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[8/7/2009 5:54:58 PM] *** Mishko Novosel added mdkwpww ***

[8/7/2009 5:55:05 PM] Jamie Kelso: Hey guys and gals.

[8/7/2009 5:55:07 PM] SubieSisters: Hi Jamie!

[8/7/2009 5:55:11 PM] Mishko Novosel: Here's one missing Englishman

[8/7/2009 5:55:12 PM] Prothink: Listen live: www.vornetwork.com

[8/7/2009 5:55:22 PM] SubieSisters: Hi Mike

[8/7/2009 5:55:25 PM] Prothink: hi

[8/7/2009 5:55:33 PM] *** codex82 has left ***

[8/7/2009 5:55:44 PM] mdkwpww: Hello everyone

[8/7/2009 5:55:52 PM] Mishko Novosel: Steve had to go to work, and I don't know blacklisted

[8/7/2009 5:56:00 PM] lenny bruce: should I be hearing a dobro version of day tripper (I realize we're waiting for 9 pm in four minutes)

[8/7/2009 5:56:51 PM] *** Mishko Novosel added Hayden ***

[8/7/2009 5:56:56 PM] Prothink: RV will be on with Mishko tonight everyone

[8/7/2009 5:57:00 PM] lenny bruce: do I have the right feed?

[8/7/2009 5:57:19 PM] Prothink: http://reasonradionetwork.com/_streamhigh/index.htm

[8/7/2009 5:57:42 PM] lenny bruce: now it's Hooverphonic - 2 wiky

[8/7/2009 5:58:04 PM] mdkwpww: Interesting article here.

[8/7/2009 5:58:06 PM] mdkwpww: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/8188915.stm

[8/7/2009 5:59:00 PM] jameshawthorne2: (beer)Evening

[8/7/2009 5:59:11 PM] SubieSisters: (beer)  Hi

[8/7/2009 5:59:12 PM] lenny bruce: ok - I do have the right feed - put this into iTunes -

[8/7/2009 5:59:43 PM] mdkwpww: Hello , James. This will warm your heart :)

[8/7/2009 5:59:56 PM] mdkwpww: http://www.ynet.co.il/english/articles/0,7340,L-3758709,00.html

[8/7/2009 5:59:59 PM] jameshawthorne2: Oh I love my heart warmed

[8/7/2009 6:00:40 PM] lenny bruce: this was upsetting to find today:



I hate them

[8/7/2009 6:00:53 PM] Mishko Novosel: We broadcasting

[8/7/2009 6:01:13 PM] Prothink: I NAIL the Jew behind H1N1 vaccine scare/hoax: http://www.prothink.org/2009/08/07/the-jew-behind-the-h1n1-flu-shot-poisonous/

[8/7/2009 6:02:18 PM] mdkwpww: Very interesting

[8/7/2009 6:02:23 PM] jameshawthorne2: MDK  ... Thanks for starting my weekend on a great note

[8/7/2009 6:02:33 PM] SubieSisters: Read 'The Great Influenza.'  It shows what a scam the SWINE flu is.

[8/7/2009 6:02:56 PM] SubieSisters: SWINE SWINE SWINE

[8/7/2009 6:03:10 PM] mdkwpww: I was overjoyed when i read the Ukraine article.

[8/7/2009 6:03:44 PM] Prothink: if you haven' theard yet: http://forum.prothink.org

[8/7/2009 6:04:01 PM] jameshawthorne2: "A Pogram we shall go" ...

[8/7/2009 6:04:14 PM] lenny bruce: pogram! pogram! pogram!

[8/7/2009 6:04:21 PM] mdkwpww: The jews have been hammering the swiss for some years, they did them for billions dead bank accounts

[8/7/2009 6:05:50 PM] jameshawthorne2: Yeah the Swiss has had billions taken from them by the same people who stole billions from us all just recently.

[8/7/2009 6:06:53 PM] mdkwpww: Whats that one , James ?

[8/7/2009 6:07:10 PM] haydenjuice: i got a big steaming bowl of nothing on the stream

[8/7/2009 6:07:16 PM] Prothink: does anyone hear the show?

[8/7/2009 6:07:25 PM] Prothink: the music stopped and now I hear nothing

[8/7/2009 6:07:26 PM] jameshawthorne2: Itz. dead here

[8/7/2009 6:07:32 PM] mdkwpww: I'll refresh

[8/7/2009 6:07:37 PM] Prothink: did that already

[8/7/2009 6:07:40 PM] haydenjuice: server went down. 402 error on the stream

[8/7/2009 6:07:42 PM] haydenjuice: 401

[8/7/2009 6:07:43 PM] Prothink: still nothing

[8/7/2009 6:07:55 PM] Kevin: hello everyone...

[8/7/2009 6:08:01 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: Current Stream Information

Server Status:  Server is currently down.

[8/7/2009 6:08:04 PM] haydenjuice: hello

[8/7/2009 6:08:07 PM] Kevin: i just flew in from tel aviv and boy are my arms tired

[8/7/2009 6:08:12 PM] jameshawthorne2: Mish will have tgo reboot the server

[8/7/2009 6:08:39 PM] mdkwpww: Had a good week James ?

[8/7/2009 6:08:55 PM] jameshawthorne2: It was a looong week Mike for some reason

[8/7/2009 6:09:00 PM] Prothink: can hear ya now!

[8/7/2009 6:09:06 PM] lenny bruce: yes!

[8/7/2009 6:09:27 PM] jameshawthorne2: I hear  (y)

[8/7/2009 6:09:34 PM] mdkwpww: Weather picked up a bit so it's been okay

[8/7/2009 6:09:44 PM] Kevin: (y)

[8/7/2009 6:10:08 PM | Edited 6:10:24 PM] mdkwpww: Got it now, audio feed (y)

[8/7/2009 6:10:49 PM] Prothink: (y)

[8/7/2009 6:10:55 PM] Prothink: (dance)

[8/7/2009 6:10:59 PM] Prothink: (d)

[8/7/2009 6:11:01 PM] Prothink: lol

[8/7/2009 6:11:53 PM] jameshawthorne2: Call RV .. Ron

[8/7/2009 6:12:48 PM] Kevin: who owns the media?   THE ARABS

[8/7/2009 6:12:57 PM] Kevin: that's what Jones said... must be true

[8/7/2009 6:13:15 PM] jameshawthorne2: Yep Alex Jones has his fingure on the pulse

[8/7/2009 6:13:22 PM] mdkwpww: LOL

[8/7/2009 6:13:43 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: (rofl)

[8/7/2009 6:13:47 PM] Kevin: the pulse... lol but of what?  the pulse of his own neck which is firmly ensconced inside his own rectum

[8/7/2009 6:13:56 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: good research on here

[8/7/2009 6:14:11 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: oh really mish?

[8/7/2009 6:14:18 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: the atomic bomb

[8/7/2009 6:14:19 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: duh!

[8/7/2009 6:14:37 PM] jameshawthorne2: The Arabs run the media, the Lizards run Wall Street

[8/7/2009 6:14:59 PM] Kevin: lol the arab reptiles and the greys haha

[8/7/2009 6:15:04 PM] jameshawthorne2: lol

[8/7/2009 6:15:14 PM] Prothink: JAMjr b-day lol

[8/7/2009 6:15:35 PM] lenny bruce: I didn't think we celebrated that one

[8/7/2009 6:15:46 PM] Kevin: I always feel like JA Martinson is watchin me....

[8/7/2009 6:15:50 PM] Mishko Novosel: There is something else for sure

[8/7/2009 6:15:57 PM] Kevin: no seriously you can never tell which way that guy is lookin

[8/7/2009 6:16:05 PM] lenny bruce: Prothink Day is important though

[8/7/2009 6:16:14 PM] Kevin: JAM jr lol

[8/7/2009 6:16:21 PM] Kevin: good plug RV

[8/7/2009 6:16:36 PM | Edited 6:16:44 PM] mdkwpww: Alex Jones is there to confuse and make reasonble questions appear as if conspiratorial

[8/7/2009 6:16:43 PM] lenny bruce: anti-semantic?

[8/7/2009 6:17:02 PM] Kevin: i'm not anti semitic... i just don't like jews

[8/7/2009 6:17:22 PM] Bob in DC: I be anti KikeJew..

[8/7/2009 6:17:27 PM] Kevin: it's worked for so long

[8/7/2009 6:17:31 PM] haydenjuice: while my internet was down, I converted to judaism

[8/7/2009 6:17:39 PM] Kevin: lmao

[8/7/2009 6:17:41 PM] haydenjuice: to kill some time

[8/7/2009 6:17:43 PM] lenny bruce: did it hurt?

[8/7/2009 6:17:57 PM] Kevin: did you have to cut your shmeckel?

[8/7/2009 6:18:00 PM] jameshawthorne2: Rumours swirl Britney is conveting soon

[8/7/2009 6:18:47 PM] haydenjuice: i didnt have to cut my shmekel, but I did find a rabbi who would let me put it in his mouth

[8/7/2009 6:19:21 PM] jameshawthorne2: Kevin good question ..what if you convert - do you have to get your shmekel cut ..??

[8/7/2009 6:19:28 PM] lenny bruce: we're anti-semetic but then it's somehow okay for them to call us goyim... no way

[8/7/2009 6:19:33 PM] mdkwpww: They was involved with organs of Serbians too

[8/7/2009 6:19:47 PM] Prothink: I noticed there isn't a phone number listing to call into the show on VOR's website? Can you call in anymore?

[8/7/2009 6:20:04 PM] jameshawthorne2: sure you can Prothink

[8/7/2009 6:20:10 PM] Prothink: number?

[8/7/2009 6:20:24 PM] lenny bruce: when is Prothink Day, btw?

[8/7/2009 6:20:33 PM] lenny bruce: I want to add it to my calendar

[8/7/2009 6:20:42 PM] Prothink: june 5th

[8/7/2009 6:20:45 PM] Prothink: lol

[8/7/2009 6:20:47 PM] Prothink: my birthday

[8/7/2009 6:21:15 PM] mdkwpww: Is the history channel owned by jews ?

[8/7/2009 6:21:32 PM] lenny bruce: is there a mainstream media channel NOT owned by jews? no

[8/7/2009 6:21:44 PM] Prothink: um, yes. hence the pounding of anti-nazi crap played non stop

[8/7/2009 6:21:55 PM] Mishko Novosel: Yes 866-944-8523.  The problem is that too many people would call in when it was a pre-recorded show

[8/7/2009 6:21:56 PM] jameshawthorne2: Mish whats the call in number ... I know if you have a blocked number you must put *82 - before the 866 number

[8/7/2009 6:22:38 PM] jameshawthorne2: noo *62

[8/7/2009 6:24:03 PM] Mishko Novosel: *82 but it doesn't work outside of the U.S.

[8/7/2009 6:24:06 PM] haydenjuice: oprah has something to do with the History channel now

[8/7/2009 6:24:18 PM] jameshawthorne2: so itz. *62-866-944-8523 if your number is blocked

[8/7/2009 6:24:26 PM] Mishko Novosel: NO

[8/7/2009 6:24:37 PM] Mishko Novosel: *82 1-866-944-8523

[8/7/2009 6:24:37 PM] mdkwpww: The jews have a seperate history

[8/7/2009 6:24:55 PM] jameshawthorne2: Oh I thought it was *82 above .. but I talked myself out of that  lol

[8/7/2009 6:25:08 PM] Mishko Novosel: LOL

[8/7/2009 6:25:19 PM] Mishko Novosel: damn brit

[8/7/2009 6:25:31 PM] jameshawthorne2: Itz. early here buddy

[8/7/2009 6:25:45 PM] mdkwpww: http://imagecache2.allposters.com/images/pic/MMPH/175024~Britt-Ekland-Posters.jpg

[8/7/2009 6:27:13 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: wow RV is great tonight

[8/7/2009 6:27:29 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: although im not so impressed with the cohost

[8/7/2009 6:27:37 PM] jameshawthorne2: jewisdh media

[8/7/2009 6:27:59 PM] Mishko Novosel: shut up LiLy

[8/7/2009 6:28:23 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: fuck off mish

[8/7/2009 6:28:27 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: and stop ruining the show

[8/7/2009 6:28:34 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: we want to hear RV and not YOU

[8/7/2009 6:28:47 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: who cant even remember basic dates in history

[8/7/2009 6:29:08 PM] haydenjuice: ?

[8/7/2009 6:29:08 PM] Bob in DC: The media is Ok... itz what is said that pisses me off...

[8/7/2009 6:29:21 PM] *** Mishko Novosel added Gregor ***

[8/7/2009 6:29:25 PM] Prothink: VOR isn't answering their phone lines.. lol

[8/7/2009 6:29:30 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: im 19 today

[8/7/2009 6:29:32 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: asshole

[8/7/2009 6:29:34 PM] lenny bruce: I thought she was _my_ girlfriend

[8/7/2009 6:29:37 PM] jameshawthorne2: Great broadcasts on the jewish media - Dr. William L. Pierce is still the man on this subject!

[8/7/2009 6:29:40 PM] Prothink: dont want to hear delaney 2 cents, lol

[8/7/2009 6:29:40 PM] mdkwpww: Happy birthday

[8/7/2009 6:29:44 PM] Mishko Novosel: I'm not answering the phones yet

[8/7/2009 6:29:48 PM] Prothink: ohok

[8/7/2009 6:29:58 PM] Mishko Novosel: relax guys

[8/7/2009 6:30:01 PM] Bob in DC: (^)

[8/7/2009 6:30:15 PM] Gregor: HI folks.  First time I've heard RV, even though I've seen him on the chat a lot.  Really GOOD radio voice.

[8/7/2009 6:30:18 PM] mdkwpww: Dr Pierce was amazing

[8/7/2009 6:30:23 PM] jameshawthorne2: Prothink are going for world domination

[8/7/2009 6:30:25 PM] haydenjuice: Diethrich sounds extra jewey tonight

[8/7/2009 6:30:40 PM] Gregor: And I just heard he has his own show elsewhere.  Sorry to be dumb, but I didn't know.  Can anyone point me to it ....

[8/7/2009 6:31:25 PM] Prothink: lol@jewey

[8/7/2009 6:31:32 PM] lenny bruce: the same penalties that would apply to me and you have to apply to THEM - and they don't

[8/7/2009 6:31:33 PM] jameshawthorne2: Mike - Dr. P still is amazing proves how good he was!

[8/7/2009 6:31:48 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: YES a break from mishko

[8/7/2009 6:31:53 PM] *** c has left ***

[8/7/2009 6:32:17 PM] RV_wolfpack: Hi Lily

[8/7/2009 6:32:18 PM] mdkwpww: Spot on James. I've got all his archives uploaded to a server

[8/7/2009 6:32:23 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: HI RV

[8/7/2009 6:32:24 PM] jameshawthorne2: VOR is were the calm anti semites gather

[8/7/2009 6:32:30 PM] RV_wolfpack: and how are you tomight

[8/7/2009 6:32:35 PM] RV_wolfpack: tonight

[8/7/2009 6:32:39 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: as a birthday present to me i want you to talk over mishko all the time

[8/7/2009 6:32:41 PM] Gregor: Who is CALM James ????  (beer)

[8/7/2009 6:32:43 PM] *** rvmichael has left ***

[8/7/2009 6:32:53 PM] RV_wolfpack: well, I wont do that - its his show

[8/7/2009 6:33:02 PM] jameshawthorne2: Raven drink more  (blush)

[8/7/2009 6:33:07 PM] RV_wolfpack: besides, hes doing a great job

[8/7/2009 6:33:11 PM] Gregor: RV, can you point me to your show site???

[8/7/2009 6:33:26 PM] RV_wolfpack: www.rvwolfpack.wordpress.com link there

[8/7/2009 6:33:29 PM] Gregor: Thanks

[8/7/2009 6:33:40 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: then let me give my obligatory boo

[8/7/2009 6:33:43 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

[8/7/2009 6:33:45 PM] RV_wolfpack: Hey Lily, you can be a guest of mine one of these evenings

[8/7/2009 6:33:46 PM] Prothink: it will be filled with much more content soon! @ RV's site

[8/7/2009 6:34:02 PM] jameshawthorne2: We welcome the Prothinkers to VOR tonight ..

[8/7/2009 6:34:08 PM] RV_wolfpack: we can talk about the role of the female in the movement lol

[8/7/2009 6:34:16 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: i talk about new age matters

[8/7/2009 6:34:18 PM] Prothink: lol @ Prothinkers

[8/7/2009 6:34:26 PM] RV_wolfpack: such as

[8/7/2009 6:34:30 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: like aliens

[8/7/2009 6:34:35 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: and universal consciousness

[8/7/2009 6:34:55 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: 2012

[8/7/2009 6:34:58 PM] RV_wolfpack: maybe that too

[8/7/2009 6:35:09 PM] mdkwpww: Harmonic convergence

[8/7/2009 6:35:14 PM] jameshawthorne2: Everything stops at 2012

[8/7/2009 6:35:31 PM] jameshawthorne2: Even my local bus

[8/7/2009 6:35:38 PM] RV_wolfpack: ok, were getting ready to go back on - be back later

[8/7/2009 6:35:45 PM] haydenjuice: i hate to sound like a nutter, but I am really curious about 2012

[8/7/2009 6:36:01 PM] Prothink: lol

[8/7/2009 6:36:06 PM] Gregor: no more free pub internets in 2012 ...

[8/7/2009 6:36:16 PM | Edited 6:36:24 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: mark your calendar for 12/21/2012

[8/7/2009 6:36:16 PM] jameshawthorne2: Good docu on Google Hayden it'll freak you out  lol

[8/7/2009 6:36:27 PM] mdkwpww: Finger prints of the god by Graham Hancock is worth a read

[8/7/2009 6:36:38 PM] jameshawthorne2: Google Video I mean

[8/7/2009 6:36:51 PM] lenny bruce: listen to Chris White and Keith Thompson to unbrainwash yourself from Lily's views

[8/7/2009 6:36:56 PM] haydenjuice: 12/21/2012 is the date Usury will be released

[8/7/2009 6:37:06 PM] Prothink: lol

[8/7/2009 6:37:14 PM] Prothink: at this pace

[8/7/2009 6:37:23 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: 2012 is the year palin is running- nothing could be a better sign of the end times

[8/7/2009 6:37:33 PM] Prothink: Usury Movie: http://forum.prothink.org/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=13

[8/7/2009 6:37:34 PM] jameshawthorne2: Mike I thought Tony Hancock was god ?

[8/7/2009 6:37:52 PM] lenny bruce: I thought it was Donovan being recorded by Rick Rubin - isn't that mentioned in Revelations?

[8/7/2009 6:37:56 PM] mdkwpww: The blood donor ?

[8/7/2009 6:38:16 PM] haydenjuice: mike, I don't think I am going to be able to make the trip to Idaho

[8/7/2009 6:38:20 PM] jameshawthorne2: Noo Historical Review Press    lol  ...

[8/7/2009 6:38:32 PM] haydenjuice: business has been really bad. I have been taking on side work

[8/7/2009 6:38:34 PM] mdkwpww: oh LOL

[8/7/2009 6:38:56 PM] haydenjuice: I am working on getting myself set up to move west, though

[8/7/2009 6:39:05 PM] jameshawthorne2: Hayden where west?

[8/7/2009 6:39:27 PM] haydenjuice: somewhere in the Yellowstone Caldera

[8/7/2009 6:39:43 PM] jameshawthorne2: Go to Kalispell Montana join April and the gang

[8/7/2009 6:40:03 PM] haydenjuice: thats what I am talking about, James. I don't think I am going to be able to swing it

[8/7/2009 6:40:17 PM] haydenjuice: in the long term, yes. moving that way

[8/7/2009 6:40:26 PM] mdkwpww: Pierce is my avatar on SF

[8/7/2009 6:40:29 PM] Gregor: Yeah Mish ... the ONLY reason those rabbis were extradited was because it would make the group look bad.

[8/7/2009 6:40:29 PM] haydenjuice: was hoping to make the trip this month

[8/7/2009 6:40:31 PM] mdkwpww: http://www.stormfront.org/forum/showthread.php?t=625114&page=2

[8/7/2009 6:40:32 PM] jameshawthorne2: Montana looks nice

[8/7/2009 6:40:45 PM] lenny bruce: I wonder if these were Sephardim like the last big batch of busted jews - I wonder if the ashkenazis are burning sephardim only

[8/7/2009 6:40:54 PM] lenny bruce: this may be a theme

[8/7/2009 6:40:58 PM] Gregor: Good question Len ...

[8/7/2009 6:41:33 PM] Gregor: Could be "diversionary" tactic .... make it look like "we also burn our own" ... but not really.

[8/7/2009 6:41:35 PM] jameshawthorne2: Does RV smoke he has a nice raspy voice

[8/7/2009 6:41:35 PM] Prothink: tomorrow's notable events: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/August_8

[8/7/2009 6:41:46 PM] *** Bocksar has left ***

[8/7/2009 6:42:06 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: we all know what the most important thing that happened this week was...

[8/7/2009 6:42:15 PM] lenny bruce: the real lenny bruce was of both groups - mother ashkenazi, father sephardim

[8/7/2009 6:42:43 PM] Prothink: "Does RV smoke he has a nice raspy voice" lol, yes

[8/7/2009 6:42:44 PM] lenny bruce: I have a horrible screename!!!

[8/7/2009 6:42:52 PM] Gregor: Damn!  All this time I thought you were "real" ...

[8/7/2009 6:42:52 PM] jameshawthorne2: lol

[8/7/2009 6:43:38 PM] jameshawthorne2: Mish "Lion King" ?

[8/7/2009 6:43:54 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: more like "Lion Queen"

[8/7/2009 6:44:02 PM] Gregor: lol Lily

[8/7/2009 6:44:08 PM] haydenjuice: my long term goal for the future is to show up as Mishko's house unannounced and sleep on his couch for a few months

[8/7/2009 6:44:18 PM] lenny bruce: phil spector was the second guy to find lenny bruce's dead body

[8/7/2009 6:44:38 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: im sure he's let you sleep in his bed---- with him

[8/7/2009 6:44:40 PM] mdkwpww: The wall of sound spector

[8/7/2009 6:44:41 PM] Gregor: I like that term "Skimmers" ... good one RV

[8/7/2009 6:45:01 PM] Mishko Novosel: OK, we'll start taking calls

[8/7/2009 6:45:02 PM] jameshawthorne2: Materalism

[8/7/2009 6:45:12 PM] Bob in DC: Good point, ...

[8/7/2009 6:45:13 PM] mdkwpww: Consumerism

[8/7/2009 6:45:32 PM] haydenjuice: here come the isms

[8/7/2009 6:45:38 PM] jameshawthorne2: I prefer 'Materialism' ... the rush for goods

[8/7/2009 6:45:46 PM] mdkwpww: Joy Divism

[8/7/2009 6:45:49 PM] haydenjuice: ism is yiddish

[8/7/2009 6:45:50 PM] Gregor: No "Wordism" allowed ...

[8/7/2009 6:46:05 PM] Gregor: Jew-ism = Jism

[8/7/2009 6:46:06 PM] lenny bruce: oy vey!

[8/7/2009 6:46:07 PM] jameshawthorne2: sorry

[8/7/2009 6:46:41 PM] lenny bruce: if we do that, they'll know our real names

[8/7/2009 6:46:52 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: see he is a facist

[8/7/2009 6:47:06 PM] jameshawthorne2: *82--866-944-8523

[8/7/2009 6:47:14 PM] mdkwpww: Goo goo datsheet

[8/7/2009 6:47:14 PM] jameshawthorne2: Google dat sheet!

[8/7/2009 6:47:19 PM] mdkwpww: LOL

[8/7/2009 6:47:45 PM] mdkwpww: Thats was uncanny

[8/7/2009 6:47:45 PM] jameshawthorne2: Mike great inds think alike    lol

[8/7/2009 6:47:58 PM] jameshawthorne2: Minds*

[8/7/2009 6:47:59 PM] lenny bruce: I'll tell you who I am - I'd like to have the jews not find me - I'm out to get them, you see...

[8/7/2009 6:48:20 PM] mdkwpww: Thats the trick

[8/7/2009 6:48:45 PM] lenny bruce: I don't like the jews and I'd like to sneak up on them

[8/7/2009 6:49:42 PM] jameshawthorne2: You can't sneak up on jews ..

[8/7/2009 6:49:46 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: or SAY anything stupid

[8/7/2009 6:49:52 PM] Hayden: they can smell you coming

[8/7/2009 6:50:25 PM] lenny bruce: we're not threatening them, we're going to kill them - it's not a threat

[8/7/2009 6:50:33 PM] lenny bruce: they're guilty

[8/7/2009 6:50:37 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: hopefully you first mish

[8/7/2009 6:50:44 PM] lenny bruce: it's treason - we don't have a "slap on the wrist" policy with treason

[8/7/2009 6:50:50 PM | Edited 6:51:06 PM] lenny bruce: I'm sorry they committed treason but they did and that's the penalty

[8/7/2009 6:51:09 PM] Gregor: James, you're right about not being able to sneak up on them.  It's like they CONSTANTLY are scanning for ANYTHING that might be "bad for the jews".  It's really quite amazing.

[8/7/2009 6:51:09 PM] jameshawthorne2: err I got silence?

[8/7/2009 6:51:24 PM] jameshawthorne2: What happend to the First Ammendment on the Kwa?

[8/7/2009 6:51:31 PM | Edited 6:51:41 PM] mdkwpww: The FBI must be pissed off with those AIPAC jews getting off

[8/7/2009 6:52:04 PM] Bob in DC: Mine, with your every word, the potential Govt Ghost Wolf -- THEY ARE THERE... and INCREASING!

[8/7/2009 6:52:05 PM] mdkwpww: I've been building ovens for them, very covertly

[8/7/2009 6:52:27 PM] jameshawthorne2: I must admit I love the Prothinkers anti semitism it is warming my ol National Socialsit heart

[8/7/2009 6:53:17 PM | Edited 6:53:33 PM] mdkwpww: Dr Pierce audio attacking the jews warms my heart

[8/7/2009 6:53:58 PM] lenny bruce: so then we're back to Jones - he can't say anything and this is exactly the reason - they'll cut him off those fcc-type stations - and then we criticize him for not talking about solutions - it's the same dodge here but WORSE - I hate Jones but at least he doesn't demand your real name

[8/7/2009 6:54:21 PM] jameshawthorne2: Oh Mike Dr Pierce - no brainer .. itz. a shame John Tyndall did not do any huh?

[8/7/2009 6:54:24 PM] Hayden: ADV broadcasts could have been recorded yesterday.

[8/7/2009 6:54:40 PM] lenny bruce: achoo

[8/7/2009 6:54:41 PM] Hayden: very timely

[8/7/2009 6:54:53 PM] mdkwpww: I'm after some John Tyndall mp3s ?

[8/7/2009 6:55:03 PM] lenny bruce: you can't criticize people when you do the same thing they do

[8/7/2009 6:55:07 PM] Gregor: The local station here is independent, and owned by Tribe people ... and they broadcast Jones.  AM radio.  It does seem to be getting some people's attention, even though it's only a start.

[8/7/2009 6:55:17 PM] jameshawthorne2: Yep hayden ... Dr. P's  stuff still relevant today

[8/7/2009 6:55:28 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: |-)

[8/7/2009 6:55:29 PM] lenny bruce: so clearly we can't talk about solutions on this station

[8/7/2009 6:55:33 PM] jameshawthorne2: Proves his genius

[8/7/2009 6:56:06 PM] lenny bruce: the solution is those special "pills" prothink was discussing the other day... those 7.62 variety

[8/7/2009 6:56:16 PM] lenny bruce: but we can't talk about it apparently

[8/7/2009 6:56:18 PM] Bob in DC: The movie KATYN will be released soon -- subtly mention "The Jews did it." every chance you get.

[8/7/2009 6:56:39 PM] Gregor: Bob, is it truly going to be released in "popular" venues ???

[8/7/2009 6:56:50 PM] jameshawthorne2: I predict Alex Jones will sooner rather than later a major contract with CBS for a nationwide radio show

[8/7/2009 6:56:54 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: WHAT DIRECTION????

[8/7/2009 6:56:59 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: there is no direction

[8/7/2009 6:57:04 PM] Bob in DC: Netflix says (to them) 8 August!

[8/7/2009 6:57:10 PM] lenny bruce: You know it seems the more we talk about it

It only makes it worse to live without it

But lets talk about it

Wouldn't it be nice

[8/7/2009 6:57:10 PM] jameshawthorne2: Tell RV to stop smoking

[8/7/2009 6:58:30 PM] jameshawthorne2: Itz. not geniune .. its Rush nutters screaming

[8/7/2009 6:59:07 PM] Mishko Novosel: Lily do you know the following people


- Tom Metzger

- David Duke

- Dr. Pierce

[8/7/2009 6:59:50 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: uh.....yes....

[8/7/2009 7:00:12 PM] Mishko Novosel: What about Alex Linder or Don Black

[8/7/2009 7:00:31 PM] jameshawthorne2: The Mass non white Immigration of our lands have put hugh pressures on our health care systems

[8/7/2009 7:00:33 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: yes VNN and SF respectively

[8/7/2009 7:00:36 PM] Bob in DC: Mike -- you are Delta Force!

[8/7/2009 7:01:20 PM] Mishko Novosel: Lily then when did you get all upset when I verbally slapped you around for acting like an idiot the other day an now you're bringing it here

[8/7/2009 7:01:26 PM] lenny bruce: it helps to walk in there with a yarmulke - they won't listen to you otherwise

[8/7/2009 7:01:28 PM] jameshawthorne2: Lily carefully or we'll SET Alex Linder onto you

[8/7/2009 7:01:40 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: what does that have ANYTHING to do with alex linder?

[8/7/2009 7:01:49 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: you were rude and a pig

[8/7/2009 7:01:54 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: thats why im bringing it here

[8/7/2009 7:02:09 PM] jameshawthorne2: I'm nice - handsomne and English

[8/7/2009 7:02:11 PM] Mishko Novosel: LOL, you acted like a whore and was treated appropriately

[8/7/2009 7:02:17 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: :O

[8/7/2009 7:02:18 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: wtf

[8/7/2009 7:02:29 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: you must be imagining things again

[8/7/2009 7:03:41 PM] jameshawthorne2: Rush is mobilizing the dumb Kwans to go to these "healthcare Town Hall meeting"  ..and SCREAM


[8/7/2009 7:04:23 PM] Bob in DC: People are not perfect -- but those who control the camera will adjust accordingly -- per their agenda!

[8/7/2009 7:04:24 PM] jameshawthorne2: Lily baby .. deaf ears here ...

[8/7/2009 7:04:37 PM] lenny bruce: this is a very important point - I've had people embarrass me and ruin my points - like "get off my side"!

[8/7/2009 7:04:50 PM | Edited 7:04:56 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: he is such a hypocrite

[8/7/2009 7:05:06 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: always pointing and blaming other people

[8/7/2009 7:05:13 PM] jameshawthorne2: Come on Lily lighten up baby

[8/7/2009 7:05:20 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: never ever actually practicing what he preaches

[8/7/2009 7:05:29 PM] Mishko Novosel: Well stupid people normally don't like what I have to say

[8/7/2009 7:05:32 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: hahahahhahhaha

[8/7/2009 7:05:42 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: oh that was a good one you little bitch

[8/7/2009 7:05:50 PM] Mishko Novosel: easy turbo

[8/7/2009 7:06:01 PM] mdkwpww: http://www.presstv.ir/detail.aspx?id=102772&sectionid=3510203

[8/7/2009 7:06:23 PM] SubieSisters: Lilly, are you a female?

[8/7/2009 7:06:25 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: rest assured i could crush you intellectually

[8/7/2009 7:06:33 PM] jameshawthorne2: The Voice of Truth = The Voice of Reason!

[8/7/2009 7:06:41 PM] lenny bruce: I can wear a suit

[8/7/2009 7:06:42 PM] Derek Post: damn whats with the hostility in here?

[8/7/2009 7:06:51 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: oh you missed it

[8/7/2009 7:07:01 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: mishko is a sexist, arrogant pig

[8/7/2009 7:07:11 PM] Mishko Novosel: LOL

[8/7/2009 7:07:14 PM] Mishko Novosel: u funny

[8/7/2009 7:07:17 PM] jameshawthorne2: Derek itz. a 15 rounder here

[8/7/2009 7:07:22 PM] Mishko Novosel: and a liar

[8/7/2009 7:07:28 PM] Hayden: I am going to show up at the townhall meetings in a robe and smoking a pipe

[8/7/2009 7:07:36 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: you ask anyone on that call who was out of line

[8/7/2009 7:07:48 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: because i had THREE people apologize to me for YOUR behavior

[8/7/2009 7:07:53 PM] Hayden: we are all sexists, Lily

[8/7/2009 7:07:57 PM] Bob in DC: The politicians are scum and are gone, all media is for effect -- what people watching WILL SEE !!

[8/7/2009 7:08:03 PM] jameshawthorne2: I'd like to go in a nazi Uniform with a Corn Cobb Pipe

[8/7/2009 7:08:15 PM] mdkwpww: GLR :)

[8/7/2009 7:08:18 PM] Gregor: Some degree of intelligent "sexism" will be required for the resurgence of the Folk.  Using "sexism" as a slur is very jewey.

[8/7/2009 7:08:28 PM] jameshawthorne2: Mike - got it  yeaaaa

[8/7/2009 7:08:38 PM] Derek Post: did mishko say you should be barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen?

[8/7/2009 7:08:39 PM] Gregor: Hey Susie!

[8/7/2009 7:08:42 PM] Derek Post: (rofl)

[8/7/2009 7:08:54 PM] SubieSisters: Hi Gregor, sweetie.   Good think we are nice to each other.  lol

[8/7/2009 7:09:09 PM] jameshawthorne2: The Skype chat is on-fire

[8/7/2009 7:09:14 PM] Hayden: hey Sus. I liked your appearance on FTL. It was great to hear that you had a bit of an awakening

[8/7/2009 7:09:28 PM] Gregor: Yeah, nice ... with barbs.  What a joy!

[8/7/2009 7:09:35 PM] mdkwpww: Two northern English men just going with the flow

[8/7/2009 7:09:56 PM] RV_wolfpack: Hey Lily, we can have a private chat - I wont appologize either (and you'll like it)

[8/7/2009 7:10:15 PM] jameshawthorne2: Mike - you got that right brudder

[8/7/2009 7:10:17 PM] SubieSisters: I think an apology from RV might be foreplay....

[8/7/2009 7:10:18 PM] Hayden: fortunately I could dl shows on my blackberry when I didn't have internet

[8/7/2009 7:10:27 PM] RV_wolfpack: kisses sweetheart

[8/7/2009 7:10:30 PM] mdkwpww: (y)

[8/7/2009 7:10:33 PM] jameshawthorne2: Susie -- foreplay hmmm

[8/7/2009 7:10:37 PM] RV_wolfpack: thats as sweet as I get

[8/7/2009 7:10:37 PM] SubieSisters: (h)

[8/7/2009 7:10:43 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: sorry

[8/7/2009 7:10:48 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: ktf is my intended

[8/7/2009 7:10:59 PM] RV_wolfpack: not me though

[8/7/2009 7:11:01 PM] SubieSisters: Lily, you're okay.   Its always good to get the lather up.

[8/7/2009 7:11:09 PM] lenny bruce: lather

[8/7/2009 7:11:12 PM] RV_wolfpack: we should 'chat' sometime (privately)

[8/7/2009 7:11:15 PM] SubieSisters: RV, now come on.   You're a softie, I know.

[8/7/2009 7:11:23 PM] jameshawthorne2: Wash up and lather up -- i like it  (y)

[8/7/2009 7:11:25 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: not if you're hanging around mishko

[8/7/2009 7:11:25 PM] RV_wolfpack: dont give me away

[8/7/2009 7:11:38 PM] SubieSisters: ok

[8/7/2009 7:11:39 PM] SubieSisters: sorry

[8/7/2009 7:11:52 PM] SubieSisters: James, behave....lol

[8/7/2009 7:11:52 PM] RV_wolfpack: mishco is all right - he just doesnt have time for any BS - hes serious about what hes doing

[8/7/2009 7:12:04 PM] RV_wolfpack: as we all are

[8/7/2009 7:12:08 PM] SubieSisters:  I think they call it 'social graces'

[8/7/2009 7:12:19 PM] RV_wolfpack: were back on air

[8/7/2009 7:12:34 PM] jameshawthorne2: You guyts had better be careful -- you are Mishko's bouncers in here

[8/7/2009 7:12:54 PM] SubieSisters: I'm protective of Mishko also, but when it involves another woman....I'm out

[8/7/2009 7:13:06 PM] lenny bruce: I think someone failed to realize Take Me To The River was written by a black man (Al Green)

[8/7/2009 7:13:08 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: you should have heard how he spoke to me

[8/7/2009 7:13:13 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: and he called me a whore

[8/7/2009 7:13:23 PM] Derek Post: are you a whore?

[8/7/2009 7:13:25 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: i will not allow someone to speak to me like that

[8/7/2009 7:13:29 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: no, im a virgin

[8/7/2009 7:13:32 PM] SubieSisters: Lily, can I apologize for him?

[8/7/2009 7:13:32 PM] Derek Post: if not then why are you worried about it

[8/7/2009 7:13:50 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: becase men should respect women

[8/7/2009 7:13:58 PM] Derek Post: why?

[8/7/2009 7:14:00 PM] SubieSisters: Lily, I've lost it on people also.....this is only a chat....take RV up on his offer.

[8/7/2009 7:14:12 PM] SubieSisters: Lily, gee some men don't respect men!!

[8/7/2009 7:14:23 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: im over it

[8/7/2009 7:14:29 PM] *** TapQ has left ***

[8/7/2009 7:14:31 PM] SubieSisters: good

[8/7/2009 7:14:37 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: he can embarrass himself by his behavior if he wants

[8/7/2009 7:14:49 PM] jameshawthorne2: If not you - who - If not now when?

[8/7/2009 7:15:06 PM] SubieSisters: Lily, Mishko is just Mishko.  He's a smart guy and very faithful.  Just a 'little' rough.

[8/7/2009 7:15:27 PM] mdkwpww: We all need to be verbally abused. It toughens the mind and sets your thinking straight

[8/7/2009 7:15:30 PM] Gregor: Lily, you're pretty funny!  Just like my lady:  she says she's "over it" after a fight, but NO WAY!  The barbs are still inserted until I suffer more.  It's pretty funny!

[8/7/2009 7:15:35 PM] SubieSisters: Hi Hayden.

[8/7/2009 7:15:42 PM] jameshawthorne2: Lol@Mike

[8/7/2009 7:15:58 PM] Hayden: hi Sus

[8/7/2009 7:16:11 PM] SubieSisters: Hey buddy

[8/7/2009 7:16:16 PM] jameshawthorne2: Susie is pushing foreplay

[8/7/2009 7:16:27 PM] Gregor: Isn't she always ???

[8/7/2009 7:16:28 PM] RV_wolfpack: foreplay is 3/4 the fun

[8/7/2009 7:16:32 PM] Hayden: i do twoplay. saves time

[8/7/2009 7:16:39 PM | Edited 7:16:48 PM] mdkwpww: James, the arguments i've had with bleeding hearts on the street. I've nearly had them in tears

[8/7/2009 7:17:03 PM] jameshawthorne2:  Back off the mic .. your breathing like a serial killer

[8/7/2009 7:17:11 PM] mdkwpww: LOL

[8/7/2009 7:17:14 PM] SubieSisters: foreplay.....lool

[8/7/2009 7:17:29 PM] SubieSisters: Foreplay to a black is "Wake up bitch"

[8/7/2009 7:17:35 PM] jameshawthorne2: lol

[8/7/2009 7:17:50 PM] Gregor: Susie, have you become "RACIST" ???

[8/7/2009 7:17:54 PM] Hayden: and sometimes they skip that

[8/7/2009 7:18:02 PM] SubieSisters: Gregor, that ain't racist.....

[8/7/2009 7:18:06 PM] SubieSisters: LOL Hayden

[8/7/2009 7:18:18 PM] Bob in DC: Laws and simple morality are FOR THE ENEMY!!

[8/7/2009 7:18:35 PM] Hayden: foplay

[8/7/2009 7:18:39 PM] jameshawthorne2: "Racist" is a jewish word -- don't indentify with it -- be a 'Racialist'

[8/7/2009 7:19:11 PM] SubieSisters: fo play....lol

[8/7/2009 7:19:19 PM] Bob in DC: m: pOLITICAL POSITION IN A DEAD SYSTEM -- IS DEATH...

[8/7/2009 7:19:19 PM] Gregor: James always speaks truth!  (beer)

[8/7/2009 7:19:20 PM] James Hawthorne: A Racialist understands the differences in the races

[8/7/2009 7:19:24 PM] Hayden: you can take the bunny out of the jungle, but you can't take the jungle out of the jungle bunny

[8/7/2009 7:19:24 PM] SubieSisters: Racialist...I like that

[8/7/2009 7:19:31 PM] SubieSisters: James, true.

[8/7/2009 7:19:58 PM] lenny bruce: there is no political solution to this - they will not let us run or change anything peacefully - it will take radical violence to remove them

[8/7/2009 7:20:01 PM] Mishko Novosel: James "racist" is actually a bolshivik term

[8/7/2009 7:20:10 PM] Gregor: I'm with Bob: it's a waste of time if you still think the "system" (read: the Kwa) has a future.

[8/7/2009 7:20:11 PM] Derek Post: thats because mexifornia is full of shitskin

[8/7/2009 7:20:11 PM] Bob in DC: Quit providing your sustenance to the enemy.

[8/7/2009 7:20:15 PM] James Hawthorne: Mish yeah prob

[8/7/2009 7:20:23 PM] mdkwpww: Trotsky

[8/7/2009 7:20:35 PM] SubieSisters: Things are changing, guys.   The jews are busy doing damage control, but things are changing for the better.

[8/7/2009 7:20:43 PM] James Hawthorne: Don't indentify with jewish "hate" terms against us and our people

[8/7/2009 7:20:45 PM] Hayden: I agree, Sus

[8/7/2009 7:21:00 PM] Hayden: must not let them get ahold of the internet

[8/7/2009 7:21:01 PM] lenny bruce: what??

[8/7/2009 7:21:03 PM] SubieSisters: Hayden, yep

[8/7/2009 7:21:10 PM] Bob in DC: We must develop thinking and action based upon a victorious future position.

[8/7/2009 7:21:14 PM] Hayden: it is all we have

[8/7/2009 7:21:19 PM] *** Jamie Kelso has left ***

[8/7/2009 7:21:22 PM] mdkwpww: More building burning in the Ukraine (y)

[8/7/2009 7:21:29 PM] SubieSisters: They got that Jew Santomayer in....they got the Hate Crime bill passed.......holy shit

[8/7/2009 7:21:37 PM] Hayden: they probably torched their own building

[8/7/2009 7:21:59 PM] SubieSisters: Ukraine?  what?

[8/7/2009 7:22:00 PM] James Hawthorne: Wow they are having a fine time in the Ukraine -- when's the next flight?

[8/7/2009 7:22:01 PM] Hayden: the Chosen people are lightening rods

[8/7/2009 7:22:14 PM] SubieSisters: lightening rods for evil......

[8/7/2009 7:22:25 PM] James Hawthorne: Lightening rods to Pograms

[8/7/2009 7:22:50 PM] lenny bruce: he hasn't heard of jones - yet he can't talk about real solutions just like him

[8/7/2009 7:22:54 PM] James Hawthorne: Arabs run the media

[8/7/2009 7:22:55 PM] SubieSisters: Lightening rods to Foreplay, I mean fo play

[8/7/2009 7:22:57 PM] Hayden: Alex Jones is hal Turners retarded cousin

[8/7/2009 7:23:00 PM] Gregor: MIsh!!!!!   Never heard of Jones?  Maybe Lily had a small point ...

[8/7/2009 7:23:12 PM] James Hawthorne: lol Susie  --- fo-play

[8/7/2009 7:23:15 PM] SubieSisters: James, where do you get the idea that Arabs run the media when they have Jewish last names??

[8/7/2009 7:23:30 PM] mdkwpww: Here Suzie :)

[8/7/2009 7:23:31 PM] James Hawthorne: Susie -- Alex Jones told me

[8/7/2009 7:23:32 PM] mdkwpww: http://www.ynet.co.il/english/articles/0,7340,L-3758709,00.html

[8/7/2009 7:23:32 PM] lenny bruce: we can't talk solutions on this network or on jones's show - what's the difference???

[8/7/2009 7:23:37 PM] Derek Post: jones is a filthy cunt

[8/7/2009 7:23:45 PM] SubieSisters: James, well I can't take credit for fo-play.  Hayden said it first.

[8/7/2009 7:23:57 PM] Hayden: no foplaya hatin

[8/7/2009 7:24:03 PM] SubieSisters: lol

[8/7/2009 7:24:21 PM] mdkwpww: http://www.ynet.co.il/english/articles/0,7340,L-3758709,00.html

[8/7/2009 7:24:39 PM] James Hawthorne: If you have listened to Aryan Matters then you know I'm kidding with the Arab mmedia thinky

[8/7/2009 7:25:06 PM] SubieSisters: James, and you dont' believe Alex Jones...do you?

[8/7/2009 7:25:19 PM] mdkwpww: The jew Sarkozy said it was anglo saxons

[8/7/2009 7:25:21 PM] SubieSisters: James, well I've been off the circuit for a while....sorry

[8/7/2009 7:25:32 PM] SubieSisters: Angla Saxons.....nice sound

[8/7/2009 7:25:41 PM] SubieSisters: Anglo...

[8/7/2009 7:25:58 PM] James Hawthorne: Susie Alex Jones is a nutter -- however I predict he will be getting as major deal soon from the jewish media - to go against Rush.

[8/7/2009 7:26:00 PM] SubieSisters: Is Lily still in here?

[8/7/2009 7:26:05 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: yes ma'am

[8/7/2009 7:26:09 PM] Gregor: Susie, the female Saxons are "Angla" ...

[8/7/2009 7:26:17 PM] SubieSisters: James, I believe it!!!   He is a shock jock

[8/7/2009 7:26:21 PM] SubieSisters: Hey Lilloy.

[8/7/2009 7:26:22 PM] mdkwpww: Lula the Brazillian said they was blonde hair and ble eyed

[8/7/2009 7:26:29 PM] SubieSisters: Lilly....my typingsucks

[8/7/2009 7:26:46 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: no worries

[8/7/2009 7:26:48 PM] SubieSisters: Is Portugese black?

[8/7/2009 7:26:50 PM] Gregor: DAmn!  I LOVE my lazy boy recliner!  I'm in it right now listening to VoR

[8/7/2009 7:27:05 PM] RV_wolfpack: Portugese are from portugal

[8/7/2009 7:27:12 PM] James Hawthorne: White people are living in tents NOW in Riverside - Fresno - Sacramento

[8/7/2009 7:27:12 PM] SubieSisters: Gregor, I love picturing you in that recliner....thank you

[8/7/2009 7:27:19 PM] RV_wolfpack: white - Except for moorish influence in some

[8/7/2009 7:27:30 PM] lenny bruce: Byzantine Greeks are from Asia Minor

[8/7/2009 7:27:38 PM] SubieSisters: RV, Janice Ian married a filmmaker from Portugul....so he is not black, huh?

[8/7/2009 7:27:52 PM] RV_wolfpack: I dont know who he is

[8/7/2009 7:27:57 PM] RV_wolfpack: are all Americans white?

[8/7/2009 7:28:06 PM] RV_wolfpack: are all europeans white>?

[8/7/2009 7:28:07 PM] SubieSisters: RV, me either.  couldn't find a pic

[8/7/2009 7:28:16 PM] James Hawthorne: The Kwa - and Europe is the future Zimbabwe and South Africa

[8/7/2009 7:28:17 PM] SubieSisters: All Americans are not equal....they are not all white

[8/7/2009 7:28:25 PM] Gregor: 50k downloads/week.  HOT DAMN!  GO VOR!

[8/7/2009 7:28:41 PM] SubieSisters: What does white mean?   It means you are not a minority.

[8/7/2009 7:28:54 PM] Gregor: Let's see, at $1.00 per download .... Mish can stop selling telephones.

[8/7/2009 7:28:59 PM] Hayden: damn, Susie. You had an awakening

[8/7/2009 7:29:03 PM] James Hawthorne: I prefer the term 'Aryan"  .... Susie

[8/7/2009 7:29:03 PM] SubieSisters: lol Gregor

[8/7/2009 7:29:09 PM] SubieSisters: Hayden, so it seems.

[8/7/2009 7:29:12 PM] lenny bruce: Janis Ian (wrote and) sang the song "Society's Child" in 1967

[8/7/2009 7:29:20 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: aryan has confusing connotations for some

[8/7/2009 7:29:25 PM] lenny bruce: oh - and "At Seventeen"

[8/7/2009 7:29:26 PM] SubieSisters: James, I prefer superior.

[8/7/2009 7:29:35 PM] Gregor: Yeah James,  the term Aryan has a moral cultural element to it.  Not just about color.

[8/7/2009 7:29:42 PM] SubieSisters: Lenny, right.   Jew writing about interracial dating

[8/7/2009 7:29:48 PM] SubieSisters: Seventeen was pretty

[8/7/2009 7:29:52 PM] lenny bruce: achoo

[8/7/2009 7:30:02 PM] SubieSisters: bless you

[8/7/2009 7:30:03 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: bless you

[8/7/2009 7:30:19 PM] lenny bruce: I've read "Judaism Discovered" by Michael A Hoffman II

[8/7/2009 7:30:25 PM] James Hawthorne: From Birth - to Death - the jew wants to control YOU!

[8/7/2009 7:30:34 PM] SubieSisters: James, true.

[8/7/2009 7:30:53 PM] Gregor: Lenny, try "The Revolutionary Jewish Spirit" by E. Michael Jones.   It's better than Hoffman's work.

[8/7/2009 7:30:54 PM] lenny bruce: did you know when most jews talk Torah, they actually mean "The Oral Torah" which is The Talmud - they hate the old testament

[8/7/2009 7:31:07 PM] SubieSisters: Gregor, I agree on Jones

[8/7/2009 7:31:16 PM] Gregor: Len: you're right about talmud/torah ... Kwans don't realize this.

[8/7/2009 7:31:25 PM] SubieSisters: What do Jews like, anyway?

[8/7/2009 7:31:30 PM] Bob in DC: Karaites are fundamentlist Jews who use the Torah only...

[8/7/2009 7:31:33 PM] Gregor: Shekels

[8/7/2009 7:31:33 PM] James Hawthorne: The Talmud Unmasked is a gem of a little book --it needs to be reprinted

[8/7/2009 7:31:42 PM] Bob in DC: ... there are very few.

[8/7/2009 7:31:54 PM] lenny bruce: subie sisters never take my contact request  ;(

[8/7/2009 7:32:03 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: KTF

[8/7/2009 7:32:08 PM | Edited 7:32:13 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: you shouldnt be talking to other women

[8/7/2009 7:32:44 PM] SubieSisters: Hi Bob

[8/7/2009 7:32:51 PM] Bob in DC: Hey!

[8/7/2009 7:32:57 PM] Hayden: up to 9 years? that is the best news I have heard all day

[8/7/2009 7:33:01 PM] Gregor: I love Lily,  as Bobbie Zimmerman said:  "She talks just like a woman..."  Ha Ha    Tellin' a man he can't talk to another woman.

[8/7/2009 7:33:11 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: :P

[8/7/2009 7:33:20 PM] Gregor: LOL

[8/7/2009 7:33:20 PM] James Hawthorne: http://www.talmudunmasked.com/

[8/7/2009 7:33:22 PM] RV_wolfpack: (dance)

[8/7/2009 7:33:46 PM] James Hawthorne: The jew is bent on destroying YOU!

[8/7/2009 7:33:58 PM] lenny bruce: shouldn't we play our new national anthem Hava Nagila?

[8/7/2009 7:34:09 PM] Gregor: "What would JEW do?"

[8/7/2009 7:34:18 PM] noodledog: let's go find a jew and beat them like mixed race stepchildren...

[8/7/2009 7:34:26 PM] Hayden: I'm not over jew just yet

[8/7/2009 7:34:28 PM] mdkwpww: http://www.davidduke.com/general/jewish-professor-boasts-of-jewish-pornography-used-as-a-weapon-against-gentiles_1811.html

[8/7/2009 7:34:36 PM] Bob in DC: Long hard -- interesting -- times will unfold their malice, and rewards, upon the unsuspecting... and the suspects.

[8/7/2009 7:34:46 PM] Hayden: Carolina Yeshiva

[8/7/2009 7:34:53 PM] Gregor: Bob the Prophet Speaketh!

[8/7/2009 7:34:57 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: no- conspiratard

[8/7/2009 7:35:02 PM] James Hawthorne: Gawwd thats a scary jew!!

[8/7/2009 7:35:08 PM] Bob in DC: lol

[8/7/2009 7:35:14 PM] James Hawthorne: http://www.talmudunmasked.com/

[8/7/2009 7:35:21 PM] Gregor: Bob, stop talking about "long" and "hard" .... there's ladies present.

[8/7/2009 7:35:28 PM] mdkwpww: Look at the hair on it.

[8/7/2009 7:35:36 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: (puke)

[8/7/2009 7:35:45 PM] SubieSisters: lol

[8/7/2009 7:35:51 PM] SubieSisters: Hi Bobby

[8/7/2009 7:35:52 PM] Bob in DC: Itz just for... 'balance' ...

[8/7/2009 7:36:01 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: Lilly, Carter is not a Celtic name do not think

[8/7/2009 7:36:03 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: Heya

[8/7/2009 7:36:09 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: its a fake name

[8/7/2009 7:36:13 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: duh

[8/7/2009 7:36:13 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: ahh

[8/7/2009 7:36:16 PM] SubieSisters: Carter had an awakening....

[8/7/2009 7:36:17 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: :)

[8/7/2009 7:36:22 PM] lenny bruce: "I'm not over Jew just yet"

[8/7/2009 7:36:22 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: :D

[8/7/2009 7:36:23 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: Happy Birthday too

[8/7/2009 7:36:28 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: thanks thanks

[8/7/2009 7:36:37 PM] Gregor: At least it's not "lillenthal lipshitz" ...

[8/7/2009 7:36:46 PM] noodledog: so lily, when's you and ktf's big day?

[8/7/2009 7:36:47 PM] mdkwpww: Carter felt the pain of the Palestinians and it got in his way

[8/7/2009 7:36:50 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: Ralph Lipshitz

[8/7/2009 7:36:52 PM] lenny bruce: this is friday

[8/7/2009 7:36:55 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: um soon

[8/7/2009 7:37:01 PM] SubieSisters: MDK, good

[8/7/2009 7:37:23 PM] Gregor: Mish ... you're talking about "REALITY"  .... Oh, that's FUNNY!

[8/7/2009 7:37:26 PM] James Hawthorne: Keep the internet "White' -- because "There is no jew between me on YOU!"

[8/7/2009 7:37:30 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: PAX CELTICA

[8/7/2009 7:37:33 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: im black

[8/7/2009 7:37:47 PM] Gregor: Or are you "back" ???

[8/7/2009 7:37:50 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: (rofl)

[8/7/2009 7:37:54 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: JK JK JK

[8/7/2009 7:37:54 PM] SubieSisters: Lily, what?

[8/7/2009 7:38:10 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: Belfast, Ireland, not fuckin NORTHERN ...

[8/7/2009 7:38:25 PM] Gregor: Mish, they're not "waking up" .... they're just realizing SOMETHING IS WRONG.

[8/7/2009 7:38:28 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: That is not even the Gaelic name either

[8/7/2009 7:38:28 PM] SubieSisters: I'm half Italian, but I'm not Italian....

[8/7/2009 7:38:40 PM] James Hawthorne: The financial bail out ... "It was the jew who was screwing YOU!"

[8/7/2009 7:38:48 PM] Gregor: Disconnect between their "reality myth" and "reality" ...

[8/7/2009 7:38:59 PM] lenny bruce: achoo

[8/7/2009 7:38:59 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: Gold Sacks

[8/7/2009 7:39:08 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: Jew banking Bastid

[8/7/2009 7:39:09 PM] Bob in DC: Only 'Town Hall Meetings' where they come packin' -- willing to 'fire for effect'!

[8/7/2009 7:39:10 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: s

[8/7/2009 7:39:12 PM] SubieSisters: bless you

[8/7/2009 7:39:24 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: I am 25 percent Italian

[8/7/2009 7:39:24 PM] Gregor: Irish Investment Firm:  Pot O Gold.

[8/7/2009 7:39:29 PM] noodledog: The real belfast...

[8/7/2009 7:39:32 PM] noodledog: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQJrovKgrTw

[8/7/2009 7:39:34 PM] James Hawthorne: Rush is mobilizing the dumb Kwans

[8/7/2009 7:39:35 PM] SubieSisters: Bobby, beat you.  lol

[8/7/2009 7:39:41 PM] lenny bruce: I'm 100% Byzantine Greek - all sides

[8/7/2009 7:39:42 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: I think I saw that video before

[8/7/2009 7:39:44 PM] Kevin: Scuze me folks... i have to go to the toilet and take a Schumer

[8/7/2009 7:39:54 PM] SubieSisters: Pot o Gold....lol

[8/7/2009 7:40:04 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: irish people are short

[8/7/2009 7:40:06 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: Southern Italy/Sicily belonged to Greece at one time

[8/7/2009 7:40:11 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: like leprachauns

[8/7/2009 7:40:13 PM] Gregor: Kevin,  going to the bathroom requires you take a Lipshitz.

[8/7/2009 7:40:15 PM] SubieSisters: Irish people are tough....

[8/7/2009 7:40:17 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: Magna Greci

[8/7/2009 7:40:19 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: A

[8/7/2009 7:40:21 PM] lenny bruce: not "country of greece" - we're from asia minor

[8/7/2009 7:40:22 PM] Kevin: lol

[8/7/2009 7:40:25 PM] noodledog: Not to mention the ra vs. the taliban... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kqE3yE2b0sg

[8/7/2009 7:40:33 PM] James Hawthorne: "As White People - We Are Few Because of the jew"

[8/7/2009 7:40:38 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: and we do have red hair as well

[8/7/2009 7:40:41 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: 'tis true

[8/7/2009 7:40:46 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: I am only 5'8"

[8/7/2009 7:40:56 PM] SubieSisters: We are 'few' because we take shit.

[8/7/2009 7:41:02 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: I have dark brown hair

[8/7/2009 7:41:04 PM] Bob in DC: I think I can... I think I can... I think I can... I think I can... I think I can... I think I can...

[8/7/2009 7:41:04 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: 5'1

[8/7/2009 7:41:07 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: woot woot

[8/7/2009 7:41:10 PM] Gregor: Somehow .... yes, somehow .... I KNEW Lily had red hair.

[8/7/2009 7:41:12 PM | Edited 7:41:17 PM] mdkwpww: 6'0"

[8/7/2009 7:41:13 PM] SubieSisters: 5'5

[8/7/2009 7:41:19 PM] James Hawthorne: I'm 5-11 I can trace my blood to 1750 -- I'm prime SS

[8/7/2009 7:41:20 PM] lenny bruce: my parents actually watch Fox News most of the day!

[8/7/2009 7:41:25 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: My mother is taller than me

[8/7/2009 7:41:39 PM] SubieSisters: Lenny, woah

[8/7/2009 7:41:41 PM] mdkwpww: I'm English both sides

[8/7/2009 7:41:42 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: only a little

[8/7/2009 7:41:57 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: FEE IRELAND!

[8/7/2009 7:42:01 PM] Mishko Novosel: I'm 3'2" damn it

[8/7/2009 7:42:01 PM] lenny bruce: it's really hard to take - I had to sit through glenn beck yesterday - ugh!!!

[8/7/2009 7:42:07 PM] SubieSisters: MDK, English on my mother's side....and she is nuts.  Nothing personal.

[8/7/2009 7:42:08 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: FREE

[8/7/2009 7:42:13 PM] Bob in DC: Right on Rv: I thought I could... I thought I could... I thought I could... I thought I could... I thought I could... I thought I could... I thought I could... I thought I could...

[8/7/2009 7:42:15 PM] SubieSisters: lol Mishko

[8/7/2009 7:42:18 PM] Gregor: Mish is not a Rabbi, he's a LEPRECHAUN

[8/7/2009 7:42:21 PM] James Hawthorne: I'm prime my aunt nelly and her tea bags too

[8/7/2009 7:42:26 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: *fingers in ears*

[8/7/2009 7:42:27 PM] Bob in DC: ... but .. I didn't!

[8/7/2009 7:42:31 PM] mdkwpww: I am too, Suzie :)

[8/7/2009 7:42:33 PM] Mishko Novosel: I'm a Rabbi Lerechaun

[8/7/2009 7:42:43 PM] Gregor: Rabbi Lecher-Kwan

[8/7/2009 7:42:44 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: Killy has nice red hair

[8/7/2009 7:42:45 PM] Mishko Novosel: I got the gold, but it will cost ya

[8/7/2009 7:42:49 PM] lenny bruce: I'm so tired of research - I burned way over 6 TB of data dvds

[8/7/2009 7:42:57 PM] SubieSisters: MDK, well, then it comes honest.

[8/7/2009 7:43:06 PM] James Hawthorne: The Internet is scaring the jews

[8/7/2009 7:43:12 PM] SubieSisters: yes it is

[8/7/2009 7:43:20 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: The other redhead is not in here lol

[8/7/2009 7:43:28 PM] mdkwpww: Very much. They are scared

[8/7/2009 7:43:45 PM] *** (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr. added ssanguine ***

[8/7/2009 7:43:48 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: haha

[8/7/2009 7:43:58 PM] SubieSisters: here comes the red head.....

[8/7/2009 7:44:21 PM] Gregor: who, me?

[8/7/2009 7:44:31 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: I have some red hair genes in my DNA

[8/7/2009 7:44:45 PM] James Hawthorne: No jewish reporter - no jewish editor - White man talking with White man - White woman taling to White woman -- "There is no jew between me and YOU!

[8/7/2009 7:44:55 PM] Gregor: I used to have red hair ... now it's not so red any more .... sigh.

[8/7/2009 7:45:18 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: my hair is broned

[8/7/2009 7:45:20 PM] mdkwpww: Brown hair, hazel eyes

[8/7/2009 7:45:21 PM] SubieSisters: Gregor, no.

[8/7/2009 7:45:23 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: red hair is hot

[8/7/2009 7:45:27 PM] lenny bruce: black eyes, brown hair

[8/7/2009 7:45:36 PM] SubieSisters: Like Reagan said, some things skip a generation....

[8/7/2009 7:46:09 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: < --- Brown with green tints, but they used to be completely brown

[8/7/2009 7:46:27 PM] Bob in DC: Sleep, in these times. is 'losers limp'... fight -- USING YOUR HEAD -- COVERTLY.

[8/7/2009 7:46:39 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: woot woot NC

[8/7/2009 7:47:00 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: Get that Jew out of my shoe.

[8/7/2009 7:47:14 PM] SubieSisters: Get that Jew outta your butt

[8/7/2009 7:47:17 PM] lenny bruce: I saw Texe Marrs' video "Gulag USA" - that was what woke me up - 2002

[8/7/2009 7:47:18 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: anti-Jew rap will be the next thing lol

[8/7/2009 7:47:23 PM] mdkwpww: How long have you been jew aware , James?

[8/7/2009 7:47:25 PM] James Hawthorne: This internet think is working for us .... we can see it on comments section in newspapers with Madoff and the jew nearly destroying the financial system

[8/7/2009 7:47:40 PM] SubieSisters: True, James.

[8/7/2009 7:47:48 PM] SubieSisters: Gregor, what color is your recliner?

[8/7/2009 7:47:58 PM] mdkwpww: I've been jew aware since about 96-97

[8/7/2009 7:48:06 PM] Gregor: "The Truth is so much more Fun that a Lie!"  RV:  THAT is a keeper.

[8/7/2009 7:48:17 PM] James Hawthorne: Intelligent people -- KNOW - It was the jew who is killing YOU!

[8/7/2009 7:48:20 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: lets play YKWYACTW!

[8/7/2009 7:48:20 PM] RV_wolfpack: quote me if youd like

[8/7/2009 7:48:31 PM] Gregor: Susie, it's green.  Green works well with my memory of red-gold hair.  Sigh....

[8/7/2009 7:48:34 PM] SubieSisters: lol Lily...what the heck is that

[8/7/2009 7:48:42 PM] SubieSisters: Gregor, copy that

[8/7/2009 7:48:55 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: You Know When You Are a Conspiratard When....

[8/7/2009 7:48:56 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: Some of the Muslims already do make Jew rap, but it is anti-racist in the same aspect unfortunately. I think rap is interesting only if it about bashing Jews. That is the only exception I would listen to it

[8/7/2009 7:49:06 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: anti-Jew rap

[8/7/2009 7:49:12 PM] Gregor: Kevin took a Lipshitz and now he's ON THE RADIO!

[8/7/2009 7:49:19 PM] SubieSisters: Rap in the 70s is NOT what it became.....

[8/7/2009 7:49:21 PM] Bob in DC: Govt monitors -- wake-up! ... (KikeJew? Change or become extinct) ... resist.com for learnin'

[8/7/2009 7:49:42 PM] SubieSisters: Is Tom M. doing okay?

[8/7/2009 7:49:44 PM] James Hawthorne: Nah itz. a Rush mind meld ..

[8/7/2009 7:49:50 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: Gangsta Anti-Jew Rap

[8/7/2009 7:49:51 PM] Kevin: lol Gregor

[8/7/2009 7:49:55 PM] Kevin: yep that's me

[8/7/2009 7:49:56 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: DONT CUT OFF RV

[8/7/2009 7:49:58 PM] James Hawthorne: ..Dub Kwnas

[8/7/2009 7:49:58 PM] Gregor: Celtic Folk stick to Celtic Roots when it comes to music.  (C)rap music is not cool.

[8/7/2009 7:50:02 PM] lenny bruce: freemasons control rap - jews control freemasons

[8/7/2009 7:50:07 PM] mdkwpww: Hip hop rap was influenced by kraftwerk

[8/7/2009 7:50:12 PM] James Hawthorne: Dumb Kwans

[8/7/2009 7:50:13 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: I listen to Irish Rebel music

[8/7/2009 7:50:19 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: and Celtic Metal

[8/7/2009 7:50:21 PM] SubieSisters: Freemasons are free...just fodder for the Jews

[8/7/2009 7:50:36 PM] James Hawthorne: Our voice must be Racial

[8/7/2009 7:50:40 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: Waylander, Cruachan, etx.

[8/7/2009 7:50:43 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: etc.

[8/7/2009 7:50:50 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: Primordial

[8/7/2009 7:51:24 PM] mdkwpww: Rodney king ? was he the nigger who got a good hiding

[8/7/2009 7:51:24 PM] Gregor: I don't know about the rest of you folks, but the Celt harmonies (1st +5th) harmonies send shivers up my spine.  It truly IS in the BLOOD.

[8/7/2009 7:51:35 PM] lenny bruce: cops are ALWAYS wrong

[8/7/2009 7:51:43 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: I like classical/opera too

[8/7/2009 7:51:47 PM] lenny bruce: cops are bad people

[8/7/2009 7:51:50 PM] SubieSisters: Lenny, not always

[8/7/2009 7:51:50 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: Black Metal mostly

[8/7/2009 7:51:52 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: we need to bring back the druidic faith

[8/7/2009 7:51:55 PM] lenny bruce: always

[8/7/2009 7:52:05 PM] SubieSisters: Lenny, and why do you think that?

[8/7/2009 7:52:08 PM] Bob in DC: Mike -- right on -- True -- Pure Fascism -- requires the best thinking from every elemen -- ON ITZ OWN!

[8/7/2009 7:52:14 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: Hatecore is good

[8/7/2009 7:52:16 PM] James Hawthorne: 9/11 -- Birthers - and other assorted folk .. they will coe to us when the time is right

[8/7/2009 7:52:20 PM] lenny bruce: cops have only ever harmed me

[8/7/2009 7:52:24 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: Nationalsozialismus

[8/7/2009 7:52:25 PM] Gregor: Lily ... what music would resonate with Druid stuff, in your opinion. ???

[8/7/2009 7:52:27 PM] lenny bruce: I can't find someone they've helped

[8/7/2009 7:52:32 PM] SubieSisters: Lenny, too bad.

[8/7/2009 7:52:37 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: hmmmmm

[8/7/2009 7:52:38 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: < --- anti-religion

[8/7/2009 7:52:46 PM] RV_wolfpack: Enya

[8/7/2009 7:52:48 PM] SubieSisters: anti-stupidity

[8/7/2009 7:52:49 PM] lenny bruce: we have horrifically bad cops here

[8/7/2009 7:52:50 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: well the druids have fallen by the wayside of memory

[8/7/2009 7:52:52 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: respect paganism thoguh

[8/7/2009 7:52:53 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: though

[8/7/2009 7:52:58 PM] James Hawthorne: Bobby I agree  o/

[8/7/2009 7:52:58 PM] lenny bruce: I can't wait to kill them along with the jew

[8/7/2009 7:52:58 PM] SubieSisters: Lenny, where?

[8/7/2009 7:53:05 PM] lenny bruce: cincinnati

[8/7/2009 7:53:12 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: the big OH woot woot

[8/7/2009 7:53:15 PM] James Hawthorne: Lenny get in line Buddy

[8/7/2009 7:53:16 PM] SubieSisters: Lenny, the cops in Columbus are better.   Move there.

[8/7/2009 7:53:27 PM] lenny bruce: cops are evil everywhere

[8/7/2009 7:53:30 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: subie, ive lived in columbus for 6 years

[8/7/2009 7:53:32 PM] Gregor: I don't know Enya ... but I'll look 'em up.  I think younger folks should look to the OLD stuff to find out who/what they are.  And then build on that.  Maybe Enya does that ???

[8/7/2009 7:53:32 PM] noodledog: I reckon we all start worshipping the earth like the earth charter says . :P

[8/7/2009 7:53:35 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: they are TERRIBLE

[8/7/2009 7:53:36 PM] SubieSisters: LOL Lily.    OSU.....Go Bucks

[8/7/2009 7:53:37 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: Every synagogue in the world should be burned to ashes

[8/7/2009 7:53:59 PM] SubieSisters: Ashes?   Isn't that a 'holocaust'?

[8/7/2009 7:54:03 PM] mdkwpww: And all their shops aswell

[8/7/2009 7:54:10 PM] James Hawthorne: White Civilization ..

[8/7/2009 7:54:10 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: there were daily tazerings at my highschool

[8/7/2009 7:54:16 PM] lenny bruce: my history has been written out of the mainstream history

[8/7/2009 7:54:24 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: literally, yeah

[8/7/2009 7:54:28 PM] SubieSisters: Lily, cops should NOT be in schools....

[8/7/2009 7:54:28 PM] Gregor: dittos Lenny

[8/7/2009 7:54:36 PM] mdkwpww: Tazerings at school ?

[8/7/2009 7:54:47 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: i was assaulted by a school "peace" officer at 15

[8/7/2009 7:54:54 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: Catholic school treatment

[8/7/2009 7:54:57 PM] Gregor: Lily's school must have had a lot of muds present.

[8/7/2009 7:54:58 PM] Bob in DC: 1% of 1% is required.

[8/7/2009 7:55:04 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: ruler on the hands

[8/7/2009 7:55:12 PM] mdkwpww: Wow

[8/7/2009 7:55:19 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: I wish I went to Catholic school

[8/7/2009 7:55:22 PM] Gregor: Damn, I'm getting lots of drop outs on the audio.

[8/7/2009 7:55:22 PM] SubieSisters: Public school?

[8/7/2009 7:55:27 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: instead of public

[8/7/2009 7:55:30 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Clt80KpHx7c

[8/7/2009 7:55:35 PM] lenny bruce: cops are in all schools today

[8/7/2009 7:55:46 PM] SubieSisters: Lenny, and they should not be.

[8/7/2009 7:55:51 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: Wolfe Tones is good Irish Rebel music

[8/7/2009 7:55:51 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HASihkQDuM

[8/7/2009 7:56:07 PM] Gregor: "School" these days is more "pubic" than "public" ....

[8/7/2009 7:56:14 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: yeah I know

[8/7/2009 7:56:18 PM] SubieSisters: lol Gregor

[8/7/2009 7:56:20 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPs7GFLzx_Q

[8/7/2009 7:56:24 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: school is not safe

[8/7/2009 7:56:29 PM] lenny bruce: start this video 1 hour into it http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8903112019958738510

[8/7/2009 7:56:46 PM] mdkwpww: There was no blacks in my school

[8/7/2009 7:56:53 PM] James Hawthorne: Oh Books for newbies to read ... My first book is Mein Kampf ( of course)

[8/7/2009 7:57:10 PM] Bob in DC: We have strong voices -- Tom Metzger is the best extant!

[8/7/2009 7:57:13 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: Rudolf Heß tribute should be on the 17th when he was murdered

[8/7/2009 7:57:15 PM] SubieSisters: No blacks to speak of in mine either....Catholic

[8/7/2009 7:57:21 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: i had blacks

[8/7/2009 7:57:23 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: plenty

[8/7/2009 7:57:35 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: and the blacks LOVE the pretty white girls

[8/7/2009 7:57:35 PM] James Hawthorne: Which Way Western Man

[8/7/2009 7:57:41 PM] SubieSisters: Lily, well, I don't know what to say

[8/7/2009 7:57:44 PM] mdkwpww: David Duke - Jewish Supremacism is very easy to digest

[8/7/2009 7:57:50 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: Busty Goths are nice

[8/7/2009 7:58:01 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: I do not like David Duke

[8/7/2009 7:58:11 PM] James Hawthorne: Duke has baggage

[8/7/2009 7:58:24 PM | Edited 7:58:31 PM] mdkwpww: His book doesn't

[8/7/2009 7:58:24 PM] lenny bruce: I'm on RV's show tomorrow night

[8/7/2009 7:58:25 PM] James Hawthorne: RV go for itr  lol

[8/7/2009 7:58:40 PM] SubieSisters: Lenny, great

[8/7/2009 7:58:41 PM] RV_wolfpack: i have to keep it on the level on VoR

[8/7/2009 7:59:20 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: omg this show is going on forever

[8/7/2009 7:59:26 PM] James Hawthorne: NWO - Globalization

[8/7/2009 7:59:37 PM] Gregor: As for what RV said about "the more militant direction" .... yes, a PART of it will go down that way.  I hope all present have read Michael O'Meara's recent article and his discussion of 4th gen. warfare.

[8/7/2009 7:59:44 PM] SubieSisters: NGO's....most of the problems

[8/7/2009 7:59:48 PM] Gregor: Are ya bored Lily ????

[8/7/2009 7:59:53 PM] James Hawthorne: I like the Prothinkers - energy

[8/7/2009 8:00:03 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: yes

[8/7/2009 8:00:10 PM] Gregor: How old are you Lily?

[8/7/2009 8:00:13 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: i should be out getting smashed

[8/7/2009 8:00:16 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: 19

[8/7/2009 8:00:31 PM] Bob in DC: Mikey Kikey Seed

[8/7/2009 8:00:32 PM] SubieSisters: Lilly..............Happy  (^)

[8/7/2009 8:00:34 PM] lenny bruce: cattle-ist?

[8/7/2009 8:00:34 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: but NOOOOO, i couldnt because of work and the fact my ear was bleeding profusely

[8/7/2009 8:00:54 PM] Gregor: Nice age.  Easy to get bored at that age.  Have patience!  It takes all kinds ... including us "older" folks who have seen what you have no idea of yet.

[8/7/2009 8:01:05 PM] SubieSisters: good advice, Gregor

[8/7/2009 8:01:09 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: Aistulf stopped talking to me over me not liking David Duke and I said on the forum(VNN) Does David Duke talk to you?(like as in a friendship manner) Is he that much more important than me being his friend. Does he joke with you, etc.

[8/7/2009 8:01:23 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: or Eurvipro

[8/7/2009 8:01:34 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: who wants to hear a gross story????

[8/7/2009 8:01:39 PM] Bob in DC: There is no 'great battle' which wins, or loses, all! ... Kampf ist Kampf !!!

[8/7/2009 8:01:53 PM] James Hawthorne: I'll support all who understands and attacks the enternal enemy of the White Race -- the --- jew!

[8/7/2009 8:02:00 PM] Gregor: Lily, youre sounding like a Valley Girl!  "Gross" .... gag me wid a spoon.

[8/7/2009 8:02:07 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: ok fine ill keep it to myself

[8/7/2009 8:02:10 PM] lenny bruce: aren't they everybody's enemy?

[8/7/2009 8:02:15 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: David does a broadcast and talks about the "nice" hotels he stays in

[8/7/2009 8:02:39 PM] SubieSisters: Bobby, you mean hotels that don't have death threats?

[8/7/2009 8:02:41 PM] Gregor: A 19-year old redhead!   Oh, the memories!

[8/7/2009 8:02:48 PM] mdkwpww: I like Dukes book . I think its easy to read.

[8/7/2009 8:02:54 PM] SubieSisters: Gregor, calm down....

[8/7/2009 8:03:01 PM] Gregor: No, dammit!

[8/7/2009 8:03:02 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: yeah from poor SFers who can barely afford living on their own while you can talk about all your European vacations

[8/7/2009 8:03:13 PM] SubieSisters: Gregor....okay

[8/7/2009 8:03:19 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: I need a redhead

[8/7/2009 8:03:21 PM] lenny bruce: who'd want to steal federal reserve notes? they're debt-notes - anti-dollars

[8/7/2009 8:03:26 PM] Gregor: I knew you'd understand Susie ...

[8/7/2009 8:03:31 PM] SubieSisters: (putting on red wig)

[8/7/2009 8:03:33 PM] Bob in DC: The original title for "Atlas Shrugged" was "The Strike" ..

[8/7/2009 8:03:41 PM] SubieSisters: Gregor, partly.

[8/7/2009 8:03:42 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: Duke cashes off of his "WN's"

[8/7/2009 8:03:58 PM] mdkwpww: True

[8/7/2009 8:03:58 PM] Bob in DC: RV ... yup!

[8/7/2009 8:04:05 PM] lenny bruce: Eustace Mullins has exposed David Duke repeatedly

[8/7/2009 8:04:32 PM] Gregor: What part did he expose ????

[8/7/2009 8:04:44 PM] RV_wolfpack: what deadly word did I say?

[8/7/2009 8:04:47 PM] RV_wolfpack: hahahahaa

[8/7/2009 8:04:47 PM] Gregor: (OK,  remove mind from gutter.  Done)

[8/7/2009 8:04:55 PM] Prothink: shit

[8/7/2009 8:05:00 PM] RV_wolfpack: ahhhh

[8/7/2009 8:05:01 PM] Prothink: lol

[8/7/2009 8:05:10 PM] RV_wolfpack: did I say fuck too

[8/7/2009 8:05:12 PM] RV_wolfpack: if not Im shocked

[8/7/2009 8:05:16 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: yes

[8/7/2009 8:05:22 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: you said "mother fucking"

[8/7/2009 8:05:26 PM] RV_wolfpack: I was getting on a roll - forgot where I was

[8/7/2009 8:05:26 PM] Gregor: Yeah, this is a family station RV.  One helluva "family" here!  LOL

[8/7/2009 8:05:37 PM] Prothink: lol

[8/7/2009 8:05:48 PM] SubieSisters: We are family......we fight, don't we?

[8/7/2009 8:05:51 PM] Bob in DC: Force only works for those committed to winning!

[8/7/2009 8:05:54 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: Yeah, I heard in that article about him being detained that he is doing some bird watching program(to cash in on). He is ignorant of other Europeans too. He goes everywhere in Europe and speaks English. Fucking globalist piece of shit does not pronounce anything right

[8/7/2009 8:06:09 PM] Gregor: The whole family sitting around the digital campfire slammin' the crap outta jews.  Family values I can deal with!

[8/7/2009 8:06:12 PM] Prothink: sign up slackers:  http://forum.prothink.org and actually post something

[8/7/2009 8:06:40 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: (o)|-);(

[8/7/2009 8:06:51 PM] SubieSisters: lol Lily

[8/7/2009 8:07:05 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: translation: so long im bored to tears

[8/7/2009 8:07:07 PM] Gregor: Will SOMEONE please do SOMETHING to provide entertainment for the 19 year old!

[8/7/2009 8:07:14 PM] lenny bruce: I will

[8/7/2009 8:07:17 PM] James Hawthorne: Mike  - I agree good books -good read   -- I loved The White Man's Bible - Nature's Eternal religion - plus GLR White Power - and This Time the World - plus The Turner Diaries -  Ford - The International jew -

[8/7/2009 8:07:22 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: David Duke says nothing about ethno-nationalism. He does not care if whites breed out dominant ethnic groups. That is why I am not a "WN."

[8/7/2009 8:07:36 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: their dominant

[8/7/2009 8:07:38 PM] SubieSisters: Gregor, I have no clue on entertainment.   She should be out partying

[8/7/2009 8:07:48 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: i know, but my ear is bleeding

[8/7/2009 8:07:52 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: NO NO NO end it

[8/7/2009 8:07:54 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: He barely talks about his own background

[8/7/2009 8:07:55 PM] SubieSisters: Lily, that's not good.

[8/7/2009 8:08:03 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: what the hell is he?

[8/7/2009 8:08:10 PM] SubieSisters: Lily, urgent care.   Or CVS...they are cheap

[8/7/2009 8:08:10 PM] mdkwpww: A good academic book is The culture of Critique

[8/7/2009 8:08:14 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: well i went out with my dad and then my earring got stuck in my ear

[8/7/2009 8:08:20 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: I heard he might have some injun in him

[8/7/2009 8:08:26 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: so my mom had to pull it out with a wire cutter

[8/7/2009 8:08:26 PM] SubieSisters: External bleeding????

[8/7/2009 8:08:27 PM] Gregor: Yeah Susie ... intellectual stuff on a Friday don't quite do the trick, do it?  For me, this stuff is (almost) as good as sex!   It lasts longer.

[8/7/2009 8:08:28 PM] Gregor: LOL

[8/7/2009 8:08:39 PM] mdkwpww: Clean your ear with dettol

[8/7/2009 8:08:45 PM] SubieSisters: Gregor, and I will smoke a cigarette on that one

[8/7/2009 8:08:47 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: then i have work tomorrow, so partying can be non existant

[8/7/2009 8:08:55 PM] James Hawthorne: How do we truly Awake our people?

[8/7/2009 8:09:04 PM] SubieSisters: Lily, spoil yourself.

[8/7/2009 8:09:13 PM] Gregor: Susie, just like the "Auto Pilot" in the movie "Airplane", right???  That WAS funny.

[8/7/2009 8:09:20 PM] James Hawthorne: ..What have We got to do?

[8/7/2009 8:09:23 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: it wouldnt look good as a manager if i came in hung over

[8/7/2009 8:09:32 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: I have no booze right now

[8/7/2009 8:09:34 PM] mdkwpww: They are to comfortable at the moment , James

[8/7/2009 8:09:37 PM] SubieSisters: Night you guys and Lily.   Later.   I have a yard sale to do tomorrow.  Gotta make money.

[8/7/2009 8:09:42 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: night!

[8/7/2009 8:09:47 PM] Gregor: Hey Lily .... if you're really who/what you say you are ... you're with friends.  Hope that's the case.

[8/7/2009 8:09:48 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: Later

[8/7/2009 8:09:49 PM] mdkwpww: night :)

[8/7/2009 8:09:51 PM] Prothink: how to wake people up: http://forum.prothink.org/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=41

[8/7/2009 8:09:58 PM] SubieSisters: night

[8/7/2009 8:10:02 PM] Prothink: nite

[8/7/2009 8:10:05 PM] James Hawthorne: I think Dr. Pierce thought the same -- in fact I know he did

[8/7/2009 8:10:06 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: jeez

[8/7/2009 8:10:10 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: ask ktf

[8/7/2009 8:10:15 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: he's seen me on cam

[8/7/2009 8:10:24 PM] Gregor: "These fucks are SOOOO Un COOL!"   LMAO

[8/7/2009 8:10:27 PM] Bob in DC: Structured Security telss us: In any open forum, 30% must be considered agents. -- With that consideration in mind, there are enough present to win!

[8/7/2009 8:10:38 PM] lenny bruce: you should see her huge afro

[8/7/2009 8:10:40 PM] lenny bruce: and buck teeth

[8/7/2009 8:10:41 PM] mdkwpww: I don't see people struggling or complaining. The TV makes them feel okay

[8/7/2009 8:10:42 PM] James Hawthorne: Gregor - we have guest in the house

[8/7/2009 8:10:44 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: ohahahah shut up

[8/7/2009 8:11:00 PM] Gregor: OOOOOPs!  Sorry James!

[8/7/2009 8:11:04 PM] James Hawthorne: Be a nice National Socialist

[8/7/2009 8:11:06 PM] Gregor: (beer)

[8/7/2009 8:11:11 PM] lenny bruce: no, she's for real - as claimed

[8/7/2009 8:11:18 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: damn straight!

[8/7/2009 8:11:30 PM] lenny bruce: even I was shocked

[8/7/2009 8:11:42 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: ktf used to accuse me of being an agent behind my back

[8/7/2009 8:11:43 PM] James Hawthorne: We win by showing We-Are-Right!

[8/7/2009 8:12:00 PM] Gregor: Len, I actually don't doubt it.  Ya never know do ya.  Lily ... send me a pic.

[8/7/2009 8:12:08 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: i heard him on a call and he didnt know

[8/7/2009 8:12:17 PM] lenny bruce: I accused her to her face - she struck me as another Carol Howe

[8/7/2009 8:12:17 PM] Gregor: I'm old, and I'm TAKEN ... so no worries.

[8/7/2009 8:12:22 PM] mdkwpww: We are right,James. Its those outside who are not asking questions yet

[8/7/2009 8:12:25 PM] James Hawthorne: (dance)Kool tune

[8/7/2009 8:12:28 PM] lenny bruce: but she doesn't have a nazi armband

[8/7/2009 8:13:11 PM] Gregor: I love those Japonese pics of wistful hotties in SS uniforms .... seen them?  Such spirit!  No wonder AH liked the Japanese.

[8/7/2009 8:13:17 PM] James Hawthorne: The Swastika is the symbol of our struggle against the jew

[8/7/2009 8:13:44 PM] lenny bruce: yeah but the hot supermodel wearing the swastika armband is the sign of a federal informant - especially when she shows up wanting to join

[8/7/2009 8:13:48 PM] Prothink: my birthday event: 1968 – U.S. presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy is shot at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, California by Palestinian Sirhan Sirhan. Kennedy dies the next day.

[8/7/2009 8:14:14 PM] lenny bruce: you're a year older than me?

[8/7/2009 8:14:19 PM] lenny bruce: you look so young

[8/7/2009 8:14:23 PM] Gregor: Yeah, I just looked under my coffee table, and guess what?  I saw a jew!

[8/7/2009 8:14:46 PM] James Hawthorne: MDK - Mike we are winning because of this White Genius intenet ..thats why the jew wants to 'close it down'

[8/7/2009 8:14:55 PM] lenny bruce: achoo

[8/7/2009 8:15:15 PM] Gregor: Gesundheit!

[8/7/2009 8:15:26 PM] James Hawthorne: Say no to a jew near YOU!

[8/7/2009 8:15:46 PM] Mishko Novosel: LOL

[8/7/2009 8:15:48 PM] Gregor: Yeah, the jew under the coffee table said he wanted my drink.  I said no.

[8/7/2009 8:15:51 PM] Mishko Novosel: Agreed James

[8/7/2009 8:16:22 PM] James Hawthorne: Yeash oldies here "get it" ..

[8/7/2009 8:16:35 PM] Gregor: VERY GOOD POINTS RV!

[8/7/2009 8:17:07 PM] Gregor: Just say,  "No Vey!"

[8/7/2009 8:17:09 PM] James Hawthorne: We got a great education from ....

[8/7/2009 8:17:14 PM] mdkwpww: True. They can't control the net

[8/7/2009 8:17:19 PM] lenny bruce: this is the video from prothink's page http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7058222283109754341

[8/7/2009 8:17:28 PM] Gregor: Lily, did you REALLY leave us yet?

[8/7/2009 8:17:38 PM] mdkwpww: Mimicry

[8/7/2009 8:17:57 PM] Gregor: RV is starting to sound Aryan!  YO!

[8/7/2009 8:18:20 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: huh no

[8/7/2009 8:18:35 PM] lenny bruce: cop friends???

[8/7/2009 8:18:44 PM] lenny bruce: I have no cop friends

[8/7/2009 8:18:53 PM] Gregor: I didn't think you'd leave .... the REAL PARTY will evolve from what's going on here.

[8/7/2009 8:19:06 PM] lenny bruce: the after party!

[8/7/2009 8:19:24 PM] James Hawthorne: I like RV - from what I've heard .. but VOR "understands the mission"" ..... If you need to ask "whata is the mission" .. then you've lost thye plot

[8/7/2009 8:19:32 PM] Gregor: Lenny ... interesting idea:  Just what kinda party will we throw when we win ????

[8/7/2009 8:19:59 PM] Bob in DC: Never submit at your door... is the first step to a future victorous position.

[8/7/2009 8:20:08 PM] lenny bruce: um

[8/7/2009 8:20:16 PM] Mishko Novosel: The white mission is global, but the issues will be local

[8/7/2009 8:20:21 PM] Mishko Novosel: Something will break

[8/7/2009 8:20:24 PM] lenny bruce: I said exactly this line

[8/7/2009 8:20:26 PM] lenny bruce: they're evil

[8/7/2009 8:20:45 PM] Bob in DC: Thanks, RV!

[8/7/2009 8:20:57 PM] James Hawthorne: Mish "our mission" is a bit more deeper than that" ...but ok

[8/7/2009 8:21:02 PM] mdkwpww: A cop will tow the line to keep the job

[8/7/2009 8:21:03 PM] lenny bruce: cops are evil

[8/7/2009 8:21:13 PM] lenny bruce: bingo

[8/7/2009 8:21:40 PM] Gregor: "Nature has marked them (blacks/mexes)"   That's another "keeper" RV.

[8/7/2009 8:21:52 PM] Kevin: it's a family show

[8/7/2009 8:21:55 PM] lenny bruce: didn't he say token... not fuckin'

[8/7/2009 8:21:56 PM] Mishko Novosel: James I get that, but the rubber band is going to snap somewhere.

[8/7/2009 8:21:59 PM] James Hawthorne: VOR no swearing please :^)

[8/7/2009 8:22:24 PM] Gregor: Is (beer) a swear word ??

[8/7/2009 8:22:40 PM] Hayden: I am shocked that RV used foul lnguage

[8/7/2009 8:22:53 PM] Gregor: absolutely SHOCKED!

[8/7/2009 8:23:05 PM] Hayden: who knew?

[8/7/2009 8:23:57 PM] RV_wolfpack: well son of a bitch i did it again

[8/7/2009 8:23:59 PM] Prothink: LOL

[8/7/2009 8:24:20 PM] lenny bruce: the jews and all their helpers - every single one

[8/7/2009 8:24:26 PM] Bob in DC: The first step toward victory begins at the front door.

[8/7/2009 8:24:42 PM] lenny bruce: liberty is what a sailor gets - I'm not bound to a captain

[8/7/2009 8:24:51 PM] lenny bruce: our rights were given by god

[8/7/2009 8:24:58 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: ktf

[8/7/2009 8:25:12 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: im so bored

[8/7/2009 8:25:21 PM] Bob in DC: RPO: "We owe them NOTHING!"

[8/7/2009 8:25:23 PM] Gregor: yeah, let's not "go there" ...

[8/7/2009 8:25:29 PM] Gregor: the queers, that is.

[8/7/2009 8:25:30 PM] Prothink: i gotta piss!

[8/7/2009 8:25:31 PM] Prothink: lol

[8/7/2009 8:26:00 PM] mdkwpww: http://edition.cnn.com/video/#/video/crime/2009/08/07/stovo.bling.stolen.wsvn

[8/7/2009 8:26:14 PM] Gregor: Lily, you MUST have a boyfriend, right?  Why isn't he sitting next to you listening and keeping you "not-bored" ???

[8/7/2009 8:26:15 PM] lenny bruce: achoo

[8/7/2009 8:26:21 PM] Bob in DC: A new one.. the "Swan Flu"...

[8/7/2009 8:26:28 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: boys are trouble

[8/7/2009 8:26:29 PM] Bob in DC: ... lol

[8/7/2009 8:26:32 PM] RV_wolfpack: because Im her boyfriend

[8/7/2009 8:26:35 PM] RV_wolfpack: hahaha

[8/7/2009 8:26:37 PM] Gregor: no, girls are trouble.

[8/7/2009 8:26:47 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: no boys are

[8/7/2009 8:26:56 PM] Gregor: my daddy can beat up yours!

[8/7/2009 8:27:06 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: im sure he could

[8/7/2009 8:27:13 PM] Gregor: LOL ....

[8/7/2009 8:27:19 PM] Bob in DC: "Murder by Injection"

[8/7/2009 8:27:21 PM] Derek Post: they can keep their mercury filled vaccines

[8/7/2009 8:27:43 PM] Derek Post: ill take on the swine flu

[8/7/2009 8:27:55 PM] Gregor: Lily, if "this" is boring ... just what sort of discourse is not ???

[8/7/2009 8:27:55 PM] Prothink: flu shot: http://www.prothink.org/2009/08/07/the-jew-behind-the-h1n1-flu-shot-poisonous/

[8/7/2009 8:28:12 PM] Prothink: lol @gregor

[8/7/2009 8:29:08 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: any discourse about me is interesting

[8/7/2009 8:29:17 PM] Prothink: lol

[8/7/2009 8:29:33 PM] Gregor: Why does that not surprise me!

[8/7/2009 8:29:58 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: look i cant help most people are boring

[8/7/2009 8:30:08 PM] lenny bruce: I'm interesting

[8/7/2009 8:30:22 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: and thats why we are getting married

[8/7/2009 8:30:25 PM] James Hawthorne: Great show by the way

[8/7/2009 8:30:26 PM] Gregor: And OLD adage:  "If you're bored, you're boring".   Go figure!

[8/7/2009 8:30:43 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: yeah old adages for OLD people

[8/7/2009 8:30:51 PM] Gregor: Yup!

[8/7/2009 8:31:02 PM] Derek Post: regardless of anything huh?

[8/7/2009 8:31:05 PM | Edited 8:31:10 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: ok in my defense im looking at ktf also being bored

[8/7/2009 8:31:13 PM] Gregor: If you're really LUCKY, you might arrive at that point ... someday!

[8/7/2009 8:31:14 PM] Derek Post: i dont think theyll be fucking with the pissed off rednecks

[8/7/2009 8:31:15 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: you should see his face

[8/7/2009 8:32:01 PM] Gregor: Right.  This whole THING is actually about GENOCIDE.

[8/7/2009 8:32:25 PM] Gregor: And WE are the target.

[8/7/2009 8:33:00 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: Confederacy and Union = Jewish

[8/7/2009 8:33:28 PM] Gregor: Lily, if two young people, of different "types" are sitting together and being "bored" ... they haven't figured out some important stuff yet.    Whaddya think?

[8/7/2009 8:34:41 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: no one is here with me

[8/7/2009 8:35:02 PM] Derek Post: lily how old are you?

[8/7/2009 8:35:03 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: How many rabbis do we have in here tonight? Can I have a count please? Let's hear it for sheeny nosed scholars tonight. A round of applause.

[8/7/2009 8:35:05 PM] mdkwpww: How's your ear ?

[8/7/2009 8:35:11 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: 19

[8/7/2009 8:35:16 PM] Derek Post: you act like a pissy little teenager

[8/7/2009 8:35:24 PM] Derek Post: ah thats why

[8/7/2009 8:35:27 PM] Gregor: RABBI COUNT!  RABBI COUNT!

[8/7/2009 8:35:36 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: My ears have been hurting because I have been stretching them again'

[8/7/2009 8:35:41 PM] Bob in DC: We did not learn enough about the KikeJew from 'thalidomide'... so now ... a Russian chick.

[8/7/2009 8:35:47 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: not Nigger style though

[8/7/2009 8:36:18 PM] lenny bruce: we have no law enforcement - they wouldn't help me

[8/7/2009 8:36:21 PM] Hayden: thalidomide was such a great experience, Bob

[8/7/2009 8:36:22 PM] mdkwpww: They use thalidomide for cancer

[8/7/2009 8:36:31 PM] lenny bruce: how long does this show go on?

[8/7/2009 8:36:42 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: its the show that never ends...

[8/7/2009 8:36:43 PM] Bob in DC: Laws are for the enemy -- for now.

[8/7/2009 8:36:50 PM] Derek Post: it goes until it ends

[8/7/2009 8:36:54 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: it goes on and on my friends...

[8/7/2009 8:36:54 PM] Derek Post: answer your question?

[8/7/2009 8:36:56 PM] Gregor: Lenny, if we had Rob on,  we'd have about 10 more hours to go....

[8/7/2009 8:37:02 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: 99 bottles of beer on the wall.

[8/7/2009 8:37:05 PM] Hayden: Lily, you kind of suck. Maybe I am not getting the point

[8/7/2009 8:37:18 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: hey, i dont even know who you are

[8/7/2009 8:37:27 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: so you can spare me your opinions

[8/7/2009 8:37:43 PM] Gregor: Hey Lily ... zat pic on your profile really "you" ???

[8/7/2009 8:37:51 PM] Hayden: and you can spare the keystrokes

[8/7/2009 8:37:52 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: yes.....

[8/7/2009 8:37:56 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: Are there miscegenators in here?

[8/7/2009 8:38:01 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: Hope not.

[8/7/2009 8:38:09 PM] Gregor: OK,  I believe ya ..... OK.....

[8/7/2009 8:38:14 PM] lenny bruce: hey, at least I'm getting my slides scanned

[8/7/2009 8:38:19 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: They terminate

[8/7/2009 8:38:28 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: again, im on cam right now so yeah...im real

[8/7/2009 8:38:29 PM] Gregor: My pic is also "me" .... LOL

[8/7/2009 8:38:41 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: ask ktf

[8/7/2009 8:38:55 PM] lenny bruce: she's chewing a pen cap or something

[8/7/2009 8:38:59 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: Lilly has 6 million pictures

[8/7/2009 8:39:11 PM] Gregor: I have no doubt you're real.   Great!   Best of luck to ya in whatz comin!  Truly.  If you can spawn more like yourself .. that's good.

[8/7/2009 8:39:17 PM] James Hawthorne: Hey Great shiow I'm enjoying it

[8/7/2009 8:39:36 PM] Kevin: Miss Cegenator... I've heard of her... :P

[8/7/2009 8:39:45 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: ha

[8/7/2009 8:40:30 PM] James Hawthorne: Feel Poor White man - Itz. the jew who is screwing You!

[8/7/2009 8:40:52 PM] L-I-L-Y Carter: whatever, im leaving

[8/7/2009 8:40:57 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: Scheiß Polacken auch

[8/7/2009 8:41:04 PM] John T. Lynch: Hello all

[8/7/2009 8:41:13 PM] Gregor: I miss Dietrich ... his "going off" ... but tonight's show is excellent because of "new blood".  Good conversation.

[8/7/2009 8:41:20 PM] Hayden: make sure the door latches

[8/7/2009 8:41:22 PM] Gregor: See ya later Lily ...

[8/7/2009 8:41:34 PM] James Hawthorne: August was Octavian Ceaser name given to hi by the senate

[8/7/2009 8:41:38 PM] lenny bruce: אני שונא יהודים לא אכפת לי מי יודע.

[8/7/2009 8:41:39 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: Danzig ist Deutsch

[8/7/2009 8:41:53 PM] Derek Post: hey john

[8/7/2009 8:41:58 PM] John T. Lynch: A little too Hebrew, Lenny

[8/7/2009 8:41:58 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: طا حماس

[8/7/2009 8:42:15 PM] lenny bruce: "I hate Jews and I don't care who knows"

[8/7/2009 8:42:15 PM] Gregor: Dang Ran!

[8/7/2009 8:42:49 PM] lenny bruce: I love google translate

[8/7/2009 8:42:51 PM] Mishko Novosel: OMG

[8/7/2009 8:42:53 PM] Mishko Novosel: loll

[8/7/2009 8:43:28 PM] James Hawthorne: There is no jew between me and you

[8/7/2009 8:43:28 PM] lenny bruce: היהודים הם תת אנושי

[8/7/2009 8:43:39 PM] Bob in DC: Heartland = GREAT LAKES --- hold the greatest continental resource -- FRESH WATER!

[8/7/2009 8:43:51 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: خزب

[8/7/2009 8:44:01 PM] James Hawthorne: The jew feds will crush any WN identity

[8/7/2009 8:44:25 PM] James Hawthorne: We need to task the whole nation

[8/7/2009 8:44:30 PM] Hayden: Mishko has a pool. I'll drop him off at work and pick you guys up in the Porche

[8/7/2009 8:44:31 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: Arabic script looks so much better than HEEBraic script

[8/7/2009 8:45:01 PM] James Hawthorne: The jew feds will NOT allow us to "take over" states

[8/7/2009 8:45:21 PM] James Hawthorne: They will move in and crush us

[8/7/2009 8:45:37 PM] Hayden: actually James, I don't think it would take that many for they to back off

[8/7/2009 8:45:40 PM] James Hawthorne: We have to take over the American Governbent

[8/7/2009 8:45:41 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: al mawt li israil

[8/7/2009 8:45:49 PM] Hayden: *them

[8/7/2009 8:45:54 PM] Prothink: wtf?

[8/7/2009 8:46:18 PM] James Hawthorne: Hayden .. no the jewish elite would crush it

[8/7/2009 8:46:48 PM] Bob in DC: The fight is where you are!

[8/7/2009 8:46:59 PM] James Hawthorne: Mark is right

[8/7/2009 8:47:01 PM] Hayden: the jews have taken a good beating in the last few weeks

[8/7/2009 8:47:08 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: الموت ل اسرايل!

[8/7/2009 8:47:28 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: damn it put the exclamation point backwards

[8/7/2009 8:48:07 PM] James Hawthorne: It's a noble effort for the north west -- but the jew fed will crush it ..we need to take on the national government

[8/7/2009 8:48:08 PM] Bob in DC: Mark may die ... if so, so will I.

[8/7/2009 8:48:27 PM] lenny bruce: dick butler?

[8/7/2009 8:48:31 PM] Hayden: James, the climate has made progress over the summer

[8/7/2009 8:48:42 PM] Prothink: if this is 'our land' we should have been fighting LONG ago. now the odds are against us thanks to the useless whites

[8/7/2009 8:48:48 PM] Bob in DC: Do both!

[8/7/2009 8:48:54 PM] James Hawthorne: My dead White Nationalist ass from my house

[8/7/2009 8:49:10 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: I wish "America" never was created

[8/7/2009 8:49:23 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: that was the death to the "New World"

[8/7/2009 8:49:31 PM] lenny bruce: the turks took away our homeland - we had nowhere else to go

[8/7/2009 8:49:48 PM] Bob in DC: No escape.

[8/7/2009 8:50:00 PM] Bob in DC: ... from reality.

[8/7/2009 8:50:01 PM] James Hawthorne: Once WN's are in a "safe haven" in the pacifric north west' -- you think the jew fed won't attack it??

[8/7/2009 8:50:02 PM] Prothink: i'll be where the odds are better

[8/7/2009 8:50:08 PM] Prothink: regroup later

[8/7/2009 8:50:13 PM] lenny bruce: I'm not running away into the woods - I'm standing and fighting

[8/7/2009 8:50:37 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: I want to live back in New England

[8/7/2009 8:50:38 PM] Prothink: they can attack here but it wont be a big fight with minorities AND feds

[8/7/2009 8:50:39 PM] James Hawthorne: All WN's in one area -  easy for jews to attack and rid

[8/7/2009 8:50:48 PM] *** Eye for knowledge has left ***

[8/7/2009 8:50:52 PM] Bob in DC: The first line of defense is the threshhold... your front door! ...

[8/7/2009 8:51:06 PM] Prothink: we are under the hammer, choose and pick you fights carefully. We aren't the great white beast we once were

[8/7/2009 8:51:12 PM] Bob in DC: Alexander Solschenitzyn

[8/7/2009 8:51:32 PM] Prothink: we lost this nation when NO shots were fired when the fed reserve got in place

[8/7/2009 8:51:35 PM] James Hawthorne: I see the Logic .. but.. how longh before the jew fed atacks it?

[8/7/2009 8:51:52 PM] Prothink: we lost when no one went after the criminals got away with 9/11

[8/7/2009 8:51:59 PM] (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr.: "Ode To A Dying People"

[8/7/2009 8:52:12 PM] Hayden: 2-3000 people in a town and the feds cant crush it

[8/7/2009 8:52:15 PM] lenny bruce: today I'm armed, I wasn't in 2001 when I was asleep

[8/7/2009 8:52:20 PM] Prothink: until people are willing to do the ultimate fight like von brunn we cant speak about 'fighting'

[8/7/2009 8:52:23 PM] Bob in DC: Everyone he met in the gulag pitied the day -- they did not fight at the front door!

[8/7/2009 8:52:28 PM] lenny bruce: I won't blink

[8/7/2009 8:53:22 PM] lenny bruce: they bring their Tefillin with them?

[8/7/2009 8:54:11 PM] Prothink: the people who complain about the NW migration are the ones who are achored where they live and are pissed they cant get out of their area

[8/7/2009 8:54:23 PM] James Hawthorne: But the Federal Governent WOULD attack the Pacific folks and kill you all

[8/7/2009 8:54:43 PM] lenny bruce: I'm not leaving - not a second time

[8/7/2009 8:54:49 PM] mdkwpww: The government is forcing the mix

[8/7/2009 8:54:51 PM] Hayden: they wont, james

[8/7/2009 8:54:59 PM] Derek Post: i live in northern nevada im close enough

[8/7/2009 8:55:03 PM] *** Prothink added Eye for knowledge ***

[8/7/2009 8:55:10 PM] Prothink: [9:52:54 PM] Bob in DC says: Everyone he met in the gulag pitied the day -- they did not fight at the front door!

[9:52:58 PM] lenny bruce says: I won't blink

[9:53:53 PM] lenny bruce says: they bring their Tefillin with them?

[9:54:43 PM] Prothink says: the people who complain about the NW migration are the ones who are achored where they live and are pissed they cant get out of their area

[9:54:54 PM] James Hawthorne says: But the Federal Governent WOULD attack the Pacific folks and kill you all

[9:55:13 PM] lenny bruce says: I'm not leaving - not a second time

[9:55:20 PM] MDK says: The government is forcing the mix

[9:55:22 PM] Hayden says: they wont, james

[9:55:29 PM] Derek Post says: i live in northern nevada im close enough

[8/7/2009 8:55:15 PM] Prothink: 4 quest

[8/7/2009 8:55:17 PM] *** Eye for knowledge has left ***

[8/7/2009 8:55:55 PM] James Hawthorne: The more states involvecd in it .. more the better when the Fed-Kwans tanks come rolling down on you .

[8/7/2009 8:55:56 PM] *** Buck has left ***

[8/7/2009 8:56:14 PM] Hayden: don't forget the nature of the Kwan, James

[8/7/2009 8:56:17 PM] Bob in DC: The only movement is susvival -- for now.

[8/7/2009 8:56:29 PM] Hayden: the sheep go both ways

[8/7/2009 8:56:53 PM] lenny bruce: is there some way I can call in without giving away my info?

[8/7/2009 8:56:54 PM] Prothink: choose: survival around an out numbered amount of minorities ro around a bunch of whites like minded

[8/7/2009 8:57:07 PM] Prothink: like I said, you cant deny the ODDS

[8/7/2009 8:57:10 PM] Hayden: lenny, your info is safe with VOR

[8/7/2009 8:57:30 PM] Derek Post: there are a lot of like minded whites here theyre just to chickenshit to speak up

[8/7/2009 8:57:32 PM] Hayden: sometimes you have to throw off the shroud to be heard

[8/7/2009 8:57:47 PM] James Hawthorne: The more states that WN "Infect" the better .. be active take ovedr local government

[8/7/2009 8:58:26 PM] James Hawthorne: However - the jewish -fed once they feel threatend ..they will move the M1 tanks in

[8/7/2009 8:58:31 PM] Hayden: just be smart what you say in public

[8/7/2009 8:58:38 PM] Gregor: No Stream here ...

[8/7/2009 8:58:58 PM] Prothink: "The more states that WN "Infect" the better .. be active take ovedr local government" tried that. I went to do all the activism I could AND FOUND NO ONE WHO WOULD JOIN ME TO BE ON THE FRONT LINES. PEOPLE LOST ME TO HAVE FAITH IN THOSE ON THE 'FRONT LINES'

[8/7/2009 8:59:12 PM] James Hawthorne: Mark I agree Montana rocks -- Join April in Kalispall

[8/7/2009 8:59:31 PM] Prothink: I stood my ground in WIS, NC, etc and I was the ONLY one...

[8/7/2009 8:59:43 PM] Prothink: moved to Idaho because the lack of

[8/7/2009 8:59:47 PM] James Hawthorne: Europe is Eurwache

[8/7/2009 8:59:51 PM] Prothink: 'front line fighters'

[8/7/2009 9:00:08 PM] Hayden: you are a soldier, Delaney

[8/7/2009 9:00:16 PM] Hayden: it will pay off

[8/7/2009 9:00:35 PM] Prothink: ty

[8/7/2009 9:00:36 PM] James Hawthorne: White People in Europe ARE waking up!

[8/7/2009 9:01:00 PM] John T. Lynch: Really James? Like to know more...

[8/7/2009 9:01:13 PM] Prothink: europe is doing a much better job then America is right now

[8/7/2009 9:01:18 PM] James Hawthorne: John  -- have you been in a hole?    lol

[8/7/2009 9:01:18 PM] Hayden: i have turned more people with your videos than I would have by standing next to you on the street

[8/7/2009 9:01:25 PM] lenny bruce: Mishko Novosel

May 10th, 2008, 11:11 AM

when are people going to be able to "call in"? :(










We've got an 800 number or you can use SKYPE.

[8/7/2009 9:01:28 PM] Prothink: 9/11 is still the key people!

[8/7/2009 9:01:31 PM] lenny bruce: apparently we can call in via skype

[8/7/2009 9:01:33 PM] lenny bruce: how?

[8/7/2009 9:01:36 PM] Ognir: damn jews

[8/7/2009 9:01:41 PM] John T. Lynch: I hope so, James. I WANT Europe to wake up.

[8/7/2009 9:01:54 PM] Bob in DC: DEN

[8/7/2009 9:02:00 PM] lenny bruce: I still can't get Ognir to talk to me

[8/7/2009 9:02:02 PM] James Hawthorne: Rv was great!!

[8/7/2009 9:02:13 PM] James Hawthorne: Great show!!

[8/7/2009 9:02:16 PM] Hayden: [Friday, August 07, 2009 6:24 PM] James Hawthorne: *62-866-944-8523



[8/7/2009 9:02:50 PM] Mishko Novosel: RV is good people

[8/7/2009 9:03:04 PM] James Hawthorne: I like him

[8/7/2009 9:03:07 PM] Ognir: lenny I'm barely awake

[8/7/2009 9:03:09 PM] Ognir: 6am here

[8/7/2009 9:03:20 PM] Hayden: call, Lenny

[8/7/2009 9:03:27 PM] lenny bruce: ok

[8/7/2009 9:03:31 PM] Prothink: FUCKING A GET OUT THERE AND DO THIS YOU FUCKING PUSSIES! The more states that WN "Infect" the better .. be active take ovedr local government

[8/7/2009 9:03:43 PM] Prothink: OPPPS =http://www.prothink.org/activism/

[8/7/2009 9:03:45 PM] Prothink: http://www.prothink.org/activism/

[8/7/2009 9:04:01 PM] James Hawthorne: Hey great to have the Prothinkers here tonight -- together we are strong!

[8/7/2009 9:04:17 PM] Prothink: LOL

[8/7/2009 9:04:46 PM] mdkwpww: I'm going hitting the sack. Night everyone :)

[8/7/2009 9:04:57 PM] Hayden: gn

[8/7/2009 9:05:01 PM] Prothink: GN

[8/7/2009 9:05:10 PM] James Hawthorne: Mike night mate -- had you co-co?

[8/7/2009 9:05:27 PM] mdkwpww: I'm having one now LOL

[8/7/2009 9:05:33 PM] Prothink: RV's show is on tomorrow night: http://rvwolfpack.wordpress.com/

[8/7/2009 9:05:45 PM] lenny bruce: with meeeeeeeeeeee

[8/7/2009 9:06:10 PM] James Hawthorne: Well cheers RV and the Prothinkers --- it was a great show

[8/7/2009 9:06:19 PM] Hayden: I'll listen as long as that loudmouthed jewed up Lily whore isn't on

[8/7/2009 9:06:27 PM] Prothink: we can EASILY win, stop being scared of these kikes'feds

[8/7/2009 9:06:35 PM] Hayden: someone told that bitch women need to be heard

[8/7/2009 9:06:48 PM] James Hawthorne: It was positive VOR + Prothink = Victoryt!

[8/7/2009 9:06:50 PM] Bob in DC: Our perception is coming out -- corruption has always been here... and will survive the KikeJew,

[8/7/2009 9:07:24 PM] Prothink: even the feds are being accused of being anti-kike: http://www.prothink.org/2009/07/31/jews-claim-fbi-antisemitic/ jump on board and lets win this EASY fuckig fight

[8/7/2009 9:07:45 PM] Hayden: they are on the run. keep the heat on

[8/7/2009 9:07:54 PM] Hayden: it hasnt looked this good in years

[8/7/2009 9:08:03 PM] Prothink: EXACTLY Hayden!

[8/7/2009 9:08:18 PM] John T. Lynch: Oh yes, agreed!

[8/7/2009 9:08:29 PM] James Hawthorne: Freedom14.org   good group to support

[8/7/2009 9:08:45 PM] Hayden: www.onethirdoftheholocaust.com

[8/7/2009 9:08:47 PM] James Hawthorne: Missh rocks he keeps VOR going

[8/7/2009 9:08:47 PM] Prothink: join the forum where things get done! http://forum.prothink.org/

[8/7/2009 9:08:55 PM] Kevin: do it for the children!

[8/7/2009 9:08:56 PM] Kevin: lol

[8/7/2009 9:08:56 PM] lenny bruce: John is such a night owl

[8/7/2009 9:09:00 PM] Gregor: Yes James, Mish does keep VoR going ...

[8/7/2009 9:09:11 PM] Prothink: prothink network will NEVER go down until the fight is won

[8/7/2009 9:09:25 PM] lenny bruce: the feed died

[8/7/2009 9:09:33 PM] Hayden: www.newsfromthewest.blogspot.com

[8/7/2009 9:09:41 PM] lenny bruce: got it back

[8/7/2009 9:09:51 PM] lenny bruce: this is no hobby for me either

[8/7/2009 9:09:52 PM] Hayden: www.goyfire.com

[8/7/2009 9:09:57 PM] James Hawthorne: Gregor .. I've "known" Mark now for 5 years - he ask for nothing -

[8/7/2009 9:09:59 PM] Derek Post: who does that?

[8/7/2009 9:10:04 PM] Derek Post: jam?

[8/7/2009 9:10:06 PM] Derek Post: :D

[8/7/2009 9:10:11 PM] Kevin: lol jam no doubt

[8/7/2009 9:10:13 PM] Prothink: http://www.prothink.org http://www.911missinglinks.com/  http://jesuswasnotajew.com/ http://www.jewcrimes.com/  http://prothink.tv/  http://www.theholohoax.com/  http://koshertax.net/  http://thejewishquestion.com/

[8/7/2009 9:10:16 PM] Kevin: the high yellow hitler

[8/7/2009 9:10:20 PM] Hayden: martinson, lol. hell no

[8/7/2009 9:10:31 PM] Prothink: ALL prothink sites

[8/7/2009 9:10:38 PM] Hayden: Marty Mart and the Funky Muds

[8/7/2009 9:10:44 PM] Bob in DC: Like Mike says: Is it your actions, or you money, which determines your worth?

[8/7/2009 9:10:48 PM] James Hawthorne: Mark is a High Quality WN patriot

[8/7/2009 9:11:20 PM] lenny bruce: something was very bizarre with the skype chat - I got a huge bunch of lines in one shot

[8/7/2009 9:11:45 PM] Prothink: the the future http://usurymovie.com/ which we will get up again. BTW Hayden is the god of the Usury movie: Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O80QxetR6RQ

[8/7/2009 9:11:58 PM] James Hawthorne: Great show folks .. thanks Prothinkers

[8/7/2009 9:12:04 PM] Kevin: <-----------  Prothink's forum god :P

[8/7/2009 9:12:11 PM] Hayden: that was delaney copy and pasting to Quest

[8/7/2009 9:12:26 PM] Gregor: Yeah ... thanks Prothinkers.   I'm amazed at how LONG the chat list is.  Must be you guys.

[8/7/2009 9:12:51 PM] Prothink: thanks

[8/7/2009 9:13:13 PM] Prothink: good show!

[8/7/2009 9:13:17 PM] Prothink: KICKING SOME ASS

[8/7/2009 9:13:22 PM] Hayden: great show tonight

[8/7/2009 9:13:24 PM] Gregor: No argument with that!

[8/7/2009 9:13:35 PM] lenny bruce: I like this song - it was from that last gasp of Rock before Rock died

[8/7/2009 9:13:39 PM] Bob in DC: Mark is real.

[8/7/2009 9:13:44 PM] Prothink: get angry fuckers, DO SOMETHING!

[8/7/2009 9:13:49 PM] Hayden: monkey beats Claire!

[8/7/2009 9:13:59 PM] Gregor: Is Mark more real that Lily ???

[8/7/2009 9:14:03 PM] Gregor: than

[8/7/2009 9:14:10 PM] James Hawthorne:  Mark .. what a guy ... he is awsome! ...

[8/7/2009 9:14:15 PM] Hayden: Lily is a jewed up asshole

[8/7/2009 9:14:20 PM] Prothink: time to put the lotion down, stop jerking off and lets get this fight going

[8/7/2009 9:14:24 PM] Hayden: she just doesnt realize it

[8/7/2009 9:14:31 PM] Bob in DC: Who is Lily?

[8/7/2009 9:14:35 PM] lenny bruce: she's not jewish, I can tell you that

[8/7/2009 9:14:38 PM] Prothink: nothing to pay attention to

[8/7/2009 9:14:46 PM] Hayden: that loud mouth 19 year old that was in here

[8/7/2009 9:14:48 PM] Prothink: pay attention to productive issues

[8/7/2009 9:15:01 PM] Derek Post: she seems ok i had a short conversation with her

[8/7/2009 9:15:07 PM] James Hawthorne: Great show  - tons of down;loads on this

[8/7/2009 9:15:12 PM] Prothink: young, dumb, full of ...........

[8/7/2009 9:15:17 PM] Hayden: she 'aint ok, bro

[8/7/2009 9:15:24 PM] Prothink: (rofl)

[8/7/2009 9:15:28 PM] James Hawthorne: We need to cross-pol on stuff

[8/7/2009 9:15:41 PM] lenny bruce: she's addicted to the gutter jokes we make - she's often putting you on

[8/7/2009 9:15:53 PM] lenny bruce: and she doesn't know when to make them and when to be cool

[8/7/2009 9:15:55 PM] Hayden: a few lines of her posts and that was obvious

[8/7/2009 9:16:06 PM] Gregor: Like Lily said, if it's about HER, it's interesting .... otherwise ....

[8/7/2009 9:16:29 PM] James Hawthorne: "Cross-pol" .. have other guests - promote other wn radio - websites etc

[8/7/2009 9:16:29 PM] Hayden: and that is the last thing we need

[8/7/2009 9:16:33 PM] lenny bruce: it's okay, nothing distracts me from destroying the jew

[8/7/2009 9:16:54 PM] Hayden: especially in Friday chat when we actually make progress for the week

[8/7/2009 9:17:01 PM] Gregor: Mish, Folks .... Thanks!  See ya!

[8/7/2009 9:17:01 PM] Prothink: I lost control of my last broadcasr here: http://recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-16999/TS-253558.mp3 but oh well. enough games

[8/7/2009 9:17:07 PM] *** Gregor has left ***

[8/7/2009 9:17:20 PM] James Hawthorne: Together WE are Strong!

[8/7/2009 9:17:46 PM] Hayden: we need to pool some money and get Hawthorne over to the kwa

[8/7/2009 9:17:57 PM] Prothink: yes

[8/7/2009 9:18:03 PM] Prothink: lol

[8/7/2009 9:18:15 PM] Hayden: he can live with Mishko until the mexicans run them out

[8/7/2009 9:18:28 PM] Prothink: LOL

[8/7/2009 9:18:43 PM] Prothink: that wont be happening up here in Idaho, lol

[8/7/2009 9:18:51 PM] Hayden: james, if you can get a flight into Mexico City, it will be real easy for you to get in

[8/7/2009 9:18:53 PM] Prothink: white majority, final frontier

[8/7/2009 9:19:06 PM] Prothink: still on America soil here as well.

[8/7/2009 9:19:11 PM] lenny bruce: god help us in ohio

[8/7/2009 9:19:18 PM] Mishko Novosel: Thanks Hayden

[8/7/2009 9:19:24 PM] Hayden: grow a shitty mustache and use a tank top to get a sunburn

[8/7/2009 9:19:29 PM] Prothink: great show Mish & RV

[8/7/2009 9:19:37 PM] Kevin: anyone in the upper midwest area take a look at www.umwi.net

[8/7/2009 9:19:40 PM] Mishko Novosel: I got enough guns for a few people

[8/7/2009 9:19:41 PM] John T. Lynch: Yes, great show.

[8/7/2009 9:19:44 PM] RV_wolfpack: where'd miss sugar britches lily go?

[8/7/2009 9:19:46 PM] Mishko Novosel: yeah RV was really good

[8/7/2009 9:20:08 PM] Hayden: I know Mish. That's why I am going to live on your couch

[8/7/2009 9:20:11 PM] Prothink: conference call anyone?

[8/7/2009 9:20:19 PM] John T. Lynch: sure

[8/7/2009 9:20:23 PM] Mishko Novosel: gotta feed the dogs

[8/7/2009 9:20:23 PM] Derek Post: sure

[8/7/2009 9:20:24 PM] Prothink: press 1 for yes to conference call, 2 if not interested

[8/7/2009 9:20:30 PM] Kevin: *finding his fing microphone

[8/7/2009 9:20:31 PM] John T. Lynch: 1

[8/7/2009 9:20:32 PM] Fred Lusioni: 1

[8/7/2009 9:20:33 PM] lenny bruce: 1

[8/7/2009 9:20:35 PM] Kevin: 1

[8/7/2009 9:20:41 PM] Derek Post: 1

[8/7/2009 9:20:47 PM] Hayden: aw, christ

[8/7/2009 9:20:51 PM] Fred Lusioni: ill be afk for a few minutes of it though

[8/7/2009 9:20:51 PM] Derek Post: hey aaron just get off work?

[8/7/2009 9:20:58 PM] Fred Lusioni: yeah

[8/7/2009 9:21:00 PM] Fred Lusioni: just walked in

[8/7/2009 9:21:03 PM] Hayden: ok, bio break

[8/7/2009 9:21:16 PM] Fred Lusioni: gotta take care of a few things but add me to the conference

[8/7/2009 9:21:27 PM] RV_wolfpack: 1 - I changed my mind about tearing the pc down tonight

[8/7/2009 9:21:32 PM] Hayden: like Mishko said, "gotta feed the dogs"

[8/7/2009 9:21:34 PM] Kevin: lol

[8/7/2009 9:21:38 PM] Bob in DC: GLRs 'suicide squad' housed in the middle of niggertown Oakland (CA) -- They called out the well armed Black Panthers - who did not show their faces!

[8/7/2009 9:21:47 PM] Derek Post: good rv its just not a conference call without you

[8/7/2009 9:22:08 PM] Richard Westmueller: 1

[8/7/2009 9:22:14 PM] James Hawthorne: I'm in Europe

[8/7/2009 9:22:20 PM] Bob in DC: Mark is right -- the battle is wherever we stand!

[8/7/2009 9:23:41 PM] lenny bruce: I got to see her on cam for awhile tonight

[8/7/2009 9:24:29 PM] James Hawthorne: The jew-fed will attack the resistance - how once the resistanbce is settled it must take over the local governent.  Once wn run local government - then the jew-fed will back off

[8/7/2009 9:25:13 PM] Mishko Novosel: Bob, where every awaken white man stands that's the battle front

[8/7/2009 9:25:25 PM] *** RV_wolfpack has left ***

[8/7/2009 9:25:27 PM] Bob in DC: JH: The Fed is tactically very weak -- they do not call the shots.

[8/7/2009 9:25:45 PM] Bob in DC: Right!

[8/7/2009 9:26:30 PM] James Hawthorne: April G. has  stated this .. we ust take over the local governent of the states we "infest"

[8/7/2009 9:26:42 PM] lenny bruce: I got dropped

[8/7/2009 9:26:56 PM] lenny bruce: redial me

[8/7/2009 9:27:04 PM] Bob in DC: Secession works ony if the center weakens.

[8/7/2009 9:27:17 PM] *** John T. Lynch has left ***

[8/7/2009 9:27:30 PM] Mishko Novosel: Fucking hell, we are 70% of the population, we should NEVER give up an INCH

[8/7/2009 9:27:37 PM] Mishko Novosel: fuck them

[8/7/2009 9:27:48 PM] Bob in DC: LOL...

[8/7/2009 9:28:17 PM] Bob in DC: 60-100 years of MSM manipulation... has its effect.

[8/7/2009 9:28:35 PM] Mishko Novosel: Bob, even in Cali we can defend outselves when push comes to shove

[8/7/2009 9:29:42 PM] Bob in DC: Mobs of niggers are strong.. they must be divided ... and then the multitude of Mestizos...

[8/7/2009 9:30:10 PM] *** Derek Post has left ***

[8/7/2009 9:30:32 PM] Mishko Novosel: LOL, a couple of .308 dome ventelators changes the scenery

[8/7/2009 9:31:27 PM] Bob in DC: Quality defeats quantity.. until quantity kills the land.

[8/7/2009 9:42:29 PM] James Hawthorne: It was great to add to the mix Oldies from VNN and Prothinkers

[8/7/2009 9:42:55 PM] *** Prothink has left ***

[8/7/2009 9:43:31 PM] James Hawthorne: I enjoyed the whole excerise

[8/7/2009 9:50:41 PM] *** Ognir has left ***

[8/7/2009 9:57:00 PM] James Hawthorne: Great show for VOR and its worldview

[8/7/2009 9:57:53 PM] James Hawthorne: "Who Dares Broadcasts" ..

[8/7/2009 9:58:45 PM] *** Mishko Novosel has left ***

[8/7/2009 10:10:49 PM] *** Fred Lusioni has left ***

[8/7/2009 10:21:59 PM] James Hawthorne: Err Prothink Skype chat5?

[8/7/2009 11:26:57 PM] *** Richard Westmueller has left ***

[8/7/2009 11:53:28 PM] *** Mind Vine has left ***

[8/8/2009 12:27:07 AM] *** Joe Blow has left ***

[8/8/2009 2:33:44 AM] *** rob.halford88 has left ***

[8/8/2009 4:33:35 AM] *** (Bobby) Robert M. Bandanza Jr. has left ***

[8/8/2009 7:30:16 PM] TruthPatriot: 20 Senators have cosponsored S. 604, The Federal Reserve Sunshine Act (a bill which is identical to H.R. 1207).

[8/8/2009 7:35:05 PM] SubieSisters: RV, you missing Lily?

[8/8/2009 7:36:48 PM] lenny bruce: lily is listed as offline

[8/8/2009 8:13:58 PM] TruthPatriot: whats the radio show today

[8/8/2009 8:14:30 PM] *** SubieSisters has left ***

[8/8/2009 8:36:11 PM] lenny bruce: it's me!

[8/8/2009 8:45:11 PM] *** Bob in DC has left ***

[8/8/2009 9:54:35 PM] *** sojourner has left ***




[8/3/2009 6:02:16 PM] *** hushpupy has left ***

[8/4/2009 10:34:10 AM] *** TapQ has left ***

[8/8/2009 7:37:40 PM] websuspect: Interesting channel

[8/8/2009 7:37:46 PM] websuspect: Did someone summon me here

[8/8/2009 7:38:11 PM] websuspect: Oh well

[8/8/2009 7:38:18 PM] *** websuspect has left ***

[8/8/2009 7:40:20 PM] lenny bruce: ???

[8/8/2009 7:50:17 PM] Kevin: heilsa!

[8/8/2009 7:59:20 PM] Derek Post: wtf

[8/8/2009 7:59:42 PM] Kevin: ?

[8/8/2009 8:00:01 PM] TruthPatriot: yoo

[8/8/2009 8:00:05 PM] TruthPatriot: 20 Senators have cosponsored S. 604, The Federal Reserve Sunshine Act (a bill which is identical to H.R. 1207).

[8/8/2009 8:00:19 PM] Derek Post: awesome

[8/8/2009 8:00:32 PM] Derek Post: opn those books

[8/8/2009 8:00:34 PM] Derek Post: open*

[8/8/2009 8:02:25 PM] *** John de Nugent has left ***

[8/8/2009 8:02:38 PM] TruthPatriot: but, most importantly, who will do the audit

[8/8/2009 8:02:59 PM] Derek Post: hopefully not a kike

[8/8/2009 8:03:00 PM] Derek Post: :)

[8/8/2009 8:05:14 PM] TruthPatriot: well, "kike" might find the money better, no

[8/8/2009 8:05:25 PM] TruthPatriot: depending on whos interest they represent

[8/8/2009 8:05:44 PM] Derek Post: whos interest do you think theyll represent?

[8/8/2009 8:05:58 PM] Derek Post: their kike buddies in the fed or the american people?

[8/8/2009 8:05:58 PM] TruthPatriot: the status quo

[8/8/2009 8:06:00 PM] Derek Post: no brainer

[8/8/2009 8:07:24 PM] TruthPatriot: Divide and conquer, blacks vs. whites, liberals vs. conservatives

[8/8/2009 8:08:00 PM] TruthPatriot: i don't think jews have any adgenda, but the One World Government does

[8/8/2009 8:08:34 PM] Derek Post: :D

[8/8/2009 8:08:38 PM] Derek Post: ah youre one of those

[8/8/2009 8:09:56 PM] Kevin: where is the feed?

[8/8/2009 8:10:10 PM] Derek Post: the show hasnt started

[8/8/2009 8:10:25 PM] Derek Post: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/rv_wolfpack

[8/8/2009 8:11:18 PM] lenny bruce: I'm tonight's guest

[8/8/2009 8:37:28 PM] Kevin: hey what's up Nevada?

[8/8/2009 8:51:52 PM] Kevin: 8 minutes till show

[8/8/2009 10:33:02 PM] TruthPatriot: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RnIWSI2tkDM

[8/8/2009 10:34:34 PM] Derek Post: alex jones is a cunt

[8/8/2009 10:34:45 PM] Fred Lusioni: yes

[8/8/2009 10:34:47 PM] TruthPatriot: lol

[8/8/2009 10:34:49 PM] Fred Lusioni: indeed

[8/8/2009 10:35:01 PM] lenny bruce: absolutely

[8/8/2009 10:35:19 PM] lenny bruce: very cunty

[8/8/2009 10:35:34 PM] TruthPatriot: this is funny as hell

[8/8/2009 10:36:32 PM] Derek Post: whats funny?

[8/8/2009 10:41:03 PM] Derek Post: that is funny watching jones make more of an ass of himself

[8/8/2009 10:43:58 PM] TruthPatriot: Derek Post

[8/8/2009 10:44:13 PM] TruthPatriot: we got a good call, some AJ fans, some anti AJ people

[8/8/2009 10:44:16 PM] TruthPatriot: join in??????????

[8/8/2009 10:44:34 PM] TruthPatriot: call into Camspiracy

[8/8/2009 10:45:12 PM] Derek Post: the hell is camspiracy?

[8/8/2009 10:45:21 PM] TruthPatriot: his skype name

[8/8/2009 10:46:00 PM] Derek Post: im not into debating with jones fans because chances are i wont like the anti jones fans either

[8/8/2009 10:47:33 PM] Derek Post: probably a bunch of "reptilian" believing fuckers

[8/8/2009 10:47:43 PM] Derek Post: or "illuminati" ghost chasers

[8/8/2009 10:47:43 PM] TruthPatriot: lol

[8/8/2009 10:47:53 PM] TruthPatriot: well bring in your points

[8/8/2009 10:48:08 PM] TruthPatriot: you can 'wake' up some people

[8/8/2009 10:48:20 PM] TruthPatriot: truth is bullet proof

[8/8/2009 10:48:25 PM] Derek Post: ive had a few beers so id probably just be an asshole

[8/8/2009 10:48:27 PM] TruthPatriot: so bring in some fact, make good points

[8/8/2009 10:48:37 PM] TruthPatriot: i am on my 4th

[8/8/2009 10:48:39 PM] TruthPatriot: guinness

[8/8/2009 10:49:00 PM] Derek Post: (puke)

[8/8/2009 10:49:04 PM] TruthPatriot: lol

[8/8/2009 10:49:16 PM] TruthPatriot: "Guinness is good for you"

[8/8/2009 10:50:01 PM] TruthPatriot: is their sales claim

[8/8/2009 10:52:46 PM] Derek Post: that shit is worse than tecate

[8/8/2009 10:52:47 PM] Derek Post: ive heard if you get it in ireland it is a lot better though

[8/8/2009 10:57:00 PM] Derek Post: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60CqFTs9pl8

[8/8/2009 11:07:09 PM] TruthPatriot: i get the guinness stout

[8/8/2009 11:07:21 PM] TruthPatriot: most liquor stores have bud, coors, corona

[8/8/2009 11:07:29 PM] TruthPatriot: so guinness is my best choice

[8/8/2009 11:25:30 PM] *** Tony Miller has left ***