Democracy - Part 1
Parts 1 and 2
By Willie Martin

Jew Watch

Democracy - Part 1

        Well now since everyone seems to have put in their thoughts on Democracy, I think I will add my name to the list and interject the following.

        Much has been said and written today about Democracy and it has been offered around the world as a Mecca among governments. But just what is Democracy? The term itself, probed to the original roots from which the English word is derived, embodies three significant factors:

        1). demos, the people;
        2). Kratein, to rule; and
        3). Dratos, authority.

        It is a form of government wherein the supreme power is retained by the people. It would be difficult to define the term from its present use however, for quite diversified forms of government are labeled Democracies which are as far apart in their ideologies as the east is from the west. Russia, where the common people suffer oppression and hardship; China, under Communist warlords; Great Britain with its Queen and Parliament and the United States with its Congress, which is supposed to be a Republic, are all popularly called Democracies. To state that they all endorse the same governing system is as baseless as would be the arbitrary declamation that all the colors of the spectrum are either red or green.

        Russia is a bureaucracy under tyrannical leadership where the majority have no authority or power. A small minority of Jews rules in that nation, having seized power by force in 1917, and they impose their will upon the majority, enforcing their prerogatives by acts of terror, murder and methods which have brought the people of a great nation into slaver. This is NOT a Democracy and, regardless of the label men have sought to apply to the Soviet regime, the majority there have no actual voice in the affairs of state.

        Oh a show of voting is made, but there is only one candidate, and if there are more than one they have exactly the same purpose and that is to do the will of the ruling elite. Russia, however, approves the use of the term Democracy, at least in propaganda for American consumption, for the word lends itself well to the misuse to which it is put when she blandly advertises that all nations being drawn from the Soviet sphere of influence are permitted to become full Democracies; according to Russia's interpretation of the word; and the mass media and their controllers.

        Democratic ideas have at times manifested themselves in China but there also the Communist warlords more often impose their will upon the people in spite of the desire of the majority and the results are far from Democratic. Great Britain's political system is a mixture of Monarchy and Democracy tempered by the power of the Crown. The government of the United States, as originally instituted by our forefathers, was a Republic which is defined as a state in which the sovereign power resides in a certain body of the people, and is exercised by representatives elected by, and responsible to them.

        Anyone taking exception to the statement that our nation was ORIGINALLY organized as a Republic, and not a Democracy, is either totally ignorant of American history or is endeavoring to capitalize upon the ignorance of the American public concerning the fundamental tenets of our American institutions in an endeavor to change our form of government that it may become a democracy, and finally a totalitarian state.

        Wherever Democracy lives it enhances the position and power of those who are carrying on subversive activities. In fact, every Communist, Communist sympathizer, anti- christs and all those who would use mob psychology for political and other purposes, become violently agitated and extremely angry when the irrefutable facts of American history are pointed out, definitely proving that the government of this great nation was originally a Republic.

        A pure Democracy is the rule of the majority of the people who are able to exert their influence through mass pressure which can be brought to bear at any time upon those who hold office. In fact, Democracy may readily degenerate to become the rule of the mob under the principle that what the people want they should have. The leaders of a Democracy are politicians who continually listen to the clamor of the people and who, for the sake of holding office, do the bidding of the majority.

        A Democracy will seldom, if ever, produce a Statesman or a Patriot, and act for the good of their country, insofar as politicians go; who is willing to stand by their convictions when principles affect the future state of their nation are involved. NOT SO the Politician who, through fear of alienating the vote of the majority, WILL SELL HIS COUNTRY'S HERITAGE FOR PUBLIC ACCLAIM, OR FOR WHOEVER IS CONTROLLING HIM/HER FROM BEHIND THE SCENES.

        Life in a Democracy is often turbulent and violent; security, justice and the establishment of righteousness are always endangered when the mob, the majority, acts in the heat of passion.

        Because our forefathers recognized this fact, they set up a government that was not a Democracy, but a Republic, a government of checks and balances to prevent direct action by the majority in national affairs in the inception of a crisis. Our forefathers knew that public opinion is often out of step with actual conditions until the leavening of time can bring to it a full understanding of all the facts.

        The Constitution of the United States provided for "cooling off" periods, for the people were helpless to act until set election dates and then only representatively through those whom they elected to office. This is a safety device in a Republic against hasty and ill-conceived action which may be brought about by an appeal to the spirit of mob psychology on the part of irresponsible leaders.

        Our nation was not established as a Democracy in which the majority could exert direct pressure upon our leaders, but became a great Republic with checks and balances to safeguard the interests of the nation against the clamor of demagogues.

        In this respect our form of government differed from every other form upon the earth. Under it, and with the worship of God in truth, our nation grew to greatness until, two hundred years after the writing and adoption of our Constitution, we became not only a great people but a powerful and mighty nation, so recognized among the nations of the world.

        During the lifetime of this present generation, powerful moves have been made under misguided and down right evil leadership to make Democracy live in our nation. Men without the foresight and wisdom of our forefathers, some of them self-appointed leaders, have undertaken to destroy our great Christian Republic.

        Certain moves during the past two or three decades have materially contributed to this end. Major changes have been made in an endeavor to destroy the original checks and balances provided in our Constitution and put there to guard against both individual misuse of power on the one hand and mob rule on the other.

        One of these major changes is in the election of senators. Originally our Constitution provided that senators should be elected by the State Legislatures while the members of the House of Representatives would be elected directly by the people. Article 1, Section 3 of the Constitution reads: "The Senate of the United States shall be composed of two Senators from each State, chosen by the legislature thereof, for six years; and each Senator shall have one vote."

        While there were political abuses under this system, yet because Senators were not directly responsible to the people, they were able to act independently of the immediate clamor of the majority which would more directly affect the members of the House of Representatives. This placed the Senate in a position to balance hastily-devised legislation that might originate in the House as a result of public pressure.

Democracy -Part 2

        This unique position of the Senate gave birth to real statesmen and in a given period of time our nation produced more real statesmen than all the governments of Europe combined have produced from the inception of our form of government. But this was all changed by an amendment to the Constitution proposed by Congress, under the influences of anti-christs in our midst, May 15, 1912 and adopted May 31, 1913 which read as follows: "The Senate of the United States shall be composed of two Senators from each State, elected by the people thereof for six years, and each Senator shall have one vote."

        Since this amendment was adopted, the mob, the majority and the moneyed interest from behind the scenes, through their control of the mass media and so one of the major checks provided between the two branches of our legislative bodies to balance legislative enactment was destroyed. The overall result has become apparent for, while we have had keen and shrewd politicians holding office in the Senate, we have not produced the type of statesmen who graced the Senate during the last century. Along with this change there have been many others.

        All this has provided fertile soil for demagogues to influence the majority regardless of the right or wrong of the issues involved. The result is in evidence today through the influence of TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and publishing houses whose voices are influencing millions in our nation.

        These are the original rabble-rousers in this nation who, through this wonderful discovery of modern science, can overnight stir the mob spirit of the nation into action. What would have required days, and weeks in the past, or even months, to acquaint the public with the issues involved can not be made fully known in an evening's broadcast or daily newspapers.

        But unfortunately it is often the likes and dislikes of a single commentator being impressed upon the minds of the multitude without the cooling; off period so necessary to weighing evidence that men may more accurately render an equitable decision based upon all available and thoroughly known facts.

        One such commentator can stir unthinking millions and by a cleverly presented address make his personal opinions become those of the mob and thus excite them to immediate action before the deliberation of time can allow wisdom to assert itself and bring understanding of major issues. This constitutes a powerful means of direct pressure upon politicians who fear public opinion and the unscrupulous commentator, in his role of poll parrot, is taking full advantage of it.

        Of all the critical periods in American history, the Senate of the United States needs to be free from undue pressure. Unfortunately today one rabble-rousing airways commentator has a far greater influence with the people than our representatives in Washington.

        These commentators are comparatively free from opposition due to the present rigid control over the airways and the inability of the average citizen or politician to compete with them because he is denied the use of the same channels through which they are able to reach the ears of millions.

        The result is that today this country is being unduly swayed by demagogues whose influence is far in excess of their actual wisdom and understanding of the importance of many of the issues they deal with. It is a situation fraught with peril for our future well-being and we will yet pay dearly for allowing the Republic to be undermined by those who would make Democracy live that mobocracy may rule.

        Let us turn back the pages of history for a moment to a chapter where, following the establishment of the most perfect government ever given to man, when the Law of the Lord became the Constitution of the Israel nation, the people lapsed into mob rule and democracy lived. God had given His people a representative form of government in which men were chosen for office because of their excellent spiritual character and judicial ability in handling the affairs of state. These men held office as long as they administered the Laws of God with justice and equity.

        When, following the giving of the law, Moses was absent upon Mount Sinai, rabble-rousers apparently became busy and the people demanded that Aaron make the golden calf. Thus under the rule of the majority; Democracy in operation, the people turned away from the perfect form of government. The demand of the majority overruled; they set aside the perfection of the Laws of the Lord, clamored for the golden calf to worship and Aaron gave the people what they demanded.

        It is not hard to imagine the convincing speeches of the leader, or leaders, who were the counterpart of our present rabble-rousing commentators, who stirred the people to action and into revolt against the established order, the law which they had just received at Mount Sinai, and against Moses, their leader, who was delayed in his return to camp. The mob spirit of Israel was aroused, Democracy lived, and the people demanded: "Make us gods, which shall go before us; for as for this Moses, the man that brought us up out of the land of Egypt, we wot (know) not what is become of him." (Exodus 32:1)

        Later Aaron acknowledged to Moses that the people were uncontrollable so he gave them what they wanted. (Exodus 32:21-22) Thus the first demonstration of Democracy in operation in Israel was revolt against God.

        Aaron, the politician, had given in to the demands of the majority, but Moses, the great statesman, withstood the people upon his return to camp, condemning them for their sins. He ordered those who were loyal to God to execute the leading offenders.

        Just as this first demonstration of Democracy in operation came to judgment in the execution of thousands for their revolt against god, so is Democracy doomed today. Where Democracy lives evil flourishes and God has decreed the complete destruction of all forms of unrighteousness. History has amply demonstrated that wherever the spirit of Democracy is supreme, there the people are in revolt against God and against His Law. Democracy rests upon the principle that what the people desire they must have and, generally speaking, the desire of the mob is contrary to the laws of righteousness.

        The French Revolution was Democracy in full operation and the result was the dethronement of god and the enthronement of atheism. The same spirit of Democracy in America today countenances the evils of liquor, drugs, murder of the unborn, distribution of smut, moral decay, and the glorification of these and many other evil practices through motion pictures, and television presentation of their supposed attractiveness.

        Look at the television show Gunsmoke, it makes a common whore to be more of a humatarian than Christians. Democracy is mobocracy and the spirit of the mob today is in revolt against God and His Laws. The government is murdering Christians simply because they are Christians and wish to be left alone, and want no part of the evil of miscegenation. Just as Aaron gave the people what they demanded, so today the endeavor of every politician is to make it appear they are giving the people what they desire, whether it is for their good or not.

        Never before in our history has the United States been so vulnerable to attack, and our original form of government so subject to possible destruction as it is today, from those who are stirring up the spirit of the mob against our Christian American institutions and against Christians in and out of office who stand for the principles of the Republic and who are in opposition to the evils of Democracy. These unscrupulous men have been successful and will continue to be to the extent that they will bring judgment upon themselves and upon the Democracy they are endeavoring to make live. It will live long enough to brought before the bar of God's justice and there it will be condemned, just as Moses condemned the Democracy when Israel revolted against God's Laws and His righteousness.

        Democracy, the political expedient by which Satan has been able to lead people in revolt against God, will pass away, doomed to destruction because God's Laws will become supreme in the interest of righteousness in administration, and not the voice and desire of the people when that desire is out of step with His Laws.

        The new and righteous order of blessedness that is to be ushered in, following the destruction of Democracy, will not be mob rule, nor will it be autocracy, but it will be a theocratic state in which representative government will flourish. Neither the representatives nor the people, however, will have any voice whatever in making laws or in changing the precepts and commands of God. The officials will administer the law which Almighty God has already given as the Divine constitution of the perfect state. (Taken in part from a message by Howard B. Rand)

The End

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