Qui Tam Statistics

(as of September, 1995)

Recoveries Top $1 Billion, Filings Hit Record Level

As of September 1995, qui tam recoveries have exceeded $1 billion since the False Claims Act was amended in 1986. According to the Department of Justice (DOJ), more than 1,000 qui tam cases have been brought during this period, with a record 245 cases reported to have been filed in fiscal year 1995.

        FY 1987:  33 cases              FY 1992:  119 cases
        FY 1988:  60 cases              FY 1993:  131 cases
        FY 1989:  95 cases              FY 1994:  220 cases
        FY 1990:  82 cases             *FY 1995:  245 cases
        FY 1991:  90 cases

Total qui tam recoveries by fiscal year are approximated as follows:

        FY 1987:  -------               FY 1992:  $123.88 million
        FY 1988:  $2.34 million         FY 1993:  $193.45 million
        FY 1989:  $17.89 million        FY 1994:  $379.56 million
        FY 1990:  $40.56 million       *FY 1995:  $200.43 million
        FY 1991:  $70.45 million

DOJ reported in August 1995 that it has intervened in 169 cases and obtained judgments or settlements in 115 matters. In cases where the relator's share has been finally determined, relators have received about $153 million or an average of 18% of the total recovery. Based on DOJ's statistics, the average recovery for all resolved qui tam cases (including unsuccessful cases) is approximately $1.76 million.

Intervention in Nearly A Quarter of Cases, with Many Actions Pending

DOJ has intervened in qui tam cases at a rate of 24%. As of August 1995, DOJ reported that it was investigating 312 qui tam actions that are under seal and for which it has not yet made an intervention decision. Of the cases DOJ has declined to join, 380 have been dismissed or are not being pursued by the relator, while 83 cases are known to be in active litigation. Where the relator has proceeded after DOJ has declined, there have been recoveries in 26 cases for $18 million, of which about 28% has been awarded to relators. According to DOJ, the status of the remaining cases that the Government has not joined is unclear.

* Statistics incomplete for fiscal year 1995.

1994 Qui Tam Statistics

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