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This is not an endorsement of the communists at the LA TIMES, which lacks so much socially redeemable qualities that me and my friends and family cancelled our subscriptions to it, but they did manage conduct a poll which was infinitely more reliable, more thoughtful, more accurate, more thorough, than anything CNN ever did. To wit, while mentally ill liberals believed CNN when they claimed Hillary had a 90% probability of beating Trump, their poll showed Trump with a 4 to 8 point lead (the equivalent of as many as 9.6 million votes).

We are now told that Hillary had 3 million more popular votes than Trump, which means that the total difference between the poll and the votes could be as high as 12.6 million votes.

Where did they come from?

The ONLY explanation is voter fraud.

It is amazingly easy to research voter fraud, so if you hear just one news source or ONE politician object to an investigation, you must never trust them ever again.

It's not just this election Trump will prove voter fraud in. During the 2012 race, the oh so lofty (but now consumed with leftists) Gallup Poll predicted that Romney would win against Obama by 4 points, but Obama supposedly won by 4 points, a swing of 8 points, or 9.6 million popular votes.

Again voter fraud is the only explanation.

Even the U.S. Census Bureau understands that for a number of reasons, a truly random selection of 3,000 citizens can be, and often is, more accurate than a census of the entire population.

Ditto for these elections.

The only poll they have cited is the CNN poll, and when asked to cite another poll, they refused. Conversely, it was actually the Gallup Polls of 2008 and 2012 (which Gallup promised to investigate and make their findings public, which they never did) which had already proven the scale of the voter fraud which President Trump is now investigating.

For a left wing organization like Gallup to even admit that two different Republican Candidates had a 4 point lead over a Democrat was remarkable enough by itself.

The things that Gallup tried to use as an excuse could not account for even 0.2% of their 4% error. And since Romney ALLEGEDLY lost by 4%, this means they were off by �only" 7.8% rather than 8%.

The margin of error was around 0.5%, which puts this at a low of 7.3% and a high of 8.5%.

And this means that the only way to explain the extra 8,760,000 to 9.6 million votes is voter fraud.

The guy who did the LA TIMES poll hates Trump and is VERY sorry that Hillary lost. If he fudged the data just a bit, rather than predicting that Trump would win by 4 points, it might have been six points. He makes the point that a mathematician like him should trust his data and ignore superfluous opinions which have nothing to do with his poll, and then goes on to do JUST that. He admitted that he was so embarrassed that he didn't even want to discuss it with his Danish friends, even though he's Danish, much less did he handle himself properly with the media. He admitted even after Trump was elected that he still didn't trust or believe his own data.


For what reason would a scientist impugn his own research AFTER he was proven to be about the only one who got it right?

Because to a Democrat and a strong Hillary supporter, and a Dane to boot, the fact that the only explanation is voter fraud of such a magnitude, is unthinkable.

There is no other explanation.

They are bearing false witness by continuing to pass on ANY information from CNN, much less their completely discredited presidential poll.


OFFICIALLY, Trump got 32% more of the electoral votes than Hillary (306 vs. 232).

BUT, this doesn't even include another 13 million voters which will soon be proven to be a result of voter fraud. If they were all Hillary voters, this would reduce her vote count by 20%, to 185. This would give Trump a lead of 66%.

No Hillary supporter EVER wants to even THINK about that PROBABILITY.










LOOK at the few counties in the nation who supported Gore.  It is an IMPOSSIBLE scenario that Bush carried 2,434 of the least populous counties and that Gore gained a majority of the "popular vote" by carrying only 677 of the most populous counties.

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There is NO REASON for there to be such a big difference of opinion between large and small counties, or populous and non-populous counties.  The ONLY explanation for it is that key counties were targeted for vote FRAUD!


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bulletJanet Reno:  Butcher of Waco and Master of Vote Fraud
bulletJack Thompson and Votescam
bulletHow to destroy a Christian nation.
bulletThe Myth of Miami by John Fund.

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The Criminal Gallup Organization


The Gallup Organization is yet one more mainstream media source which is controlled by and/or advancing the cause of liberals/feminists/jews/nwo

In the last fifty years, their "polls" have consistently underestimated public support for Republicans and overestimated public support for Democrats--a fact of life which should be anathema to putative statisticians.   They estimated that Clinton would get 49% of the 1992 vote, but he got only 43.2%, an over-representation of 5.8%.  They estimated that Reagan would get only 47% of the 1980 vote, but he got 59.1%, an under-representation of 3.8%.  Overall in the last fifty years this consistent media bias has added up to underestimating Republicans by 4.6% and overestimating Democrats by 7.3%, which is an 11.9% difference.  Yet Gallup proclaims that their polls are accurate to within plus or minus 2%--a claim which constitutes nothing less than consumer fraud.


gallup.gif (26868 bytes)

By chronically misrepresenting American mainstream opinion by this much, and by putting their own opinions on a higher priority than the facts, Gallup has become a pawn if not a leader in the destruction of American politics. Their polls are cited by many American publications, which misleads entire segments of American voters.



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The Criminal Computerized Vote Count

Democrats made a big play BEFORE the election, when they thought that they would win the electoral college vote but lose the popular vote, that they adamantly supported the electoral college. IMMEDIATELY after they discover that it's the REPUBLICANS who found themselves in the category--they instantly demanded a resolution to disband the electoral college. This is amazingly hypocritical.

It was DEMOCRATS who supported the computerized vote counting BEFORE the election (probably because this gave them the greatest opportunity for vote fraud), but now AFTER the election they want a hand count??!! What do they know that we don't know? Do they know that the computerized count is flawed by that much? Or does this just give them another shot at vote fraud? Not even Democrats believe their claims that their own constituents are stupider than 8 year olds when it comes to figuring out how to vote.

Let's take them at their word. Let's assume that computerized vote counting IS flawed. Let's assume that the hand count being done right now turns out different from the computerized count? WHICH one is valid? If they claim that the hand count which favors them is the only valid count, THEN what? If it was flawed in Palm Beach, then it was flawed in Orlando, and there must be a recount there to make up for the flawed computerized count. And then there must be a hand count in ALL of Florida. And then there must be a hand count in the ENTIRE US. And then EVERY election in this country which EVER used computerized vote counting MUST be declared invalid.

Of course, the Democrats will claim that voting laws apply only to their opponents but never to themselves. They KNOW how corruptible our courts are now, which is the ONLY reason they're willing to take the vote away from both the voters and the electoral college and hand it over to judges. But once they started this process, the sky was the limit on BOTH sides. We might discover that the man who was shot in Dallas wasn't even the real president after all. It could EASILY be established that the real president during that assassination was Richard Nixon (who lost an equally close election and didn't complain). Can you imagine Richard Nixon being declared a more honorable man than our current Vice President?

Maybe the rapist in the White House is just a plain rapist, and not a presidential rapist.

No matter how this turns out, this strategy STINKS to High Heaven. We would be better off digging up Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin and George Washington and drag their bodies down Pennsylvania Avenue rather than letting this slut Gore get away with this.

Gore deserves a LONG prison term, not mere censure or rebuke or infamy.

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Why do they do this?  Votescam has the answer:



Prejudice -- To decide beforehand; to lean in one favor of one side of a cause for some reason or other than it's justice. Reference: Bouvier's 8th -- 1859


Do The Math: Election Returns Don't Add Up By James Collier

The seeds for the rigging of 1996 primaries were planted in 1964 when, within months of the JFK assassination, a power frenzy was unleashed in Washington. The CIA, FBI and the nation's most powerful media heads met in secret. The media agreed not to challenge the Warren Commission's preposterous conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman. In return, the media gained the right to be the official vote-counting apparatus for presidential elections. This incident was doc- documented in reports from the Air Force Staff College and American University. The deal was struck and News Election Services (NES) was founded. Today, that network pool of NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, AP, the New York Times, Washington Post and others has a tote-board at 225 W. 34th St. in New York City. When Brokaw, Jennings, Rather and CNN tell the public on election night, at 7:01 pm EST, "We are the first with the most," they all lie. Just like Pravda, they get the same numbers from the NES board. The networks also own the exit-polling unit, Voter Research and Survey (VRS). That allows them to announce who won the presidency at 7:01 p.m., before a single vote is counted. The numbers do not change, and are always 100 percent correct. NES merged with VRS and is now known as Voter News Service (VNS). The networks want us to believe that people vote in the same percentages in every precinct across the country. Thus, an exit poll in Maine is representative of us all. Once that one magic precinct in Maine votes, the remainder of the country may just as well have stayed home, because the numbers will not change from coast to coast. Against this backdrop, we now examine a few curious events that took place during this primary season. Iowa -The media told us at 6:55 p.m. on the evening of the Iowa caucuses that it knew the final vote totals based on "entrance polls' " Not a single vote had been cast (unlike a regular primary, voting starts not in the morning but at 7 p.m.)

People were still parking their cars, and witnesses reported that nobody filled out entrance polls. The paper ballot vote started sometime after 7 p.m. Sen. Bob Dole won. The next day the Iowa papers ran the VNS totals. Observers noticed that Pat Buchanan's vote was shaved by 100 to 150 votes per county from what they knew he received the night before, and they called county election supervisors to ask: "When is the election going to be certified?" The answer: "We don't know, maybe in April... the media hasn't told us yet." Election supervisors had told precinct captains to "throw away your totals, we aren't officially recording them this year.. the media will tell us what the totals are" And that's how you rig a paper-ballot election. Arizona- VNS projected Buchanan the winner, but Steve Forbes won. The next day the networks apologized for the first time since the consortium was formed. They said their exit poll must have been wrong. Here's what our investigation has thus far uncovered: Sometime during the after- noon in Maricopa County (Phoenix), ballot boxes were removed by people claiming to be from the Election Supervisor's Office. "We need to get a jump on the vote count," the precinct workers were told. New boxes were already in place. No questions were asked. Also, roughly 219,000 voters (out of 1.2 million registered) were issued plastic laminated vote cards that were punched when they voted, so that nobody could vote twice on the same card. However, it seems that 60,000 additional cards were issued to "special" voters who were heard bragging in vote lines that they could vote twice without being caught. The election supervisor's office in Maricopa County issued a report stating that only two of the 60,000 extra ballots were voted. According to Yvonne Reed, assistant county recorder, 10 people were hired after the election to hand record 219,000 seven- digit voter ID numbers into a computer. Reed said the computer showed that only two voters had their numbers entered twice, and those votes were dropped from the total. The 10 employees worked three 12- hour days, with two half-hour breaks, Reed said. Do the math: Roughly 220,000 cards divided by 10 workers equals about 22,000 cards. Multiply 22,000 cards by 7 digits in each card and you get 154,000 digits. That means each worker entered about 50,000 digits a day. There are 60 minutes in an hour. To accomplish the task, one would have to enter more than 4,000 digits an hour non- stop for 12 hours a day, or more than one keyboard strike per second. Unlikely, to say the least. Reed refused to give the name of the 10 people. She said it was not public information. "Yes it is," I said. "They were paid with taxpayers' dollars." A citizen's investigation is pending.

It seems that 60,000 additional cards were issued to "special" voters who were heard bragging in vote lines that they could vote twice without being caught.

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     Despite the wide-spread, and perfectly reasonable belief that the government counts the national vote on election night, the reality is entirely different: The vote is counted by a little-known private corporation named Voter News Services (VNS) located in New York City. VNS is a major media conglomerate comprised of all the major networks, including Fox and CNN, and also the wire services, the New York Times, and the Washington Post. All of the vote results tabulated in each county, mainly by computer, are transferred to VNS where they are tabulated in secret and disseminated to the public, who accepts them without question. The computer tabulated votes at the county level leave no paper trail. Only the corporations who program the software to count votes in each state know for sure if the results are fair, or if fraud has indeed been been committed. There are no checks and balances. The software is not open to public scrutiny. Neither is VNS.

      Created in 1970 as News Election Services (NES), VNS has existed in near total secrecy for thirty years and may well be the most powerful corporation in the world. Most people who know of their existence incorrectly believe they are little more than a polling organization. The fact is that they have co-opted the vote count in America, despite their claims that the results they disseminate are "unofficial." These results are accepted across the board on election night by Americans and election officials. VNS is very well aware of this uncontested power. They know that very few Americans have the time or inclination to challenge the vote count. They also know that when they are challenged, they have little to fear. Understandably, they have responded to accusations of vote fraud with the arrogance befitting the power of a private and unaccountable media corporation.

     On May 18th, E. Baylis, a reporter for the Asheville Global Report called VNS and requested information about their organization. Ms. Baylis spoke with Lee C. Shapiro, the press secretary for VNS. The simple conversation was quickly aborted when Baylis asked if a citizen watchdog group existed to oversee the function of VNS on election night. Shapiro replied that she was "not going to get into this with you," and insisted she had a meeting to attend.

      On May 20th, another Global Report writer, Victoria Collier, called VNS. She was told that Ms. Shapiro was in a meeting. Collier asked only one question: if there was any literature about VNS that could be sent through the mail, such as a brochure. The secretary had no answer, then put her on hold for nearly five minutes. The next person to appear on the other end of the line was the head of VNS himself, Bill Headline. He wanted to know why she was calling. The following is the transcript of the ensuing conversation.

      (Editors note- The stuttering and stammering on the part of Bill Headline offered Collier ample time for transcribing the conversation as it took place, but has been largely edited for the sake of the reader. What remains is necessary to give you a feeling for his extreme nervousness.)

Victoria Collier

Interview with Bill Headline--VNS Executive Director, New York City May 20, 2000

Collier- Yes, I was calling to ask if you had any information you could send to me. Any literature about your organization.

Headline- Ah, well. . . um. . . . . (laughs) . . I hesitate only because we don't really have anything in the way of literature. Uh. . . we have a fax sheet that we're in the process of putting together but it's not ready for distribution. Um. . .

Collier- Oh. And you don't have a Website?

Headline- Well, no, we don't have a Website.

Collier- But, people poll for you? I mean, you do poll?

Headline- We. . uh, we do exit polling.

Collier- Do you have volunteers who do that?

Headline- No, we hire people around the country to do that.

Collier- So, if somebody wanted to work for you, how would they get information on how to do it?

Headline- Well they would, uh. . . they would drop us a note and say that they were interested in. . uh. . in doing that. And I'd be happy to uh. . . to receive such a note. And uh. . . we have a . . uh. . . a group of people who recruit for exit polling on election night.

Collier- Well, it is strange that you don't have any written information that you could send out. I mean--

Headline- Why is it strange?

Collier- Well just because your organization has been around for such a long time, and it seems that in all this time there would be something written up. For the public?

Headline- We uh. . . we do a little, a little . . . as I say, we have a fax that's in uh, that's in development. And uh, we have a . . . a brochure that gets sent out to people who have been hired to work for us.

Collier- Oh, you do have a brochure.

Headline- A. . . well, brochure is kind of stretching it, it's a. . . it's one page.

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Bullet Sales up 900%!!



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Blood in the Streets?
Report By Hal Turner - Posted: 11.12.00
Source:    The Hal Turner Show


While Gore supporters are holding protests in the streets, Bush supporters

are buying bullets at gun shops. In the three days since the U.S. General

Election, ammunition sales throughout the United States have jumped an

astonishing nine-hundred percent (900%). Americans are furious over massive,

blatant and widespread vote fraud by supporters of Al Gore and many are

openly talking about "blood in the streets."

Voter fraud in Tuesdays general election has Radio Talk Shows throughout

the United States burning up with callers who are openly speaking about

civil insurrection, blood in he streets, state secession from the Union and

wondering aloud whether President Bill Clinton will use this election

debacle as an excuse to remain in power after his term expires on January

20, 2001.

Such talk is not limited to fanatics; U.S. Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX),

lent credibility to the prospects of violence when he was asked tonight on

radio station WBCQ if President Clinton would use this situation to remain

in power. Responding to that query, Rep. Paul stated "Six months ago, I

thought the idea was preposterous. Now I'm not so sure. The people would

come out and there would be total violence."

Here's a brief list of just some of the fraud:

Tens of thousands of U.S. Military personnel around the world were unable

to cast ballots for the first time in US History because their Military

Absentee ballots "got lost in the mail." In past elections, the Military

voted 9:1 in favor of Republicans.

Thousands of non-US Citizens - who cannot legally vote - were sent

letters by President Bill Clinton just days before the election, informing

them they had registered, and even providing them with Voter Identification

Cards to sign and use when voting! These mailings were sent to states with

large Latino populations such as California, possibly allowing enough

non-citizens to vote and sway the election.

In New York City, voting machines were tampered with, disabling the

Republican voting levers. When voters came out of the malfunctioning voting

booths and sought a paper ballot, it let polling workers know the voter was

going to vote Republican because those were the only levers that weren't

working. A television news crew caught Democrat vote counters in Brooklyn,

New York throwing thousands of paper ballots into garbage dumpsters -

resulting in thousands of Republican votes disappearing.

Also in New York, registered Republican voters were told in hundreds of

polling places they were no longer registered to vote. Those persons were

offered a paper "provisional ballot" but when those ballots were filled out,

Poll workers refused to place the Ballots in a locked box.

In the Albuquerque, New Mexico area, computerized voting machines were

reprogrammed so that votes were not counted whenever anyone cast ballots for

all candidates from the same political party! Upwards of 68,000 votes may

have been reprogrammed out of existence.

In Michigan, Gore campaign workers were paying drunks and homeless hobos

with cigarettes if those people would register to vote and cast a ballot for


In Missouri, polling places in heavy Democrat areas remained open up to

four hours after the legal time, allowing those Democrats to cast ballots.

In New Jersey, hundreds of voters in urban Democrat areas like Hudson and

Essex County, were jammed into the hallways at the County Boards of

Elections, casting absentee or provisional ballots hours after the polls

legally closed.

The media a willing participant

Just minutes after voting places on the east coast closed, major news

networks began "calling' the race. But when the networks "called" Florida as

being won by Al Gore, they did so despite the fact that a portion of that

state is in the Central time zone and those polling places were still open.

These premature "call" of Florida by the media caused tens-of-thousands

of voters in the affluent Republican area of the Florida panhandle, to leave

polling places without voting because they thought Gore had already won.

Florida is now the key state in the Presidential race.

False Claims of fraud in Palm Beach County, Florida Democrats have been

complaining wildly about alleged fraud in Palm Beach County, Florida, where

19,000 ballots were allegedly discarded because voters punched ballots for

two Presidential candidates. Punching the ballot for two Presidential

candidates automatically voids the ballot.

But it is now surfacing that many or most of the 19,000 discarded ballots

were, in fact, lawfully and properly replaced when voters who made the

mistake came out of the voting booth, requested and received replacement

ballots then cast a proper vote!

Leftist Gore supporters and the media are ignoring this fact, spurring

outrage by conservatives that the truth is being suppressed and causing

minorities in that county to take to the to the streets demanding a re-vote.

Such a re-vote is not only illegal under Florida law, it is also illegal

under federal law. (3 U.S.C. 1)

Putting this in perspective, even if the 19,000 votes were all discarded

and not counted, those votes would only represent four percent (4%) of the

total votes cast in that County, meaning ninety-six percent of the other

voters in the County did it correctly.

As a result of all this election fraud, Bush supporters are convinced

that Gore, with Clinton's help, is stealing the US Presidential election.

Bush supporters are going to gun stores in large numbers and buying large

amounts of ammunition for their guns. Many are openly saying they will not

allow Al Gore to steal the election and are calling those who support Gore

"the enemy."

Not since the early 1860's prior to the Civil War has the US population

been so divided and openly talking about violent civil warfare. Radio

callers are making unprecedented open and public calls to employ the Second

Amendment (right to keep and bear arms) to protect the integrity of the

Constitution and of the Bush election.

This election has pitted brother against brother, parent against child,

young against old, white against black, Gentile against Jew. The anger is

palatable and the situation grows steadily worse.




jewn McCain

ASSASSIN of JFK, Patton, many other Whites

killed 264 MILLION Christians in WWII

killed 64 million Christians in Russia

holocaust denier extraordinaire--denying the Armenian holocaust

millions dead in the Middle East

tens of millions of dead Christians

LOST $1.2 TRILLION in Pentagon
spearheaded torture & sodomy of all non-jews
millions dead in Iraq

42 dead, mass murderer Goldman LOVED by jews

serial killer of 13 Christians

the REAL terrorists--not a single one is an Arab

serial killers are all jews

framed Christians for anti-semitism, got caught
left 350 firemen behind to die in WTC

legally insane debarred lawyer CENSORED free speech

mother of all fnazis, certified mentally ill

10,000 Whites DEAD from one jew LIE

moser HATED by jews: he followed the law Jesus--from a "news" person!!

1000 fold the child of perdition


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