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American women already know that they don't understand math and statistics.  Jenni proved this by example.  It is American men who don't know that American women don't understand this.  American women prove this every day by saying things like: "I trust my own opinions more than I do the hard, cold numbers", or "statistics mean nothing, absolutely nothing", or "you can prove anything with statistics".

These are just about the only opinions of American women which are supported by all of the statistical analyses of American women's math skills, particularly TIMSS which showed that zero percent of American 12th grade girls were able to resolve some relatively easy math, science, chemistry, and physics problems which up to 80% of the girls in some countries were able to resolve.   If you can't comprehend statistics, then certainly they are meaningless.  An internet survey of men and women who were asked to resolve a tenth-grade-level algebra problem proved that zero percent of American women were able to resolve it, but it also proved that only half of American men could resolve it.

What are these statistics which Americans have such difficulty with?  In 1999, Merriam-Webster defined statistics as: "a collection of quantitative data" which is a little more restrictive than its definition in 1934:  "Classified facts representing any particular class or interest".  By the 1934 definition, The United States Constitution IS statistics.  The Magna Charta IS statistics.  The Holy Bible IS statistics.  By the 1999 definition, you might conclude, as is now taught in American public education, that Florence Nightingale invented statistics.  You might also conclude that they aren't as complex as the statistics which modern day computers are capable of resolving, but this would ignore that the power of these documents far exceeds any statistics which computers have created because they were the statistical summations of man and God, and not of mere computers which can't even beat men chess champions.

If American women can't learn these statistics, they certainly can't be expected to understand them, and it's insanity to expect them to trust things like the Holy Bible and the US Constitution, much less to understand and to trust the thousands of government sponsored studies which prove that the majority of their own programs are massive failures.

American women just cannot be expected to understand that it is a colossal failure when the government spends more money for welfare than the stock value of every Fortune 500 Corporation, and the value of every acre of U.S. farm land, combined, only to have a concurrent increase in the poverty rate from eleven percent to fifteen percent.  Such a conclusion requires an understanding of "hard, cold numbers" which must reject  those oh so important "women's opinions".  More than $360 billion is squandered annually on a needless and failed program because the woman voter cannot ever be counted on to comprehend why it failed and how big a failure it is.

American women cannot be expected to understand that the fact that the number of American men in prison increased ten fold at the same time that our RATE of murders almost tripled is proof of the magnitude of the failure of our entire system of justice, because they will always believe "statistics mean nothing, I mean absolutely nothing".  More than $270 billion is squandered annually on building and operating even more prisons which are a proven failure because the woman voter cannot ever be counted on to comprehend the magnitude of that failure.

Even if women did believe that the probability in one year of a non-drinking woman driver having a fatal traffic accident is 0.00126, which is 7 times greater than the probability of 0.000165 that a drinking man driver will have a fatal accident, they would still support MADD and all the counterproductive and unconstitutional laws and programs which ignore the most dangerous drivers on our roads and highways--the woman driver-- because they will always believe "you can prove anything with statistics".  Because of this, 58,700 American men and women were behind bars in 1997 JUST for violating these DUI laws, compared to 50,897 of Japanese men and women behind bars for ALL crimes combined, an $18 billion per year cost which exists solely because the woman voter cannot ever be counted on to comprehend the magnitude and the consequences of this failure.

Is this really misogyny as the feminists say it is?  No.  When American men fail, American women fail even worse.  When American men's incomes plunge, American women's incomes plunge even further.  When American women have less personal savings in the bank, American women have even less.  Even though American men's taxes have skyrocketed, American women's taxes have skyrocketed even more.  Even though the number of American men behind bars increased ten fold, the rate at which American women are behind bars increased even faster.  Even though the rate at which American men abuse children has increased, the rate at which American women abuse children increased even faster, to the point that four out of five children murdered in this country are murdered by their mothers. Even though the rate at which American men initiate domestic violence, the rate at which American initiate it increased even faster, to the point that up to 60% of all domestic violence is now initiated by women according to reports from both men and women.  Even though SAT scores for American men decreased 98 points, the SAT scores for American women decreased even more.  When American women complain that men are bad drivers, they ignore that women are 33% more likely per mile than men to have a fatal traffic accident.  While women claim that men force them to have abortions, our laws assure that women are 100% responsible for each and every one of the 40 million American children who have been sucked down the abortion tubes in the last 3 decades.  While American women complain that men like to go to war, they ignore that it is women who vote in bigger numbers than men to send men to war.




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