Racism's the laziest, most primitive & stupid form of tribalism/collectivism  ... mostly practiced by folks who wouldn't know self-esteem if they stepped in it.  Race is a stupid and immoral method for judging the value (integrity, ability, trustworthiness, productivity, intelligence, etc.) of fellow humans.


And we've never heard of Marc V. Ridenour nor Fred Reed ... and the pic of the old dude with the cigar in his face is not particularly inspiring.  However, it's difficult for me to disprove any of the statements these folks make here.


Can you help clarify?  Thomas Sowell's article below is extremely helpful.  I think it could have been written by our good friend, Hsing Lee.


Many thanks.





I am particularly insulted by the holier than thou tone of this particular statement for so many reasons that itís taken me days to put it in its proper perspective.First of all, I donít know people personally who run around insulting each other by calling them racists, something my father would have righteously conked me on the head for had I ever acted that childish, so itís hard to imagine how and why Bob Wynman talks this way.Letís assume he was raised this way and to him it IS true that ďRace is a stupid and immoral method for judging the value Ö of fellow humansĒ.