Jews Caused The Civil War
Parts 7 through 12
By Willie Martin

Jew Watch

Jews Caused The Civil War - Part 7

 In 1867, the Secret Service was founded so that drunken municipal law enforcement could not unwittingly participate with drug-addicted First Ladies or Gentlemen in vengeful high- brow killings of philandering Presidents of the United States. (To cover up the murders committed which would reflect a bad light for the presiding Administration, such as the Foster murder is doing at the present time).

     Before Booth jumped out of the balcony of the Presidential Box of the Ford Theater, he shouted at General Riley and his wife who were sitting to the right-front of the Lincolns. Booth's words expressed his innocence but also sealed the fate of the Rileys. Within a week of the shooting, General Riley and his wife were packed off to an insane asylum where they both died of 'unknown causes' within 30 days of being committed." (Pandora's Box, by Alex Christopher, pp. 282-286) was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth {A Jew}. That the plot of Booth, involved not only the assassination of Lincoln, which was accomplished, but also the assassination on the same night of the Vice President, Andrew Johnson, of the Secretary of State, William H. Seward, and of General Ulysses S. Grant. Seward, who was ill at his home, was stabbed, as was also his son, Frederick Seward, by David E. Herold {A Jew}, a co-conspirator with Booth, who was hanged.

        Vice President Johnson escaped injury, but George A. Atzerodt {also a Jew} was hanged for conspiring with Booth to kill him. General Grant, who was to have attended the theater with Lincoln that night, due to an unexpected departure for Burlington, New Jersey, was unharmed.

        "John Booth, A Jewish silversmith whose ancestors had been exiled from Portugal because of their radical political views. In London the refugees had continued their trade and free thinking, and John had married Wilkes' cousin. This Wilkes was the 'celebrated agitator John Wilkes of Westminster, London...John Wilkes Booth's father was Junius Brutus Booth." (The Mad Booths of Maryland)

        Our American school children have been taught that the Civil War was fought over the slavery problem, but this was only a surface issue to hide the intrigue of the Great Red Dragon to foment one side against the other. After thousands of our choice White Israel sons and one of our greatest Presidents were murdered, our Great God stopped the slaughter of the Dragon: By the Intervention of the Czar of Russia, who God sent to our National Rescue, but unknown to most Americans.

Division of U.S. Plotted in London

        Disraeli, the late Jewish Prime Minister of England, determined to divide the United States and give one part to Lionel {Rothschild}. Thus the North would become a British Colony annexed to Canada. The South would go to Napoleon {Rothschild}. In the year 1857, the money power of old Europe was centered in the House of Rothschild. Disraeli represented them in England; Napoleon III in France; Bismarck in Germany and Mazzini in Italy. According to Mr. John Reeves, who wrote on page 228, of an authorized biography entitled "The Rothschilds, The Financial Rulers of Nations," based on research in their own archives, there was a famous meeting in the City of London in 1857. The great Rothschild family was assembled from the countries of Europe for the marriage of Lionel Rothschild's daughter, Leonora, to her cousin, Alphonse, son of James Rothschild of Paris.

        It was at this time Disraeli is reported to have said: "Under this roof are the heads of the family of Rothschild -- a name famous in every capital of Europe and every division of the globe. If you like, we shall divide the United States into two parts, one for you, James, and one for you, Lionel. Napoleon will do exactly and all that I shall advise him."

        Thus, in London, we see a plan fostered by the money power of Europe, moving in on America, and pitting the North against the South under the old principle of "divide and conquer." This has always been the Jewish plan to destroy nations which are dangerous to their plans for world conquest, to divide and conquer. Germany is a prime example, as it was divided after World War II.

        Remember that the Civil War with all of its suffering, blood shed and death was calmly planned and blueprinted by the Satanic Rothschild bankers in Europe and in conjunction with their agents who control the Catholic Church from behind the scenes, in 1857. The Rothschild, Jewish, Zionist triumvirate in obedience to their Bilderberger comrades did the same with World Wars I and II, Korea and Vietnam.

Intervention of the Czar of Russia Saved the United States

        Disraeli and the Catholic Church had already assured the Confederacy of Britain's support. However, this was not to help the South; it was to crush both the North and the South and to conquer and possess both. As a result, English, French and Spanish troops were landed at Vera Cruz in 1862.

        The French General, Bazaine, occupied the capitol of Mexico at the time. So Napoleon was ready to strike and help divide and destroy the United States. The danger was great. The situation looked hopeless. Understanding the situation Lincoln spent long nights in humble prayer to Almighty God. He knew the North, alone, could not withstand such a combination. Moreover, Archduke Maximilian had been induced to accept the throne of Mexico.

     But God stepped in! Fortunately God in His wisdom exposed this Satanic plot to the Christian Czar of Russia through his Ambassadors in Paris and London; who upon learning of the Rothschild - Disraeli - Catholic - Napoleonic plot immediately dispatched a fleet of ships and men to San Francisco under the command of Admiral S. Lesowsky.

        He also rushed a squadron to New York to New York under the command of Admiral A.A. Popoff. Both Admirals had orders from the Czar to be ready to fight any power {nation} on earth, and To take their orders directly from President Abraham Lincoln; and Him Alone. Needless to say, this quick, generous and vigorous action saved the United States from the intrigue of the International Jewish Bankers. So James Rothschild was left without Mexico and the Southern States, and Lionel could not capture the North through military measures.

        But the European Machevillis were determined on financial conquest, if not actual slavery. At the same time, this great and good Christian Czar, who, as the servant of Almighty God and by His Power, saved the United States, lovingly and voluntarily emancipated 47 million serfs on September 19, 1861, and Translated the Entire Bible into the Russian language. For his courageous and benevolent acts, he was murdered by the Atheistic, God-hating, one-world, Jewish bankers in 1881. He was another casualty in the conflict of the ages. The conflict between right and wrong, light and darkness, good and evil, Christ and anti-Christ, God and Satan. The same devils murdered Lincoln on April 4, 1865. The history books lie about why Booth killed Lincoln. Coded messages in Booth's trunk and the key to these codes in Judah P. Benjamin's possession proved that Lincoln; Was Murdered by Orders from the Jewish Rothschild Bankers. Their successors are still doing the same today.

        Our childrens' history textbooks continue to teach that the American Civil War was fought over the Slavery issue. But if we look behind the scenes we will find that the "slave question" was but the surface issue. Below the surface ran a current of intrigue that ended with the assassination of Abraham Lincoln because he was determined that the United States was to be free from the bondage of the International Jewish Bankers. The part the Catholic Church through the Jesuits has already been presented. Now we will present the "Rest of The Story." In 1857, the Rothschild Illuminati bankers ruled Europe.

        "At that moment another member of the Jewish race was rising to power in Great Britain. Benjamin Disraeli was rapidly advancing to the primacy of the British Cabinet, the same height to which his Secession compatriot reached in the Confederacy at an earlier day."

        The Jews from the North were a serious problem to the Union side during the Civil War. On page 330 of Series One, Vol. XVII, Part II, of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, we find a communication from Major General U.S. Grant to Major General Hurlburt, then stationed at Jackson, Tennessee. Writing at La Grange, Tennessee, on November 9, 1862, General Grant said: "Refuse all permits to come south of Jackson for the present. The Israelites especially should be kept out..." Again on November 10, 1862, this time to General Webster at Jackson, Grant wrote: "Give orders to all the conductors on the road that no Jews are to be permitted to travel on the railroad from any point. They may go north and be encouraged in it; but they are such an intolerable nuisance that the department must be purged of them."

Jews Caused the Civil War - Part 8

Then writing on December 7, 1862, from Headquarters of the Thirteenth Army Corps at Oxford, Mississippi, to the Assistant Secretary of War, C.P. Wolcott, General Grant said: "I have long since believed that in spite of all the vigilance that can be infused into post commanders, the specie regulations of the Treasury Department have been violated, and mostly by Jews and other unprincipled traders. So well satisfied have I been of this that I instructed the commanding officer at Columbus to refuse all permits to Jews to come South, and I have frequently had them expelled from the department, but they come in with their carpet-sacks in spite of all that can be done to prevent it. The Jews seem to be a privileged class that can travel anywhere. They will land at any wood yard on the river and make their way through the country. If not permitted to buy cotton themselves they will act as agents for someone else, who will be at a military post with a Treasury permit to receive cotton and pay for it in Treasury notes, which the Jew will buy up at an agreed rate, paying gold."

        General Grant, a patient and tolerant individual, finally lost his patience. He issued General Order No. 11, as Commander of the 13th Army Corps, Department of the Tennessee: "The Jews, as a class violating every regulation of trade established by the Treasury Department and also department orders, are hereby expelled from the Department within twenty-four hours from the receipt of this order. Post commanders will see that all of this class of people be furnished passes and required to leave, and any one returning after such notification will be arrested and held in confinement until an opportunity occurs of sending them out as prisoners, unless furnished with permit from headquarters. No passes will be given these people to visit trade headquarters for the purpose of making personal application for trade permits. By order of Maj. Gen. U.S. Grant: JNO. A. RAWLINS, Assistant Adjutant-General."

        The Jews, of course, protested and were influential enough even at that time and in the face of the orders of a respected Corps Commander, to make their protest effective. On January 4, 1863, the General-in-Chief, H.W. Halleck, addressed General Grant as follows: "A paper purporting to be General Order No. 11, issued by you December 17, has been presented here. By its terms it expels all Jews from your department. If such an order has been issued, it will be immediately revoked."

        There was nothing for Grant to do but obey, and on January 7, 1863, he revoked his order expelling the Jews from his department. At the same time other Union generals were complaining of the Jews. "To Maj. General John A. McClernand: 'The cotton speculators are quite clamorous for aid in getting their cotton away from Middleburg, Hickory Valley, etc., and offer to pay liberally for the service. I think I can bring it away with safety, and make it pay to the Government. As some of the Jew owners have as good as stolen the cotton from the planters, I have no conscientious scruples in making them pay liberally to take it away. L.F. Ross, Brigadier General."

        In a letter written from Memphis, July 30, 1862, General W.T. Sherman said, in part: "I found os many Jews and speculators here trading in cotton, and secessionists had become so open in refusing anything but gold, that I have felt myself bound to stop it. The gold can have but one use, the purchase of arms and ammunition...Of course, I have respected all permits by yourself or the Secretary but in these new cases (swarms of Jews) I have stopped it."

Booth's Code Found in Benjamin Trunk

        The good Czar, after several unsuccessful attempts on his life, was murdered in 1881. Lincoln was murdered in 1865, on April 4th, by an actor, John Wilkes Booth, in whose trunk was found coded messages the key to which was found in Judah P. Benjamin's possession. Benjamin escaped to England where he later died. The Czar, Alexander II, had been responsible on September 19, 1861, by imperial decree, for emancipating the Russian serfs, in number over 47-million. Serfdom in Russia was ended by the stroke of a pen. But in the United States, it took billions of dollars and oceans of blood to free three million, not serfs, but slaves, because of an infamous plot of English and European Jewish money lords.

Bismarck Told the Story in 1876

        Bismarck told the whole story in 1876. He said: "The division of the United States into two federations of equal rank was decided long before the Civil War by the High Financial Power of Europe."

        These filthy banker Vipers were afraid the United States, if allowed to remain united, would attain economical and financial independence and upset their financial domination over the world. The Rothschild Jewish bankers thought Lincoln, an illiterate rail-splitter, would be weak enough to carry out their sugar-coated, diabolical designs.

        He decided to eliminate the International Jewish, Illuminati bankers by allowing the states to borrow directly from the people. He realized that the source of wealth resides in the work and economy of the nation. He bitterly opposed the international financiers who control the nations through their money. Thus, as soon as the International Jewish Bankers realized that Lincoln had saved the nation from their plot, they decided to have him killed.

        Deny it if you will, but like or not, hate it or love it, believe it or not, the fact remains: Every President of the United States, since 1914, has either (a) been controlled by the Jews or (b) has been a closet Jew as in the case of Wilson, Roosevelt, Truman and Eisenhower. They have never dared to defy, or fail to kowtow to, the Mystery of Iniquity, Synagogue of Satan, Generation of Vipers {Name Jesus Christ and John the Baptist gave them}, Illuminati, Rothschild, Rockefeller (THE ROCKEFELLER FAMILY - SECRET JEWS! A book overlooked by most people and published for sale mainly within the Jewish community states that the Rockefellers are Jews of Sephardic descent (meaning Spanish and Portuguese Jews). The book is entitled "The Grandees - America's Sephardic Elite." The author is Stephen Birmingham, who is recognized by the Jewish community as an expert on Jewish history.

   The publisher of "The Grandees" is the Jewish owned publishing firm of "Harper and Row" of New York City. Mr. Birmingham also wrote the book "Our Crowd" about the family background of America's wealthiest and most successful Jews. Both books have been hailed by Jewish publications as first class works in the documentation of Jewish history.

   In "The Grandees" Stephen Birmingham reveals the existence of a very rare book which was published only for Jews some years ago. The work was published only for Jews some years ago. The work was compiled by the Jewish historian Malcolm H. Stern and entitled "Americans of Jewish Decent." That book weighed 10 pounds and gave the history of 25,000 Jewish individuals in America. It is extremely interesting to note that only 550 copies of the book were printed and each copy was consecutively numbered. The book was delivered to the top Jewish community leaders in America for their personal reference files in dealing with and contacting Jews who are "Marranos" (those Jews who "PRETEND" to be Christians in their community but secretly hold to their Jewish faith and race when among their own kind).

   Mr. Birmingham in "The Grandees" reports: "Who would expect to find the Rockefellers in the book." Stern's work traces what he calls the "Nobility of Jewry - the Sephardim who lived in Spain and Portugal as princes of the land." Many centuries ago the Jews flooded into Spain in great numbers and through usury and stealth became vast land owners. The Jews controlled both Spain and Portugal through their monopoly over the finances of the country.

   It was in 1492 that King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain expelled the Jews from their country and confiscated their ill-gotten wealth. It was during this period that the Rockefeller family moved to the Turkish Empire which welcomed the Jews at that time, believing them to be a "poor persecuted people."

   The grandfather of our former Vice-President Nelson Rockefeller, admitted that his family once moved from Turkey to France. It was from France that they moved to America. John D. Rockefeller, Sr., was a wealthy man even before he took over Standard Oil Co., which made their family one of the richest in the world. No one has ever explained how this family came into such wealth as soon as they arrived in America from France.

   There is no known information on how the Rockefellers came into huge amounts of money in France. Some thing they got their money from the Rothschilds and were originally their agents in buying up Christian businesses in America. "Marranos" are Jews who "PRETEND" to convert to Christianity so as to deceive Christians in their business dealings, but secretly continued to practice Judaism in private rituals. For this reason, a Marrano family like the Rockefellers would make the perfect tool for the Rothschilds of France who have for centuries used secret agents to carry on their work.

   "The Thunderbolt" was the first publication to bring Vice- President Nelson Rockefeller's Jewish ancestry to public attention. This information finally explains why he has always been able to work so closely with Jewish interests and why his administration as governor of New York was loaded down with Jews from top to bottom. His political campaigns of the past were always directed by Jews and he was always the support of the Jewish community in all of his political races.

   Normally the Jews would not support a Christian multi- millionaire for political office because they would be afraid they could not control him after the election. The fact that Jewish community leaders have long known that the Rockefellers were fellow Jews goes a long way in explaining why the organized Jewish community has always supported the Rockefeller's political ambitions. Now we can see why Nelson and David Rockefeller boosted his fellow Jew Henry Kissinger into the Nixon administration and Kissinger in turn has used his position to bring his fellow Jew Rockefeller into power) International Jewish Banker Gangsters. Every President has tamely submitted, betrayed his country, and lead humanity and this formerly Christian Nation to the brink of destruction. They are afraid of the blackmail and hired assassins of the International Money Changers. Bismarck said: "The death of Lincoln was a disaster for Christendom. There was no man in the United States great enough to wear his boots. And the Jews went anew to grab the riches of the world."

Jews Caused the Civil War - Part 9

        Bismarck was a true prophet. For he further said: "I fear the Jewish banks with their craftiness and tortuous tricks will entirely control the exuberant riches of America. And use it to systematically corrupt modern civilization. The Jews will not hesitate to plunge the whole of Christendom into wars and chaos that the earth should become their inheritance."

        These prophetic words have been perfectly fulfilled, and is attested to by the Spanish American War, World War I, World War II, Korean War and the Vietnamese War. The conspirators have used the astronomical wealth and technology and abundant resources of the United States to fasten the bands of bondage, torture and curse of Communism upon almost one-half of the worlds population. An interesting side note. The Czar of Russia, for his part in saving the United States Government during the war by sending his two fleets to American waters, asked to be paid for the use of his fleets. Then President Andrew Johnson, who had replaced Lincoln as President after his assassination, had no constitutional authority to give American money to the head of a foreign government.

        That and the cost of the fleets was rather high: $7.2 million. So President Johnson had Secretary of State William Seward arrange for the purchase of Alaska from the Russians in April, 1867. This act has unfairly been called "Seward's folly" by those historians unfamiliar with the actual reasons for Alaska's purchase, and to this day, Secretary of State Seward has been criticized for the purchase of what was then a piece of worthless land. But Seward was only purchasing the land as a method by which he could pay the Czar of Russia for the use of his fleets, an action, which in all probability saved the United States of America from a more serious war with England, France and Spain.

U.S. Issue of Debt-Free Money Is Sabotaged by European Jewish Bankers

        As the Civil War entered the critical days of 1862, President Lincoln was in dire need of money to carry out the obligations of the government in that conflict. He was offered loans by the banking interests, but In December, 1861, the banks had broken down and suspended specie payments. A bill passed Congress on February 25, 1862, whereby the Government could issue $150-million, which would be full legal tender for every debt in the United States and was an achievement for Lincoln. However, the banking interests were furious.

        In July, 1862, the Bank of England {which was, and still is dominated by the Rothschild family} issued the notorious Hazard Circular which was judiciously circulated among the banking interests of America. It said: "Slavery is likely to be abolished by the war power and chattel slavery destroyed. This, I and my European friends are glad of, for slavery is but the owning of labor and carries with it the care of the laborers, while the European plan, led by England, is that capital shall control labor by controlling wages. This can be done by controlling the money. The great debt that capitalists will see to it is made out of the war, must be used as a means to control the volume of money. To accomplish this, the bonds must be used as a banking basis. We are now awaiting for the Secretary of the Treasury to make his recommendation to Congress. It will not do to allow the greenback, as it is called, to circulate as money any length of time, as we cannot control that."

        The term "greenback" was employed by the banking interests to deceive the masses. Ridicule and derision was attached to it for the simple reason that it bore no interest or tribute to the bankers and was simply non-cancelable United States currency issued by the Government.

Gold Holders Dictate Division of Money Law

        On two other occasions, July, 1862, and in March, 1863, Congress issued a total of $300- million of United States Notes, or greenbacks, but the bankers saw to it that they carried the following restrictive clause: "This note is legal tender for all debts, public and private, except duties on imports and interest on the public debt."

        This reservation permitted the Rothschilds, who had a corner on the gold, to make a market for their gold. Had the "greenbacks" been permitted to retain their full legal tender value, there would have been no need for Rothschild gold with which to pay import duties. The price of gold rose to approximately $2.85 measured in greenbacks. All importers were obliged to go to the banking interests to buy gold to pay duties on their goods, and the Wall Street financiers held the power to fix the price.

        The Civil War was still raging. Lincoln was teaching the people that bonds were unnecessary and that paper money, issued in proportion to the country's wealth, debt-free at its source of origin, was the only kind of currency that should be permitted. However, the restrictive clauses of the two later issues of greenbacks seriously crippled the President's efforts for an honest money system, and Mr. Lincoln was forced, in the heat of the Civil War, to permit -- because he could not stop the evil machinations of the money manipulators -- the "National Banking Act" of February 25, 1863, which gave private banks a national charter to issue and lend money.

        In brief, it permitted private corporations to coin and regulate the value of money. But Lincoln was determined to end this situation as soon as peace could be secured. He was determined to have a Constitutional money system because he saw that financial slavery was only less subtle than chattel slavery, a little more refined, but in the end, the cruel, despotic exploitation of the American people.

        President Lincoln saw the problem developing, and was fortunate that the government of Russia was willing to assist his government in the event of a war with England and France. "While still President-elect, he (Lincoln) had been informed by the Russian minister to the United States that his country was willing to aid the Washington government should it be menaced by England and France." (The Hidden Face of the Civil War, p. 22)

        Eleven Southern States seceded from the Union to form the Confederacy. But in a rather enigmatic move, the flag adopted by the Confederacy had thirteen stars on it. Some believe that this was because the number thirteen has significance to the Freemason. Others believe that because America is regathered Israel, it was because the Southern States were led, unseen and unknown, by Almighty God to raise a standard testifying of the Thirteen Tribes of Israel, just as the original thirteen states.

        The South started the Civil War on April 12, 1861, when they fired upon Ft. Sumter, a Northern fort in South Carolina. One of the members of the Knights of the Golden Circle was the well known bandit Jesse James, and it was Jesse's father, George James, a Captain in the Southern Army, who fired the first shot at the fort. (The Unseen Hand, by A. Ralph Epperson, p. 154)

        Lincoln, now President of the Northern States, once again reported to the American people that the war was a result of conspiratorial forces at work in the South. He told the North that: "...combinations too powerful to be suppressed by the ordinary machinery of peacetime government had assumed control of various Southern States." (Short History of the Civil War, by Bruce Catton, p. 27) Actually the reverse was true, the Norther States and the Presidency had been taken over by the Jews, of which Lincoln was one.

        Lincoln, and later the Russian Government, saw that England and France were aligning themselves against the North on the side of the South, and immediately issued orders for a sea blockade of the Southern States to prevent these two nations from using the seas to send supplies to the South.

The Russian Minister to the United States also saw this alignment and he advised his government in April, 1861, that: "England will take advantage of the first opportunity to recognize the seceded states and that France will follow her [Please keep in mind that two of the Jewish Rothschild brothers had "Central Banks in England and France!]." (Why the North Won the Civil War, by David Donald, p. 57)

        The Russian foreign minister instructed his American Minister in Washington in July, 1861, " assure the American Nation that it could assume 'the most cordial sympathy on the part of our August Master (The Czar of Russia) during the serious crisis which it is passing through at the present.'" (Why the North Won the Civil War, p. 58)

        It is of significant importance to note that Russia, at this time in its history, was a Christian Nation!

        Lincoln was receiving great pressure from certain of the banking establishment to float interest-bearing loans to pay the costs of the war. Salmon P. Chase, after whom the Chase Manhattan Bank, now owned by the Rockefeller interests, and who had been named Lincoln's Secretary of the Treasury during the Civil War and under the control of his Jewish counterparts the Rothschilds -- to prevent the other banks in the United States from helping the Union finance the war and in his conspiratorial role to help divide the United States, "...threatened the (rest of the American Bankers) that, if they did not accept the bonds he was issuing, he would flood the country with circulating notes, even if it should take a thousand dollars of such currency to buy a breakfast." (Abraham Lincoln, the Boy and the Man, by James Morgan, p. 207)

Jews Caused the Civil War - Part 10

        It was at this time that Lincoln decided not to borrow money from the International Jewish Banking interests nor to create interest bearing money by creating a national bank that would loan the government the needed money by printing large quantities of paper money. Therefore, Lincoln issued the "Greenback" in February, 1862. This money was not only unbacked by gold, but was debt free.

        Lincoln was playing a deadly game. He had crossed the International Jewish Bankers. The war was being fought to force the United States into a position of having to create a national bank, run independently by the European bankers, and Lincoln had turn his back on them by issuing his own Fiat Money.

        However, the International Jewish Bankers, not to be undone, out-maneuvered Lincoln, at least to a degree, when on August 5, 1861, they induced Congress, mostly through the influence of Secretary of the Treasury Chase, to pass an income tax. They imposed "a three-percent federal income tax. this was superseded almost at once by an act of March, 1862, signed in July, while maintaining a three-percent tax on income below $10,000, increased the rate to five percent above that level." (American Opinion, February, 1980, p. 24) It was a graduated income tax, just as proposed by Karl Marx thirteen years before.

        England and France now moved to increase the pressure on Lincoln's government. On November 8, 1861, England: "...dispatched 8,000 troops to Canada as tangible proof that she meant business." (The Hidden Face of the Civil War, by Otto Eisenschiml, p. 2)

        In their support of the South. France marched troops into Mexico after landing them on the coast and imposing their choice of rulers, the emperor Maximillian, as the head of Mexico. Lincoln could see that he was being flanked by the European Governments.

        In 1938, Jerry Voorhis, a Congressman from California, wrote a pamphlet entitled "Dollars and Sense," in which he shared a little bit of history with the American people about the events of the Civil War. "In July 1862, an agent of the London bankers sent the following letter to leading financiers and bankers in the United States soon after Lincoln's first issue of greenbacks: 'The great debt that capitalists will see to it is made out of the war must be used to control the volume of money. To accomplish this the bonds must be used as a banking basis. We are not waiting for the Secretary of the Treasury (Salmon P. Chase) to make this recommendation to Congress. It will not do to allow the greenback, as it is called, to circulate as money any length of time, for we cannot control them. But we can control the bonds and through them the bank issues." (Dollars and Sense, by Jerry Voorhis, p. 2)

        In order to curtail the flow of the military equipment of the largely rural South needed to wage the war, Lincoln, on April 19, 1861, imposed the naval blockade previously mentioned. The Confederacy needed, " go abroad and replace privateers with powerful warships which (they were) to buy or have built to order. The first of these vessels, the Sumter, was commissioned in the spring of 1861, and was followed in 1862 by the Florida and the Alabama." (The Hidden Face of the Civil War, pp. 18-19)

        The South was purchasing these ships from England and France to break the blockade, and Secretary of State William Seward saw the importance of keeping these two nations out of the war. Therefore, he; "...warned the British government: 'If any European power provokes war, we shall not shrink from it.' Similarly Seward advised Mercier that French recognition of the Confederacy would result in war with the United States." (Why the North Won the Civil War, p. 60)

        Lincoln continued to see the danger from the European bankers and the two European countries of France and England. He saw the main issue of the war as being the preservation of the union. He repeated his statement that preserving the Union was his main task: "My paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union. If I could save the Union without freeing any slaves, I would do it." (The Irony of Democracy, An Uncommon Introduction to American Politics, by Thomas R. Dye and L. Harmon Zeigler, p. 73)

        But even though Lincoln was not conducting the war over the issue of slavery, he issued the Emancipation Proclamation freeing the slaves on September 22, 1862, claiming the right to do so as the Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Navy. There was no act of Congress, just the solitary act of the President of the United States. But his act had the force of law, and the American people accepted it as such.

        In addition to the external threat from England and France, Lincoln also had an internal threat to contend with: the central bank. On February 25, 1863, Congress passed the National Banking Act. This act created a federally chartered national bank that had the power to issue U.S. Bank Notes, money created to be loaned to the government supported not by gold but by debt. The money was loaned to the government at interest, and became Legal Tender. This bill was supported and guided by the Secretary of the Treasury, Salmon P. Chase.

        Lincoln, after the passage of this act, once again warned the American people. He said:
"The money power preys upon the nation in times of peace and conspires against it in times of adversity. It is more despotic than monarchy, more insolent than autocracy, more selfish than bureaucracy. I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me, and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. Corporations have been enthroned, an era of corruption will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people, until the wealth is aggregated in a few hands, and the republic is destroyed." (The Federal Reserve Bank, by H.S. Kennan, p. 9)

        A few months after the passage of the act, the Rothschild bank in England wrote a letter to a New York firm of bankers [Kuhn, Loeb and Co.]: "The few who understand the system (interest-bearing money) will either be so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favors that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantages that capital derives from the system, will bear its burdens without complaint, and perhaps without even suspecting the system is inimical to their interests." (National Economy and the Banking System of the United States, by Senator Robert L. Owen, pp. 99-100)

        Lincoln was betting on the blockade he had imposed around the South as a means of keeping England and France out of the war. The blockade was effectively doing this, at least on the surface, but others were using it as a means of making enormous profits. Private individuals were "running" the blockade by equipping several ships with essential provisions for the South, and then hoping that a percentage of these ships would make it through the blockade, so the blockade runner could charge exorbitant prices for the goods in Southern cities. One of these individuals was a Jew by the name of Thomas W. House, a Rothschild agent, who amassed a fortune during the Civil War. House was the father of Colonel Edward Mandell House, the key to the election of President Woodrow Wilson and the passage of the Federal Reserve bill in 1913.

        Lincoln realized that the North needed an ally to keep the European countries out of the war directly, as both nations were building ships capable of running the blockade, and the entry of England and France directly into the war could spell the end of the North and the Union. He looked to other European countries for assistance and found none willing to provide the support for his government. There was one country, however, that had no central bank and therefore no internal force preventing its support of the United States. That country was Russia, who was at the time a great Christian Nation.

        Russia had a large navy and had already pledged its support to Lincoln prior to the beginning of the war. It could now involve itself and keep England and France out of the war because these two nations feared a war with the Russian government.

        Lincoln needed something that he could use as a means of encouraging the Russian people to send their navy to the defense of the United States. Therefore, Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation to free the slaves as a gesture to the Russian people who had their Czar free the serfs with a similar proclamation in 1861. Lincoln anticipated that this one act would encourage the Russian people to support their government when it lent support to the Union.

Jews Caused the Civil War - Part 11

       The Czar of Russia, Alexander II, issued orders to his imperial navy to sail for the American ports of New York City and San Francisco as a sign of support for Lincoln and the United States. It also served as a dramatic means of indicating to France and England they would have to contend with the Russian Government as well should they enter the war on the side of the South. These ships began arriving in the United States in September, 1863.

        It was commonly understood why these ships were entering the American waters. "The average Northerner (understood)...that the Russian Czar was taking this means of warning England and France that if they made war in support of the South, he would help the North..." (Short History of the Civil War, by Bruce Catton, p. 110)

        In October, 1863, the city of Baltimore issued a proclamation inviting the: "...officers of the Russian ships of war now in or shortly to arrive at that Port (New York) to visit the city of Baltimore...and to accept of its hospitalities, as a testimonial of the high respect of the authorities and citizens of Baltimore for the Sovereign and people of Russia, who, when other powers and people strongly bound to us by ties of interest or common decent (England and France?) have lent material and support to the Rebels of the South, have honorably abstained from all attempts to assist the rebellion, and have given our government reliable assurances of their sympathy and good will." (Before the Storm, by Baron C. Wrangell-Rokassowsky)

        The Czar issued orders to his Admirals that they were to be ready to fight any power and to take their orders only from President Abraham Lincoln. And in the event of war, the Russian Navy was ordered to, "...attack the enemy's commercial shipping and their colonies, so as to cause them the greatest possible damage." (Before the Storm, p. 57)

        In addition to all of the problems, Lincoln faced one more: the machinations of an internal conspiracy. Lincoln had anticipated such a conspiracy in 1837 when he stated:
"At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reaches us it must spring up amongst us; it cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of free men, we must live through all time, or die by suicide." (Speech given at Springfield, Illinois, January 27, 1837) So Lincoln feared that the ultimate death of his nation would be caused by her own sons, his fellow Americans.

        Early in 1863, Lincoln wrote a letter to Major General Joseph Hooker, in which he said: "I have placed you at the head of the Army of the Potomac. I have heard, in such a way as to believe it, of your recently saying that both the army and the government needed a dictator." (Abraham Lincoln: Complete Works, by John G. Nicoley and John Hay, Vol. II, pp. 306, 354 and 355)

        Apparently what Lincoln had heard about General Hooker was true, as Hooker had,
"...once been feared as the potential leader of a Radical coup d'etat." (High Crimes and Misdemeanors, The Impeachment and Trial of Andrew Johnson, by Gene Smith, p. 61)

        The Radicals referred to in Lincoln's letter to General Hooker were a group of Republicans, amongst others, who saw that the North would ultimately win the war with the South, and they wanted Lincoln to make the South pay for its rebellion after the victory. Lincoln favored the softer approach of allowing the Southern States to return to the Union after the war ended, without reprisals against them or their fighting men. The Radicals were frequently called the "Jacobins" after the group that fomented the French Revolution of 1789. As mentioned earlier, they were an offshoot of the Illuminati. And they made the South pay indeed, White Men were murdered by the Union Army and their lands and businesses were given to blacks and Jews. This continued until the formation of the KKK.

        On April 14, 1865, the conspiracy that Lincoln both feared and had knowledge of assassinated him. Eight people were tried for the crime, and four were later hung. In addition to the conspiracy's successful attempt on Lincoln's life, the plan was to also assassinate Andrew Johnson, Lincoln's Vice President, and Secretary of State Seward. Both of these other attempts failed, but if they had been successful, there is little doubt who would have been the one to reap all of the benefits: the Jewish Secretary of War Edwin Stanton.

        In fact, after the successful assassination of Lincoln, Stanton "became in that moment the functioning government of the United States, when he assumed control of the city of Washington D.C. in an attempt to capture Lincoln's killer."

        The man who killed Lincoln, John Wilkes Booth, had several links with societies of the day, one of which was the Carbonari of Italy, an Illuminati-like secret organization active in Italian intrigue.

        One of the many evidences of Stanton's complicity in the assassination attempts is the fact that he failed to block off the road that Booth took as he left Washington D.C. after the assassination, even though Stanton had ordered military blockades on all of the other roads.

        It is now believed that Stanton also arranged for another man, similar in build and appearance to Booth, to be captured and then murdered by troops under the command of Stanton. It is further believed that Stanton certified that the murdered man was Booth, thereby allowing Booth to escape.

        But perhaps the most incriminating evidence that Stanton was involved in the assassination of Lincoln lies in the missing pages of the diary kept by Mr. Booth. Stanton testified before Congressional investigating committees, "...that the pages were missing when the diary was given to him in April of 1865. The missing pages contain the names of some seventy high government officials and prominent businessmen who were involved in a conspiracy to eliminate Lincoln. The purported eighteen missing pages were recently discovered in the attic of Stanton's descendants." (The Lincoln Conspiracy, by David Balsiger and Charles E. Sellier, Jr., Los Angeles: Shick Sunn Classic Books, 1977, caption under the photograph between pages 160 and 161)

        And Booth was even linked to those involved with the conspiracy in the South: "A coded message was found in the trunk of Booth, the key to which was discovered in Judah P. Benjamin's possession. Benjamin...was the Civil War campaign strategist of the House of Rothschild." (The Federal Reserve, by H.S. Kennan, p. 246) Judah P. Benjamin held many key positions in the Confederacy during the Civil War.

        So, it appears that Lincoln was the subject of a major conspiracy to assassinate him, a conspiracy so important that even the European bankers were involved. Lincoln had to be eliminated because he dared to oppose the attempt to force a central bank onto the American people, and as an example to those who would later oppose such machinations in high places.

        One of the early books on the subject of this conspiracy was published just months after the assassination of President Lincoln. It was entitled "The Assassination and History of the Conspiracy," and it clearly identified the Knights of the Golden Circle as the fountainhead of the assassination plot. The back cover of the book carried an advertisement for another book that offered the reader, " inside view of the modus of the infamous organization, its connection with the rebellion and the Copperhead movement in the North." The second book was written by Edmund Wright, who claimed to be a member of the Knights.

        After the attempt on his life failed, and after Lincoln's death, Vice-President Johnson became the President of the United States. He continued Lincoln's policy of amnesty to the defeated South after the war was over. He issued an Amnesty Proclamation on May 29, 1865, welcoming the South back into the Union with only a few requirement:

     1). The South must repudiate the debt of the war;

     2). Repeal all secession ordinances and laws; and

     3). Abolish slavery forever.

        The first requirement did not endear President Johnson to those who wished the South to redeem its contractual obligations to those who had loaned it the money it needed to fight the war. One of these debtors was the Rothschild family, who had heavily funded the South's efforts in the war. But Johnson also had to face another problem.

        The Czar of Russia, for his part in saving the United States during the war by sending his fleet to American waters, and apparently because of an agreement he made with Lincoln, asked to be paid for the use of his fleet. Johnson had no constitutional authority to give American dollars to the head of a foreign government. And the cost of the fleet was rather high: $7.2 million.

        So Johnson had Secretary of State William Seward arrange for the purchase of Alaska from the Russians in April, 1867. This act has unfairly been called "Seward's folly" by those historians unfamiliar with the actual reasons for Alaska's purchase, and to this day, Secretary of State Seward has been criticized for the purchase of what was then a piece of worthless land. But Seward was only purchasing the land as a method by which he could pay the Czar of Russia for the use of his fleet, an action that probably saved America from a more serious war with both England and France.

Jews Caused the Civil War - Part 12

        However, the most serious problem Johnson was to have during his tenure as President of the United States was still to occur. He asked for the resignation of Secretary of War Edwin Stanton, and Stanton refused. The Radical Republicans, also called the Jacobins, in the Senate started impeachment proceedings against President Johnson. These efforts failed by the slim margin of only one vote, and Johnson continued in office. In an interesting quirk of fate, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court at the time was Salmon P. Chase, and it was his task to preside over the impeachment trial of President Johnson. Chase had resigned as Secretary of the Treasury to become the Chief Justice. It was almost as if the conspiracy had anticipated the impeachment proceedings and had wanted a man they felt they could trust in that key position.

        Jewish Senator Benjamin F. Wade, President Pro-Tempore of the Senate and next in line of succession to the Chief Executive's position, had been so confident that Johnson would be found guilty of the charges against him and removed from office that he had already informally named his new cabinet. To show their power the conspirators had Stanton appointed the Secretary of the Treasury (The Lincoln Conspiracy, by David Balsiger and Charles E. Sellier, Jr., p. 294)

        Chief Justice Chase's role in these events would be recognized years later by John Thompson, founder of the Chase National Bank [Later to be called the Chase Manhattan Bank, after its merger with the Manhattan Bank owned by the Warburgs] who named his bank after him. In addition, other honors came to the Chief Justice. His picture is found on the $10,000 bill printed by the U.S. Treasury. This bill is believed to be the highest existing denomination currency in the Unites States today].

        After the Civil War ended, President Johnson, "...had no doubt there was a conspiracy afoot among the Radicals [The Jacobeans] to incite another revolution." (High Crimes and Misdemeanors, The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson, by Gene Smith, p. 185)

        It was the intent of the Jacobins to stir up the newly freed slaves and then use this dissatisfaction as the reason for starting another Civil War. And in fact there was a large riot in Memphis, Tennessee, in April, 1866, where a group of whites, were incited by Jews, to attack Negroes and forty-six of the Negroes were killed. Later, in July, 1866, there was a riot in New Orleans where a group of marching Negroes were fired upon and many of them were killed. By this one can see how long the Jews have been using the blacks in America to further their own purposes. They use the ignorance of the blacks and the incapability of them to see who their real enemies are.

        The Radicals blamed Johnson for these killings, but some knew that the rioting was the work of others. Gideon Wells, the Secretary of the Navy, was one and he wrote in his diary: "There is little doubt that the New Orleans riots had their origin with the Radical members of Congress in Washington. It is part of a deliberate conspiracy and was to be the commencement of a series of bloody affrays through the States lately in the rebellion (The South). There is a determination to involve the country in civil war, if necessary, to secure Negro suffrage in the States and Radical ascendancy in the general government." (Quoted in Dan Smoot's Report, July 8, 1963, Vol. 9, No. 27, p. 212)

        Even President Johnson was aware of the attempts to incite another Civil War as he once, "...told Orville Browning that 'he had no doubt that there was a conspiracy afoot among the Radicals to incite another revolution, and especially to arm and exasperate the Negroes.' The President himself was coming to believe that Stevens and Sumner (The leaders of the Radicals, also known as the Jacobins) and their followers intended to take the government into their own hands.

        It was an 'unmistakable design,' he once told Welles. They would declare Tennessee out of the Union and so get rid of him, and then set up a Directory based on the French Revolution's model." (High Crimes and Misdemeanors, The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson, p. 157 and 185)

        One of the groups acting to incite the riots was the Knights of the Golden Circle, whose war-time members included John Wilkes Booth and Jefferson Davis, the head of the Confederacy. Another member, Jesse James, was secretly hoarding large quantities of gold stolen from banks and mining companies in an attempt to buy a second Civil War. It has been estimated that Jesse and the other members of the Knights had buried over $7 billion in gold all over the western states.

        Jesse James, a 33rd degree Mason, lived to be 107 years old. He claimed that his secret to his long life was that he changed his name frequently after first locating a cowboy with approximately his same physical characteristics. He then would kill or have him killed by shooting him in the face. He would then plant some items known to be his on the body, such as jewelry or clothing. His next step would be to have a known relative or a close friend identify the body as being that of Jesse James. Since there were no other means of identifying the body such as pictures or fingerprints, the public assumed that the relative or friend knew what they were saying when they identified the body. Grateful townspeople were happy to think that the notorious bank robber, or any of his dangerous aliases, was dead, so they tended to believe that the identification was correct. Jesse claimed that it was by this method that he assumed the identities or aliases of some seventy-three individuals. In fact, he claimed that one of the aliases he used in later years was that of William A. Clark, the copper king and later a U.S. Senator from the Las Vegas area of Nevada. It is after Senator Clark that Clark County, Nevada is named (Jesse James was One of His Names, by Del Schrader with Jesse James III, p. 187).

        The Knights of the Golden Circle, was, " to those secret organizations made up of other victims of despotism: the Confrereries of medieval France, the Carbonari of Italy, the Vehmgerict of Germany, (and) the Nihilists of Russia." (High Crimes and Misdemeanors, The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson, p. 194)

        It was the Nihilists who were credited with the assassination of the Czar of Russia, Alexander II, in 1881. This was the same Czar who sent the fleet to America during the Civil War. So he, like Lincoln, had to pay the price for outwitting the Jewish International Bankers who had caused the Civil War.

        The final important act of the Civil War came in 1875, when Congress passed the Specie Redemption Act, declaring it the policy of the government to redeem President Lincoln's "Greenbacks" on January 1, 1879.

        Thus history records that:

        1). President Abraham Lincoln betrayed the Jewish International Bankers and paid with his life for it.

        2). The United States still did not have a central bank.

        3). It was time for the conspiracy to change it's strategy.


The end

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