>From the Nationalist Times


  By Jack Campbell

  Anyone with an IQ above ninety and even a passing interest in international
affairs knows that US Middle-Eastern foreign policy is tightly controlled by
the Jewish lobby. Few realize, however, that American Jewish ethnic antagonism
is also a major factor in our relations with other nations across the globe.

  It's vitally important that the US government maintain good relations with
Russia. In spite of her somewhat weakened condition since the fall of the
Soviet Union, Russia remains a major world power. The bear still controls the
world's second largest stock of nuclear weapons. Russia may have lost huge chunks
of her empire, but it is still a mighty nation. When the sun sets in St.
Petersburg on the Baltic, it begins to rise in Vladivostok on the Pacific Ocean.
Russia still has huge, untapped natural resources and a well-educated workforce.

  At a time when the US is so short of friends worldwide due to its
needlessly aggressive Iraqi policy, President Bush demonstrated to the world on June
8th his slavish attitude toward the Jewish Lobby and his poor grasp of the
fundamentals of diplomacy when he gave Vladimir Putin a humiliating lecture on a
free press in Russia at the G8 Summit in Savannah GA. If you want to maintain
good relations with foreign heads of state, demeaning lectures on the domestic
policies of your opposite number is not the way to go.

   Bush really doesn't give a hoot about whether there is freedom of the
press in Russia, he is merely reflecting the concerns of his Jewish handlers that
Putin is trying to break the Zionist media monopoly in Russia by effectively
exiling Jewish Supremacist Media Baron, Boris Berezovsky. I love the principle
of a free press, but when New World Order Zionists, as in the US control all
the major media outlets of a country, the very reason for a free press, a
diversity of opinion, is undermined. I don't blame Putin for trying to take back a
couple Jewish TV stations and newspapers and give them to real Russians.

  Meanwhile, Putin continues his effort to fight the crooked Jewish oligarchs
in other areas of Russian life. In early June a Russian court agreed with the
Russian President's contention that Jewish energy baron Mikhail Khodorkovsky
stand trial along with another billionaire for fraud, tax evasion and
embezzlement in deals related to the Yukos oil company. The best thing that could
happen to Russia would be for a half dozen of these oligarchs to be thrown in jail
for a good, long time.

  Vladimir Putin has taken serious steps to take back his country from the
Zionist elite. If Putin can manage to do this successfully he has the potential
of becoming the greatest nationalist leader of our time. A few hundred years
ago Russia freed itself from the Tartar yoke. Can modern Russia free itself
from the Zionist yoke? We can only hope that the resolute and wily Putin can pull
this off.