One Hundred & Eighty Thousand (180,000) precinct leaders are needed to organize an ongoing and massive door to door effort to reach every single home in America and inform those who are still not even aware of who Ron Paul is, yet.  There are even voters who do not know Ron Paul is the only Presidential candidate who voted against authorizing the President to invade Iraq, not to mention the spending bills Ron voted against that cost[] hundreds of billions of dollars more than we were initially told it would cost.Ant itís being borrowed from countries such as China, Japan and Saudi Arabia to extend the war indefinitely.  Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate who challenged the rationale and voted against it all, at every turn.

With the many tens of thousands of Ron Paul supporters here on Myspace, we can greatly add to the already 16,432 Leaders in 15,112 Precincts so far!!!  Please spread the word to all Ron Paul's friends that Ron Paul needs you now to volunteer to go door to door with information about his candidacy and platform.[]

For some volunteers it will be difficult, because they do not yet have fliers from headquarters or precinct leaders yet.  We must be creative and come up with homemade items that reflect Ron's core principals to hold us over when we are lacking things like slim-jims or slick hand outs.

We still need 164,000 Precinct Leaders NOW!   Precinct leaders do a bit more work and have more responsibility than door to door canvassers.  Precinct leaders help oversee several canvassers, coordinate and also go door to door.

Please sign up and contribute some very valuable and much needed time to go door to door and prepare to win not only the Republican Nomination, but the General Election.  

The Internet can only take us so far.  We must go up one notch to where all of the hard core Ron Paul supporters literally take to visiting your neighbors and people you do not even know blocks and blocks away if the people are needed.  Ron Paul will win with a combination of new ways, just as his supporters have done on the Internet, and old fashioned ways like canvassing door to door.  I recently spoke at a retirement home where most of the people still vote and some, in their 90's use the Internet!  It was an easier sell than I thought to switch some Mc Cain supporters over to Ron Paul after the many conversations.  I highly recommend the trip to any retirement homes that will welcome you in.  It is an experience well worth the time.

Please sign up at

If you cannot become a precinct captain due to time constraints, but wish to volunteer door to door on a limited basis, contact your local precinct captains by connecting with your state and local coordinators all listed at RonPaul2008.Com in the States and Grassroots sections of the site.

Here is to ours and  Ron's success and to bringing our soldiers home, putting an end to an unjust war, and [] re-establishing a sound foreign & domestic policy with a  sound monetary system.  For the win!

Sincerely Yours,


Greg Chamberlain