I am an American Man.


My school teachers told me that I am smart, competent, and worthwhile.  When I graduate from my High School, I cannot read at the same grade level as my counterparts in Mexico, Mozambique, or Uganda; that is, if I can read at all.  I cannot perform math as well as my counterparts in France, Russia, or Greece, if I can as much as count on my fingers when I graduate.  My science skills used to be the envy of the world.  Now, the rest of the world, including India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh laugh at my inability to adjust a gyroscope.


I am an American Man.


A Pakistani Doctor specializes in my heart and my neurology; an Indian Doctor specializes in my bone and muscular structure, and a South African black woman is my nurse.  Meanwhile, doctors of my own nationality yet of all races are forced out of their professions due to medical malpractice, retirement, death, or any combination of these.  I have a Korean woman as a psychiatrist, and instead of diagnosing my medical history and psychological history and "talking things out" to find out why I am "neurotic" or "depressed" or "schizoid" or "schizotypal" or whatever title she wishes to tag me, she pumps me full of medications to "correct" my "disorder".  All these medications do is make me giddy and sleepless.


I am an American Man.


I am told to worship the teenage female body, because of her firm breasts and tight pubic region; yet when I observe teen nude/semi-nude photos on the Internet, I have "downloaded" these photos and am now a "pedophile" even though I never touched any teen girl, not even a handshake.  I am told to have sex with teenage girls because of their "beauty", but when I do, I am ARRESTED and put on "Megan's List" with everyone knowing where I live, having to report to my Parole/Probation Officer whenever I move or relocate, and mandated to stay away from children including in public service roles, even though I may have had sex with a teenager ONCE, or may NEVER HAVE HAD SEX WITH A TEEN AT ALL.


I am an American Man.


I am told to have as much sex with as many women as possible; yet I also run the risk of being one of those 1 in 4 sexually active Americans who contract at least 1 STI, and I also run the risk of becoming one of 87,000 people worldwide who contract at least 1 STI DAILY (read: every single day).


I am an American Man.


OK, so I have had sex with a woman, and have neither passed nor contracted an STI.  If she's my wife, I have a 50-50 chance of her DECIDING to carry OUR child if SHE (not WE) wishes.  SHE can have an abortion any time SHE wants, and if I try to stop her, I am arrested.  If she carries the child to full term, I still have a 50-50 chance, and a dicey one at that, of remaining the father of that child and maintaining our house and our home and our family.  She can walk out on me any time, day or night, claim I abused her and our child, file for divorce for any reason -- even no reason at all -- and for spite, put out a Protection From Abuse or similar order on me.  Even so, I still must pay ca$h money to support MY WIFE and MY CHILD depsite the fact that I can never see them or breathe their air again.


I am an American Man.


If this woman with whom I have had sex is not my wife, chances are she had sex with me because she wants a piece of my ass, a piece of my pie, or both, and that's usually what she gets.  She is entitled to my Social Security, my Wages for Child Support, my Welfare payments, my Food Stamps, my total income, to support my child whom I cannot likely even see.  I am not entitled to a flat dime of anything of hers, even though we may be raising the child "together".


I am an American Man.


I am told by Christian Moralists that Marriage is for life, yet I see across-the-board, across-all-religions statistics that at least 50% of all marriages end in divorce within the first four years of marriage.  Reasons for divorce range from Adultery to chronic snoring to patently false allegations of abuse, and in my own personal case, the PFA my ex-wife put out on me which was changed to a "no hit" order by a "Family Court Judge" was the chief reason I applied for divorce after the second time my ex-wife left me.


I am an American Man.


I am also told by really reliable sources that I am either not a fit candidate for marriage, or there is no marital match for me.  I read St. Matthew 19:11-12, a passage which is untaught over the Christian Pulpit, where Jesus Christ, the Author of the Universe, says, "But He said unto them, All men cannot receive this saying, save they to whom it is given.  For there are some eunuchs, which were so born from their mother's womb: and there are some eunuchs, which were made eunuchs of men: and there be eunuchs, which have made themselves eunuchs for the Kingdom of Heaven's sake.  He that is able to receive it, let him receive it."  So I receive this teaching, and publicly proclaim it, and I am called everything from a neo-Nazi to a nut case.


I am an American Man.


Realizing all the marital and social problems sex encompasses, and being divorced as a result, I opt to remain celibate, or even get out of society altogether and perhaps become a Monk.  Then, people accuse me of being homosexual, even though they have no proof.  Or, people accuse me of trying wrongly to work out a better life, even though trying to have a romantic relationship with a woman of my age is at best dicey and at worst futile, not worth the wasted effort.


I am an American Man.


Ok, so I get engaged to be married to a woman I think would make a suitable mate for me.  I spend two months' wages on the "ideal" engagement ring.  This woman I have engaged has the OPTION of keeping that ring as a sign of my eternal marital love for her, or of pawning that ring off as a down payment on HER new house or car.  We break off the engagement, and she may still have the right to have some of my wages as a "parting gift" for her support.  Or, we get married, and the same damned dicey marital relationship as I described above occurs, and I end up spending thousands of dollars getting us out of wedding debt PLUS paying for the rings AND paying alimony AND child support for the wife and child I can never see again.


I AM an American Man.


I am told women are sexy, and that pornography is a First Amendment right; yet if I download pornography of any kind on my computer, I am arrested for sex crimes.  If I copy XXX rated videotapes, I am arrested for violation of copyright laws, and these tapes are or can be held as evidence against me for sex crimes, even though I may have never touched a single person sexually.  That means that even though I have never had physical sex with another person, my name is STILL placed on "Megan's List" and every move I make is now MONITORED and every relocation I make must still be reported to a Probation or Parole Officer, whose office in turn notify everyone in my neighborhood that I am a sexual predator -- never mind that I never touched a soul.


Yupper, I AM an American Man.


The same country, the same Media, who tell me that Pornography is a First Amendment right, also tell me that if I possess it, I am an indecent man who is a sexual abuser, yet the pornographers are never held responsible for the sexual abuses to which they encouraged me.  The same country and Media who tell me that marriage is for life also tell me that marriage is for dopes.  The same country and Media who tell me that sex and having children are best reserved for the marriage bed also make me pay for the results of my ex-wife's divorce from me, and also pay a slough of dumb broads handsomely for having sex and bearing children out of wedlock.  An average American woman can be paid up to $250 an hour for "amateur porn" on the Web, or be paid $30 an hour or more as a prostitute, or $500 - $1500 a night as an "exotic dancer", but God forbid that the male johns who pay these prossies should ever get caught.




I have finally settled into a wonderful, celibate lifestyle.  I have realized that the vast majority of American Women I meet aren't worth being called life support for a tampon; but when I say that, I'm being called a "sexist" with "woman hating tendencies", even though I haven't called a woman a bad name or beat her or killed her as some misogynists have done.  I have realized that American Women are little more than a burden to men like myself, yet I was once encouraged to reproduce with as many of them as possible.  After being pumped full of medications, indoctrinated on every side from every mouth and book my head can handle, driven to near oblivion through a bad marriage, and confused as hell about which teaching or doctrine to believe, I have come to know that having a relationship of any kind with any woman is harmful or fatal to me and my kind.


I have also come realize that this is the growing, gnawing belief of many men who have shared the same struggles and felt the same pain as I have; yet I also know that if I or any other man writes these feelings or has them published in any form much less as an Email to my Internet Groups, I am pegged as a "bitter boy" whose head is or should be stuck in the sand.


I also come to ask myself, "Who is confusing me with all these mixed messages about race, tolerance, sex, society, God, religion, and lifestyle?"  Around me, everywhere I look, sex is screamed in my face, even though I have no relationship.  Avlimil for women, and Viagra for men, are blown in my face on TV and in my Emails, even though I have no sexual relations with anyone.  I am told that my confidence should no longer be in God, but in a harder, stronger erection to turn women on; yet I know that if I have a woman, I endanger myself, and if I become gay, I shorten my life by about 20 years, statistically speaking.


Now I, as an American Man, want to undo all this confusion in my life.  I want to enjoy a prayerful, meditative, and celibate life in Jesus Christ to serve God to the best of my ability, yet even my own language says that I am not at peace enough to do so.




I know that other American Men will also decide to call it quits with women, have nothing to do with them, and open up out of our shells and tell women where to get off at with their abuse allegations and whining.  We will quickly and quietly leave you for good, and you will wonder where we went and why we left you women.  Many of you will not care that we have dumped you.  Some of you will be glad we did!  Most of you will just simply whine and complain and go dateless, and wonder why.  Well, you American Women dumped on us, ran off on us, took our money, played head games with us, and lied to us.  Figure it out, if your feeble minds can.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out, but damned sure, Greek girls, Madagascan girls, and Pakistani girls can figure out rocket science faster than you American Women can, if the TIMSS scores are right!  Think of me, the AMERICAN MAN, as a sexist if you will, but don't expect me or my kind to tolerate women's nonsense any longer, much less the nonsense of the US Government who pay you to whelp a ton of our tax burdens, or the American Jew-run media who parade your naked bodies in front of us and then expect us not to react sexually to that.




I have one last lie to expose to you readers.  Throughout my life, I was told to wear this cologne, read that book, or take some other medication, to attract people to me.  I wore that cologne, and the smell repelled people.  I read that book, and applied its principles, and people still saw through the act and stayed away.  I also took that other medication and went to psychiatrists/psychologists/social workers, and all I got was a bloodstream full of meds and a bill in the mail.  This is all one huge LIE, as opposed to the great TRUTH of Almighty God, who has called me to be celibate and sire no children at all in this sick, immoral, sewage and smut riddled society of liars and cheats.  Thank you.








Richard C. August