was in the possession of Chief Daryl
Gates. It is insurance for his own personal protection and well being.

V. Pres. George Bush, Caspar Weinberger and Richard Cheney are on the
film with the Chinese agent and one other. Gates withheld this vital
murder evidence from his detectives and jeopardized them by ordering
that they convict Vicki's boyfriend. In his book Gates proclaims,
Quote, "I could never let my officers down." Judge David Horowitz, a
close friend of Harry Pregerson refused to allow the tape to be
subpoened from the FBI and presented in court as evidence. Chief
Gates retired about the end of June 1992, at that time the political
corruption and intrigue was blazing beneath the surface.

Caspar Weinberger had been investigated for four years by independent
Counsel Lawrence Walsh for his involvement along with George Bush in
the Iran Contra corruption. Walsh had appointed San Francisco lawyer
James Brosnahan to prosecute Weinberger. New evidence of Bush's
involvement in the crimes was sucking him in.

Brosnahan was in Wash., D.C. preparing to go to trial on January 5th
1993. Weinberger was terrorized with the fear that in the coming
trial his Chinese Cocaine involvement at Vicki Morgan's sex party and
her murder would come out. President George Bush was equally
frightened that Weinberger would talk and implicate him.

On Christmas Eve, at the eleventh hour, in a surprise move Pres.
George Bush pardoned Weinberger. By so doing Bush had pardoned
himself. In a packed press conference Brosnahan with great anger told
reporters that Bush's pardon of Weinberger was the worst possible
precedent for the future. Vehemently, Brosnahan proclaimed,
Quote, "The use of pardon was not intended to be granted by a man who
himself is involved in the facts of the case. It was a preemptive
strike by George Bush to avoid trial." A pardon is void when used to
cover-up a murder -- there is no statute of limitations for murder.

Square in the middle of all this, on March 4, 1991 the Rodney King
affair exploded. I knew what a terrible ordeal was in store for the
arresting officers and the entire L.A.P.D. at the hands of a rabid
news media. I prepared an Affidavit to be submitted to all L.A.P.D.
officers. It is nine pages long so I will just mention a few of the
facts in it.

1. I itemized judges and their involvement in the Race, Riot and
Revolution conspiracy and their personal participation of beating,
brutalizing and threatening innocent people.

2. The conspiracy of Race, Riot and Revolution and the plot to
instigate Riots in Watts.

3. A conspiracy between Mayor Bradley and his political advisor
Reverend H.H. Brookins, wherein I heard their conversation in a plot
to defraud (take) the Coors Brewery for millions of dollars and their
betrayal of the black people by not exposing the scheme to pit black
people against white which would again face the L.A.P.D. with Watts
type riots and destroy the L.A.P.D. Administration.

4. In 1987 I took all this evidence and facts to the U.S. Senate.
Senator Joseph Biden, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee
stated he would assign Sen. Howell Heflin to set up a sub-committee
and investigate. But, they covered it up. At this same time Chief
Gates was in Wash., D.C. talking to Sen. Biden about federal funds to
be used in the fight against drugs. Sen. Biden was in full possession
of all the facts about Race, Riot and Revolution being instigated in
Los Angeles and about the National Guard stolen weapons that would be
used to kill hundreds of people in Los Angeles but he kept it a
secret from Gates (as far as I know).

5. I took all this information and evidence to the Los Angeles
Federal Dept. of Justice. Andrea Ordin was the head of the Justice
Dept., she covered up the entire plot and destroyed the evidence and
refused to talk to me again. Andrea Ordin is the wife of Federal
Judge Robert Ordin, a close associate of Harry Pregerson in the
judicial corruption. Ben Nordman, the U.S. Commissioner in Oxnard,
and Jerome Berenson, Presiding Judge of Ventura County Superior
Court, also head of the California Criminal Justice Committee that
handled the billions of dollars of the Federal Omnibus Safe Streets
Act money were in collusion with Sen. Joseph Biden in stealing these

6. Andrea Ordin was appointed to the Christopher Commission to
investigate the Rodney King case and the L.A.P.D. At a Christopher
Commission meeting with the public wherein they were having citizens
appear before the network camera's and give testimony re: Police
Brutality, I cornered Andrea Ordin, Christopher and Mickey Kantor. I
handed them evidence and explained to them the Race, Riot and
Revolution conspiracy and requested to be allowed to speak to the
public before the cameras. I showed them the list they had the people
sign at the door to speak. I was number three on the list but they
skipped over my name. Christopher choked and wouldn't talk, Kantor
ran from the room like a rat and Ordin threw the documents back at me.

Ordin then called Security Officers and ordered them to prevent me
and an associate from approaching the reporters and microphone.

On April 4, 1991 I went to Parker Center, the L.A.P.D. headquarters.
At the main entrance officers in charge of Security checked and
verified my identification and gave me and my associate clearance to
go to Chief Gates' office.

The halls, elevators and Chief Gates' office were packed with
newspaper reporters, TV reporters and camera crews waiting for Gates
to return from a special 11:00 a.m. meeting with the Police
Commission. I talked with an officer, one of Gates closest aides and
explained the entire reason I was there. I explained that I wanted to
give my Affidavit to Chief Gates personally and he agreed to this.

The Chief returned and the word was that the Police Commission had
relieved Gates of duty and placed him on a sixty day administrative
leave. I got Gates attention, I said Chief I have an Affidavit with
information that will make what has been happening much clearer for
you and the L.A.P.D. Gates took the Affidavit, looked at it, then at
me and said thanks. I said, "It is for you and I am asking that you
give this information to every officer on the job." He
answered, "Yes, I will see that it is done." All the news people were
clamoring to see it and learn what it was all about. The Chief went
into his office and closed the door.

I gave another copy to Gates' aide and one to Clifford Ruff,
President of the L.A.P.D. Protective League.

I had put trust in Gates but he went back on his word, he never
alerted a single officer to the danger that surrounded them except
several of his top brass friends and they were ordered to not reveal
the Affidavit.

The Simi Valley trial of Sgt. Koon and the officers started March 5,
1992, I was at the trial nearly every day. I again contacted Clifford
Ruff and warned him about the Race, Riot and Revolution conspiracy
and that if the L.A.P.D. officers were found innocent there would be
another Watts riot, far more dangerous than the 1965 Watts Riot. Ruff
smiled and shrugged his shoulder.

Within minutes after the L.A.P.D. officers were found innocent the
Watts Riot started. The judge, Stanley Weisberg, at the Simi trial
had set the stage for the riots and for the officers to be tried in
federal court. At the Vicki Morgan trial Stanley Weisberg had been
the D.A. Prosecutor. Weisberg had conspiratorially withheld the video-
audio tapes of George Bush, Caspar Weinberger and the Chinese agent
from the trial. For his treasonous acts Stanley Weisberg was
appointed to the Los Angeles County Superior Court. Stanley Weisberg
was a close associate of Harry Pregerson and was well aware that the
Federal Justice Dept. was going to indict the police officers and
find them guilty. They were scapegoats and sacrifices. But, at the
same time the black people were also sacrifices as they were goaded
and provoked by Bush and Clark's Race, Riot and Revolution conspiracy.

The riots commenced within minutes after the officers were found
innocent. One of the first victims was a young black man, Louis
Fleming, only eighteen years old, was waiting for a bus at Vermont
and Vernon streets, for absolutely no reason at all he was shot in
the head and killed. Dwight Taylor, a forty-two year old black man
was walking to the store to get milk for his wife, someone shot him
in the neck and chest and killed him. Strong suspicion attaches to
these two killings at the very start of the riots by unknowns that
fired up the riots. Also firing the Race, Riot and Revolution by
throwing fuel on the blaze was President George Bush's words
broadcast from Wash., D.C., quote, "My wife Barbara and children are
stunned by the verdict, viewed from the outside it is hard to
understand how the verdict could possibly square with the video."

This Los Angeles riot of 1992 was far worse in magnitude than the
1965 Watts riot at which time William P. Clark had manned his 50-
caliber military machine gun fearing that the riot would extend to

A wise and loyal black lady, Ezola Foster, a school teacher and
leader of a group called Black Family Values tried to calm the other
black leaders down, one of them spit in her face. Ezola Foster is
presently Presidential Candidate Patrick Buchanan's Vice President
running mate.

The 1992 Watts riot made the 1965 Watts riots look like a picnic --
before it was over sixty people were killed, more than two thousand
injured and over 800 million dollars in property lost from looting,
fires and wanton destruction. Evil men had without mercy planned and
approved all this death and misery to further their goals of
political power.

Willie Williams was appointed the new L.A.P.D. Chief. He was driven
by Police Commissioner Stanley Sheinbaum in his official limousine to
Sheinbaum's Beverly Hills mansion where Williams had a secret,
private meeting with Andrea Ordin, Mickey Kantor and Warren
Christopher to receive his orders. One order was that in future riots
his first duty was to prevent them from extending into the Beverly
Hills area.

Mayor Bradley acting on Harry Pregerson's orders appointed to the
Police Commission their top accomplices in the Pregerson-Davidian
cocaine organization, Stanley Sheinbaum, Marianne Pfaelzer, Stephen
Reinhardt, etc., etc..

Millions of dollars of Pregerson's laundered cocaine money went to
Senator Joseph Biden, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee in
Wash., D.C. Harry Pregerson was then elevated to the Ninth Circuit
Appeals Court, Stephen Reinhardt at the same time was also confirmed
to the Appeals Court and Marianna Pfaelzer was confirmed as a
District Court Judge.

The Federal Judiciary instead of operating as one of the three
branches of the Constitutional Government was subverted into a giant
business engaged in the national disgrace of cocaine commerce, trade,
banking and finances. Engined by their tyrannical judiciary power the
Ninth Circuit runs amok among the institutions of government, the
people and society with murderous frenzy.

Harry Pregerson is the CEO of this vicious Racketeer Influenced
corrupt organization. He takes his orders from the Directors, George
Bush, William P. Clark and Robert Lagomarsino, who skulk behind the

Joseph Biden, Robert Dole, Jesse Helms, etc., etc., very quietly
confirmed Harry Pregerson's son, Dean, a top cocaine smuggler, to the
Ninth Circuit as a District Court Judge. Dean Pregerson was assigned
to the Fresno Court, the headquarters of the Pregerson-Davidian
cocaine operation.

Presently drug smugglers are being prosecuted in Portland, Oregon, in
the largest cocaine operation they have busted in years. They know
that Fresno was the pick-up point on the run to Portland area. Harry
and Dean are busy covering this up.

After more than fifty years of Pregerson's criminal manipulations,
his twisting and interference, his disruption and chaos destructing
the official duties and administration of the L.A.P.D., the CEO now
makes his move to take over complete control to the L.A.P.D..

In a grotesque, absurd Hollywood scenario Harry Pregerson has one of
his minor District Court judges rule that the L.A.P.D. is a Racketeer
Influenced Corrupt Organization, a Criminal Enterprise. The ruling
stigmatizes each and every officer of the L.A.P.D. as an agent, a
gang member of a corrupt racketeer organization. Designated as
gangsters and thugs the officers can be sued both as an individual
and a government employee under the RICO statutes for treble damages
as well as being prosecuted criminally for violation of peoples Civil

This sets the stage for Janet Reno and her Justice Department to
enter the scene and bludgeon and terrorize the City Council for a
`Consent Decree' to turn the L.A.P.D. over to the rule of one Federal

This identical `Consent Decree' scam was operated by the U.S. Dept.
of Justice in Pittsburgh, Pa.. The Justice Dept. had received a
ruling by the federal court that the police were engaging in a
`pattern and practice' of Civil Rights violations, RICO. Pittsburgh
Mayor Murphy didn't like it and complained bitterly that the justice
department were a group of people who have no understanding how to
run a police department.

But two weeks later after a harsh bludgeoning of threats that the
Justice Department would sue the city under the RICO statutes, the
Mayor apologized and signed the `Consent Decree.' The city and police
dept. of Pittsburgh now report and are under the control of just one
federal judge.

This federal plot is clearly a criminal enterprise of blackmail,
intimidation and terror by threats to take over state, county and
city governments for their own racketeering enterprise by misuse of
the Civil Rights Act, alleging police brutality.

Now, I ask you officials of the L.A.P.D. Protective League to read
the following carefully, that is if you truly have the protection of
innocent police officers at heart.

On April 4, 1991 when I handed my Affidavit to Chief Gates he
acknowledged it and assured me that he would conduct the information
to every officer on the department. But Gates let the officers and
the P.D. down.

Remember, this entire, sad affair was regarding alleged police
brutality, violation of Rodney King's Civil Rights. The following was
recorded in my Affidavit.

Six months prior to the King affair, August 1990, I filed a lawsuit
in Ventura County against three Superior Court Judges. Also named
were two Santa Barbara County Superior Court Judges and California
State Supreme Court Chief Justice Malcolm Lucas. They had conspired
to set up phony judicial council hearings in matters of judicial
disqualifications whereby the judges were destroying the peoples
right to fair and honest judicial proceedings and were stealing their
real estate and money.

On August 31, 1990 my process server properly and legally served the
three Ventura County judges. This was done properly, professionally
and politely in full view of the public in the cafeteria area of the
Ventura County Courthouse.

That same afternoon, secretly and in great anger the three judges
telephoned Chief Judge Malcolm Lucas in Sacramento. At 5:00 a.m. the
following morning Malcolm Lucas flew into the Oxnard airport. He was
picked up by an official of the Ventura County Superior Court. This
set-up meeting was so important, so secret that all judicial
proceedings in Ventura County came to a complete halt.

All the judges met privately behind locked doors. (A meeting of the
thugs of a Criminal Racketeering Enterprise).

At this secret meeting (in violation of federal RICO statutes) the
judges conspired with Malcolm Lucas' direction and approval to
destroy my lawsuit by judicial violence. As a result of the secret
meeting the two judges in Santa Barbara County were lying in wait for
me and my process server to arrive to serve them. My process server
(with witnesses) served the first judge properly in the front public
office of the judge.

We hadn't proceeded twenty feet down the public hallway when the
judge came storming out of his office yelling -- two sheriff deputies
arrived and under the judges orders arrested my process server for
trespassing in his office. He wanted my process server to take the
papers back. When he refused, the judge ordered the deputies to jail
my process server.

It was several hours before I could get my process server released
from custody. After lunch we went to the front public office of the
second judge. His secretary told us the judge would meet us in the
public hallway outside the door of his chambers. We went out to the
public hallway, the judge, wearing his black robes emerged into the
public hallway, two deputy sheriffs appeared (one male, one female).
The judge ordered my process server to state that he was not going to
serve the judge. Instead my process server said, "I am sorry judge
but I can't do that," he extended the papers to the judge and said
sir, you are served, and before he could say more the judge bellowed
like a bull and grabbed my server. The two deputies also jumped on my
server, they slammed him up against the marble wall, pummeling him
they smashed his head against the wall, twisted his arms behind his
back and handcuffed him. The judge continued to pummel and punch my
server, he opened the door to his chambers and the three of them
forced my server from the public hallway into his chambers. My server
was very frightened and was calling to me to not let them take him
into the room. The judge slammed the door shut.

There was nothing me or the other witnesses could do. If we in anyway
had interfered with the officers more officers would have arrived and
it would escalated into a fray and we would all have been arrested.
This would have been played up into a mob scene that would have been
used to justify the judges brutal actions. All we could do was stand
back and watch. We waited quietly in the public hallway from which my
process server had been kidnapped.

Approximately twenty minutes later the door of the judges chambers
opened and the judge threw my process server back out into the public
hallway. My process server's face was very red and puffy and he was
in great pain. He'd had an operation where a piece of material had
been implanted to support his stomach and he said it hurt bad. He
related that when he was in the judges chambers he had been
handcuffed behind his back -- they shoved him into a chair where for
twenty minutes he was beaten, spit in the face and threatened by the
judge that he would be killed if he told anyone about being beaten.

My process server was taken to Santa Barbara Hospital and treated by
a doctor. In my presence while she was examining and treating him she
received two phone calls from the courthouse asking her to minimize
injuries he had received.

We went to the Sheriff's Department headquarters to make a report but
an official refused to take a report stating, "The judges are too
powerful, we wouldn't dare go against them." A report was made to the
Santa Barbara FBI office but nothing was done. These were the
reports, evidence and information I had taken to Andrea Ordin, the
head of the Federal Justice Dept. in L.A., but she destroyed them.
When I contacted Ordin, Christopher and Kantor while they were
conducting their investigation into the L.A.P.D. and Rodney King
affair they covered it up and conspired to keep me from talking at
their public meetings.

When the Simi trial of the L.A.P.D. officers was going I contacted
Clifford Ruff again about my affidavit but he wouldn't discuss it.
The trial was set up by Ventura County Dist. Attorney Michael
Bradbury and Judge Stanley Weisberg to set off the Watts riot. They
both knew that the officers would be tried and convicted by the
federal court to make the justice department look good.

Weisberg is connected to Ventura Judge Jerome Berenson and Harry
Pregerson and Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Leon Savitch. Savitch
is the judge who covered up for Pregerson's and Berenson's Southern
California Public Power Corp. and L.A. Water & Power scam wherein
Savitch dismissed a citizens taxpayer lawsuit against the corrupt
L.A. City Council and indebted the taxpayers for more than four
billion dollars.

City Councilman Zev Yaroslavsky Joel Wachs and Marvin Braude along
with the rest of the City Council were involved in this bilking of
the taxpayers. Now Wachs wants to be Mayor of Los Angeles.

Federal Judge Harry Pregerson owns many valuable assets in Ventura
County. Harry's good friend, U.S. Commissioner Ben Nordman (deceased)
and Superior Court Judge Jerome Berenson had set up the Ventura
County Public Facilities Corp., which owned the Ventura County
Courthouse and its property and indebted the taxpayers for hundreds
of millions of dollars. They also owned the Southern California
Public Powers Authority and indebted the Los Angeles taxpayers for
billions of dollars.

These debts against the taxpayers of Ventura and L.A. Counties were
in the form of Municipal Bonds. They were secretly held at the First
Interstate Bank in Los Angeles so the taxpayers could not learn who
the real owners of the bonds were. These crooks have to keep books on
who owns what and has how much coming just like a two bit bookie on
Hollywood Blvd. Only these crooks aren't two bit bookies -- their
books and chits cover more than a trillion dollars along with the
names of the people involved.

Through my investigations and lawsuits I was putting pressure on the
bonds. Pregerson, Berenson and Nordman conspired to cause a fire at
the First Interstate Bank and claim the records had been burned.
Their accomplice James McBride, the Ventura County Counsel, who owned
many bonds and was an officer in the Ventura County Public Facilities
Corp., removed all the records that contained the names of the people
involved and arranged for the fire. However, in the process of this
arson conspiracy a man was murdered.

These records with the names of all the people who owned this money
amounting to over a trillion dollars were transported to an Oklahoma
City location. But that's another story of federal judicial
corruption of withholding evidence at a trial.

The arson and murder that occurred at the First Interstate Bank was
investigated by the Los Angeles Fire Department. The Fire Department
ever since the 1965 Watts Riots have the power of arrest same as
policemen. They have been involved in incidents of brutality and
cover-ups such as the murder and arson of the First Interstate Bank.
Does the Justice Department `Consent Decree' include Firemen and the
Fire Chief as police officers? Why are police officers being
targeted? The Police Protective League has been protecting the L.A.
Firemen who are also police officers -- the L.A. Fire Protective
League must join the Police Protective League and assist with
investigations and financial assistance.

I took information and evidence of the First Interstate Bank arson
and murder to the L.A. District Attorney Office. An associate of mine
and I talked to a deputy Dist. Atty. and a D.A. Investigator. The
deputy D.A. and I both laid recorders on the table and the entire
conversation of several hours was taped. The deputy D.A. took the
information and evidence to Dist. Atty. Ira Reiner who covered up the
murder and arson because he was closely associated with Harry
Pregerson and Judge Leon Savitch who own the Southern California
Public Powers Authority and control the Los Angeles Metropolitan
Water Dept. operation.

I transmitted all of this information to Ruff at the Simi Courthouse
when the trial was starting and before the jury was picked. I told
Ruff that Chief Gates was only concerned about himself. He was
letting the officers down and that his conduct was going to allow the
officers to be destroyed.

I advised Ruff that Ira Reiner and Judge Stephen Weisberg were
conspiring with Harry Pregerson, William P. Clark, Judge Jerome
Berenson, Chief Justice Malcolm Lucas and all the judges in Ventura
and Santa Barbara to cover up their judicial brutality and violation
of citizens Civil Rights while trying to destroy my lawsuit which
included their conspiracy of Race, Riot and Revolution.

The Los Angeles Police Protective League was paying the lawyers to
defend the officers. I told Ruff that he should consult the lawyers
about all these facts and have them file motions to dismiss the case
because Ira Reiner had an overwhelming conflict of interest, bias and
prejudice against the officers. This was because of his covering up
and protection of judges deeply involved in the incredible plot to
over throw the L.A.P.D. Administration. And, that if the officers
were found not guilty the Race, Riot and Revolution provocateurs were
all set to fire up racial mayhem and murder. And further that Reiner
could not try the officers because of California Supreme Court Chief
Justice Malcom Lucas' conspiracy with the judges made it impossible
that the officers could get a fair and unbiased hearing from the
State Appeal Court and Supreme Court.

I had knowledge that the Justice Department and Harry Pregerson's
federal justices were conspiring to prosecute the officers and send
them to the federal pen regardless of how the Simi trial turned out.

I explained to Ruff who was smirking and eager to get away from me as
fast as he could, the Federal Justice Dept. can't prosecute the
L.A.P.D. officers on these trumped up charges of brutality and
violation of King's Civil Rights. I had given all this judicial
brutality information to Andrea Ordin, The head of the L.A. Justice
Dept. She covered it up and then became a member of the Christopher
Commission. She has perpetrated and conspired with lies to frame the
officers. Christopher, Kantor and Ordin are all tied in up to their
necks with Mayor Tom Bradley and Pregerson, who appointed them.
Clinton had promised all three of them that he would appoint them to
high positions in his cabinet if they fomented and provoked the black
people and brought them together to vote for him.

And all through this President George Bush deliberately helped
Clinton get elected by going on TV broadcasts and crucifying the
L.A.P.D. with his provoking statements that, Quote, "Such brutality
sickens me" and that, Quote, "No man is above the law."

George Bush, William P. Clark and Robert Lagomarsino deliberately put
William Clinton in as President to implement their New World Order
and make presidential orders and take the heat for his un-
Constitutional actions while they remained in the background.

Now that all these Presidential orders are in place and they can
blame someone else for them George Bush will put his own son in the
Presidency. They will control the World's oil, commerce, trade and

They will increase and build up the military and send our sons,
daughters and our grandchildren around the World to fight and die for
their New World Order and their oil.

It was a week, September 5, 1990 before my process server and I
arranged after many stalls and put offs and much hardships to get the
Santa Barbara FBI agents to make a crime report on the judges
brutality. The agents made separate reports and interviews of myself
and my process server. These FBI crime reports described and recorded
conspiracy by judges to commit false arrest, kidnapping, beatings and
brutality for the felonious purpose of preventing legal service of
judicial process against themselves.

These Crime reports exposing extreme violations of Civil Rights were
forwarded to the FBI and Justice Department headquarters in Los
Angeles where it was covered up by Harry Pregerson and Andrea Ordin.

This entire writing barely begins to scratch the surface of the
Judicial Criminal Enterprise and I haven't even gotten to the City
Councilmen such as Joel Wachs, Marvin Braude and Zev Yaroslovsky and
their corruption. Notably one of their biggest scams was the more
than four billion dollars the councilmen stole from the Los Angeles
taxpayers through their Southern California Public Authorities Corp.
Their names are on the secret records as shareholders in the Judicial
Criminal Enterprise. That money is in a position to be recovered by
the people with the added incentive of putting these corrupt
councilmen in the penitentiary for a long time.

Compare the evil, murderous depredations of the Federal and State
Judiciary and the alleged violations by Los Angeles Police Officers.
Note the fact that the police administration has given hundreds of
police officers disciplinary sentences and fired many of them for
their acts. How many judges have been brought up on charges?

How many judges have been fired and lost their jobs and pensions?

How many judges have complaints against them at the Dist. Attorneys
for felonious crimes? Who does a citizen go to for redress and
recourse against a judge? Who is responsible to keep judges honest
like police officers? How many criminal referrals a month does the
State Bar and National Bar turn over to Gil Garcetti for
prosecution? How many prosecutions and convictions has Garcetti
gotten against judges? Has the D.A. Gil Garcetti used his power to
open up judges bank accounts to attack judicial corruption? Why
didn't Garcetti open the judges bank records at the First Interstate
Bank before they arsoned the bank and murdered a man? Why didn't
Garcetti prosecute these felonies? Did the fire department-policemen
cover up this crime for Pregerson? Compare the scope and power of
L.A.P.D. against that of federal and state judges. Which one fits the
description of the most powerful vicious Criminal Enterprise force
controlling America??

Should the RICO laws be used against the innocent taxpayers of Los
Angeles or to destroy the ruthless, evil lawyers wearing black robes
and their Criminal Racketeering Enterprise? This overall documentary
as it stands barely begins to scratch the surface of the Judicial
Criminal Enterprise. However, at this point I make a direct, specific
request and demand upon the following officials of the Los Angeles
Police Protective League: 1308 W. 8th Street, Suite 300, Los Angeles,
Ca. 90017. Ted Hunt, President Mitzi Grasso, Director Enrique (Hank)
Hernandez, League Attorney

I ask that the above named persons who have the authority, obligation
and duty to reinstate me to my job as a Los Angeles Police Officer
which under severe duress, intimidation and threats and fear for my
family's safety I was forced to resign in 1952.

I was not charged with or accused of any violation of police rules or
regulations or ethics. I was denied a Board of Rights hearing and the
Los Angeles Fire and Police Protection League refused to help me.

My pension money has remained in the Fund since 1946. I ask for my
pay from 1952 until 1966 when I would have been eligible for
retirement. I ask for my pension and all benefits accruing thereto
since 1966.

I ask that my membership with the Los Angeles Police Protective
League be reinstated to full membership with all entitlement thereto.

As a member I will provide all my documents, evidence, facts and
knowledge of the fierce

political conspiracy that has existed since 1946 to destroy the Los
Angeles Police Department's Administration and to lock all police
officers under servitude of a giant Criminal Judicial Racketeering
Enterprise to be used for their control over the people.

The conditions ordered and imposed by the U.S. Justice Department's
`Consent Decree' accompanied by their menace and overt acts
threatening to inflict financial destruction on the city by a
disastrous, overwhelming Federal RICO lawsuit is a pure, `old-time'
Mafia type Insurance Racket scam with clear intent to intimidate,
terrorize and defraud.

It is imperative. The Los Angeles Police Protective League in their
duty to protect all Los Angeles police officers must file a Federal
RICO lawsuit against George Bush, William P. Clark, Robert
Lagomarsino, Judge Harry Pregerson, Janet Reno, etc., etc.. Their
pattern and practice of evil corrupt acts go clear back to 1946.
Unbroken their pattern and practice is irreversibly connected by
intent and act after act after act clearly defined right up to the
present time of their `Consent Decree' threats in a Mafia type
racketeer insurance scam.

Alright Hank, right about now you are thinking statute of
limitations. The Justice Dept. prattles about a ten-year statue on
RICO. But, this is just in their own interest, it suits their own
purpose of strategy. There are things, terrible things that they
don't want dredged up more than ten years ago, they are frightened to
get into it.

Hank, I ask that you don't read me wrong, I am not a lawyer and don't
pretend that I am but there is no statute of limitations on RICO if
it is a properly connected pattern and practice of Civil Rights
violations tying it together within logical intervening periods of
time. I talked with Prof. Blakey more than once, who along with Bobby
Kennedy wrote the Federal RICO statute. You must research his

In 1988 I wrote and filed a RICO lawsuit in Omaha, Nebraska. Judge
Beam, a District Court Judge, read it and in front of witnesses
declared it to be an extremely good case and directed his clerk to
file it.

The defendants were the one hundred U.S. Senators, Judge Harry
Pregerson, William P. Clark, etc., etc. Even the Federal Justice
Dept. failed to get it dismissed. Harry Pregerson was afraid to
answer and was in Default. I held a Default Judgment for a like
amount against Susan Lacey, a Ventura County Supervisor. Her lawyer,
the Ventura County Counsel James McBride, also a defendant was afraid
to answer. From money they stole from the Federal Omnibus Safe Street
Act they funneled five million dollars to Magistrate Richard G. Kopf
who recommended to Dist. Court Judge William G. Cambridge that he
dismiss the case because it was `scandalous.' I appealed and like
Pregerson in the meantime, Judge Beam had been elevated to the U.S.
Court of Appeals. Like Harry Pregerson, Judge Beam upheld the
dismissal of the lawsuit even though he had proclaimed it to be an
excellent lawsuit and had ordered his clerk to file it.

Hank, the only way you are going to beat this Judicial Criminal
Enterprise is to go full tilt on the offensive. The League paid a
large sum of money to a so-called law professor, Chemerinsky. What
good did he do the police officers? If you wait around and let them
beat you to death with the media like Police Commissioner Gerald L.
Chaleff, whose main motive and concern is to make himself a full
time, high salaried, pensioned Police Commissioner who answers to no

A RICO lawsuit must be filed, depositions and interrogatories must be
taken to expose all the facts of the Judicial Criminal Racketeering
Enterprise and the people behind it.

William P. Clark must be deposed under oath as to his possession of
the stolen 50 cal. machine gun he mounted in his house and his part
in their Race, Riot and Revolution conspiracy.

Chief Gates must be deposed on his cover-up of the Vicki Morgan
murder to protect George Bush and Caspar Weinberger.

The First Interstate Bank arson and murder must be investigated and
possible cover up by firemen-policemen and their connection with
Dist. Attorney Ira Reiner in concealing the true facts to protect
Judge Leon Savitch, the corrupt City Councilmen and their Southern
California Public Powers Authority Corp..

I am not ashamed of the L.A.P.D. It was and is a great civil police
department. What I am ashamed of is the U.S. Senate and their treason
for allowing gangsters to become judges and the Supreme Court for
allowing this horrendous Judicial Criminal Enterprise to exist in the
lower courts. (Refer to my Certiorari herein).

I firmly believe that my `Certiorari' my plea to the Supreme Court
asking for justice is still valid and that the Supreme Court should
take immediate action to remove Harry Pregerson from the 9th Circuit
Court of Appeals and his son Dean Pregerson, from the 9th Circuit
District Court. Harry Pregerson and his federal clerk heaped death
threats on my attorney of record Terrell Powell and terrorized him
into sabotaging my Certiorari and of subverting the U.S. Supreme

The Federal Judicial system can not be allowed to use their corrupted
power to create a situation and then penalize and destroy police
officers for a situation that they themselves conspiratorially

What is happening right now to accused officers and those suffering
what they term, `Under Suspicion' is the same corrupt strategy and
tactics used against Sgt. Koon and Officer Powell at the Simi trial.

They got them to testify on the stand in Superior Court and then used
what they said in a twisted manner in their federal court
prosecutorial travesty. In a Mutt and Jeff, the old one-two punch,
District Attorney Gil Garcetti and his deputies in contrived
situations are presently luring police officers on the witness stand
to make statements that can and will be used against them in the
Justice Dept's plans to try untold numbers of police officers in
federal court.

To safe guard the officers the Protective League should discuss with
the lawyers they are paying that they should demand immunity from any
justice department prosecution before they testify in Superior Court.
This is what they are doing with Perez. The Federal Court will give
him immunity for his testimony to destroy over a 100 police officers
and thus with their `Consent Decree' take over the department.

If not granted immunity the police officers should invoke their 5th
Amendment rights which protect them from testifying against

At this time I further request and demand that the above named
officials of the Los Angeles Police Protective League make all the
arrangements necessary and inform and enlighten each and every Los
Angeles Police Officer of all the information contained within this
file including each and every Exhibit. This is to prohibit any more
innocent officers from being railroaded as were Sgt. Koon and Officer

The Los Angeles Police Protective League and every police officer on
the job has the exciting -- gratifying golden opportunity, an
opportunity that will never again arise to engage the enemy and
destroy, demolish the Judicial Criminal Racketeering Enterprise
before it totally engulfs our freedom and Rights with its brutal

If I receive no response within a reasonable period of time I will
assume that you do not intend to represent or defend me or the
L.A.P.D. police officers in their critical time of need. If this
turns out to be the case we will be on the basis of, "If you are not
for me you are against me," and I will take action in behalf of the
L.A.P.D. officers and myself.

Copies of exhibits and documents as mentioned in this report are in
the possession of Police Protective League Officers Ted Hunt, Mitzi
Grasso and Enrique Hernandez. They will be in a follow up report soon.

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c/o 1450 E. Saltgrass St.
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