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The Fraud of Slavery

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December 7, 2000


At the height of slavery in America, a maximum of 500,000 black Africans were slaves.  They came from a continent whose 900 million black inhabitants today have a life expectancy 20 years shorter than black Americans (half of whom will die a slow, agonizing death from AIDS), who earn one fortieth as much ($600 per YEAR), and who still practice cannibalism to this day.

In spite of the "liberals'" claims that they have an acceptable alternative to Christianity, more than twice as many black men are in American jails and prisons today than the total number of black slaves at the height of slavery.  There are more blacks in   American jails and prisons today than there are in all of Africa.  In God's view, the "liberal" approach to being "kind to blacks" must be two times, or ten times, or a hundred times more heinous than slavery ever could have been even at its worst implementation.

Relative to African blacks, it is clear that American blacks have no legitimate complaint regarding "discrimination".  But how do American blacks or jews stack up against American Whites?  The vast majority of the 47,629 men who died in Vietnam were White men, as were the majority of the 292,115 battle deaths in World War II.  We don't know how many of the 500,000 black slaves died because of poor treatment, but even if 10% did, then 7 times as many White men died defending this country as died under slavery to it.  Alan Keyes recently refuted Alan Dirshowitz's invocation of his 42 relatives who died in the "holocaust" by offering to compare his own heritage to Dirshowitz's, which raises the interesting question:  "which race has the largest claim to an abused heritage?"

Forty eight million White Christians died during WWII.  If, in this contest to prove our abused heritages, Alan Keyes can invoke the slavery of 500,000 of his ancestors one and a half centuries years ago, and Alan Dirshowitz can invoke the putative "holocaust" against six million of his ancestors during WWII, then certainly White Christians can invoke the known DEATHS of 48 million of our ancestors from a mere half century ago.



American blacks 500,000 enslaved
Jews 6 million killed
White Christians 48 million killed


Which is worse?  Certainly, IF 6 million jews died in a "holocaust" during WWII, that would be far more egregious than merely enslaving 500,000 blacks.  If 50,000 blacks died because of maltreatment as slaves, then Dirshowitz's claim is 120 times more powerful than Keyes'.   But neither of these claims are confirmed.  The simple fact that the 33 million American blacks today have a 20 year longer life expectancy than all 900 million African blacks represents 660 million man years of extra life, which is the equivalent of 10 million lives.  In other words, the net gain in life expectancy for today's American blacks is at least 200 times greater than the most egregious treatment of slaves MIGHT have cost in lives.

Does Dirshowitz win the argument?   Nope.  He has not a shred of evidence that "6 million jews died in the holocaust". It is pure hot air without a shred of forensic evidence.   Furthermore, the 5 million jews in the US have a ten year longer life expectancy than jews who live in, say, Russia, which saves them 50 million man years or the equivalent of 660,000 lives.

Conversely, the 48 million White Christians who died during WWII are KNOWN to be dead.  There is no guesswork here.   They died the most heinous deaths.