The Samantha Runnion Media Mania

Between July 15th when Samantha Runnion was missing, and July 24, a period of nine days, media coverage has been almost non-stop, with every politician and bureaucrat sharing the media lime-light in a most callous display, capitalizing on a little girl's death and almost completely ignoring her father.  Had her father been present, or had Alejandro's father been present, it's very unlikely this would have happened, at all.

Why?  Because the vast majority of children who are murdered, as well as the vast majority of their murderers (and all other murderers) lived or grew up in single-mother households. The NIS-3 study conducted by the federal government shows that 1,500 children are murdered every year by their own mothers.  This is an average of four children killed every day by their own mothers, so 36 of them have murdered their own children since Samantha disappeared.  2,500 White men are murdered by blacks every year, so the Blacks who murdered 61 White men since July 15th were also ignored.

By what process does the mainstream media in the US studiously ignore97 other equally heinous murders, while devoting half its energy to  by media coverage of Samantha.

He is a man whose father went to prison for killing a neighbor. His younger brother was murdered by gang members in Mexico. He was accused-- although not convicted-- of molesting the children of his girlfriend who later obtained a temporary restraining order after claiming he was stalking her.

Avila's mother, who contends the earlier case was based on false accusations by the girlfriend, insisted in an interview that her son is innocent of the latest charge as well. "I know my son, and I didn't raise him to be like that," she said. "He's not capable of that. He's always good with kids."

A 27-year-old Riverside County man, Alejandro Avila, has been arrested in the kidnapping and death of Samantha Runnion. The girl was taken from her apartment complex where she was playing on July 15. Her body was found the next day along a remote highway.