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The Truth About VAWA

Violence Against Women Act

VAWA was fabricated completely from whole cloth.

Those responsible for drafting and implementing this unprovoked and unprecedented federal attack on the sanctity of the American family should be tracked down and punished like the vicious animals they are.   They are a more serious threat to national security than Hitler or Hussein.   The loss of life and property attributable directly their unconscionable actions exceed millions of lives and trillions of dollars.  Every shred of available data refutes any notion that they saved one life, prevented one act of domestic violence, or protected one child.

The American wife is the safest woman on planet Earth.  Her government has the ability to create a nuclear waste zone with a half life of five hundred years out of any nation which might attack her country.  An American woman who marries increases her standard of living 73% and reduces her life long risk of death ten percent, a married woman who divorces or becomes a widow increases her's and her children's risk by forty percent.  As a woman, she is one fourth as likely to be murdered or commit suicide, one twentieth as likely to die on the job, and has a life expectancy seven years longer, than a man.   Including "pushing and shoving", numerous studies indicate that nineteen out of twenty of American wives are never subjected to domestic violence, that they themselves initiate the majority of it, and that they are one fourth as likely to be assaulted as women who cohabit [read: those women who do not derive the benefits of marriage].

Per NIS-3, her children are one one tenth as likely to be physically abused, one twentieth as likely to be fatally abused, sexually abused, seriously abused, moderately abused, or emotionally abused, one thirtieth as likely to be emotionally neglected, and one fiftieth as likely to be educationally neglected, than children of single or divorced mothers.

Per Table No. 340 of the 1998 Statistical Abstract of the United States, 3,631 females are murdered in the US every year.  Per Table No. 1 in "Murder in Families", Bureau of Justice Statistics Special Report #NCJ143498, 5.5% or 199 were wives murdered by husbands, 2.7% or 98 were mothers murdered by children, 1.6% or 58 were daughters murdered by parents, 1.3% were girls murdered by siblings, and 2.3% or 84 were girls murdered by "other".   Of the remaining 86.6% or 3,144 females who were murdered by non-family members, 107 were children, leaving 3,077 women murdered by non-family members.  NIS-3, Table 6-4, shows that 1,170 of the 1,500 children murdered in the US were murdered by women.   Thus six times as many children are murdered by women and fifteen times as many women are murdered by non-family members as wives are murdered by husbands. 

Compared to wives who are murdered by husbands,1,875 times as many women die each year from heart disease, 1,295 times as many die from cancer, 490 times as many from cerebrovascular disease, 259 times as many from pulmonary disease, 230 times as many from the flu and pneumonia, 171 times as many from diabetes, 168 times as many from accidents, 72 times as many from alzheimer's, and 61 times as many from septicemia.  Marriage is a safe haven for women.  If the 29 million divorced women between the age of 18 to 65 had the same average overall mortality rate as married women, 23 thousand fewer of them would die prematurely each year.  Similarly, 9,000 fewer of the 31 million unmarried women and 3,000 fewer of the 3 million widows would die each year.  Had VAWA been a program to encourage men to marry and enhance family stability, rather than to destroy families, 35 thousand fewer women and 127 thousand men would die prematurely each year (excluding the effect this would have on the 930 thousand women and 782 thousand men over age 65 who die each year  ). 

Not only  is the federal government incapable of reducing the number of wives murdered by husbands each year from 199 to even, say, 198, not only is this way beyond the scope of their Constitutional authority, not only is it totally sexist to even propose to exclude the majority of the victims of violent crime from such benefits, but this legislation removes from families, churches, and local communities the ability to deal with such problems in a more humane, less socially destructive manner.  Our social pathology cannot be resolved by focusing only on murder when murder is only 0.7% of all deaths.  It cannot be resolved by focusing only on females when females are only a quarter of all murder victims. It cannot be resolved by focusing only on domestic violence against women by husbands when this accounts for only 1.3% of all murders.  It cannot be resolved by ignoring the 12,195 men who are murdered, the 2.3 million men and women who die from other causes besides murder, the 160 thousand deaths of men and women which could have been prevented by proper action from Congress--which is exactly what VAWA does.

The United States Congress knows that VAWA does not and cannot reduce domestic violence, because it is almost exclusively lawyers who understand precisely how and why such a law can do nothing but undermine family stability.  They are mostly the lawyers who witnessed first hand the dynamics of the conflicts between husband and wife caused by such legislation.  They understand exactly how interference by courts in private family matters and the denigration of men fattens lawyers' wallets, justifies new prisons and counsellors and psychiatrists, creates ever more single-mother households who raise the children who most need government services, and ultimately grows government at the expense of America's Personal Savings Accounts.  They know that it never reduces domestic violence, and that it was never intended to.

They are more aware than the average citizen that the incessant media barrage of promises to wives to "rescue them from violent men" emboldens them to initiate all manner of domestic violence--exactly the opposite of what it's authors pretend it is designed to do.  They are fully aware that the theory that men are more violent than women is disputed by each of 9 independent scholarly studies of both men and women who report exactly the opposite--that women are more violent in relationships than men, sometimes being 60% of the initiators of violence.  They understand precisely that VAWA was fabricated from whole cloth.

Congress has better access to the facts than the general public, so each Congressman understands intimately that VAWA is based purely on fiction and/or mass hysteria.  Many of them might believe that this mass hysteria was initiated by government itself.  They know better than their constitutents that the notion that the federal government can solve a "domestic violence problem" is disputed by its well documented failure to ever solve *any* social problem it undertook, as well as by its collossal failure in 28 other federal ventures which too exceeded the bounds of the US Constitution.  They know better than the general public that the broken families caused by such legislation causes far more harm and death to the children of divorce than the entire sum of domestic violence causes to all parties involved.

They know, for example, that 38 million men of marriageable age understand precisely how such legislation made marriage a hostile environment for them, causing them to refuse to take on that risk and responsibility. They know that this left 31 million potential wives and single mothers alone at the altar, quintupling our illegitimacy rate to two out of every five childbirths.  They know that a father whose family is destroyed by the divorces caused by programs like VAWA is twice as likely to die of heart disease and cancer, three times as likely to die of diabetes or an accident, four times as likely to die of respiratory disease or to commit suicide or to be murdered, and five times as likely to die of cirrhosis, than he was before his children were taken from him.

To assume that a member of Congress does not know these simple facts, collected at great expense to the taxpayer, testified to by "the finest judicial system system in the world", would be tantamount to claiming that a member of Congress is a fool.  Fools don't get elected to Congress.  Fools run for office and fail.  Our electoral process doesn't allow such people to become Senators or Representatives of we the people.  Congress knows these facts better than we the people know them.

In other words, they know that if there is a violence-against-anything-act, it should be a Violence Against Families Act which severely penalizes those who take, threaten to take, or attempt to take children away from their natural fathers.  They should do as the Code of Hammurabi did 3,794 years ago:


The judge who blunders in a law case is to be expelled from his judgeship forever, and heavily fined. The witness who testifies falsely is to be slain. Indeed, all the heavier crimes are made punishable with death.


drowning for adultery, rape of betrothed maiden, bigamy, bad conduct as wife, seduction of daughter-in-law.

This Congress is fully aware that, rather than discouraging adulteresses as any law should, VAWA sends the silent message that any wife can commit adultery at will, give birth to a child not genetically linked to the husband, call in the cavalry if her husband dares to raise his voice against her for such misdeeds, and get him imprisoned so she can legally and  stealthily rob him of his castle, cash, cars, and kids.  Such a financial incentive, one that gives a woman a man's entire life's work with one 911 call, would turn a nun to prostitution.   It is what inspired John Bauer to write:

Anyway, it really makes little difference who says they "support
feminists," or who claim to be a "feminist." What matters is who is
beating you up, who isn't chipping in the money, who doesn't stop
nagging, who lies, who thinks she is privileged and knows she has the
benefit of anti-male law, who is unnaturally sexually aggressive in
bed, who laughs at anti-male media, who breaks your things, who wants a
loving relationship but still wants to go to singles bars with her
girlfriends, who wants a loving relationship but wants to have male
friends, who plans to be "good" only until you're married, who still
wants the car door opened, who had you thrown in jail unfairly, who got
an ex-boyfriend to kick your ass, who sexually harassed you at work by
bending over in a short skirt and didn't care, who took the job you
were supposed to get, and the rest of it. These women don't necessarily
"support feminism," yet who can hardly say that this doesn't need to be
considered or talked about...except maybe a male feminist.

Consider the sheer mass hysteria created by the following statement from the Violence Against Women Office:

Almost 5 million American women ages 12 years and older annually were raped, robbed or assaulted or were
the victim of a threatened or attempted violent crime in 1992 and 1993. Almost three-quarters of these attacks
were committed by someone the victim knew. Source: Department of Justice National Crime Victimization Survey, August 1995

You don't need to be a nuclear physicist to realize that one out of every twenty women in this country aren't raped or assaulted each year, or that every one of them is not raped or assaulted within two decades, even if you don't know that only 199 wives in this entire country (a mere 0.004% of that amazing number) are victims of fatal domestic violence.  A business proposal based on such outlandish claims would be laughed out of the office in 2 seconds.  But this agency

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